CheeryLeeYep, cm 12 is android 504:23
CheeryLeeBut in fact I have 3.0 kernel, not 3.404:23
CheeryLeeSo does it means that I can't porting UT on my device with 3.0 kernel?05:20
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AuroraAvenuehttps://redd.it/4hjrcr $250 bounty.09:47
mcphailInteresting. The bq 4.5 running Android has a few similar network issues to the bq 4.5 running Ubuntu. I wonder if they are hardware related rather than software?10:02
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ccis there anyone using ubuntu phone?i want to know how many applications can be used on it11:25
davmor2cc: you can go to https://uappexplorer.com/ a lot will be webapps of some sort, chatter is irc client though11:29
ccdavmor2 thanks11:30
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CheeryLeeIs there anyone who can help with porting?12:22
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lotuspsychjeCheeryLee: there's a porting guide in topic, and the XDA forums might be usefull for existing projects aswell12:45
CheeryLeeNo, my porting process ended successfully12:46
CheeryLeeBut now the system doesn't want to start, because my kernel too old!12:46
lotuspsychjeCheeryLee: wich kernel is that12:47
CheeryLeeAnd I have no newer version12:47
lotuspsychjenot sure whats recommended12:50
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CheeryLeeYesterday I got answer that I should use 3.4.12:51
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matv1kyleN https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-scopes-project/+bug/157776713:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1577767 in canonical-scopes-project "Scopes need general purpose location picker" [Undecided,New]13:05
matv1hope that's usefull as a starting point13:05
SanderKSmitis it possible to remove the phone and SMS app on the M10 tablet?13:29
ogra_SanderKSmit, they will vanish in the next OTA13:30
ogra_(there is a tracking bug somewhere)13:30
SanderKSmitgreat! thanx for the reply ogra_13:31
SanderKSmithow can i contribute to the development by eg submitting testresults and problems/wishes?13:32
CheeryLeeDoes it turns out that I can't run UT without kernel version 3.4?13:35
ogra_you need the apparmor patches, else you wont be able to execute any apps13:37
ogra_and you need a good bunch of config options enabled ... might be that some of them are not available with any kernels smaller than 3.413:37
CheeryLeeNo-no-no, I know this. My kernel panics after initrd13:38
CheeryLeeIt says FATAL: kernel too old13:38
ogra_interesting, i wonder where that message comes from13:38
ogra_l(most likely not from any ubuntu bits)13:38
dobeyi am incredibly surprised that an android 5 tree would have a 3.0 kernel13:38
ogra_SanderKSmit, see the "Bug filing" link in the channel topic ... "whishes2 would just be bugs marked as wishlist13:40
CheeryLeeNo, not Android. It's just custom build that uses 3.0 kernel, because there is no other version13:40
CheeryLeeSamsung officially KitKat build based on 3.0 too13:41
dobeyCheeryLee: cm12 is based on android 5, no?13:41
dobeyyes, kitkat is too old though13:41
CheeryLeeYep, CM 12 is based on it.13:41
dobeyerr, wait13:41
dobeynow i'm confused13:41
CheeryLeeLet me explain13:42
embrikis it possible to watch netflix on ubuntu phone?13:42
ogra_embrik, i doubt that ... since it needs DRM support from the browser ...13:42
dobeywell, or an app from netflix13:42
ogra_which would be a browser/webview with adeed DRM support :)13:43
dobeywell, a custom build of chrome probably13:43
embrikogra_: and dobey : ok, thanks, better watch films on ipad then :-(13:43
ogra_you could perhaps steam binary bits from chromeos :)13:44
embrikdobey: but chrome isn't avaliable is it?13:44
CheeryLeedobey, Samsung released 3.0 version on smdk 4412 as last version. No updates from 2012. This kernel is used by CyanogenMod images from 4.4 to 6.0.13:44
ogra_and glue something together yourself with duct tape13:44
dobeyembrik: there isn't a general chrome build of arm, no13:44
CheeryLeeCM works fine with it13:45
ogra_dobey, well, there is an arm OS built around it :)13:45
dobeyogra_: yes, but you can't go to download an armhf.deb of chrome13:46
CheeryLeeI recently looked at Ubuntu Touch tarball and noticed that some programs requires 3.2 kernel.13:46
ogra_no, but you can for example install an ubuntu on a chromebook and mangle the pepper plugin into your ubuntu chromium to have full flash support13:46
* ogra_ did that before ... 13:47
dobeyogra_: yes, but that doesn't help anyone use chrome on an ubuntu phone ;)13:47
dobeyand iirc, netflix isn't using flash13:47
ogra_that was just an example13:47
CheeryLeeMy situation is very surprising. :D13:48
ogra_i assume there are hacks you could use to make it work ... by stealing chromeOS nbinary blobs13:48
dobeyogra_: sure. but chrome is on android too and that's arm :)13:48
ogra_thats android :P13:48
ogra_bionic world ...13:48
ogra_doesnt help much on actual linux userspace13:49
dobeyogra_: maybe. but not sure if oxide does enough to use them13:49
ogra_most likely not ...13:49
ogra_but hey, the oxide source is out there :)13:49
dobeyogra_: and "buy a chromebook then try to find the pieces to copy off and then hope they would work" is not a good answer to "can i watch netflix on ubuntu phone" :)13:49
ogra_just saying ... it is surely not impossible ... but a LOT** of work13:50
CheeryLeeGuys, maybe I need update kernel source tree or the game not worth the candles?13:51
dobeywell, and advising people to buy another $200+ device and steal proprietary binaries off it, is not nice, regardless of possibility :)13:52
dobeyCheeryLee: right, it sounds like your kernel is too old :)13:52
ogra_yeah, try getting 3.4 or newer13:52
dobeynot sure what requires at least 3.2 exactly13:52
ogra_udev perhaps ... or upstart13:53
dobeybut cm12 should be 3.10 anyway13:53
CheeryLeeNo, upstart requires at least 2.613:53
ogra_there might be options it uses from newer kernels13:54
CheeryLeeMount, for example13:54
CheeryLeeIt want 3.213:54
ogra_mount ??13:54
dobeyseccomp requires newer kernel for sure13:54
ogra_mount shouldnt care about the kernel version ...13:54
CheeryLeeJusted watched13:55
ogra_(perhaps some options in fstab ... but definitely not mount itself)13:55
CheeryLeefor GNU/Linux 3.2.013:55
CheeryLeeAll programs that requires 3.2 kernel are available from boot.img!13:56
CheeryLeeWhat a hell?13:56
lotuspsychjeCheeryLee: calm down please13:56
lotuspsychjeCheeryLee: they trying to help you here13:57
CheeryLeeWhy I can't replace tarball programms with progtamms from boot initramfs?13:58
dobeylike ogra_ said, i doubt mount itself requires 3.2, but some options might13:58
CheeryLeeInteresting that mount from initramfs works fine13:58
CheeryLeeWhat should be after touch script execution?13:59
ogra_yeah, rather a filesystem than a mount thing14:00
ogra_after the touch script assembled the rootfs with all its different mount layers the initrd calls run-init from klibc and switches to the rootfs14:01
CheeryLeeWhere is run-init located?14:01
CheeryLeeAlready found14:03
CheeryLeeErr, run-init is a link to klibc, right?14:04
ogra_it is a binary14:08
CheeryLeeOh, really, I misunderstood14:09
CheeryLeeIn init script after exec run-init write panic "Could not execute run-init." Is it normal?14:10
ogra_well, that means that run-init couldnt be executed for some reason14:13
ogra_(most oftenn because you have a broken /dev/console in your kernel ... )14:13
CheeryLeeNo, you don't understand me. It writes in init script14:14
CheeryLeeThe last string14:14
CheeryLeeBy the way i have no /dev/console in my kernel14:19
ogra_fix that then, thats most likely the reason for your panic14:20
CheeryLeeErr, previous build form another person has no it too14:20
CheeryLeeAnd it works14:20
ogra_i doubt that14:21
ogra_run.init will not work if there isnt a proper console device14:21
CheeryLeeJust rewatched14:24
ogra_it has to have some kind of console ..14:25
CheeryLeeIt's build has no /dev/console14:25
ccanyone use ubuntu phone now?14:26
CheeryLeeOhh, I think I will never be able to build UT successfully. :((14:27
ogra_CheeryLee, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ContainerArchitecture see the first paragraph .. there are links to hacks i used to get a console on a galaxy S214:31
sergiusensoSoMoN I have on xenial the webbrowser-app as my main browser; if I use the webapp-container for anything else it opens as a tab in the main browser window. If I open a container instance first, opening the webbrowser app opens a new tab in the container instance. Is this known14:33
sergiusensI asked a week ago, but I guess it got lost in the pool of text :-)14:33
ogra_oSoMoN, that sounds like a really bad security bug14:34
oSoMoNsergiusens, huh, that’s unexpected indeed, would you mind filing a bug? I’ll look into it right away14:36
oSoMoNand yeah, that sounds like a bad one14:36
sergiusensoSoMoN sure14:37
* sergiusens opens the onair video somewhere else14:37
CheeryLeeSo, /dev/console located in tarball, not in boot image14:40
oSoMoNsergiusens, how do you invoke the webapp container when it results in opening a new browser tab?14:44
sergiusensoSoMoN like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/+junk/slack-webapp/files14:44
ogra_CheeryLee, i'm not talking about whats in /dev but what your kernel does14:45
oSoMoNsergiusens, I can reproduce the issue here, and I think I know what’s going on, bug report welcome anyway, to track the issue14:46
sergiusensoSoMoN great, I will log it without a video then :-)14:46
sergiusensoSoMoN https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/157780614:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1577806 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "webbrowser app and webcontainer open under the same instance" [Undecided,New]14:49
sergiusensmhall119 that is the question I asked that you asked me to explain more ^14:51
CheeryLeeIt's very intersting. Saucy has mount that requires 2.6 kernel14:51
mhall119sergiusens: ?14:53
ogra_the bug :)14:53
sergiusensmhall119 I asked you about webcontainer and webbrowser app instances a week ago or so ;-)14:54
mhall119if you say so14:55
davmor2mhall119: don't act like you've been alseep since then and have no idea what he is on about14:56
mptMy phone has been pretending to start up for the past ten minutes and now I am sad15:04
mptIt shows the “ubuntu” logo and moving dots and never gets beyond that. Any ideas?15:05
ogra_weas there an update you installed ?15:07
ogra_(it might be re-creating apparmor profiles ... that can take 10-20min depending on the amount of apps you have installed)15:08
CheeryLeeIt maybe stupid question, but if I change kernel version in Makefile... does the kernel run?15:12
dobeympt: either it's just taking a while after applying a full update and regenerating the apparmor profiles and such, or something keeps crashing and won't let it boot15:13
ogra_dobey, well, then it would force-reboot itself ...15:13
ogra_not just hang15:13
dobeyogra_: not necessarily15:14
dobeyogra_: the force-reboot stuff is time based; if the crashes happen slowly enough to make the count not fulfill the requirement, the phone won't reboot15:15
dobeyogra_: apparmor constantly being run can cause the crashes to happen more slowly15:15
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mptogra_, I didn’t install an update. Does that rule out apparmor profiles?15:24
ogra_kind of, yeah15:25
mptogra_, dobey: The only other clue is that at random intervals (~5 seconds, ~8s, ~27s, ~13s, ~62s…) the screen flashes black momentarily15:29
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
ogra_mpt, looks like Mir cant start then15:30
mptSame after a force-restart … guess I’ll have to reflash it15:35
ogra_well, grab john-mcaleely top tell you want logs he needs first :)15:36
ogra_john-mcaleely, mpt is left with a non-booting phone ... seems Mir tries to start but fails in a loop15:40
john-mcaleelymir is not me :-)15:40
ogra_(i thought you might want him to grab some logs before re-flashing ... prehaps)15:41
john-mcaleelympt, logs are only useful if you have only ever OTA updated, and never installed silos or other previews15:41
mptjohn-mcaleely, I have never 0:-)15:42
ogra_sucha cute little halo :)15:42
john-mcaleelympt, ok, logs & a bug would be very useful15:42
mptjohn-mcaleely, happy to. Where may I find instructions understandable by a lowly designer?15:43
mpt(e.g. which files)15:43
john-mcaleelympt, here's the gory details: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Bugs15:43
john-mcaleelycontents of /var/crash attached here with notes on how it happened:15:44
john-mcaleelythanks mpt15:44
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mptjohn-mcaleely, is it possible for “phablet-shell” to run when Mir hasn’t started?15:55
mptIt says “* daemon started successfully *” but never gives me a prompt15:56
* mpt smells a catch-2215:56
john-mcaleelympt, I don't think they are tied. try adb shell instread, but if it errors, lets stop going down the rabbit hole15:57
john-mcaleelympt, oh15:57
john-mcaleelyjust retry15:57
mpt* daemon started successfully *15:57
mpterror: device not found15:57
john-mcaleelyphablet-shell takes a few goes sometimes15:57
john-mcaleely(it starts something, that takes time before it responds)15:57
mptUnable to open MTP device '[usb:001,003]'15:58
john-mcaleelyhmm. very borked15:58
john-mcaleelytwo options: hand device to ondra, and see if he has time to debug (maybe source a replacement)15:59
john-mcaleelyor, walk away, and reflash to restore16:00
john-mcaleelympt, ^16:00
dobeyprobably better to reboot to recovery and then grab logs from there over adb16:00
john-mcaleelydobey, yeah, but you need to flash a new recovery to get adb16:00
john-mcaleelyso, quite complex16:00
davmor2john-mcaleely, mpt: adb won't work you would need to drop into fastboot mode and flash recovery with adb16:01
dobeybut a continually crashing unity8 kills i/o, so it's basically impossible to shell into16:01
jdstrandogra_: you keep saying 10-20 minutes. It isn't that long any more :) It should be <5 with a lot of apps installed (see previous email thread and bug report)16:01
dobeyespecially if developer mode wasn't enabled and the phone isn't required to allow adb without screen unlock16:01
davmor2john-mcaleely: because of the new way that ubuntu is enabling adb you need to be on the system first to enable adb to be able to access the system :(16:02
dobeyplus, if it's a device where the key hasn't been accepted, you won't get the notification to accept the key :)16:02
mptjohn-mcaleely, I took the first option :-)16:03
john-mcaleelympt, very good!16:03
john-mcaleelythank you16:03
ondrajohn-mcaleely it was not issue with mir, mir was running fine16:14
ondrajohn-mcaleely there was pending OTA, which sorted boot issue16:15
john-mcaleelyondra, so the UI was a bit odd then16:15
ondrajohn-mcaleely it was stack in Ubuntu boot anim16:16
ondrajohn-mcaleely yep16:17
ogra_I wonder why it blnked then16:51
ogra_jdstrand, indeed, my bad... that timing is stuck in my head16:52
rvrogra_: I'm trying to get ubuntu touch to recognize an arduino. First thing I see is that lsusb doesn't show anything when I connect the device. And probably, ftdi kernel module is not avaible. Suggestions?16:58
ogra_Not really.... apart fem... Build that module and file a bug16:59
dobeyrvr: usb-serial adapter drivers are indeed not built in the kernel17:01
rvrdobey: :(17:01
dobeyrvr: indeed. i have need for ftdi and keyspan; but alas, no drivers17:01
ogra_at least for the M10 we should enable a good bunch of additional modules17:01
dobeywhy only for the m10?17:02
dobeycan we build modules that aren't in the boot.img somehow?17:02
ogra_Because it is more a 1x1 laptop replacement than the phones17:02
ogra_Why not17:03
ogra_the source is there, you should always be able to insmod them17:03
dobeyi don't know. i'm not an android-in-a-container expert17:03
dobeythat's why i'm asking :)17:03
ogra_has nothing to do with containers17:03
ogra_Ubuntu runs natively on the kernel17:04
dobeyand afaik, the boot.img has to be limited to a size17:04
dobeyogra_: right, but the kernel isn't built in the archive17:04
dobeyogra_: because yay proprietary kernel stuffs17:04
ogra_if you have a .ko you should be able to just insmod... If the symbols match17:04
greybackenabling loadable module support would at least allow it17:05
ogra_And a ko can just be built from the kernel source17:05
dobeyso we'd need to build the modules, stick them in i guess the device tarball, and then unpack those into the root fs?17:05
ogra_greyback, it should be enabld17:05
ogra_iirc ufw requires even that we have  modules17:05
greybackogra_: I've not checked M10. All our phone kernels have it disabled17:06
ogra_what ?!?!?!17:06
ogra_thats a serious bug then17:06
jdstrand/usr/share/ufw/check-requirements tells you what is missing for it to work17:06
ogra_dobey, nah, you can just insmod from ./17:07
greybackI hit that when trying to enable kernel & gpu profiling tooling17:07
jdstrandand it is a serious bug if we don't have netfilter configured for the kernel17:07
dobeyogra_: i presume we want udev modprobe magic to work though, no?17:07
ogra_jdstrand, we might... but seemingly not as modules17:07
jdstrandoh, some phone kernels have module loading disabled17:07
jdstrandbut so long as netfilter is configured, that is ok17:07
ogra_jdstrand, seems all of them... Which is really bad17:07
greybackogra_: I might be wrong about _all_17:08
ogra_I wonder who decided that17:08
ogra_it took us weeks to get the infrastructure for modules right in the device tarball17:08
ogra_odd that this isn't used17:08
ogra_but yeah, I don't see the bind mount in /lib/modules that should be there17:09
dobeyanyway, break time; might as well use it for a break :)17:10
ogra_so there is no way to make attached usb devices work ever17:10
dobeyogra_: my mp3 player works fine over otg :)17:10
ogra_Because it dosnt use a module17:10
dobeysome devices work, most don't17:11
ogra_really bad17:11
rvrThe usb keyboard works17:11
dobeyyeah it's not nice17:11
davmor2dobey: because it uses mtp I guess17:11
ogra_especially since it was designed differently17:11
dobeydavmor2: no. it's just a disk17:11
dobeyanyway, lunch break :)17:12
ogra_so just usb-storage17:12
greybackI doubt there's much real consistency between the kernel configs of the devices we ship tbh17:12
ogra_well, but there is infrastructure to support modules... We should really use it17:12
ogra_we desigbed it mwith the guy who wants to load home built extra modules in mind back then17:13
ogra_like android lets you load modules at the bare minimum via insmod with a path17:14
rvrogra_: Would be possible to ship modules on a click app?17:15
rvrI guess it would, but won't have the permissions to make the kernel load it17:16
ogra_you could ship it but not load17:18
kurros_does the browser use a different useragent on the m10/tablet vs the phones?17:40
=== kurros_ is now known as kurros
kurroscan't get plex to play video on the m10. it detects the session as Safari so I'm thinking its using some safari-ism that oxide doesn't like17:42
kurrosbut there is a webapp in the store so it ostensibly works on other devices17:43
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
PaulfraOSAAkurros: The browser used in click is qt webkit, since webkit is also used in safari it is assumed that it must be a safari browser18:05
dobeyPaulfraOSAA: it is not qt webkit18:06
dobeyit's oxide, which is based on chromium content api18:06
PaulfraOSAAok, I stand corrected18:07
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pmcgowanwe specify the UA string and it is different on tablet kurros18:10
kurrosis the list of quirk UAs in an editable file?18:11
pmcgowankurros, let me look its in a js file somewhere18:17
dobeykurros: you can override it in a webapp18:19
dobeykurros: so if there is a webapp in the store, it might be doing that18:19
kurrosyeah the app doesn't work either. good to know, though. i'll ping the guy and see if he can add a tablet UA override.18:20
kurroshe's got a bunch of unfair 1 star reviews now18:20
pmcgowanyeah thats the best way18:22
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ahoneybunmhall119 what is band aids for ubuntu on touch devices?19:31
dobeyahoneybun: similar to papercuts19:39
dobeyahoneybun: join the session :)19:39
ahoneybunthe Ubuntu GNOME one is going on AT<19:39
ahoneybunwaiting for it dobey19:39
ahoneybunwould love for somemore work on tablet side :)19:41
* ahoneybun has N7 19:41
dobeyahoneybun: is for general software issues, not device-spcific things though :)19:50
ahoneybunyea but helpful for us all19:50
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founderioAnyone know if Canonical is aware of the disaster going on with the sale of Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition?20:23
founderioThe announcement in the last ubuntu insights does not look like it..20:23
JanCfounderio: what do you mean?20:30
kurrosabout JD only selling the gold version, maybe20:31
founderioAvailability only in Gold... yep20:31
founderioand their.. very.. high quality support..20:32
founderioI mean.. the announcements are so positive and all -> then the disappointment when I look at the Q&A section20:33
founderioAlso.. why gold.. Is that an official decision, or just JD doing weird stuff? (I'd say selling the black version probably reaches more customers...)20:35
kurrosprobably just JD. dunno why they are the only non-china distributor this time around20:37
kurrosmeizu probably doesn't care20:37
founderioas far as i understood it, the meizu pro 5 ubuntu is *exclusively* available from JD20:37
founderioand no, they don't care..20:37
kurrosoutside of china, yes20:37
founderioI already tried ubuntusales@meizu.com20:37
founderiono reply from them...20:38
founderioalmost a week and not even a "we received your message"20:38
kurrosthey did a weird arrangement with the MX4 for europe, i guess it wasn't worth continuing that20:38
kurrosi think the MX4 was the first time they sold anything outside of china20:39
founderiowell all the "regular" current models are, as far as I can tell, available on amazon (.de)20:39
founderioNot all available yet, but still..20:39
founderioAs stated above.. Does Canonical know? (or even care?) This hits the image of ubuntu quite a bit if I were to guess..20:40
kurrosi think its out of their hands, unfortunately20:43
founderioI'll try to reach out to them.. If you want to follow a long / spread the word [or just laugh at the outcome ;)] feel free: https://twitter.com/founderio_dhx/status/72759612806626099220:44
founderiomight be, but they still may care.. or try to prevent that in the future20:44
kurrosmaybe time for a flight to shanghai? :)20:44
founderiouhm.. sure.. you free on the weekend? ;)20:45
kurroshopefully other OEM/ODMs will take note20:46
ogra_The gold is a choice from meizu.... Canonical has no influence on that20:46
kurrosi'd be happy for any official ubuntu phone that worked in the US at this point20:46
k1l"invest in gold" they said :)20:47
founderiodoesn't it? "officially" it is "world wide" with "free shipping" aaaand advertised in black..20:47
founderioheh, yah..20:47
kurrosyeah i think the problem is that canonical's blog posts and such have shown the black model20:47
founderiostill, I need a new phone.. and since I am on this channel you probably know which system I'd like on that piece of tech..20:48
founderioand yes, would it be an agreed choice made between Meizu AND Canonical, my sentiments would be better I guess...20:48
ogra_Buy a gold one and get it painted  ;)20:49
dobeyblack spray paint: $3.9920:49
founderioyou forget... new display without paint: $299 ;)20:49
kurrosBeDazzle it20:49
* ogra_ is sure there must be professional offers to get a good paint job for a phone20:50
dobeynewspapers and paint are cheap. it's called masking :)20:50
founderioto be honest, the color is probably the least problem.. I just fear that this whole affair -> and the obviously "top notch" customer support "Thank you for your support for JD!" -> will cast a bad light on something that is already very dim lit (i.e. not known to many people).. And if ubuntu-touch is discontinued due to that bad light... back to Android? iOS? the dark side?20:52
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ogra_Ubuntu on phones wont be discontinued21:00
founderioa) nobody can guarantee that21:01
founderiobut b) I ceartainly hope so21:01
dobeya) it's open source21:01
ogra_It is just another formbfactor of the xesktop code21:01
dobeyb) so it will only be "discontinued" if nobody ever builds any images for phones :)21:01
founderioagh.. frustrating21:02
ogra_there will definitely be images for a long time still ...21:04
ogra_it isnt the userbase that counts ... else we would have stopped doing desktop long ago :)21:05
founderiosince we are already on this topic.. I've had a bit of a look around.. the info I found seems to indicate that installing ubuntu on - let's just say a nexus - is more like a dev-preview? or is that actually a full-fledged usable version now? (I don't care about fancy stuff.. Phone, wifi, contacts wokr as far as I have seen.. But what are the exact drawbacks?)21:06
* founderio is considering just buying a compatible device with good specs21:06
ogra_fully usable ... all devices use the exactly same rootfs21:06
dobeyi've been using ubuntu on a nexus 5 as my phone for over 2 years21:07
founderiothe page I read told something about "oem specific features"21:07
ogra_well, ports usually have limitations in HW support21:07
founderioyeah, but since I want to buy a new phone anyways -> I'll just pick one with the best mix of support & features ;)21:07
ogra_the N4 as a fully supported device doesnt ... the N5 has its (small) share of issues21:07
* ogra_ would take a MX5pro then21:08
ogra_you wont find any petter HW ... with better support21:08
dobeywould be nice to have a retail device that was snapdragon though21:09
ogra_the MX5 is21:09
founderiowait.. MX5 Pro or Pro 5? (there is both??)21:09
dobeyogra_: eh?21:10
ralboanybody knows a way to have flash install in ubuntu touch?21:10
troyreadyMan, the N4 was something really great. The lack of LTE got me to move away from it, but in many ways I miss it21:10
* ogra_ whacks his caps key21:10
dobeyralbo: adobe flash? no21:10
ogra_dobey: eh ? ?21:10
ralbobummer ;(21:10
* founderio is confused21:10
ralboany other options?21:11
dobeydon't use flash?21:11
dobeyogra_: the mx5 is what?21:11
founderioralbo: configure your browser to pretend to be an iPad -> *ding* -> HTML5 Videos21:11
ralboIm trying to use spotify web, I cannt becuse of flash, what can I use instead?21:12
ogra_dobey: oh, sorry, it is exynos ... i thought it was snapdragon21:12
dobeyogra_: that's samsung right?21:12
ogra_same as the S7 i think21:12
ralbofounderio: thanks!!21:12
founderioralbo: just an idea.. might not work!21:13
ogra_usually does :)21:13
founderioit does work with various news sites21:13
dobeyisn't there a spotify webapp in the store?21:13
ogra_many webapps use that trick too :)21:13
ralboyeah but you need to have the upgrade version21:13
dobeyor there was some other qml app that did spotify i think21:13
mariogripdobey: should i release the battery fix, or release the 5.1 in about a week (much better battery then 4.4)21:13
ogra_but it indeed depends on teh site ... and how hardcore safari teh features are they use21:14
dobeymariogrip: yes to both? ;)21:14
ogra_yeah, stop slacking ... do both :P21:14
dobeylol, i wonder what happened to my phone21:14
dobeyobviously hasn't been an update in a few days, but for some reason my battery isn't almost dead today21:15
dobeystill at ~77% after 8 hrs off the charger21:15
ogra_buy a new one, this is broken21:15
mariogripdobey: I removed some part in android that had a wakelock + took battery21:16
dobeymariogrip: i guess you got 5.1 booted on a n5?21:16
mariogripthat was about a week ago21:16
dobeymariogrip: well, my phone has still been pretty bad with battery, so either that wasn't in an update or you're asking about releasing a different battery fix :)21:16
mariogripdobey: yeah 5.1 it's running fine, but I have to test it more before release it on the server, I don't want to break devices or break some parts that they had before 5.121:17
mariogripdobey: no, the new battery fix is a new "updated" kernel21:18
dobeymariogrip: does 5.1 provide some better clues to bluetooth btw?21:18
mariogripyes :)21:18
dobeymariogrip: yeah, if you have an updated kernel that fixes battery for 4.4, pushing it now would be good, and 5.1 in a week or so would be fine21:19
* founderio just ordered Meizu PRO5SB32GB21:20
mariogripsure, i can do that, but I need to add apparmor patch to the new kernel first21:20
founderioNow how to skip forward to Monday...21:20
mariogripfounderio: yey \o/21:20
dobeymariogrip: ok. thanks for all the work on it :)21:21
mariogripfounderio: download, libtimetravel and run that with skiptime.snap21:21
mariogripdobey: np :)21:21
dobeytime is an illusion21:21
dobeylunch time doubly so21:21
founderiomariogrip: aww dammit..21:22
founderioI'm still on 15.10 :(21:22
ogra_founderio: welcome to the club :)21:23
mariogrip:P ogra_  has magic power, so he can probably teleport the device to you :) hehe :P21:24
ogra_(of meizu owners, not of 15.10 users)21:24
founderioguessed as much ;)21:24
ogra_mariogrip: you wish ... then i would have mine already21:24
founderioabout time.. that iOS began bugging me to hell21:24
* ogra_ ia also waiting21:24
ogra_and flying to a snappy sprint on sunday ... i really hope i get it before21:24
founderioI even took the 32G version.. 64G was not available yet :D21:25
ogra_i doubt there will be any other offers then this one21:25
founderiothe 64G IS listed on amazon.de21:25
mariogriponeplus one :) hint hint21:25
ogra_at least this time around ... probably if meizu does some kind of re-fresh21:25
founderiojust "not available yet"21:25
ogra_mariogrip: once you have all HW working ;)21:26
founderiobut tbh -> my playlist isn't THAT big, so that should work ;)21:26
founderiomore excited about the OS than about the free space21:26
ogra_SD cards are cheap21:26
mariogripsoon soon ogra_  :) 5.1 brings some fixes, just camera and bt left21:26
founderioalso true -> I keep forgetting that.. iOS torture victim here...21:26
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mariogripI haven't tried iOS,  it seems to be too locked down for me21:27
* ogra_ goes afk to do some non work evening stuff :)21:28
mariogripfounderio: spotify is coming to the music app, so you stream you playlist (if it was music that you was talking about) then you can save some space21:30
founderioyes, was talking about music.. but I don't like streaming -> too much hassly in my opinion..21:30
founderioI just want a music player that plays the music, can sync with ubuntu (rsync, duh.. ;) ) and does not bother me with Apple Music Advertisement EVERY GODDAMN TIME21:31
founderioso the issue is not really that iOS is too locked down, but rather that I am being treated like an idiot..21:32
mariogripfounderio: yeah, btw there is no advert on spotify (paid version). but how does iOS do that? is it like, "too simple"?21:36
founderiothe streaming stuff is just my personal preference, I guess.. but thanks for the info.21:37
founderioiOS does that my assuming that the Apple Solution is the solution for every user21:37
founderiointegration for third party apps is not good sometimes (or even impossible for some specific parts)21:38
founderioand the default apps do stuff a bit weird sometimes21:38
mariogripoh, yeah I have heard that you need a mac to recovery it21:38
founderionah, iTunes is enough21:38
founderioso Mac or Windows21:38
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mariogripoh, ok then.21:39
founderiofor the regular user that may be enough, but for example the intrgration for caldav & carddav sync is a bit wobbly at times in the default apps21:39
mariogripcan you remove the default apps? that is something that is a bit annoying on android sometimes, you need root to remove the "bloatware"21:40
founderioevery iOS user has this folder called "Junk" on their home screen21:40
founderiowith stuff like health, friends, stock info, etc..21:40
founderioand -> all installed apps are on the home screen, period. (several pages & folders though)21:41
mariogripoh, there is no app list like android has right? is't just on the home screen21:42
founderioalso 1 app == 1 icon21:42
founderioalthough there seem to be plugins like adblockers since iOS 9, now.. never looked into it21:42
mariogripwhat happens if you remove the icon (if it works)21:42
popeyyou cant21:42
popeythere's a dozen or so you cannot remove21:42
popeytechnically you can't remove the default apps on ubuntu either21:43
popeyyou can remove the icon, but the partition is RO so the app stays21:43
popeyjust hidden21:43
founderiobetter than iOS in at least 1 point then ;)21:43
founderioI can live with hidden21:43
mariogripyou "can" removed them if you make the system rw, but as i understand you cannot set iOS in rw mode21:44
founderioand if I miss integration / cooperation between apps there is a good chance I could go ahead and implement it myself I guess...21:44
founderiowell you can set it to rw...21:44
founderiothat is called jailbreaking21:44
founderioand very much agains what the fruit company thinks "legal"21:45
mariogripyeah like root on android, but on ubuntu it's just one command21:45
founderiowell.. wouldn't be ubuntu if it weren't21:45
founderioI'll be off for today. 10 minutes to Wednesday here ;)21:51
founderioGood conversation & thanks to all for the help!21:51
mariogripsame timezone as me then :) thanks for your answer about iOS :)21:51
founderioI guess I'll poke my head in here sometime.. see you around21:52
mariogripsee ya :)21:52
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