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alkisgOK from now on ubuntulog2  has joined and logs this channels, like all the other channels at irclogs.ubuntu.com17:14
Gallomimiawhy is it ubuntulog2? what happened to ubuntulog1? did 2 kill 1 and is now replaced him with a psilon?17:29
Gallomimiawell. seems i celebrated a little too early. my wifi dongle does indeed drop out and act lame under MATE.17:34
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Gallomimiasay, if i try to install on an existing disk with raid, crypto, and LVM. is the ubuntu-mate installer going to figure that out?18:23
Gallomimiaseems to be making a good try of it, since i installed mdadm manually, assembled the raid and unlocked the crytpo in a Live session18:28
Gallomimiahere's hoping it puts mdadm and cryptsetup into the initrd18:30
Gallomimiaah. failed to install grub. expected. here comes a bug report. probably not useful18:37
Gallomimiahuh. what is this: "Welcome to emergency mode!"18:54
Gallomimiadidn't even see a grub menu18:54
Gallomimiaseems to have loaded the wrong initrd. really odd18:57
Gallomimiaoh. it's not using the right /boot directory. what in the world?18:59
Gallomimiawell. looks like i've pretty well messed that up19:12
mona_hello any germans could help me to create a usb-boot stick19:19
mona_bios always says missing operating system19:20
swift110hey all19:20
mona_i converted usb stick to fat32, used unetbootin19:20
mona_and tried with 2 computzers to boot19:21
swift110hey mona_ how are you?/19:23
mona_fine thanks. but my english is not that good :/19:24
swift110where are you from mon19:26
Nosophorushello, guys!20:22
NosophorusI'm having some problems to create cover art for mp3 files.20:22
NosophorusCaja doesn't create thumbnails (or cover art) for those files.20:22
NosophorusAny direction on how to deal with this problem?20:23
alkisgHow big are they?20:24
alkisg(in MB)20:24
NosophorusMost of them are less than 10MB20:27
alkisgAnd they are .mp3 files with embedded cover?20:27
NosophorusAnd no cover/thumbnail is created at all20:28
alkisgWas caja or nautilus ever able to generate thumbnails from .mp3 files?20:28
alkisgCaja/Nautilus run special programs to generate thumbnails, based on the file extensions20:29
NosophorusI don't know that. Where can I find that information? Dconf?20:29
NosophorusI have ffmpegthumbnailer installed.20:29
alkisgSee an example, on how to add support for .psd (photoshop) thumbnails to nautilus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/671024/how-to-make-nautilus-display-psd-thumnails20:31
alkisgI don't know if caja has a registered thumbnailer for .mp3 covers20:31
alkisggsettings list-recursively | grep thumbnail does show a few related settings, but the full list isn't there20:32
vdiHi everybody20:41
vdii can't install the program " audio recorder" in a new install of ubuntu mate 16.04. Maybe something wrong with the repositories20:43
mra_vdi: that doesn't sound like a package name though20:45
vanceXvdi: Try sudo apt-get install audio-recorder20:47
vanceXvdi: You may need to add a repo, see here... http://www.infoworld.com/article/2701761/install-audio-recorder-in-linux-mint-16.html20:49
vdii had the message " package audio-recorder isn't available" , now i will try with terminal20:49
mra_vdi: did you get it working?20:56
vdii remove old ppa and add new ppa and install it by the terminal, SOLVED20:56
vdithanks for your help20:58
vdigood evening everybody, bonne nuit à tous20:59
pablo_estoy fumcionando en raspberry pi 3 con MATE 16.04 y me gustaria poder conectarme a traves de ssh desde el pc o android21:05
NosophorusI had to install totem!21:05
NosophorusJust that.21:05
pablo_con raspbian fue muy facil21:05
WatneyCan anyone explain why this community is so uptight?21:10
mra_Watney: hmm, haven't seen any uptightness in here21:12
Watneynot specifically the mate community but in Linux in generall21:13
mra_is that so? i don't know the communities of other operating systems21:13
mra_Watney: do you have an example of this in mind?21:16
NosophorusWatney, Too much dependencies to solve, dude. :-)21:16
Watneynothing in particular. This is kinda turning me off from Linux as a social thing.21:17
Watneythe coolest part of an os for me21:17
mra_it's not for everyone21:19
Watneysorry to bum you out its just I move here from windows and I love the actual software but the users is what kills it for me21:19
mra_well, i don't see a way to help you atm21:21
Watneythats okay, not really what I was looking for, I am just mad that people ruin this stuff and not the actual software21:22
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Gallomimiauh, how do i manually configure a dns server? i've tried a few things. none of them working23:45
Gallomimiaah there it goes.23:50
Gallomimiastrangeness never ends i guess. 87 billion places to configure something, only one of them takes any effect23:50

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