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flocculantballoons: morning :p06:39
flocculantI see you replied then - I thought there'd be a script - no balloons around for me to pester about it at the time :)06:40
flocculantftr - there a no Ubuntu iso tests on yakkety06:41
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flocculantballoons: not a clue about any script - just manually did the flavours20:27
flocculantexcept for wxl who I assume did his20:27
balloonsyea, I was hoping for someone with a clue to chime in20:27
balloonsit hasn't been run in ages, I've always ended up doing it or fixing it anyway20:27
wxlwhat ho?20:27
balloonsbut I feel like it eventually does get run during the cycle20:28
flocculantballoons: anyway - Ubuntu to do - and upgrades - somewhen :)20:28
balloonsheh.. upgrades = stick with LTS if you have to ask eh?20:29
flocculantha ha20:29
patdk-wkisn't that counterproductive to this channel?20:31
balloonsI'm being a bit silly; and also, if you are in here I hope you are on yakkety or soon to be!20:35
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