mrgoodcati may have found a coder for the coffee house16:51
mrgoodcatthe guy that just joined16:53
mrgoodcatobscurehero: are you chase?16:53
obscureherowow gotta dox me eh16:54
mrgoodcathe went to school with me for the past year and is just getting stared in a coding career16:54
mrgoodcateh sorry lol16:54
obscureheroI'll forgive you this once16:54
cmaloneyAh, cool16:54
cmaloneyI'm Craig16:55
mrgoodcatafaik cmaloney is the person that goes to CHC most often16:55
cmaloneyNowadays, yes16:55
obscureherodo you even ubuntu mrgoodcat?16:56
obscureheroI guess you didn't judge me, that was mostly Tom16:56
mrgoodcatyea just not on my laptop16:56
mrgoodcatmy DO droplets are all ubuntu16:56
obscureheroi think my bouncer server is ubuntu... or debian16:56
obscureheroah, gotcha.16:56
obscureheromy newest vps is centos16:56
cmaloneyhttps://goo.gl/photos/2yvLtY3V759W91VWA <- This is what my laptop looks like16:56
obscureherofigured I'd try to learn SELinux... it's ... going...16:56
cmaloneyso if you see someone with that laptop that's likely me16:57
cmaloneyor someone has stolen my laptop16:57
mrgoodcatis that just a screensaver or is that real?16:57
obscureherohaha sweet16:57
cmaloneyThat's an emulator on a RPi16:57
obscureherowell, I just assume they're you. So hopefully their impersonation game is strong16:57
cmaloneywhen I was playing with Zeus Assembler on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator16:58
obscureheromrgoodcat, did you see that whole article (and code) that guy wrote about disassembling ssh?16:58
obscureheroreminded me of your evening pursuits16:58
mrgoodcatyea i read that? in what way did that remind you of me though?16:59
obscureherodammit... that reminds me... I"m not one of the cool kids until I have a .io16:59
obscureherooh, that you'd do that16:59
mrgoodcata noble waste of time16:59
obscurehero1. assume it was easier than it was 2. spend forever16:59
obscureherohaha, definitely16:59
obscureherosuper interesting IMHO17:00
obscureheroso I haven' tattached to my bouncer in ages...17:00
obscureheroforgot how many pointless channels I'm a part of on freenode17:00
mrgoodcatthis is my computer these days https://vorte.xyz/index.php/s/akRIXAwlFxZYyok17:02
obscureherolook at you! owncloud chugging a long17:03
mrgoodcatyea i set it up yesterday17:03
mrgoodcati'm gonna spend some time making a custom theme for it this weekend i think17:05
obscureheroah, nice. I've always been tempted to do owncloud but I'd only do it if I have better home internet and more server hardware17:08
obscureherodon't have enough storage at home rn17:09
mrgoodcatdigital ocean17:09
obscureherois that competitive with drive or dropbox?17:13
obscureheroI can't imagine it would be17:13
mrgoodcatobscurehero: you mean on space?17:18
mrgoodcatsummer 2016 DO is introducing block storage though17:19
cmaloneyDammit, now Ubuntu Discourse is getting sunset.17:21
cmaloneyjcastro: WTF!17:22
cmaloneyNow nothing can stop the Ubuntu Forums17:22
jrwrenno one really used it.17:22
jrwrenreddit took that roll.17:23
cmaloneyThat's not the point17:23
jrwrenwhat is teh point?17:23
cmaloneyteh point is...17:23
cmaloneyUbuntu Forums still exist17:23
mrgoodcatphpbb is unstoppable now17:25
obscureherobut it's so ugly17:25
cmaloneyWorse, it's not phpbb17:26
cmaloneyIt's V Forum or whatever17:26
obscureherovanilla looked promising back in the day17:26
cmaloneyMight as well be /dev/null17:26
obscureherowhat's the latest hot forum software these days17:26
obscureherooh, right17:26
obscureheroI was paying attention, I promise17:26
cmaloneyno worries17:26
mrgoodcati never got to use discourse really17:28
mrgoodcatno community i frequent ever got going on it17:29
cmaloneyI don't like forum software as a rule17:29
obscureheroI tried it for one community I was marginally part of ... didn't really like it a lot17:29
cmaloneyUsed to frequent the SJgames forum17:29
obscureherobest forum software I used regularly was xenforo17:29
cmaloneybut it's a real pita to keep up with17:29
cmaloneyThe real annoying one is Amibay17:30
cmaloneyAuctions using forums17:30
cmaloneyAnd yes it sucks as much as you might imagine17:30

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