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tjaaltoninfinity: I've started pushing lts-xenial stuff to the queue, libdrm first and llvm-3.8 will be next12:05
tjaaltoninfinity: so should we bump libxrandr to 1.5.0 in trusty?13:11
tjaaltonother deps needed too, x11proto-core and x11proto-randr of course13:29
infinitytjaalton: -ENOTENOUGHINFO14:46
infinitytjaalton: Why would we need a newer xrandr?14:46
yofelregarding kde-l10n in xenial unapproved, scarlett got the version wrong, but as these are just translations the packaging version doesn't matter that much, so would those be ok to be accepted anyway?14:48
yofelIf not it would be nice if someone could reject them so we can upload another set14:48
tjaaltoninfinity: xserver14:52
tjaaltonand llvm-3.8 doesn't build14:52
tjaaltonsome files missing, weird14:53
apwyofel, you can just upload over the top as the version in the queue does not count15:08
yofelapw: oh, so the last upload always overwrites what's in unapproved?15:09
apwyofel, strictly both will end up in the queue, and if you go that route we can reject the older wrong one15:10
yofelaaaah, right. Good idea, thanks15:10
apwyofel, my personal oppinion is if its easy to fix the version so it is right, there is less confusion to be had there, but i have no idea how much work that is15:12
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tjaaltoninfinity: llvm-3.8 fails to build on arm64 because of an "internal compiler error".. others seem happy now17:30
infinitytjaalton: Fun.19:03
bdmurrayinfinity: Is there a point release schedule for 16.04 yet?20:52
infinitybdmurray: Yes.21:28
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* lamont belives that switching from python2 to python3 is SRU-worthy, yes?23:11
lamont(specifically bind9/xenial)23:11
lamont(from the "IT DEPENDS ON WHAT!@!!" department)23:11
Kamilionmy interest is piqued and I do not know of this issue. Tell me more.23:14
lamontbind9utils et al Depend: python, python-argparse23:15
lamontbecause of oh yeah, they do23:15
Kamilionand works fine with python3, python3-argparse?23:15
lamontno python3-argparse, it was part of python stdlib by 2.723:15
Kamilionthought that was optparse23:16
* Kamilion shrugs, I'm often wrong though. :D23:16
lamontseems to like python3 just fine, I'm doing a test build, and then looking at uypstream history, but they seem to believe in python323:16
Kamilionah, optparse was the old 2, argparse is the new stdlib hotness. gotcha.23:16
Kamilionseems to pass the quick eyeball-sanity test for me, being a pythony-person, but I took a look at https://source.isc.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi/?p=bind9.git;a=shortlog and see a few python2/3 related patches as of 3-4 days ago.23:20
lamont    [v9_10] minor python3 portability fix23:21
lamontI'm gonna go with "yep, they believe in python3"23:22
Kamilionyeah, looks very minor23:24
Kamilionconsidering it's not really too hard to write python that works in 2.7 and 3.3-3.5 if you're careful about insisting on unicode everywhere and using the u'' and .format constructs23:29
Kamilionmaybe it was 3.2 that brought u'' back, I don't recall. I do know that 3.0 and 3.1 lacked it.23:30
cjwatsonKamilion: don't even need .format23:51
KamilionI don't like the % syntax personally23:52
cjwatsonI mildly prefer it but whatever; python3 is happy with either23:52
cjwatson3.3 was the one that reintroduced u'' - https://docs.python.org/3/whatsnew/3.3.html23:52
Kamilionyep. u'this is {}'.format(thing) works really well for me.23:52
Kamilionthing can even be ascii, and it does the right thing.23:53
cjwatsonyep.  ditto %23:53
lamontI'll be tossing -10 at sid, and then -8ubuntu2 at xenial-proposed "sometime after yakkety has -10"23:54

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