bazhangwyoung_, please dont idle here00:26
hggdhwyoung_: what can we do for you? If nothing right now, please /part this channel00:46
Unit193squinty: Anything we can do for you today?02:08
squintyUnit193,  lol   no thanks but thank you very much for enquiring.  I just joined the channel to make sure I was passing along correct information to another participant in #ubuntu  :-)02:10
daxyou did (and see /topic here)02:10
daxalthough the answer's gonna be along the lines of "if i edited #ubuntu /topic every time Ubuntu had a bug that affected a lot of people, the /topic would run out of room every week"02:11
squintydax,  ooops apologies about not exiting.  thanks for the heads up02:12
Unit193Someone might want to do something about Empyrium.06:38
daxsigh, they're still broken?06:38
Unit193That one has been broken in fyc for months.06:39
ubottuKartagis called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:10
k1lkriszta3> where i can talk with girls in channel ?08:02
k1l<kriszta3> i need op10:14
Pici10:07:13 <Pici> yogesh: Please be patient, answers are not always immediately available.14:07
Pici10:07:28 <yogesh> ok Picachu14:08
Pici:07:13 <Pici> yogesh: Please be patient, answers are not always immediately available.14:08
DJonesAnd Picachu was in the channel when?, certainly not a tab compltion error14:15
* DJones calls troll14:16
DJonesEither that or a child of the naughties who wants everything handed to them on a plate14:20
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dax@comment 72405 racial trolling immediately after join, 30d19:29
ubottuComment added. 72405 will be removed after 1 month.19:29
Picinot all months are 30 days long ubottu19:30
PiciI probably should fix format-identify19:56
Unit193I use cap_extjoin now too.20:00
daxstaying opped for a bit and keeping an eye on #ubuntu20:04
daxjzk's still flooding #debian soooooo20:05
PiciI thought you meant jwz for a moment.20:06
elkynah he just messes around with xscreensaver.20:44
yofeldoes anyone know who can make ubottu in #kubuntu-devel default to xenail or yakkety for package info queries? It still defaults to wily20:48
k1lPici: ^20:48
PiciI can do that!20:48
yofelthanks :)20:48
Piciyofel: which release do you want me to change it to?20:49
yofelPici: yakkety20:49
yofelthen we have peace for a while20:49
Piciubottu: config channel #kubuntu-devel plugins.packageinfo.defaultrelease yakkety20:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:49
ubottuPici: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:49
yofelworks :D20:50
geniiWhy does it complain if the command succeeded?20:53
Picigenii: beacuse the factoid parsing thing is greedy.20:54
Picidoes drone tell people who aren't identified when we're set +q $~a an +z?20:57
daxPici: usually I poke them if they're asking a question or whatever20:58
daxit's somewhat complicated by Drone` and I being on separate servers with lag so it takes a bit to know who got filtered and who didn't, though :|20:58
Unit193Pici: Only time it PMs is when it does a mute, otherwise just the output in -unregged.20:59
daxUnit193: how long's the auto-+r time20:59
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k1lmbak> anybody knows how to crack flareget ?22:12
k1l_mamamia> I had three pinecones and a sugar cube.23:05
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wxlum, is that against the rules? XD23:10
ubottusquinty called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:17
=== Guest64068 is now known as IdleOne
bazhangand jrib appears23:40

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