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daftykinsmornin' o/04:24
daftykinsmmm woke up early, caught a baseball game... now trying out this Night Manager series04:25
mapppsah its decent04:27
mapppsi enjoyed it04:27
daftykinsmappps: some amazing scenes in this04:58
daftykinsMallorca :o04:58
mapppshey yea05:59
mapppsi think it set in the most expensive villa in majora05:59
MooDoomorning all06:54
daftykinshowdy \o06:54
gregoryfenton_ /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER gregoryfenton_ hwztweyzxrtb07:41
daftykinsbest to use the status window for such commands, :)07:41
gregoryfenton_Copy paste is the devil07:42
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davmor2Morning all happy Monday that isn't08:03
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:58
bashrcfake mondays09:02
brobostigonis that like fake coffee thats made of sawdust?09:02
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Mon^H^H^HTuesday, and (one for the X-Philes) happy Paranormal Day! 😃09:05
davmor2JamesTait: can only be these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe93CLbHjxQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOnqjkJTMaA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdNLUT0MdNg09:08
foobarryi haz a new doggy09:18
foobarryhe's super friendly with kids and dogs09:21
zmoylan-pihe looks worried, has he seen your backup implementation? :-)09:35
foobarryhe was watching my son play mario kart09:37
foobarryzmoylan-pi: i saw your name in linux voice :D09:37
foobarrydid you knwo you were in it09:38
zmoylan-pino, screenshot of irc channel?09:39
foobarryhttps://www.linuxvoice.com/issues/018/Linux-Voice-Issue-018.pdf page 2309:40
knightwiseinstalling 16.04 in a vm. I want to make sure my synology client works on it before I do an inplace upgrad11:39
foobarrydoes unity8 work with nvidia drivers?12:07
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popeyfoobarry: not yet12:39
foobarryah, ta popey i thought i saw something about a versino in march that supported it12:39
davmor2foobarry: initial support is in the latest released that doesn't necessarily mean available for us yet :)  Soon though at a guess12:41
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diddledanthis looks terrible: https://youtu.be/QlSAiI3xMh413:34
diddledanproblem is I’m gonna watch it13:34
popeyoh gosh, that looks awful13:50
knightwiseoliver stone , mr bru-ha USA is going to do this movie ?13:51
knightwisethe man from platoon, no ?13:52
diddledanpopey: it really does!13:55
aptanetAnyone know the relationship between Ubuntu Software, Software Updater and the notifications of updates? Are they looking at different things?13:59
diddledanthey’re all looking at apt13:59
aptanetIn which case why do I keep getting a notification of available updates when Software Updater can't find any?14:00
aptanetand why did Software Update put some updates in this morning, when Ubuntu Software was and still is showing one update?14:00
aptanetalthough what it is I don't know, it just says OS Updates, which is about as vague as Windows!14:01
DJonesaptanet: I get the same thing,looks like its a bug with some software conflicts being held up, for me its libjpeg-turbo-progs which conflits with another version14:02
aptanetooh, apt-get update lists 19 updates that Software Updater can't see14:03
aptanetNothing listed as needing removing, I did an autoremove this morning and thought all was sorted14:05
davmor2popey: that's not fair, Eye gaugingly painful might be a better description14:06
aptanetI've only just found apt, I used apt-get (etc.) for ages, then switched to aptitude (although apt-get is still needed once in a while to sort out the database)14:06
aptanetit would be nice to have a single recommended tool rather than several almost complete options14:07
aptanetHmm, looks like the Ubuntu Software 1 update was actually 12, I'll see how things go with future updates14:09
aptanetSo far 16.04 seems pretty unexciting, but I guess that's better than exciting in the wrong way :)14:11
davmor2aptanet: you'll find a down arrow in update-manager if you click on that it will break down all the packages being installed.  Some of them only list an overview for end user that don't care about every change and just want an overview14:13
aptanetdavmor2: it was Ubuntu Software that was being vague, Software Updater (update-manager) didn't see any updates at all14:16
aptanetI only tend to use the GUI tools when they pop up telling me there are updates, I'm generally much happier in the cli14:17
aptanetGUIs are getting dumbed down so much they are making things difficult!14:18
davmor2aptanet: yes gnome-software only shows updates for applications it knows about. So it would see all the ones that update-manager and apt will know about14:18
aptanetwell it was seeing more than update-manager and less than apt until I updated14:19
aptanetupdate-manager 0; gnome-software 1; apt 1014:20
aptanetalthough updating through gnome-software seemed to update all 10, whereas update-manager updated nothing14:21
aptanetwell, it did a batch this morning, but I was getting notifications of updates yesterday that it didn't see and then more this afternoon that it missed too14:21
aptanetnot causing problems, I just get curious when things don't match up!14:22
aptanetright, back to sorting out the letsencrypt renewal script14:34
bashrcI have one of those already14:35
aptanetI've been playing with the official one and it falls over everywhere on my apache configuration14:36
aptanetI wish their online support was nicer, I'm not a fan of the sort of forum they are using (well, any forums really I guess)14:37
aptanetthe format is even harder to work with than standard forums :(14:37
* diddledan blames popey15:05
Seeker`for anything in particular?15:05
diddledanhe told me to15:05
Seeker`or just everything?15:05
Seeker`fair enough :P15:06
daftykinshrmm openvpn setup at my uncles is immensely unreliable15:16
daftykinsi wonder if 14.04.4 server with the 4.2 kernel was a mistake15:16
diddledanI can’t decide which track to watch for the next uos session16:00
diddledanI’m trying to decide between “supporting legacy apps in mir and snappy” from convergence track and “snappy interfaces” from the core track16:01
diddledanI’ve gone with convergence16:03
daftykinsan old girlfriend of mine used to have a t-shirt with a crocodile on it and the words "don't be snappy!"16:05
zmoylan-pikids tv is a little darker than i remember... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI2oS2hoL0k17:37
daftykinsheeey wait a minute that seesaw isn't SAFE!17:40
zmoylan-pifair enough i confess we made it ourselves17:40
popeyooh, that's excellent17:41
zmoylan-pinow if they'd do the same with postman pat and the wombles... :-)17:41
zmoylan-pizombie wombles...17:42
zmoylan-pithere is a an irish skit of postman pat that is slightly too rude to post even in ireland... :-)17:42
daftykinsarsen sam has sadly all but disappeared from online sources, at least last time i looked17:43
zmoylan-pithe net isn't forever despite what you hear17:43
daftykinswhoever came up with that idea was a genius, play it backwards and voice over explaining why Sam starts fires everywhere17:44
daftykinsgives back the sandwiches at the end... "your sandwiches were rubbish, as usual!"17:44
zmoylan-piremember the magic roundabout was surral as the english dubbed over french cartoon with completely different scripts iirc17:47
daftykinshaha really? that's new to me - but then that one was before my time17:48
zmoylan-pihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_Roundabout#English-language_version cheaper than buying/translating the scipts17:49
diddledanzmoylan-pi: daftykins: magic roundabout wasn’t translated at all - the stories of the English language version were invented to match the actions rather than translated17:49
diddledanyeah, wiki knows all!17:49
diddledanI wonder if there’s a wookie on wiki anywhere?17:50
zmoylan-pia cookie eating wookie on wiki...17:50
daftykinsinterviewed by ricki lake17:52
diddledanis she still going?17:53
daftykinsi'm not even sure17:53
zmoylan-piit is 2016... *dun* *dun* *dun*17:53
davmor2zmoylan-pi: you fool 2016 isn't done if it was it would be 2017 :P18:13
* zmoylan-pi puts on copper underwear and steps away from davmor2 in case of lightning...18:14
daftykinshmm imagining zmoylan-pi in copper underwear seems to have killed the channel for an hour19:22
zmoylan-piit depolarises the elctron stream... well known fact...19:25
diddledanI cross those19:25
foobarrycan anyone recommend a micro usb->hdmi cable for my tablet?19:25
diddledanyou should ordinarily never cross the depolarised electron streams19:25
foobarrydo i need a fancy converter?19:26
zmoylan-piunless you're wearing electrum underwear in which case it's fine19:26
foobarryor would this work?19:26
foobarryebay urls you suck19:26
diddledanfoobarry: unfortunately micro-usb and micro-hdmi connectors are different19:27
diddledanthey’re shaped differently19:28
diddledanI think that’s the case, anywho19:29
diddledanremember IANAL19:29
foobarrywhat would i need to connect a hudl2 and/or kindle fire 2015 to a telly?19:29
diddledanwell that link says it works with the hudl2 so .. I guess it’s ok?19:30
diddledanit’s 2.85 so not too much of a pain if it doesn’t work19:30
foobarryoh wow, i have a micro hdmi on the side19:30
daftykinsbest not tell the wife19:31
foobarryso micro hdmi -> hdmi would work?19:32
zmoylan-piit's a battle wound you got facing a scart in it's natural habitat... :-P19:32
foobarry2.85, what a rip19:34
foobarryi'm getting a 2.49 one19:34
zmoylan-piand spending the 36p on a packet of crisps to celebrate? :-P19:34
daftykinsboat officially pushed out!19:36
zmoylan-piparty like it's 2016 and just out of a recession19:37
foobarrywon't work on kindle fire though, might need a special thing19:37
daftykinsbearing in mind most apps that you would probably want to pipe out of a tablet into a large screen disallow playback on connected displays i think19:37
daftykinsunless they got rid of all of that19:37
zmoylan-piif they got if that it would be helpful to people so i'm going to guess no...19:38
foobarrywhy would they disallow19:40
daftykinsnot sure, i remember hearing folk say things like catchup TV services disallowed it19:40
daftykinsmight want to check any apps you'd want to use to see what they do or don't, an amazon FireTV is a great investment if so19:41
daftykins(full one, not the stick)19:41
foobarryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxZquE0vEHc seems ok for the hudl19:42
foobarryshame about lack of root on it19:43

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