paddatrapperMorning everyone04:24
thatgraemeguymorning peoples05:48
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy inetpro superfly pavlushka paddatrapper bushtech anton_may theblazehen and others too05:49
bushtechMorning Kilos, others05:50
Kiloshi zipper 05:51
Kilosi thought i better greet before you become jellie05:51
paddatrapperKilos: Really enjoying KDE, and I've only been using it for about 15 minutes06:06
mazalAnother kde man :)06:11
paddatrapperNow I just need to get used to things like Activities and QT versions of GTK applications06:11
Kilosyou will see paddatrapper after a month of getting used to it you wont want to change again06:19
Kiloswb  mazal 06:19
paddatrapperI love how everything ties into everything else. Looks very slick06:20
Kilosif you  dont have a cap you can install kubuntu-full i think its called06:20
Kilosthen it has lots of stuff to use06:20
paddatrapperI see. apt install kubuntu-full?06:22
Kiloslemme check in synaptic06:22
paddatrapperCurrently updating everything, otherwise I'd just check quickly06:23
Kilosya kubuntu-full06:23
Kilosdid you use the advice on the link 20 cool things to do after installing kubuntu 14.0406:24
paddatrapperBusy following it - first was the update06:24
Kiloscan even give the file goodie root powers06:24
mazalKilos, is paddatrapper using 14.04 ? On 16.04 most of those 20 things don't work 06:25
paddatrapperYeah I am using 14.0406:26
Kilosgood lad06:26
mazalI went through those 20 things on 16.04 and plenty of them doesn't work06:26
mazalSome still do06:26
mazalLekker bang vir 16.04 nê lol06:28
Kilossee mazal he didnt take years to convince either06:29
theblazehenmorning Kilos, others06:29
Kilosi have lots of outside work today so will be slow with answers06:29
Kiloshi theblazehen 06:29
mazalMorning theblazehen06:30
theblazehenHi mazal. How are you?06:30
mazalKilos, it didn't take so long with me06:30
mazalokish and you theblazehen06:30
theblazehenI'm alright thanks. Really busy..06:30
paddatrapperhey theblazehen 06:32
theblazehenhey paddatrapper06:32
magespawngood morning06:38
Kiloshi magespawn 06:39
pavlushkaHi Kilos , how can I help you?06:41
Kilossmile pavlushka 06:43
magespawnhi pavlushka 06:43
pavlushkatoday I've installed k3b, kde based after failing brasero, it works way better.06:45
pavlushkaAnd hello every one!06:45
paddatrapperhey pavlushka 06:46
Kilosk3b rocks06:46
Kilosoh paddatrapper look at systemback06:47
Kiloscan make an installable stick of your running system in case you mess up06:47
chesedogood morning all, hope all (za peeps) enjoyed the long weekend06:48
Kilosi tiried the live option now i have a stick i can plug into any pc and have same system running as here06:48
paddatrapperOh nice, very useful! Can it be used as a live USB as well?06:48
paddatrapperThat answers my question, awesome06:49
paddatrapperHey chesedo 06:49
Kilosthere are many options06:49
Kilos4.7g iso it made06:49
paddatrapperI'm off. I'll be back later06:50
Kilosand it writes to the stick easily06:50
Kilosbe good06:50
paddatrapperThe problem with having a new setup is that it means I will most certainly not be studying for the tests I have coming up...08:55
chesedolol paddatrapper, know the struggle08:56
* chesedo suppose to be working in his notes08:57
Kilosstudy paddatrapper 09:08
Kilosstudy comes first09:08
Kilosthe new setup is going nowhere slowly, it will wait for you09:09
paddatrapperBut it's fun, calculus is repetetive09:09
magespawnback again09:20
mazalmaaz google kdeinit510:40
Maazmazal: "Ubuntu Manpage: kdeinit5 - Launcher for applications built with ..." http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man8/kdeinit5.8.html :: "kdeinit5 could not start - FedoraForum.org" http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=304622 :: "Bug #1411259 “kdeinit5 crashes on logout and log in screen never ..." https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1411259 :: "Re:10:40
MaazUpgrade warning: KDE/Plasma 5 stuff broken" https://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2015/09/msg…10:40
mazalThat wasn't much help10:43
mazalmaaz google kdeinit5 crashed when working with partitions10:44
Maazmazal: "OpenSUSE Leap 42.1-RC1 | Thoughts on computing" https://nwrickert2.wordpress.com/2015/10/17/opensuse-leap-42-1-rc1/ :: "Test Cycle 2016.03 ISO - KaOS" http://kaosx.us/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=1371 :: "[solved but not nvidia] System hangs starting X (SDDM / KDE Plasma ..." https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=209511 :: "KaOS 2016.01 review - The fallen10:44
Maazangel - Dedoimedo" http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/kaos-2016-01.html :: "Manjaro KDE 0.…10:44
mazalSeems there is a problem between gparted and kdeinit5. Everytime I create partitions with gparted that app/services crashes10:46
mazalWil do the next one with KDE's built-in partition app and see what happens10:47
mazalAnother bug and it's not fixed in 16.04 :( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tasque/+bug/144851211:25
Kilosjust keep bug reporting11:43
mazalI have 2 more bugs that affects me11:43
Kilosmore reports raise the priority 11:43
mazal16.04 a very buggy experience so far11:43
Kiloswell i told you wair11:43
mazalRemember why the rush oom , I was desperate to get of Winbloze at home11:44
Kilos best to install 3 months after release11:44
mazalOtherwise I would have waited for .1 release11:44
Kilosnono you could have gone 14.0411:44
mazalDon't want to re-install now and again later11:45
Kilosjust keep reporting bugs11:45
Kilosone of the dev guys laptops wouldnt boot this morning11:45
mazalThis system icons missing one seems to be around since 15.10 already11:45
mazalI'm actually thinking of adding unity until kde/plasma become more stable , but ish I don't like unity11:50
Kilosi think you will find more bugs in unity11:50
Kilosif the bugs are wasting your time go back to 14.0411:51
mazalI'll try and live with it for now. Re-installing is too big a job11:51
mazalThe two main ones left for me is the missing email system tray icon and kde5init regularly crashing11:52
mazalThe latter is worrying me11:52
mazalThe icon I can live without , but that init app might be important. Couldn't really get proper info on it11:53
Kilosopen synaptic and reinstall all the init packages, maybe there is a patch released already11:54
Kilosoh mazal what did you choose in systemback to make it installable11:56
Kilosi chose live and it works fine but doesnt show an install goodie11:57
mazalThe install is only in the boot menu11:58
mazalThere is an option " run installer "11:59
Kilosoh ill check that again ty11:59
mazalThere is no shortcut in live mode11:59
mazalbtw , did you guys beat that duel-boot with Win 10 ?12:00
mazalI lost track of the progress on that one12:00
Kilosyes its running12:00
Kiloshad to tell bios to boot from u buntu12:01
Kilosfirst time ive seen that12:01
mazaleufi/secure boot12:01
mazalAn example of what I said the other day of change does not equal better12:01
Kilosi dunno , will have to ask langjan12:01
mazalI read in that doc I linked that is one of the uefi "features". You have to tell the bios to allow ubuntu to boot12:02
mazalAnd have two places inside Win 10 that must be done also12:03
Kilos10 is a curse on mankind i think12:03
Kiloshi Wolfeyes 12:03
mazalChange ≠ better12:04
mazalAh my compose key works at least lol12:04
Wolfeyeshey Kilos12:05
Wolfeyeshey everyone12:05
mazalHi Wolfeyes12:05
Wolfeyeshy mazal12:05
mazaloom Kilos , I think I must kill my rss app12:10
mazalThey keep posting today about new releases :P12:10
mazalThe PS4 kind12:11
mazalBye for now12:23
Kiloshi nlsthzn 13:07
nlsthznhi superfly, uncle Kilos :)13:08
* superfly is a zombie today13:08
nlsthznsounds like me on a normal day >.<13:09
nlsthznand today is such a day :D13:09
nlsthznsilly konversation, why u no spell check :/13:10
superflynlsthzn: kids were up last night13:11
superflyand I didn't sleep well13:11
nlsthznsorry to hear.  can make a long day very long13:12
nlsthzn16.04 giving me sound issues again... other than that it seems to be pretty solid :(13:13
Kiloskde nlsthzn ?13:14
nlsthznall of the flavours... corruption in sound using steam13:15
nlsthznintermittent corruption13:15
* nlsthzn will be back... using MS patented fix - rebooting :p13:17
magespawnchat later all, on the road13:22
Kilosgo well13:22
nlsthznmultimedia can be strange... had to install the weirdest codec to get m4a files to play13:25
nlsthznand spell check still not automatically working >.<13:25
inetprogoeie more13:27
inetproThe Ubuntu Online Summit starts in 30 minutes! Join us for 3 days of interactive content to learn, participate and talk about Ubuntu's present and future. http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1605/2016-05-0313:27
nlsthznhey inetpro... thanks for the heads up :)13:28
inetpronlsthzn: just follow @ubuntuappdev on Telegram or go to https://telegram.me/ubuntuappdev for other future news 13:30
* inetpro likes this kinda service on Telegram 13:30
inetproanother one I follow is https://telegram.me/kubuntu13:34
inetprooh and then there is our own one at https://telegram.me/ubuntuza13:34
inetproif only oom Kilos knew what is good for him he would be exploiting this service already a long time ago13:43
theblazehenWow.. 13:45
theblazehenI wrote horrible code today, in order to interface with a (IMO) horrible api13:46
=== jellie is now known as zipper
theblazehenhey Maaz14:14
theblazehenHow are you mazal?14:35
mazalno comment14:36
mazalOne day bad , the next day worse14:43
theblazehenmazal: That sucks :/ Want to talk about what's happening or nah?14:47
Kiloshi andrewlsd 14:48
mazalno thanx theblazehen14:51
andrewlsdhi Kilos 14:51
theblazehenHi andrewlsd14:52
Kilosinetpro what are you on about , me exploiting telegram14:53
Kilosi use telegram just for ian and the girls14:59
paddatrapperI wish more people used it as aposed to Whatsapp. So much easier to create bots, etc. for15:04
Kilosi have too many channels and mailing lists to want to add more stuff15:09
Kilosi need to retire15:09
Kilospadda do you get these https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue46415:11
paddatrapperI don't, no15:13
Kilosyou can read it online i think15:14
Kilosi cant remember how i got to get it in mails15:14
Kilosmaybe there is a subscribe button15:15
grembleGood evening15:17
Kiloshi gremble 15:17
grembleHow are you Kilos?15:17
Kilosok ty just tired15:17
Kiloslol getting like everyone else15:17
grembleLong day of work? :P15:17
Kilosredshift didnt help me sleep last night15:17
grembleAh. Well, get to bed early tonight. Or at least stop looking at a screen so late. You are getting like those youngens :P15:18
grembleI am excited though. I finally got a job. I am a professional writer now :D15:19
Kiloswhat are you writing15:21
grembleMy first project is an N6 mathematics textbook15:21
grembleAnyway. I am off to go learn how to fight using historic weapons. talk to you later15:25
paddatrappergremble: Don't you just swing and hope it hits the other guy before he hits you?15:26
gremblepaddatrapper, No, because then the other guy will hit you :P If you ever find yourself somewhat curious, let me know, I will send you a textbook that I like. :P15:29
grembleI am doing Italian sabre at the moment, but I'm quite keen on the D\utch wrestling.15:30
grembleAnyway, I am popping out. :P15:30
paddatrapperI've always been curious - dabled in blacksmithing a little, but never could afford good tools and materials. Also done some reading on fencing styles which was interesting15:31
Kilostoo much inetpro 16:23
Kilospower gone16:24
Kilospower came back17:25
Kilosseems like you all asleep. maybe i should sleep as well17:31
paddatrapperot asleep, just frantically studying17:36
Kilosgod , study lad17:37
Kilosnight all. sleep tight17:41
grembleWhat are you frantically studying, paddatrapper?20:11
paddatrappergremble: maths - calculus 1 (so proofs for Africa)20:14
grembleShout if you need assistance. 20:15
grembleI study mathematics20:15
* gremble pops collar20:15
paddatrapperThanks. For the moment I'm finding it pretty straight forward, but I'm sure I'll need some prodding later in the year!20:18
paddatrapperWhere are you studying?20:18
paddatrapperAlright Night everyone20:33
grembleCheers paddatrapper 20:38
grembleI study at UP20:38

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