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bzoltan_hi folks17:52
bzoltan_popey:  will you set up the HO?17:52
bzoltan_hello davidcalle17:53
bzoltan_just give me the HO, I can start at any time17:54
popeythanks davidcalle17:54
davidcallebzoltan_: hey!17:54
davidcallepopey: thank you ;)17:54
bzoltan_davidcalle:  and this is the deck i will do - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1m05DdWJ4Q4jEhnx0g-41sS1eXA2ELoRYKlRHkV7B2s0/edit#slide=id.ge709b1dc0_3_2517:55
davidcallebzoltan_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYde719is3-eYbNibsFXFAsmkckAiXBk0mP4p2qVaBpft-Q0BA?hl=en&authuser=117:57
davidcallefaenil: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYde719is3-eYbNibsFXFAsmkckAiXBk0mP4p2qVaBpft-Q0BA?hl=en&authuser=117:57
davidcalleAnd anyone interested in joining of course ^17:57
davidcalleWe'll start in two min o/18:00
bzoltan_timp: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1m05DdWJ4Q4jEhnx0g-41sS1eXA2ELoRYKlRHkV7B2s0/edit#slide=id.ge709b1dc0_3_2518:01
zsombihello guys, we're trying to get on air, Google doesn't let us do that yet...18:05
* nik90 waits patiently18:06
davidcallepopey: still around? For some reason, the on air button is insensitive for me, any hints?18:07
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davidcallemhall119: ? ^18:10
davidcalledpm: ? ^18:10
dpmdavidcalle, what's the issue? No broadcast possible?18:10
davidcalledpm: yes18:10
bzoltan_dpm:  we are still offline18:10
dpmdavidcalle, you are running the hangout?18:11
dpmpopey, can you jump in, or are you in another session?18:11
davidcalledpm: I am18:11
* dpm tries to start a hangout himself18:12
mhall119davidcalle: are you the one who created the hangout?18:12
davidcallemhall119: yes18:12
mhall119we've had this randomly in the past, starting a new hangout usually fixes it18:13
* nik90 is hoping for the SDK LXD reveal18:13
popeysorry, missed the ping, am in an irc session18:14
davidcalleNew hangout https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfyN2ul0HTYyd2nh3JTlhSicyAy731lw5lR8zuggNnBrz3c7A?hl=en&authuser=118:15
dpmdavidcalle, I do get the button18:15
davidcalledpm: same :)18:15
dpmah, cool18:15
timpwe should be live now18:16
nik90you're live18:16
BlinAnyone know, if I want to programing for Ubuntu I have to use only QT Creator? QT Creator is not good choice for working. Will Ubuntu-SDK as module for other frameworks? I use CLion, and it's better framework18:21
BlinI think programist must have a choice18:24
faenilin the ideal world... yeah... :(18:24
bzoltan_bring on QUESTIONs if you have18:24
faenilBlin: you don't have to use QtCreator fwiw...you can do everything via cmdline as well18:24
faenilbut developing plugins for other IDEs requires some effort that could be better spent on things like improving features and performance of the components...18:25
Blinbut Ubuntu-SDK for QT Creator18:25
bzoltan_Blin: you are free to use your favourite IDE18:25
bzoltan_Blin:  but your milage might be longer if you stick to cli and vi/emacs :)18:25
timpBlin: it does work, but the support may be less than for qtc18:26
bzoltan_Blin:  also QtCreator is the official and most supported, native IDE for Qt and QML development. Nothing beats QtCreator when it comes to Qt/QML development.18:26
timpas in the other sessions, prefix your questions that you want us to answer in the video with QUESTION:18:26
BlinQUESTION: Will Ubuntu-SDK as module for other frameworks or support other frameworks?18:28
BlinFor example CLIon18:29
nik90QUESTION: Is Ubuntu.Components 1.3 stable? In other words, can we expect API changes? Do you recommend app devs to use 1.3 or 1.2?18:31
timpnik90: here is your reveal ;)18:31
nik90bzoltan_, YES!18:31
DanChapmanlxd! \o/ been using it successfully the last few days!18:33
faenilnik90: ^ :D18:34
nik90QUESTION: With LXD, do you provide a Unity8 environment within which app devs run their app to check if it works correctly?18:36
nik90QUESTION: What's the timeframe for LXD support?18:36
nik90QUESTION: So when I update the LXD container, would I continously get the latest API updates regardless of which host version I am using...(big fan of LTS) ? Can you explain a little more on how the LXD stuff works?18:37
miv0ligoQUESTION: I updated my computer to 16.04 and I don't have "Ubuntu SDK Desktop Kit" any longer just "Desktop" when selecting a kit. How can I "install" the "Ubuntu SDK Desktop Kit"?18:39
faenilmiv0ligo: make sure you still have ubuntu-sdk-dev18:39
nik90timp, you can hide the slides now ;)18:39
miv0ligofaenil: I don't have that, hmmmmm18:42
faenilmiv0ligo: that's the Ubuntu SDK Desktop Kit afair18:42
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timpnik90: yes, for example I've been testing vivid+overlay in an lxd container with a xenial host18:43
miv0ligofaenil: thanks, I'll try to install it later on, BTW I don't see a mention about it on  https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/11/19/here-comes-brand-new-ubuntu-sdk-ide-tools/18:44
nik90QUESTION: Can I install additional packages required by an app within the LXD images? The Ubuntu Desktop Kit is very limited since it doesn't have dependencies that I need18:46
sbt_QUESTION: If the UITK is included in the platform snap, so the app snaps does not have to include it itself? Will Qt also be in the platform snap then, or did I misunderstand that?18:46
faenilfor the ones who dare playing with the experimental stuff https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/experimental18:46
bzoltan_nik90:  i will answer it in a sec18:48
timpnik90: yes: lxc exec yourimagename apt install my-package18:51
sbt_okay, that sounds good, thanks for the answer :)18:54
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davidcalleThanks for watching!18:56
sbtthat looks really nice!19:08
Amar2looks brilliant19:09
faenilit looks gorgeous :)19:09
* sbt wants a tablet now :P19:09
popeyme too!19:11
Amar2a small bubble could appear19:12
Amar2when you hover19:13
faenilto popey19:13
miv0ligoAmar2: how do you hover on a touch screen :P19:14
cm-tsuggestion: is there a way to get the wikipedia or anything to put in the backgrounf of that header/bubble's popup, anything to show how the place looks like ?19:14
Amar2good point! lol19:14
cm-tthe wikipedia image of the place19:14
Amar2I dont have one of these tablets unfortunately19:14
cm-twikiplace, can't remember the wiki* to geet it19:14
cm-tno sure i make sense19:15
Amar2cm-t you mean a bit it is in google maps ?19:16
Amar2images of locations19:16
cm-tAmar2: oh, right, google maps already does that, but my inspiration went from scopes :)19:17
cm-tAmar2: but you are right, google map do it well, that 's the feature i was trying to describe19:17
Amar2still a good suggestion though, an image (or images) could fit in that white sidebar19:18
miv0ligopopey's voice :D19:20
Amar2that would be fun19:20
cm-tI might not understand when i'm listening the ubuntu podcast and my road map19:21
cm-tor ubuntu on air19:21
miv0ligoI think his picture should appear on the screen when giving directions19:22
cm-tcould the voice be imported from that mycroft thing where you can 'donate" your voice such as popey example in the video ?19:27
miv0ligomaybe option to download additional voices when the app is already installed19:27
miv0ligoQUESTION: is there any chance uNav would work offline in future?19:28
cm-tQUESTION ↑19:28
Amar2QUESTION: Are they any plans to integrate Mycroft into uNav?19:30
cm-ta skill from mycroft would be open a position url with unav19:31
cm-tAmar2: ↑19:31
cm-tQUESTION: (not sure about the licencing issue) could a voice be imported from vocalid (as seen on mycrof, if i am right, popey ) ?19:32
costales_@cm-t you'll can download voices from another users :)19:33
costales_from a github repository19:33
popeycm-t: I don't know what license mycroft / vocalid have negotiated19:33
miv0ligoQUESTION: can uNav show other Ubuntu users?19:36
cm-tuNav as a social network :)19:36
Amar2that would be great19:37
cm-tQUESTION: miv0ligo talk about ubuntu users layout, but what about road traffic and other stuff ?19:37
Amar2thanks for the session19:39
cm-tthanks o/19:39
miv0ligothanks guys, great session!19:39
popeyThanks everyone!19:39
costales_thanks to all of you :)19:39
cm-ti forgot to ask, costales_19:40
nik90thanks everyone!19:40
costales_what Rudy :)19:40
cm-tlast update of unav_donate, was it only about the logo, or should i search for aother easteregg :) ?19:40
costales_xD it's offline now (LOL)19:40
costales_the message :)19:40
cm-thaha, nice :)19:40
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