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_cyball_hi :)13:56
olli|dpm, got a link for me?13:58
dragosIm on a phone13:58
_cyball_does the stream work? mine is still black .. it says stream will start shortly ...13:59
kyrofa_cyball_, not live yet13:59
JamesJMStill 30 seconds to go... ;-)13:59
CheeseBurgHey! Did I miss much?14:05
mhall119CheeseBurg: nope, just started14:05
om26ermhall119, I can't find the link, where is it ?14:06
mhall119om26er: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1605/meeting/22663/ubuntu-online-summit-opening-plenary/14:06
justCarakasQUESTION why are all the photos of the Pro 5 in black and is it only available for sale in ugly gold ?14:12
olli|justCarakas, not sure if the other colors sold out already14:15
olli|let me check14:15
inetprohi everyone14:16
inetprocould someone please change this channel's topic to include the link http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1605/2016-05-0314:16
mhall119inetpro: there should be bots handling that, I've pinged the IRC team to see if they need a poke14:18
justCarakas@oLLi| From what I can see there is only a golden 32 Meizu PRO 5 ubuntu edition14:18
sergiusens\o/ I hope that means  we finally get auto backup for photos!14:21
ogra_high hopes :)14:21
kyrofasergiusens, that barely works with the owncloud app on android :P14:21
kyrofaThough maybe the most recent release improved it...14:22
sergiusenskyrofa well now I would prefer backing up to amazon photos as I have it for free and unused :-)14:22
kyrofasergiusens, huh, I didn't know about that one actually14:22
sergiusenskyrofa free for prime members ;-)14:23
olli|justCarakas, it seems to be the only option at this point, not sure what the context is, sorry14:23
mhall119multi-window webbrowser-app \o/14:23
ogra_pfft, who needs that14:23
justCarakasit sucks, its keeping me from actualy buying the phone and canonical and meizu are ignoring my tweets about it14:23
* ogra_ prefers multiple webapps instead ... each in its own confinement :)14:23
sergiusensogra_ well, I have to switch tabs to go from my irc tab to the onair one ;-)14:24
mhall119ogra_: I hope it means we can have one normal and one private window open at the same time14:24
ogra_sergiusens, use my kiwi-irc app :)14:24
sergiusensogra_ I can't get that to work on the desktop; a webapp open the browser and keeps the icon14:24
mhall119useful for web dev14:24
sergiusensogra_ I'm on desktop ubuntu (xenial) and I snap install[ed] shout ;-)14:25
ogra_sergiusens, so roll a snap for the clisnt side too ... using a webapp-container14:25
fuselogra_: wouldn't private especially benefit from being an extra app that has less privileges? if eg. it drops access to the normal browsing data on disk14:25
mhall119fusel: the browser already doesn't have access to data on disk, it goes through ContentHub for that14:26
ogra_fusel, for sure ... thats the reason why i prefer webapps ... a private window of the same browser app still shares bits and pieces14:26
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ogra_mhall119, well ... it has shared space that all tabs can use14:26
fuselmhall119: it has access to its own data, such as cookies and browsing history, which shouldn't be used ever in private browsing14:26
sergiusensogra_ I have this http://paste.ubuntu.com/16202003/14:27
ogra_sergiusens, yeah14:27
mhall119fusel: ah,I see14:27
sergiusensogra_ but if I open that it opens in the main webbrowser-app that is running; and if I open it before opening the webbrowser-app it will use that as the main instance14:28
ogra_sergiusens, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/+junk/slack-webapp/files just make a deb ;)14:28
sergiusensogra_ your slack deb desktop file also opens in the main browser instead of it's own window14:29
sergiusensogra_ try using webbrowser-app as your main browser and you will see what I mean ;-)14:29
ogra_Exec=webapp-container https://ubuntu.slack.com/14:29
ogra_it explicitly uses a container14:29
sergiusensogra_ do what I say and you will see ;-)14:30
ogra_sergiusens, thats a bug then (it definitely worked for me on wily ... havent used the slack app under xenial yet)14:30
sergiusensogra_ if I don't have  webbrowser-app instance at all and use firefox or chrome as main browsers you wouldn't notice this14:31
ogra_sergiusens, well, if a -container call opens in the browser thats definitely a really bad bug14:31
ogra_(with my webapps i rely on the fact that the app doesnt share any of its cache etc)14:33
sergiusensQUESTION what is the powerd overhaul all about?14:34
mhall119overhauling powerd ;)14:34
ogra_wax on... wax off ...14:35
olli|sergiusens, powerd is causing death by papercut14:35
* olli| remembers kgunn venting on any interaction between powerd and e.g. proximity sensor14:36
sergiusensmhall119 hah, but how14:36
sergiusensolli| if it implies no more dbus, I am all for it ;-)14:36
olli|that I don't know14:37
olli|bregma leads repowerd iirc14:37
kyrofaolli|, why not superpowerd?14:37
sergiusensUDS Q was my furthest recollection of the python2 conversation for me14:41
sergiusenserr, ignore the bad grammar :-)14:41
dobeywhat's left on the image that uses py2?14:41
willcookePeople interested in AppStream:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/appstream/docs/chap-AppStream-About.html#about-whatis14:41
heemaylIs there any dependency of Py2 left on 16.04?14:41
willcookedobey, some Samba tools I think14:42
dobeyah, hmm14:43
willcookedobey, we'll be in #ubuntu-uos-core if you're free to chat14:44
willcookein 15 mins14:44
olli|kyrofa :)14:44
heemaylubuntu SC is gine, no?14:45
olli|we have to reserve some names for the next rewrite14:45
kyrofaolli|, haha14:45
Wellarkheemayl: you mean Ubuntu Software Center, right?14:45
Wellarkwillcooke: --^14:45
heemaylIts GNome ?14:46
mhall119heemayl: USC is still in the archives I think, but not the default install14:46
willcookeyeah, it's GNOME Software14:46
dobeysoftware-center and gnome-software aren't the same thing; the latter replaced the former in the default install14:46
willcookeu-s-c is still in the archive if you want to install it, but it's unmaintained14:47
heemaylHmm.. i am not using 16.04 but read the release notes ththe USC is gone in favor of Gnome SC14:47
willcookeheemayl, correct14:47
heemaylSo they are not mutually exclusive?14:48
willcookeheemayl, nope14:48
heemaylGood to know14:48
vulkamwhere am i? o_O14:48
willcookeheemayl, all the dependancies are still there in 16.04.  But likely won't be in 16.1014:48
nhainesNope, no more than apt, apt-get, aptititude, and synaptic are mutually exclusive.  (They're not!)14:48
heemaylAhh, so just for the time being..14:49
bluebugThere is already an application called snap (snap - Semi-HMM-based Nucleic Acid Parser). How are you going to avoid conflict with snap package manager?14:49
heemaylbluebug: Thats already causing problems on man pages and some other places..14:49
heemaylSome users are needing to remove snap to install snapd14:50
heemaylSaw some questions on AU14:50
bluebugheemayl: Probably I need to give up one :P14:51
heemaylhaha..then its going to be snap for sure :D14:51
kyrofabluebug, heemayl please raise those concerns in #snappy14:52
heemaylWell, i can but the problem is they are not gonna remove a whole packaging system for a single package..14:53
bluebugThey can rename it14:53
dobeywell, can fix the dependencies14:53
heemaylThats a solution14:53
alecuremember to eat your vegetables!14:54
kyrofadobey, yeah that's probably the easiest14:54
ogra_alecu, yummy !14:54
kyrofaheemayl, bluebug at least log a bug?14:54
dobeyheemayl: eh, i can install snap and snapd both14:54
heemaylgood for you..saw some posts on AU14:54
heemayli dont have 16.04 soc at check14:54
dobeythere is a media player called snappy though14:55
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ogra_dobey, there are a lot of things called snappy :)14:55
dobeyand for some reason it snapd conflicts with it14:55
bluebugThey should name it upk (ubuntu package manager) :)14:56
dobeyConflicts: snap (<< 2013-11-29-1ubuntu1), snappy14:56
dobeynot nice14:56
dobeysomeone should file a bug about it14:56
bluebugI'll try to file. But I dunno, how to do that.14:57
dobeyubuntu-bug snapd14:57
dobeyrun that :)14:57
ogra_bluebug, chack the channel topic in #snappy ...14:57
ogra_there is a link to the right place14:57
heemaylsaw this today14:58
ogra_well, if you are using an ubuntu desktop you realyl shouldnt have to care ... snapd is part of the default seed nowadays14:59
ogra_snap install will work out of the box14:59
dobeyogra_: well, you don't have to care unless you want to also use the things which snappy conflicts with15:00
bluebugogra_: Thanks15:01
ogra_dobey, these would have been uninstalled on upgrade though15:01
dobeythat's not the point i was making :)15:02
ogra_i know :)15:03
dobeyanyway, plenary over. cheers :)15:05
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