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dufluanpok: Did you check if the integer/float precision fix was required for touchpad scrolling?07:39
dufluIt would be awesome if that's all we're missing07:39
dufluI didn't  :)07:40
anpoknope... we cannot just switch.. or we decided not to switch07:54
anpokso we need a separate axis.. for whell ticks and scroll motion07:55
anpokthen we wont run into the problem of needing to rescale values in downstream code07:55
anpokbut I found some errors in batching/resampling of relative mouse motion07:55
anpokit should have caused awkward additional acceleration in unity8-like setups07:56
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dufluanpok: I thought floats could let us use one scroll value to rule them all? Given that a mouse wheel tick in Mir is 0.1f, we are free to then represent high-res touchpad scrolling as smaller values than 0.1f09:14
dufluLike 0.005f09:14
dufluOnly Mir clients would need to be updated to support accumulation...09:15
dufluwhich is fine09:15
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om26erHi! the cursor on my thinkpad moves the pointer on screen very slowly in unity8 session, while the touchpad is quite responsive. How can I increase the pointer sensitivity for thinkpad's cursor ?17:13
slvnom26er, I have the same issue ... In "Mouse & Touchmad", the "Mouse Pointer Speed" setting controls both the mouse speed and the (red) TrackPoint17:36
bschaefersounds like a libinput thing... anpok any ideas ^17:38
slvnthough, it would be nice to  have something to set the TrackPoint speed ...17:47
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anpokslvn: we are working on something to allow a per device setting19:26
anpokso that should be only a temporary limitation19:26
slvnanpok, ok, thanks for the info!19:29
anpokas in .. the client api that does that configuration will have all the bells and whistles..19:41
anpokbut i currently do some other bugfixing work that seems to be more important..19:42
anpokpatches welcome..19:42

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