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bschaeferhello, so trying to get the osk (maliit) to work on unity8 desktop. Though its not wanting to work15:56
bschaeferi've moved the maliit upstart script and confirmed the maliit server is working15:57
bschaeferthe maliit framework script that set the profile (QT_IM_MOD=maliitphablet) wasnt being ran since its in /etc/profile.d15:57
bschaeferand depends on the XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP, so I've manually set them in the pre script for unity815:57
bschaeferbut still no osk :(15:57
greybackbschaefer: I believe we have logic in unity8 to hide the OSK is a physical keyboard is attached16:48
bschaefergreyback, well i was looking for it and it just seems inputMethod.enabled16:49
bschaeferif thats true (though i didnt look *to* deep)16:49
bschaefergreyback, when i start up the maliit server it gives me:16:50
bschaeferWARNING: void MIMPluginManagerPrivate::_q_setActiveSubView(const QString&, Maliit::HandlerState) "libubuntu-keyboard-plugin.so" "en" is not enabled16:50
bschaefergreyback, which is what im thinking the issue could be...16:50
bschaefergreyback, i also cheated a little bit and forced true for osk enabled16:50
bschaefer(since you have that for autopilot tests)16:50
greybackbschaefer: ok, yeah that error looks suspect16:50
bschaefergreyback, yup... soo now just to track down who really enables that soo have to dig through my phones upstart and startup files :)16:50
bschaefergreyback, also for a11y support... it might be wise to have an options to enable/disable OSK in the system settings16:51
bschaefervs physical keyboard or none16:51
greybackbschaefer: indeed16:52
bschaefer(though that would require either maliit server always running just in case or start it up when the setting is selected but considering the QT_IM_MODS only get set up startup)16:52
bschaefermake that a bit annoying though im sure theres a way :)16:53
* bschaefer join #webeleraningshit17:13
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