* zykotick9 likes #debian's beer better ;)00:00
Bashing-omzykotick9: Some people when hung, want a new rope too . :)00:01
manuel_zykotick9, another thing, is a good idea to ask several times?, i mean one time each half hour for example? just to see if new people who can solve my problem are in the chat00:02
zykotick9manuel_: regarding re-asking, i think in one of #ubuntu's factoids it suggests waiting a 1/2 hour...  i think that's really way to short (more so in other channels then #ubuntu!) to actually need some of the people to change...  but ymmv (your milage may vary) ;)00:04
egofluxyo yo00:04
Bashing-ommanuel_: Yes .. that gets you an atta-boy .00:04
geniimanuel_: Asking every half hour or so would not be considered spamming or overly annoying00:04
zykotick9^^ s/to actually/you actually/00:05
manuel_cool :) thanks00:05
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Picimanuel_: have you installed any packages to try to get the printer to work? or are you just trying that command00:12
mike001Is anyone familiar with this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers ?00:13
squintymike001,  nothing in Software and Updates -> Additional Drivers ?  iirc, driver offers for the b43's are installed from there.  Someone please correct me if I am mistaken00:15
squinty!b43 | mike0000:16
ubottumike00: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:16
nick_nameI have three monitors and want to be able to launch a program from a terminal in the middle monitor on either the left or right monitors00:23
EgoAleSumhi! I’m looking for an advice for setting up a server for my home. It will have two different purposes: file server and virtualization. For the virtualization part, it will have 3 VMs with gui). my question is about the file server part: would you run it in on the host directly, or in a VM, or in a LXC? The file server part needs direct access to 3 disks (in a raid-5 configuration)00:24
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cognitiaclaevesI'm trying to install Docker 1.9 - 1.10 in Ubuntu 14.04, but it will only install docker 1.5. I'm followed this guide: https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/linux/ubuntulinux/00:27
autofsckkEgoAleSum:  so the fileserver is gonna be of what kind? nfs?00:27
EgoAleSumautofsckk: SMB and AFP. but it should be irrelevant. on the same file server I’m also putting miniDLNA00:27
Bashing-om!info docker trusty00:28
ubottudocker (source: docker): System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (trusty), package size 11 kB, installed size 64 kB00:28
EgoAleSumcognitiaclaeves: are you installing “docker-engine” or “docker”?00:29
autofsckkwow, half the things you mention im not familiar with, but i would maybe put the fileserver directly on the server, and just running vms apart from it, but im not an expert, it just sound reasonable that way or thats the way i would do it00:30
Bashing-omcognitiaclaeves: ^ indicates to me that the docker PPA is not installed .00:30
cognitiaclaevesEgoAleSum: docker. Is it docker-engine now?00:30
cognitiaclaevesBashing-om: But I installed it.00:30
EgoAleSumcognitiaclaeves: “docker” is the one from the Ubuntu repo. “docker-engine” is from the Docker repo. read the guide :)00:30
OerHeksapt-cache policy docker-engine will tell00:31
autofsckkthat "virtualizing" mania is very mmmm i cant understand it completely00:31
EgoAleSumautofsckk: for the file server, i’m not really thinking of a VM, but more like LXC maybe? putting it on the bare metal would have the advantage of direct access to the disks, but virtualization (even just LXC) makes it safer00:31
EgoAleSumautofsckk: it’s easier to manage because if the file server fails, I can just rebuild that part of the server (just replace one VM rather than rebuilding the entire server). and it’s possibly safer because there’s more isolation00:32
cognitiaclaevesEgoAleSum: Ug. I can't believe I didn't notice that.  Thanks!00:32
EgoAleSumat the extreme, I’d run every application in a separate VM, or at least container00:32
EgoAleSumanyone else has an opinion on bare metal vs LXC (or VM) for the file server?00:32
autofsckksomething like that a guy from my work told me, we run ganeti over here and i really cant see yet the advantages he told me about :/ i think its more work00:32
Hydr0p0nXit's more work until something blows up maybe ?00:33
autofsckkbut linux is designed like that, i mean, if something blows it just blows that part and not the server00:33
autofsckkthat idea of virtualizing is so windows00:33
EgoAleSumautofsckk: if you run in a VM and you get pwned, only that VM is compromised00:34
autofsckknot really00:34
EgoAleSumautofsckk: ??00:34
autofsckkbut you surely get cracked with all that sysadmin stuff done automaticly and without knowing whats going on00:34
autofsckkEgoAleSum:  the good part of this OS is that you have multiples ways to do it :D and you decide what fits better00:36
manuel_Pici, i installed two packages from the canon webpage, but in the 15.10 version i didnt need those packages, it was plug and play00:36
ubuntuhello? please stop00:37
EgoAleSumautofsckk: my daily job is technical sales of cloud computing. I once met with a guy, CIO in a university, who told me (seriously believing that) that “virtualization is a fad”. only reason why he doesn’t get fired it’s because he works in the public sector :)00:37
ubuntuwhy see the pic?00:37
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dannymichelAny compiz setting or something that will disable the ability to move a window beyond the left launcher and panel,00:38
autofsckkEgoAleSum:  do you know salt?00:38
EgoAleSumautofsckk: salt?00:39
* zykotick9 notes, "there is no cloud, just other people's computers"00:39
EgoAleSumautofsckk: you can tell me all the tools you want to run on bare metal, but VMs offer more density and save people lots of money00:42
EgoAleSumzykotick9: heard that so many times :)00:42
zykotick9EgoAleSum: i'm glad... i guess fsfe's campaign is working ;)00:43
EgoAleSumzykotick9: however, let’s be clear that the “cloud” i sell is IaaS and PaaS… not SaaS00:44
EgoAleSumi do have concerns about SaaS. that’s why i’m building my own server and not using, say, Dropbox. but IaaS/PaaS is different00:44
zykotick9EgoAleSum: we're OT ;)  take care00:44
EgoAleSumzykotick9: right, sorry for the OT00:44
autofsckkneed help with fixing initramfs00:46
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autofsckki dont know about that :/ i know mkinitcpio, how can i fix it?00:47
Bashing-omautofsckk: We can run update-initramfs manually in 'verbose' mode  so it tells us what it is doing, and examine that to see if it gives clues. sudo update-initramfs -vu -k $(uname -r) |& tee /tmp/initrd.log .00:51
autofsckkBashing-om:  i already did that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromSD  im trying to put a300:52
autofsckkBashing-om:  i already did that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromSD  im trying to put 3 partitions on a 8 microSD, boot /var /  from a working server, but when i chrooted to it and did the update-initramfs and that it just broke my servers init jajajaja :/ it was not written to the microsd but to the server itself, but i tried to boot from liveusb and do it again but it doesnt work00:54
autofsckkill go to my house now, i think tomorrow ill give it a second chance, ill just c&p what you told me and try tomorrow, thanks :00:55
autofsckkand that was almos exactly what i did that broke my servers initramfs :/ jajajaja well whatever, see you tomorrow00:57
MannyLNJi have an hp printer on my ubuntu systrm but my osx laptop won't see it. Help please01:02
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imthenachomanhey guys. i am reading a lot of conflicting articles online. what are y'alls thoughts on the need for UFW on a home ubuntu desktop/server (with ssh and apache) behind a router (NAT) configured with unobvious port routes? like port 1234 to the server's port 80\01:03
EgoAleSumimthenachoman: using “unobvious port routes” doesn’t really give you more security01:04
EgoAleSumif crackers have time, they just do portscans01:05
imthenachomanEgoAleSum: ..good point01:05
imthenachomani just hate the idea of setting up UFW cause i just know it'll break stuff01:05
EgoAleSumplus, you’ll make your life much more complicated. for example, certain networks (e.g. corporate, schools, etc) block all traffic on ports different from 80/44301:05
EgoAleSum(to change ports, you can just use port forwarding in your router, btw, you don’t need UFW)01:06
imthenachomanthis server is ONLY for me. only i will need to access it from outside01:06
Inocuouswhat is an example of something that breaks with ufw imthenachoman ?01:06
imthenachomanEgoAleSum: i know. i am saying with that setup i am wondering if i need ufw01:06
EgoAleSumimthenachoman: then use strong authentication systems01:06
EgoAleSumimthenachoman: you always need firewall, regardless.01:06
imthenachomanInocuous: i shouldn't say break. i should say that i have to configure each web hosted app on my computer like nzbget01:07
imthenachomanInocuous: just a pain to do. not impossible. i'm just lazy01:07
MannyLNJ[Question] How can i test my VPN from inside my network to see if it id drtup cottrctly?01:07
EgoAleSumimthenachoman: another great idea is to add another small server in your home (e.g. a RPi) and then connect only via VPN01:07
imthenachomanEgoAleSum: i had thought of that..01:08
EgoAleSumimthenachoman: with “VPN” being either a full-fledged P2S IPSec tunnel, or even just a SSH tunnel01:08
EgoAleSumif it’s just for you, that may be the safest option01:08
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EgoAleSumalthough you’ll find some issues. for example, in my home server I have ownCloud installed and remote access is enabled; i couldn’t use the apps for the phone if i were requiring a VPN01:08
imthenachomanah. i forgot about OC. that is another thing i will have on it01:10
imthenachomanon a side note, there is some command you can run that takes you through a text menu to select what happens when apt-get upgrade comes across update notes. like it can "more" them so you have to press q to continue or it can skip them, etc... anyone remember that command?01:11
EgoAleSumimthenachoman: aptitude?01:12
imthenachomanEgoAleSum: no, it came preinstalled on a fresh ubuntu 14.04 install.01:12
imthenachomanlike configure or something01:12
MannyLNJI thought I disabled my laptop sysoending when I closed the lid but it still does. How do I stop this?01:13
yourname3yo dawgs01:14
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Tuxfukwhat's everyone doing?01:14
LazyUser69Does ubuntu create a swap file if /swap is never mounted during installation?01:17
EgoAleSumLazyUser69: check with “free” if there’s swap enabled01:18
Tuxfuki believe so. you can always make/enable one01:19
Tuxfukmkswap (device)01:19
Tuxfukswapon (device)01:19
RhorseMannyLNJ: look in the /etc/pm directory for config files which cover that. Or there may be a bios setting to turn this on/off. HTH!01:20
RhorseOn second thought, MannyLNJ, ISTR a setting in power settings for closing lid....01:20
preciseHey guys, I just installed 16.04, all is smooth. I didn't enable LUKS. I have all partitions on my SSD except for /home which is on an HDD. I know I can't install LUKS post-install (without data destruction), but I was wondering if I could backup data, unmount home as root, format the /home partition as ext4+LUKS, remount, and restore backup. I want to do this so I don't have to do full reinstall. Is this01:22
preciseSorry for the wall of text :/01:22
EgoAleSumprecise: yes it’s possible. ensure you have many backups01:24
crazyhorse18everytime i copy stuff to my usb stick, ubuntu says   stuff like copied 3gb out of 3gb 0 seconds left01:24
crazyhorse18and sits there for 5 minutes .. have they fixed this in 16.04 yet?01:25
crazyhorse18it was broken in 12.04 / 14.04 and 15.0401:25
preciseEgoAleSum, thanks for your response. In theory could I run a recurive copy from the root of my /home (I don't know if that's the proper way to say it) onto an external HDD (or 3) and do the reverse during restore time?01:26
EgoAleSumprecise: yes, use rsync for that01:26
psusicrazyhorse18, do you have like 16 gb of ram or something?01:26
crazyhorse18psusi: 32gb01:26
psusiahh, I can see that then01:26
preciseThanks for the rsync tip EgoAleSum, I'll look into it!01:27
precisecrazyhorse18, what's the 32GB for?01:27
frostschutzprecise, backup home, reinstall with luks, restore home... how much space do you have on your SSD? home should go on SSD too, HDD is for movies01:27
crazyhorse18ram is super cheap, why not have lots :D   also i bought the computer in 201201:27
psusiafaik, currently the copy process keeps writing as much as the kernel allows it, which with 16 gb of ram, most likely would easily accept 3gb, and then flushes all of the dirty buffers to disk at the end, which can take a while when you have *that* much buffered up01:27
psusiI built my computer in 2011 or 2012 and only have 4gb ;)01:28
crazyhorse18but occasionally i run a windows 7 / xp and windows 10 vm for testing.. but to be honest i never really get past 16gb01:28
crazyhorse18it's nice not to run out01:28
psusionly time I feel like I don't have enough is when I run VMs01:28
crazyhorse18what's that got to do with the usb problem?01:28
psusijust that when accessing a fat formatted removable disk, usb or otherwise, the current policy is to allow normal caching, then flush at the end01:29
precisefrostschutz: 128Gb (real: 120GB) I do a lot a virtualization with KVM so I try to preserve space on the SSD for root and the like. What files would you place in /home that need SSD speeds?01:29
crazyhorse18psusi, ah i see.. so basically it dumps the whole lot into memory .. then starts writing to disk?01:29
precisefrostschutz: also I don't want to reinstall because initiall install was a bitch on this machine and I'd rather not go through that again. That's also why I didn't initially use LUKS just to avoid as many speedbumps as possible + to lessen down time.01:30
EgoAleSumprecise: agree with frostschutz in general. your home contains a bunch of files that are used by the system too (e.g. Firefox configuration, etc). you could gain a lot from putting the home on the SSD. also, SSDs are safer01:31
crazyhorse18precise: installing always takes me about 2 - 3 entire days01:31
crazyhorse18and i have 20 files detailing every command that needs to be run :/01:31
precisecrazyhorse18: yeah I took notes this time around, but each time new issues keep popping up :/01:31
crazyhorse18haha. yeah01:32
preciseI was hesitant to install 16.04 on this machine, but it actually went smoother than 14.04 :P01:32
frostschutzprecise, doing LUKS as an afterthought is possible (even in place); it's just so much harder than reinstalling01:32
precisehow so frostschutz, I'm willing to learn, and I already have extensive backups :P01:32
iguano80im having problems trying to install my canon mg5520 on ubuntu gnome 16.04, before in 15.10 the installation was plug and play but now it doesnt work... :(01:33
militiaspackCould someone in here help me? I am on 14.04 on a chromebook. kinda new to this whole ubuntu thing and I can't seem to get steam working. Been trying all the google fixes and none seem to be working :( Any assistance?01:33
iguano80anyone else have this problem with the printers?01:34
Tuxfukiguano80: check out cups01:36
zykotick9frostschutz: <just a sidenote> but to "properly" do luks, it would require zeroing out all current drives...01:37
militiaspackNoone can help me? :/01:37
psusicrazyhorse18, yes, assuming you have enough free ram01:37
iguano80Tuxfuk, yes, im trying with this command..01:37
iguano80sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p MG5500LAN -m canonmg5500.ppd -v cnijbe://Canon/?port=net&serial=F4-81-39-17-09-D2 -E01:37
iguano80lpadmin: Unable to copy PPD file.01:37
preciseEgoAleSum: How much space do I need for a full ubuntu install. (eg. /home, /, the-whole-9-yards) I like to do virtualization with KVM, and after restore I already have 200GB filled on my HDD and 18GB of my 120GB SSD filled. I'm a week into this install...01:38
zykotick9frostschutz: <additional info> doesn't really matter with ssd drives...01:38
Tuxfukiguano80: you can do all that via your webbrowser01:38
subscioushello. I try installing google chrome on xubuntu 16.04. the software app won't actually install the downloaded *.deb file. What am I doing wrong?01:38
preciseRealistically would 120GB be good for multiple VMs and a full Ubuntu install? EgoAleSum01:38
squintyiguano80, https://localhost:631/   -> Adding Printers and Classes -> Find New Printers   might be worth a shot01:38
Tuxfukmilitiaspack: what's the issue?01:39
iguano80ok, let me try that01:39
Tuxfukwhat are the errors?01:39
squintysubscious,  install gedi  ( sudo apt install gebi) and then highlight the chrome.deb file in your file manger -> open with gdebi01:39
squintysubscious, the software center is buggy01:40
iguano80squinty, ok, y did what you tell me and the browser just say... Not Found, its look like something is missing01:41
militiaspackTuxfuk Ok well I try to run steam and it says steam needs to install additional packages such as libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-quantal:i386 and libc6:i386 and libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-quantal:i386 so I let it go but after a min or so it says unable to locate package for all 3 after01:41
tgm4883probably easier to just install it from command line01:41
tgm4883militiaspack: which chromebook01:42
subsciousthanks squinty01:42
squintyiguano80,  make sure you copied/typed it correctly.01:43
squintysubscious, yw01:43
iguano80https://localhost:631/ ??01:43
militiaspacktgm4883 http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/chrome-os-devices/XE303C12-A01US-specs01:43
squintyiguano80,  yes01:43
iguano80it works but when i click on Adding Printers and Classes is when the browser just fail01:43
tgm4883militiaspack: you aren't going to be able to run steam on that01:43
militiaspackWhy? tgm4883?01:44
blu_where am I?01:44
tgm4883militiaspack: because it's ARM based. I'm pretty sure that steam doesn't run on ARM01:44
squintyiguano80,  ok then it's not finding anything.  maybe someone else will offer some advice01:44
militiaspacktgm4883 oh :/ well I just can't get those certain packages to install....01:45
iguano80squinty, thanks :)01:45
squintyiguano80,  wish I knew more :)01:45
iguano80me too haha01:45
tgm4883militiaspack: even if you could get steam to install (which I doubt), there wouldn't be any games for you to play01:45
nicomachustgm4883: what01:45
tgm4883nicomachus: what what?01:46
militiaspacktgm4883 Well I wanna use it for chatting and such not for games really01:46
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tgm4883militiaspack: ah, ok, that still doesn't satisfy the issues of not having those other packages available01:47
militiaspackwell idk how to get them tgm488301:48
tgm4883militiaspack: Even if you manually downloaded and forced them to install, they wouldn't work as they aren't built for your arch01:49
Rhorsesubscious: there is a bug in sofware center that will be addressed in a few days about installing debs. You can afaik still install debs from the command line using apt-get and dpkg.01:50
RhorseBTW, this bug should be addressed in /topic until addressed, IMHO.01:51
tgm4883militiaspack: I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, but you'll need to buy a better laptop if you want that to work. ARM has it's place, but this isn't one of them01:53
squintyRhorse,  imho, in his particular case (and of quite a few others in here lately pertaining to the software bugs) he was better of just installing gdebi (which checks to see that all dependancies are satified) which dpkg doesn't.01:55
tgm4883squinty: apt does01:55
tgm4883or so I'm told01:55
Rhorsesquinty: tgm4883 OK, thanks for the info. :)01:56
squintytgm4883, he was installing chrome.deb package01:56
RhorseMight want to include this in the /topic, what you think, ops?01:56
squintyRhorse, #ubuntu-ops  :)01:58
tgm4883squinty: yea I know, someone was talking about it a few days ago in here. Apparently apt can install local packages now (TBH, it's about time, yum has had that for quite awhile)01:58
imthenachomananyone know how to disable ipv6 in ubuntu 16.04. i can't seem to find any info online01:58
squintytgm4883,  ok thanks for the heads up on that!01:58
tgm4883squinty: yw, I'm not looked into it yet, but I imagine the man page has info on how to do it01:59
squintyimthenachoman,  network settings  ipv6    ignore01:59
squintytgm4883, trying to give more homework, eh?  ;-)02:00
imthenachomansquinty: do you konw the command line option to open network settings?02:00
dillonlookin for free d/l music what do ya'll use02:00
tgm4883squinty: I'd do it, but I'm running around tombs doing some raiding right now02:01
iguano80i solve my problem with the printers in ubuntu 16.04, i just reinstall the cups service02:01
iguano80thanks to all :)02:01
Hydr0p0nXanyone point me to how to enable automount for udf-fs dvd's ?02:01
squintyimthenachoman,  if on unity, look for the "up/down" arrows on the top panel -> click on the icon _> edit connections etc02:01
Rhorsedillon: illegal activity? :)02:02
nmatrix9Hi, is anyone using RedShift on their desktop to control their lighting at night?02:02
squintyiguano80, cool thanks for the update02:02
Bashing-omiguano80: Appreciate you came back with your resolution .02:02
tgm4883dillon: google play music02:02
squintytgm4883, lol  (tomb raiding)02:03
dillonRhorse no never, I was just curious02:04
imthenachomansquinty: well that is odd. getting a "did not find a connection with UUID" error02:05
Rhorsedillon: this is a family channel. :)02:05
unimatrixoverlodkeyboard doesn't fully work. keys "zxcvZXCV" not functional. everything else works. i've tried: google, modprobe various modules like hid_microsoft, Unity language settings. no luck. ideas? keyboard: Microsoft Corp. Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 V1.002:05
unimatrixoverlodthe keyboard is under compatible hardware too...02:06
unimatrixoverlodkeyboard does work on Windows 702:08
Rhorseunimatrixoverlod: what say xinput -l02:09
squintysupper time here..........02:11
unimatrixoverlodRhorse:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/16197818/02:11
imthenachomanhow can i edit this page? it says immutable https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StricterDefaults02:14
TMLWhat's the best/suggested method for finding the systemd equivalent of an init script for a given service when on 16.04?02:15
Rhorseunimatrixoverlod: try unloading the driver, modprobe -r usbhid and then reloading modprobe usbhid02:15
unimatrixoverlodRhorse:  did not fix it.02:17
unimatrixoverloddoing "cat /dev/input/event5" when I press something like "j" garbolgooke appears but when I press any "zxcvZXCV" no gibberish appears...02:19
Rhorseunimatrixoverlod: try: xinput set-prop 12 'Device Enabled' 102:19
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unimatrixoverlodRhorse:  didn't work02:20
* Rhorse would give kbd to Goodwill, buy new kbd....02:22
unimatrixoverlodlol ok ty u for your help :)02:22
RhorseIt's a MS, what do you expect..? YW!02:23
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smecinhi guys,02:28
smecinmove to irc.ponychat.net , /server irc.ponychat.net as it is official icj server and offical chat channel #h4x0r.icj02:28
OerHekssmecin, please don't spam02:28
kernel_mutexhi am I speaking here?02:29
Hydr0p0nXyou're typing from what I can tell02:30
kernel_mutexI can spark Engrish you know!02:30
kernel_mutex* type as well :)02:30
kernel_mutexmasha alla !02:31
pw1337i can learn here ,02:32
kernel_mutex@pw1337 I'm Muslim too, welcome to the Ubuntu channel.02:32
kernel_mutexsure you do.02:32
cerealguyWelcome all02:32
pw1337ur welcome02:32
kernel_mutexAs Muslims we welcome all the human beings equally.02:32
kernel_mutexWe value our values you know.02:33
imthenachomani guess ufw with gufw wasn't taht hard02:33
pw1337akhi @kernel_mutex02:35
effectnetis ufw important?02:36
daxdo you want to use it? if not, no02:36
OerHeksgufw likes ufw being installed.02:37
* nicomachus likes ufw being installed02:37
imthenachomanis bitdefender the only linux antivirus scanner that checks for windows viruses?02:43
OerHeksimthenachoman, not sure there are more, that can remove win infections, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:47
bobby_hello what is the post it ! ?02:48
tennetyhi there! first-timer, looking for some help with a broken 15.10 upgrade02:53
bobby_hi, guys, I was wondering if one of you could help me with a problem I have been having on and off everyday since I have upgraded from 15.10 to 16.04... While working on my desktop arbitrarily the screen will drop and go back to the login screen and I'll loose all my work...? this is really frustrating... I have heard from someone it must be an x.org error so I checked my syslog but can't exactly find the xlog error... I am running gnome2 btw... it just02:54
bobby_crashed about 7 or 8 minutes ago I have logged it too at http://paste.ubuntu.com/16198017/02:54
mars_hello should i install 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu on a laptop with only 2gb of ram but a 64 bit procie?02:57
bobby_mars_: i would say you would be fine with 64bit or ubuntu mate for a laptop02:58
bobby_mars_: some ppl prefer that02:58
mars_bobby_: will the weight of the programs memory-wise be different?02:59
bobby_mars_: not sure probably you need to ask someone more familiar with running a laptop, I've only told you what I've read about before :)03:00
mars_okay thanks for the input03:00
Hydr0p0nXmars_: the only time you're going to see an appreciable difference in memory utilization is for 64bit compiled applications, this is due to needing 64-bit pointers to memory addresses03:02
tennetyafter upgrading to 15.10 I'm constantly booted into a tty1 and apt-get fails to resolve any sources. help?03:03
squintymars: fwiw, if you are a chrome web browser user, it no longer is being released in 32 bit03:04
blackenedmars_: 64 bit - 64 bit ubuntu generally outperforms 32 bit even witch < 4gb of ram03:05
cfochIf I start to contribute to Ubuntu, how high would be my possibilities to get a job in Canonical?03:06
squintycfoch,  #ubuntu is for support... maybe ask in #ubuntu-offtopic03:07
dax#ubuntu-offtopic doesn't know either, ask Canonical03:08
cfochvia e-mail or is there a channel?03:08
OerHekscfoch, start first, then ask03:08
tennetyis this the right channel to ask about 15.10 upgrade issues?03:09
bobby_hi, guys, I was wondering if one of you could help me with a problem I have been having on and off everyday since I have upgraded from 15.10 to 16.04... While working on my desktop arbitrarily the screen will drop and go back to the login screen and I'll loose all my work...? this is really frustrating... I have heard from someone it must be an x.org error so I checked my syslog but can't exactly find the xlog error... I am running gnome2 btw... it just03:10
bobby_<bobby_> crashed about 7 or 8 minutes ago I have logged it too at http://paste.ubuntu.com/16198017/03:10
=== t is now known as Guest62616
cfochOerHeks, yes, but I would like to know which projects are the most required for Canonical. I have been contributing to GNOME. And it would be really interesting to have a job and writing free software at the same time.03:10
Bashing-omtennety: Helps if you state the particular issue you are facing .03:11
cfochWhat about jujucharms for example?03:11
squintycfoch,  is disrespect for this channels topic part of your potential cv?03:12
gshmuI'm using disks, delete one partition, but three partition miss, (under one extended partion)03:18
gshmuHow to fix it, I'm using live de03:18
squintygshmu,  use gparted03:19
cfochI wll research for myself what I can do. Thanks.03:19
gshmuthanks squinty03:19
unicornjediis there a way to automatically get rid of config files leftover from programs I uninstalled? My home folder is getting cluttered ;/03:20
unicornjedidavipm: whatup03:21
squintydavipm,  if you are testing then use #test   this is a support channel for ubuntu.  if you have a problem, then just state it and if someone can help they will respond03:22
Bashing-omunicornjedi: See if this helps: While there is no built in way to remove all of your configuration information from your removed packages you can remove all configuration data from every removed package with the following command. ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge ' That only works on packages the package manager has marked as "rc".03:23
tennety@bashing-om i upgraded to 15.10 via the UI, and now I'm always booted into a tty1 terminal. `sudo service lightdm restart` takes me to a login screen, but i can never get past it, entering my password puts me back on the login screen03:24
unicornjediBashing-om: ill try it. :) I hope this command won't erase '/' lol03:25
squintytennety,  art a reboot and hold down the Shift key. Press the e key on getting the GRUB bootloader menu. Using arrow keys navigate to and delete quiet and splash and type the word nomodeset in their place. Press Ctrl and X at the same time to continue booting03:26
Bashing-omtennety: Systemd better use ' systemctl enable lightdm ' to start the GUI . For now .. what results when logging into the console at the login screen key combo ctl_alt+F1 ?03:26
gshmuit's display error at Disks, fdisk and gparted it's ok...03:26
Bashing-omunicornjedi: Can have unforeseen side effects if the package manager in not in a consistent state . !!!03:28
effectneti cant access a windows share03:29
unicornjediBashing-om: well it just removed a config file of one printer driver I unistalled so I guess its all good.03:29
tennetyBashing-om it asks for a login and password in the tty1, and I can login with my login and password and taken to my home directory. `ctrl+alt+f1` doesn't do anything03:30
Bashing-omunicornjedi: Good housekeeping . :)03:30
lucas-argi have problems with spell checking in spanish with libreoffice in ubuntu 16.04 ive installed hunspell-es and aspell-es both and each other separate, cant get libreoffice to correct my spelling03:30
unicornjediBashing-om: Is the only way to remove unwanted config files from the home directory is manually?03:30
lucas-argany ideas how to solve this??03:30
xangualucas-arg: did you go to language settings and installed the full language support?03:31
Bashing-omtennety: Ouch ! Boot to grub menu .. can you boot a recovery kernel ?03:31
lucas-argxangua, ive done it with spelling in system configuration03:32
Bashing-omunicornjedi: Yeah .. there is nothing less than you that will touch your /home directory .03:32
lucas-argxangua, ive installed hunspell and aspell both and each other apart and did not get it03:32
tennetyBashing-om it lands me in the same place no matter which kernel i pick. i ran `dpkg --configure -a` and it stopped because of too many errors03:33
=== gary is now known as Guest41985
unicornjediBashing-om: oh so it's like my own 'special place'. interesting. Well if I remove a config folder/file of a program that I mistakened for a program that was uninstalled. Will it do much harm?03:34
tennetyBashing-om this is what it looks like (manually typed): http://paste.ubuntu.com/16198278/03:35
unicornjediBashing-om: or should I not even bother?03:35
Bashing-omtennety: Unless you can get to a terminal through some means ; we are in for a long hard road for recovery. Might be a good time to consider a fresh clean install .03:36
unicornjeditennety: oh no man. I've been in that situation.03:36
unicornjeditennety: So you can login with the console?03:38
Bashing-omunicornjedi: That is hard to say . generally good 'nuf to leave them alone . But good house keeping applies . best if removed if not needd .03:38
Bashing-omtennety: look'n .03:38
Kartagisubuntu 14.04, chrome, no video youtube or otherwise, installed pepperflashplugin-nonfree, still no videos. help?03:40
tennetyunicornjedi yes, and i get to my home directory. i ran `sudo apt-get install -f` and that reports dpkg errors as well. my knowledge here is very shallow :*)03:40
unicornjediBashing-om: Whats happens if I remove...say... blenders config file/folder. But Blender is installed. NExt time I launch blender, will it just create a new config file and act just fine or will Blender go crazy03:41
Bashing-omtennety: A prompt ! awaiting you to log in .. so do so with your user name and then your pass word . There will be no response to the screen when the pass word is entered. enter password blindly and hit the enter key .03:41
effectnetwindows keeps asking me for credentials over and over for a shared folder03:41
unicornjeditennety: hmmm what if you reinstall ubuntu-desktop... Well what do the dpkg errors say?03:42
tennetyunicornjedi so run `sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop`?03:42
Bashing-omunicornjedi: Ouch .. Good question , I do not know blender . Many times in such a situation the config files are regenerated to default values .03:43
unicornjeditennety: not yet. I still need to understand your full situation. I came to the conversation late.03:43
Bashing-omtennety: unicornjedi :: Ehat we want is a terminal to find out the exact errors .03:44
unicornjediBashing-om: he needs to go find the system logs right?03:45
=== biggs is now known as Biggs
Bashing-omunicornjedi: never hurts to read the logs . Best practice is read the logs when system is stable a few times to recognize when there is a problem .03:46
=== Biggs is now known as Biggs2
Biggs2como etes03:46
somsipIf I install lubuntu from the full iso, can I uninstall components of lubuntu-desktop (like, transmission) or am I better off building up from an lubuntu minimal install?03:47
sabandijasoy nuevo en linux03:47
somsip!es | Biggs203:47
ubottuBiggs2: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:47
Biggs2was gehts03:47
Ben64somsip: i'd say start with lubuntu and remove what you don't like03:48
unicornjedisomsip: what exactly are you trying to do03:48
somsipBen64: just reading this which implies lubuntu-desktop is a meta package and wont play nice. I'm used to building up from minimal but this is for a desktop for my son03:49
somsipBen64: er...this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=231439703:49
Ben64somsip: it is a meta package and it might say you're uninstalling lubuntu-desktop, but it will be fine03:50
somsipBen64: easy enough to play, and if it borks I'll just build up from minimal I guess. Cheers03:50
unicornjedisomsip: are you trying to have your distro clutter free and have the distro serve like a single purpose like a 'gaming distro'?03:50
somsipunicornjedi: just seeing if the same sort of rules apply toi lubuntu-desktop as for full-fat-ubuntu, which I avoid03:50
tennetyBashing-om yes, i can log in with my username and pass at that prompt. it takes me to my home dir. that's where i've tried to run some of the commands i was talking about earlier.03:51
somsipunicornjedi: but yes, wanting a stripped down, safe install for an 8 year old03:51
Ben64i always find it easier to start with a full install03:51
unicornjedisomsip: ohh.. I see. I guess tinycore is out of the question.03:51
Ben64things get kind of wonky sometimes with a minimal03:51
tennetyunicornjedi is there anything you want me to run that'll help show how deep in the doodoo i am?03:52
somsipunicornjedi: lubuntu-core seems to be similar, but that expects an existing install. Not quite the same as an install from lubuntu-minimal from what i can tell03:52
somsipBen64: I've only done it twice with 12.04 and 14.04 after turning away from unity. Didn't have many issues that I remember. But yes, wonkiness is always a possibility03:53
unicornjedisomsip: okay i think what i would do is do a full installation of lubuntu03:53
Ben64i'm using gnome-fallback here on 14.04, installed ubuntu-mate 16.04 for my mom recently, it seems very nice ootb03:53
somsipunicornjedi: key question is, on doing that, can I remove packages (like transmission) that I don't want to be available. Without getting everything autoremoved because of the lubuntu-desktop meta package03:54
unicornjedisomsip: then use synaptic package manager.  go to >status... Then go to >install... Then remove what you don't want... this will be a fast way03:54
xanguasomsip: yes03:54
somsipBen64: I'm considering mate too as it's pretty. Lubuntu seems fast which is good. I'll give him the choice03:54
unicornjedisomsip: ooh i don't know then...03:54
Bashing-omtennety: That should not happen ! .. You should remain in this terminal until you explicity start the GUI . I do not know what I can do ??03:55
Ben64somsip: it won't remove anything you don't tell it to, but it will remove "lubuntu-desktop" meta package since you don't have all of the components anymore03:55
somsipxangua: k - seems like I'll try full lubuntu and uninstall then. I can drop back to minimal if it doesnt work out. Cheers all03:55
tennetyBashing-om, no no, the UI doesn't start, I'm still in the terminal. I'm just past the login prompt03:55
unicornjeditennety: i see03:56
xanguaUbuntu mate has so much settings... I stayed with Xubuntu03:56
grasstype /join #ubuntu-touch03:56
somsipBen64: finding other confirmation of that so it'll be worth a try03:56
somsipxangua: lots of recommendations for the attractiveness of mate though. Not something I care about, but not sure if my son will go for Mate green or LXDE blue :)03:57
unicornjeditennety: hold on i'm finding a solution for you03:57
Angel1604ltsexcuse me I would ask if in ubuntu 16.04  I7-3632QM the Intel Core processor (4x2.2GHz) and supported well?04:00
Bashing-omtennety: Yhen that is normal .. I can live wuth the .. your Present Working Directory will always be started as your /home . OK, from here let's see in a pastenin ' ls -al /home/Beorn | nc termbin.com 9999 ' and pass the resulting URL back here . We want to know here that "you" are authorized to access your home .04:00
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
unicornjediBashing-om: okay i'm done housekeeping. It feels so godly when my home folder is tidy04:03
tennetyBashing-om: I ran `apt-get update` then `apt-get upgrade` while i was waiting, so it may be a few minutes before i can get you that link04:03
Bashing-omtennety: That was the next outputs I wanted to see .04:04
coffeeguyhi why would i have enp4s0 and enp4s1 .. *4s3?04:04
coffeeguyi only have one network card04:04
tennetyBashing-om it's doing a ton of stuff, i haven't seen any errors so far04:05
unicornjeditennety: thats good.04:05
unicornjediomg i just ate a burnt tortilla chip. Why is there a burnt tortilla in this bag04:06
N3X15Okay, is there a PPA for a more up-to-date or stable KDE implementation?  Plasma's been crashing every few minutes without any interaction on 16.04.04:06
Bashing-omcoffeeguy: See: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/ for that explanation .04:07
coffeeguythank you Bashing-om :)04:07
somsip!ppa | N3X15 (search here)04:07
ubottuN3X15 (search here): A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:07
Bashing-omcoffeeguy: :)04:08
unicornjeditennety: is it done yeT?04:08
RhorseWhat is the main diff between a ppa and a snap package?04:09
ellisonhello world04:10
ZythyrI am running XAMPP on my Ubuntu. Until not it was working fine. Not Apache won't start.04:10
tennetyunicornjedi: no, still going. i've been stuck like this for about a month, so i'm guessing i'm a little behind on the updates :( sorry!04:10
unicornjediRhorse: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/04/ubuntu-16-04-lts-snap-packages    I honestly have no idea. I haven't encountered a SNAP yet04:11
tennetyunicornjedi for a while it wasn't resolving any of the sources either. it just resolved them after i had started talking to you guys, so i thought i'd run the updates. i didn't realize how long it would take04:11
tennetylol burnt tortilla chip04:12
sqredreaperwould anyone be able to help me with a black screen boot issue04:13
unicornjediit was so nasty.04:13
sqredreaperinvolving a macbook pro04:13
Bashing-om!nomodeset | sqredreaper have you seen ?04:15
ubottusqredreaper have you seen ?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:15
sqredreapergrub 2 and nomodeset dont play well together04:15
unicornjedisqredreaper: do you see a login prompt? If so, stick around for a little... I'm helping tennety with the same problem.04:15
sqredreaperok i have a macbook pro with dual gpu, im trying to boot into a fresh install of debian, i edited etc/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf i believe it was and added blacklist radeon.I still can't get it to boot would anyone know why this is?04:15
sqredreaperi failed with ubunut right before this04:16
sqredreapersame issue irq error 1704:16
sqredreaperplus no boot04:16
tennetyunicornjedi still going...maybe it never actually installed any of 15.10!04:17
somsipsqredreaper: if this is a debian install, you need to ask in #debian04:18
unicornjeditennety: hmm did you force close the distro upgrade while it was in progress or something?04:18
sqredreaperi cant get any distro to work, i would love to get ubuntu to actually boot, i have them on usb drives04:18
somsip!mac | sqredreaper (this is all I know about ubuntu on a mac)04:19
ubottusqredreaper (this is all I know about ubuntu on a mac): For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:19
sqredreaper... it says to use both a usb and cd04:20
tennetyunicornjedi hmmm not that i can remember04:20
unicornjedisqredreaper: did you make the live-usb from a ubuntu-distro?04:21
sqredreaperyes i did04:21
unicornjedisqredreaper: what version04:21
sqredreapernot from it04:21
sqredreaperi have os x 10.10.504:22
dax!xampp | Zythyr04:22
ubottuZythyr: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.04:22
sqredreaperi cant do a cd install either04:22
sqredreaperi replaced my super drive with a caddy for my original HDD and placed a SSD in the primary slot04:23
unicornjedisqredreaper: lol nevermind. I had this really annoying problem where I couldn't install any distro on any computer. Turns out if I used ubuntu 14.04 instead of 15.10 to make the live-usb it would magically work no problem04:23
sqredreaperso its a grub problem? i was able to do it with the old version of grub04:24
sqredreaperlinux likes to try and load my radeon gpu instead of the intel one04:24
sqredreaperand from what ive read the new firmware doesn't support the old radeon hardware04:25
sqredreaperso black screen04:25
unicornjedisqredreaper: i have no experience in installing linux on mac so I can't really help. Sorry :(04:25
nick_name_123451How do I set the background image on the lock screen to an instance of vlc running in wallpaper mode?04:25
DatzHi, I'm tying to get my touchpad working again. It stopped suddenly the other day. I dual boot windows, and it works there. Any ideas?04:25
unicornjedisqredreaper: hold on... it maight have to do with 'flgrx' i think04:25
sqredreaperi can edit my files using my raspberry pi if you can shoot me in the right direction04:26
=== atele is now known as ndrscr
unicornjedisqredreaper: okay this is a stretch and I don't know how you can accomplish this... BRB Im researching the appropiate commands04:28
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:31
RhorseDatz: create a file called /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf. Put this into it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16198660/. Restart X.04:31
DatzThanks, I'll try that. I think I saw that in the wiki.. should have tried it. :)04:31
unicornjedisqredreaper: okay heres the gist. Find a way to remove fglrx (propietary driver) and install/revert to open-source graphic drivers04:32
somsip!info python-boto04:32
ubottupython-boto (source: python-boto): Python interface to Amazon's Web Services - Python 2.x. In component main, is optional. Version 2.38.0-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 729 kB, installed size 5189 kB04:32
somsip!info awscli04:32
ubottuawscli (source: awscli): Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.1-1 (xenial), package size 360 kB, installed size 2513 kB04:32
RhorseSorry you still haven't solved your problem.... Datz04:33
unicornjedisquarecircle: wait can you tell me your full situation?04:33
unicornjedisqredreaper: wait can you tell me your full situation04:34
DatzRhorse: np, hope we're on the way to.04:34
sqredreaperpretty much trying to boot using a 2011 macbook pro that has dual gpu, the new radeon software no longer supports the old hardware so i cant boot into any linux distro04:35
tennetyunicornjedi: done!04:35
unicornjeditennety: wow lol!04:35
tennetyi'll try rebooting for good luck04:35
unicornjedisqredreaper: hmm what was the last ubuntu version that worked on your laptop?04:35
unicornjeditennety: :) see you soon!04:36
=== SNiPER is now known as Guest94428
unicornjedisqredreaper: hmmm do you know how to remaster an iso...04:39
sqredreapermount and modify it?04:39
tennetyunicornjedi Bashing-om i'm back in business!!! seems like it was an interrupted install somehow. thank you both so so much for being willing to help!04:40
unicornjeditennety: HuRRAY! thats great news04:41
DatzRhorse: ok, done. Took me a min to restart x, new to Mate.04:41
unicornjeditennety: do some housekeeping now :)04:41
Bashing-omtennety: gj .04:41
tennetyhaha, yes. backing up allthethings!04:41
RhorseDatz: working now?04:42
unicornjedisqredreaper: actually.. what happens if you plug in the live-usb into your mac?04:42
Datznope :(04:42
sqredreaperfails to load, i used to be able to nomodeset around it but now i see the grub text with the ubuntu logo in the back and irq error 17, kernel panic and radeon error04:43
DatzRhorse: what permissions should the file be?04:44
Datzand who should own it?04:44
Rhorsethe one in /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.d?04:44
unicornjedisqredreaper: okay thanks. One sec I'm thinking of solutions with remastering04:45
RudyValenciaHi, so I'm using Ubuntu MATE in a VMware Workstation VM, but it only comes up at 640x480. How do I get 1920x1080 without running xrandr every boot?04:45
RudyValenciarather, I want the screen to resize with the VMware Workstation window like Windows can)04:45
RhorseDatz: it should be all root. I wonder if synaptics is actually loaded..?04:45
DatzRhorse: ok, root owns it.. and its read for everyone, but write for root only04:46
unicornjedisqredreaper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW676T1hpEA okay theres a tool for remastering04:48
DatzRhorse: ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad              id=15[slave  pointer  (2)] <-- does this mean it's loaded?04:49
sqredreaperjsut one problem04:49
sqredreaperi ant boot into ubuntu04:49
sqredreaperim on OS X04:49
unicornjedidon't... you have any other computers or laptops to plug the live usbs into in order to do this?04:49
sqredreaperjust my raspberry pi 3 which is running raspbian04:50
sqredreaperwhich is debian04:50
unicornjedii see i see04:50
sqredreaperthe messed up part is this is a $2200 laptop04:50
sqredreaperbut a $200 laptop works a lot better with any distro04:51
Tuxfukformat the drive and go pure linux04:51
DatzRhorse: also TouchpadOff             = 104:51
DatzDoes that mean it's on?04:51
DatzRhorse: can I reload a module?04:51
TuxfukDatz: yeah you can reload a module04:51
Tuxfukdoes ubuntu have modprobe?04:51
pavlushkaTuxfuk, yes04:52
RhorseDatz: try lspci -k Can you pastebin the results?04:52
sqredreaperi wonder if i can brew install uck04:52
unicornjedisqredreaper: hmm have you tried ubuntu-alt install?04:53
Tuxfukyou can do rmmod (module) to remove it and then modprobe (module) to add it04:53
sqredreaperi don't believe so04:53
RudyValenciaMy fault, I forgot to install open-vm-tools-desktop.04:53
Tuxfukwhat device do you guys have for your ethernet connection?04:54
Tuxfukis it eth0 or something like enp3s0?04:54
DatzRhorse: http://hastebin.com/fubodufodi.sm04:54
Tuxfuklol nice a zeon chip04:54
unicornjedisqredreaper: oh wow. try that first before we try my method lol04:55
Datzenp9s0 here Tuxfuk04:55
unicornjedisqredreaper: let me link you there04:55
Tuxfukwill he need a synaptics module?04:56
Tuxfukbecause that is touchpad04:56
unicornjedisqredreaper: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/16.04/?_ga=1.150738038.1779775581.144687323904:56
RhorseDatz: what does lsmod show?04:58
sqredreaperwhat do i do on here?04:58
unicornjedisqredreaper: is your mac 64 or 32 bit?04:59
DatzRhorse: http://hastebin.com/ifigadobiv.hs04:59
unicornjedisqredreaper: download the amd64 image04:59
unicornjedisqredreaper: then create a live-boot usb with the image.05:00
sqredreapermini iso?05:00
unicornjedisqredreaper: do the mini.iso ye05:02
=== csyogi1 is now known as csyogi
RhorseDatz: try this: sudo modprobe -r psmouse05:02
unicornjedisqredreaper: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD#A64-bit_PC_.28amd64.2C_x86_64.29_.28Recommended.2905:03
DatzRhorse: no output, no workie05:04
Rhorsenow, type sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps05:04
sqredreaperit says it wont work in uefi mode05:04
sqredreaperill give it a try tho05:04
DatzRhorse: Holy smokes!05:04
DatzYou've done it man!05:04
unicornjedisqredreaper: do you have the live-usb ready?05:04
DatzWe're all saved05:05
Rhorsedid that do it?05:05
DatzThat did it!05:05
* Datz takes notes in case this should happen again.05:05
sqredreaperi do05:05
unicornjedisqredreaper: awesome try it out. if that doesn't work. try the CD05:06
Rhorsethat synaptics driver just needed to be reloaded.05:06
DatzRhorse: that doesn't happen at reboot?05:06
DatzOr is uefi make things all screwy?05:06
RhorseIt may not be loaded with the imps proto05:07
DatzI see.05:08
sqredreaperit didnt boot05:08
DatzRhorse: so will this happen again?05:08
unicornjedisqredreaper: what happened?05:08
* Datz reboots to check05:08
sqredreaperno bootable device, didnt work for efi05:09
RhorseDatz: do you have a file called /etc/modules?05:09
unicornjedisqredreaper: :\ I don't use mac lol. but I'm a master at making bootable usbs on ubuntu...05:09
sqredreaperi have to use unetbootin for mac05:10
unicornjedisqredreaper: I use that too!05:10
gxwang!push 2168905:10
unicornjedisqredreaper: try the CD method05:10
sqredreaperi dont have an optical drive05:10
sqredreaperreplaced it for a HDD caddy05:11
DatzRhorse: doesn't load automatically on boot. Let me check for /etc/modlues05:11
sqredreaperSSD and HDD05:11
Tuxfukso it was psmouse?05:11
Rhorseput this on a line by itself in /etc/modules: psmouse proto=imps05:11
sqredreaperill try to live boot with the hybrid iso again05:11
unicornjedisqredreaper: one sec05:11
unicornjedisqredreaper: im watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXFhj7EFjkg05:12
DatzRhorse: yes I do have /etc/modlues but no, there's nothing in there. I'll add that, thanks05:12
RhorseDatz: that should load that module at boot.05:13
DatzRhorse: thanks, you've been a great help.05:15
* Datz reboots to see how it all works05:16
=== aaron is now known as Aaron
unicornjedisqredreaper: im sorry. But I wish I can help. I don't have the experience with macs to do something like this. If you are able to boot into the ubuntu minimal install then I can help you once your there. But for now I'm stuck on what to do. The only other other I can think of Is to install the old ubuntu 14.04 on your laptop. Once you have it installed... remove the flgrx driver and use the open source graphics driver,05:17
unicornjediAfter that you can upgrade ubuntu to 16.04. As I said, it will be very time consuming05:17
sqredreaperI'll try that out. Thanks so much!05:19
unicornjedisqredreaper: which method are you going to do?05:21
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest10001
DatzRhorse: it doesn't work until I run modprob -r psmouse05:25
ishwariHow can i change my name?05:25
RhorseDatz: and then modprob psmouse proto=imps?05:26
Datzbefore I run yes05:26
unicornjediishwari: in irc... or ubuntu?05:26
Datzsorry, I was about to type that05:26
ishwariActually this name velongs to my sis05:27
RhorseDatz: do you have a file called, /etc/conf.d/modules?05:27
elkyishwari: /nick newnick05:28
=== ishwari is now known as Arnav
ArnavThank You!05:28
unicornjediArnav: no, you're sto;; osjwaro tp me05:29
DatzRhorse: it doesn't appear so05:29
unicornjediArnav: no, you're still ishwari to me05:29
RhorseI think that's for openrc, not systemd anyway...05:29
ArnavWhat? maybe restarting the client will do05:29
DatzRhorse: I see05:30
daxArnav: you're fine, i'm not sure what unicornjedi is on about05:30
ArnavK then05:30
Datzwell I suppose worst bet I could create some startup script05:30
ArnavI am pretty beginner05:30
ArnavI am learning Python05:30
ArnavAnd i am 13 year old05:30
RhorseDatz: hold on...05:30
* Datz holds on for dear life05:31
ArnavCan u guys help me up with Python??05:31
unicornjediyou will always be ishwari! MWUAHAH05:31
* Datz is no snake charmer05:32
DatzThere's probably a #python05:32
Arnavoh k05:32
ArnavHOw can join that channel?05:33
Datz /join #python05:33
ArnavK thnx for ur support05:33
Datzmaybe sheer force of will05:33
bobby_hi, I am randomly being booted back to my login screen for no reason randomly after upgrading from 15.14 to 16.04, someone told me this might be an x.org error but I am unsure?05:34
RhorseDatz: do you have a dir called /etc/modules-load.d?05:34
bobby_is anyone here what is called a timestamp error? that came up in my syslog05:37
DatzRhorse: I do05:37
Sovereignentitycan Ubuntu be upgraded from 15.04 to 16.04?05:38
daxnot directly, you need to go via 15.10.05:40
hicoleriI'm using ubuntu 16.04 with openbox with this theme: http://tinyurl.com/qclwor4. Gtkfilechooser and nautilus look very weird for some reason: http://tinyurl.com/h8lujm8. What should I do?05:40
Rhorsemake a file, Datz, called psmouse.conf in that dir. Put this on one line: options psmouse proto=imps See how that works.05:40
DatzRhorse: tried it, no go. Also Getting late, time for bed. Thanks for all of your help. I'll see what I can to tomorrow. :)05:44
SparkMasterTapeWhat folder do I put fonts I have downloaded in to be globally accessible ?05:44
* Datz rebooted)05:45
RhorseOK, Datz. gnight05:45
SparkMasterTapeWhen I double click the font , there is no option to install it , it just wants to know what program I would like to use to handle it05:45
DatzI'll stay in here anyway. I need bigger log sizes05:46
deniljosephI can't connect to my WiFi after installing Ubuntu 14.0405:46
Rhorsedeniljoseph: can you pastebin ifconfig -a and lspci -k?05:47
deniljosephJust a min05:48
deniljosephIs that the full command tbat i should enter in the terminal05:48
Rhorsedeniljoseph: 2 commands05:48
fishbowlkrakenhey, okay, I asked on here a bit ago, but got chewed out because I had the wrong opinion on Pulse05:49
fishbowlkrakenis there a way I can disable Pulse and just use ALSA for something?05:49
fishbowlkrakensorry, by something I mean everything?05:49
fishbowlkrakenjust, like, fuck pulse right now. It keeps trying to "detect" that I'm using headphones instead of speakers and switching the volume back and forth05:50
scribefishbowlkraken: http://howto.blbosti.com/2010/04/ubuntu-make-alsa-default-instead-of-pulseaudio/05:50
fishbowlkrakenwhich causes a random skip in my sound, because it keeps trying to switch back and forth05:50
scribeHowdy folks, I'm on Trusty 14.04 (for legacy reasons) and I have a Cannon 9000F MarkII CanoScan which is not being detected. The scanner does appear under lsusb but does not appear under sane-find-scanner. I've installed sane-utils, libsane, libsane-common and also made sure pixma is enabled in /etc/sane.d/example.conf. Any recommendations?05:50
fishbowlkrakenbut I've never plugged in anything, it's always running through one headphone jack, because it's a desktop, it has only one jack for this05:51
fishbowlkrakenalso, that article is from 2010.05:51
scribefishbowlkraken: Why is the premise of that article not relevant?05:52
fishbowlkrakenokay, see, removing pulse messes with indicator settings and a decent number of other things now05:52
fishbowlkrakenbecause pulse is far more integrated with the system now05:52
fishbowlkrakenI just want it to stop skipping around, not remove the ability for libnotify to have sounds in all GTK apps05:53
fishbowlkrakenso the premise is certainly relevant, but is a problem just due to the fact that I would lose a lot of stuff in the process of setting it up05:54
mrabhican sum1 explain to me why ubuntu package freezes and why is kde-neon launched?05:54
mrabhiI am new to linux05:54
hateballfishbowlkraken: would this be relevant? http://askubuntu.com/questions/448104/how-to-deactivate-headphones-output05:54
fishbowlkrakenso instead, I'll just ask, since this is the place people go when things go all pear shaped, anyone else had this issue?05:54
fishbowlkrakenOh man. THAT looks useful. One sec05:54
hicoleriis it possible to "reload" the "debian" menu package with applications? A lot of applications are missing from it.05:54
hateballmrabhi: that's more of a discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic05:55
Kartagisubuntu 14.04, chrome, no video youtube or otherwise. any ideas?05:55
anes_Dear Friends, when i try to scan using my canon LiDE 220 scanner got error as "gscan2pdf: sane_start: Error during device I/O"05:56
anes_any body please advise05:56
=== elemental_ is now known as physpi
anes_gscan2pdf: sane_start: Error during device I/O05:57
anes_please advise05:57
Kartagishttps://www.dropbox.com/s/58eepl274oeilib/Screenshot%20from%202016-05-03%2006%3A45%3A26.png?dl=0 this happens as well05:57
deniljosephHere you go06:00
deniljoseph@ Rhorse06:00
GoldCraftAnybody here i got the fucking stupidest thing in my ubuntu help!!!.06:01
fishbowlkrakennoooope, didn't fix it.06:02
GoldCraftit says Sorry ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error                 executablepath /usr/sbin/aptd06:02
GoldCrafthelp somebody ):06:02
fishbowlkrakenOkay, so I had a hack that fixed this, but I can't for the love of god forgot how it happened.06:02
fishbowlkrakenDoes anything actually go WRONG when it says it experienced an error06:02
fishbowlkrakenor does it just say it hit an error?06:03
fishbowlkrakengoldcraft: Like, is anything going wrong, or are you just seeing it say it's encountered an error?06:03
GoldCraftyes its just saying its a error also at the startup it says startup error i think it was.06:03
deniljosephMy wifi isnt working some one help me plz06:03
anes_scanimage -L not show any scanner06:04
fishbowlkrakenRight, is that DOING anything, goldcraft?06:04
fishbowlkrakenor is it just SAYING there's an error?06:04
GoldCraftyes its anoyinh06:04
* fishbowlkraken headdesks06:04
fishbowlkrakenis the error causing any other problems?06:05
fishbowlkrakenIf no, then just have it ignore future errors of this type. Sometimes shit crashes in the background06:05
fishbowlkrakenand it's just a thing that happens.06:05
fishbowlkrakenIt's not doing anything, then just have it not tell you it's hitting an error06:05
GoldCraftwell i will try restarting it again :P06:06
fishbowlkrakenSo, okay. I have a realtek ALC892 card06:07
fishbowlkrakenwhich, from my googling over the last half decade or so, is a monstrous pain in the ass06:07
deniljosephWi-Fi is dead over here please help06:07
fishbowlkrakenWhat's your card?06:07
GoldCrafti heard about so many people having no wifi when they installed ubuntu :P06:07
fishbowlkrakenYeah, because they legally can't provide proprietary drivers on the install disc06:08
deniljosephBcm 802.11n06:08
fishbowlkrakenso if you can get on the internet in another way, go to the driver installer06:08
fishbowlkrakenokay, great, go use the driver installer to get broadcom wireless drivers06:08
deniljosephCan u help me. Bcz i m a noob to ubuntu06:09
fishbowlkrakenthe "additional drivers" option in Unity.06:09
deniljosephIdk how06:09
fishbowlkrakenType "additional drivers" into your unity search bar.06:09
kriszta3use cabel06:09
fishbowlkrakenYeah, you need to be connected to the internet for that to work first06:09
deniljosephFound it06:09
fishbowlkrakenokay, run it, and have it find your wireless drivers06:10
deniljosephSays no propritetay drivers are in use06:10
fishbowlkrakenright, that's how it is currently06:10
kriszta3dont use wireless no06:10
fishbowlkrakenokay, what version did you install?06:10
kriszta3use cabel06:10
RandomUser1234Can anyone hep me setup chrome/firefox to work with google translate and my microphone? I don't see the option for the microphone06:10
RandomUser1234kriszta3, are you polish?06:11
RandomUser1234well i'm i poland right now trying to setup a translator, help me lol06:12
lotuspsychje!pl | RandomUser123406:12
ubottuRandomUser1234: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.06:12
kriszta3google use translator06:12
kriszta3windows xp06:12
RandomUser1234yes but there's no microphone option06:13
RandomUser1234I don't know if it's because of ubuntu06:13
kriszta3system settings06:13
lotuspsychjekriszta3: stop that please, you have been told not to type random stuff here06:13
deniljosephGuys no propritary drivers in use06:14
deniljosephWhat do i do06:14
fishbowlkrakenDeniljoseph, what version of Ubuntu did you install?06:14
fishbowlkrakenWhy a new install of 14.04?06:15
deniljosephThts what i downloaded06:15
fishbowlkraken...Why, though?06:15
deniljosephDidnt knew about the latest ones06:16
fishbowlkrakenokay, fine06:16
deniljosephAnd now my bandwidth is low to download a newer one06:16
deniljosephGot to fix this in 14.04 itself06:16
fishbowlkrakenhere, download the .deb file from here06:16
fishbowlkrakenand just run it with the software center06:16
fishbowlkrakenshould install.06:16
fishbowlkrakenThen after that reboot and see if it works06:17
deniljosephLemme give it a try06:17
fishbowlkrakenAnd after that, maybe someone can help me figure out what to do with this stupid headphones thing06:17
fishbowlkrakenI've got a realtek ALC892 card, and it keeps trying to flicker back and forth between two audio sources, despite only having one audio jack plugged in06:17
fishbowlkrakenI'd fixed this somehow when I updated to 15.10, but I've totally forgotten how I did it06:18
fishbowlkrakenSo yeah, anyone think they can help me out here?06:19
lotuspsychje!sound | fishbowlkraken06:20
ubottufishbowlkraken: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:20
fishbowlkrakenThanks for throwing the bot at me, but I'm asking for help on a specific soundcard, I've already RTFM here. I had a hack that worked last october but I've forgotten what did the trick.06:21
lotuspsychjefishbowlkraken: did you try to restart pulseaudio yet?06:23
deniljosephI cant find the deb file06:23
lotuspsychjefishbowlkraken: check your syslog/dmesg for relevant errors?06:23
fishbowlkrakenYes, this is a persistent problem. Here, I found a similar bug here06:24
ubottuFreedesktop bug 86158 in misc "Analog Output blinks or resets with pop or stutter" [Normal,New]06:24
deniljosephGot a .dsc06:24
fishbowlkrakenAnd dude, seriously denil?06:24
fishbowlkrakenah shit I linked the source not the deb06:24
fishbowlkrakenone sec06:24
deniljosephThats the two formats i found06:24
hateballdeniljoseph: do you have a working internet connection using ethernet? if so "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source"06:25
hateballlet that work its magic, reboot. and things should be OK06:25
fishbowlkrakenThere it is06:26
fishbowlkrakenthe debs are at the bottom06:26
deniljosephI dont have hateball06:26
deniljosephThere are 3 debs06:27
deniljosephWhich one06:28
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: follow the advice from hateball06:28
deniljosephI dont have ethernet06:28
hateballlotuspsychje: He said he did not have working ethernet tho, so I am assuming he will copy using removable media06:28
fishbowlkrakenYeah no listen to hateball, I'm no good at sneakernetting06:29
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: did you check your ubuntu .iso, the broadcom driver is on ther normally?06:29
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: did you also check your additional drivers if the STA driver shows?06:29
deniljosephIdk i just got the iso burned into usb and installed06:29
deniljosephIdk anything in it06:29
deniljosephNo proprietary drivers installed06:30
hateballYeah it wont show unless you have a working internet connection iirc06:30
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: ok, try to browse your usb stick then06:30
deniljosephJust min06:30
deniljosephWhich dir06:31
deniljosephI m in my usb stick now06:31
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: http://askubuntu.com/questions/626642/how-to-install-broadcom-wireless-drivers-offline06:32
RandomUser1234If I want to use skype on ubuntu, would I need to use wine?06:35
lotuspsychjeRandomUser1234: no, you can enable the partner repo and install from there06:36
RandomUser1234lotuspsychje, would it be in my best internet to use wine instead to sandbox skype?06:37
RandomUser1234for privacy?06:37
lotuspsychjeRandomUser1234: if you want privacy, i would search a more secure way of communication like telegram06:37
hateballIt'd be in your best interest to not use Skype at all, if you value privacty06:37
lotuspsychjeRandomUser1234: there is a telegram-desktop if you like, but no video messaging yet06:38
deniljosephDkms install completed06:38
fishbowlkrakenHAHAHA HATEBALL YOU GENIUS. That wasn't the solution I found last time, but this one doesn't kill the bass in my headphones like my old solution did.06:39
hateballfishbowlkraken: I'd hardly call my google-fu genius, but if it's working for you, good stuff :)06:39
deniljosephOMG wifi is working now thanks a lot guys  :$06:40
lotuspsychje!yay | deniljoseph06:40
ubottudeniljoseph: Glad you made it! :-)06:40
fishbowlkrakenhaha. I was going about it all wrong. I was looking for solutions based on the card specifically, instead of just dealing with the fact that it kept messing with the jack06:40
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: you update your system asap06:40
KeithWeissharwhen will ubunto 16.04.1 be released to fix the bug with skylake+nvidia gtx 980 preventing boot to live desktop?06:40
deniljosephU mean i want to update ubuntu to latest one ?06:41
deniljosephU mean i want to update ubuntu to latest one ?06:41
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph:no, update your system to latest packages06:41
KeithWeisshari'm unable to boot to live desktop with the skylake and gtx 980 combo06:41
lotuspsychjeKeithWeisshar: did you try a nomodeset to get in?06:41
deniljosephOh how much data will that take06:41
KeithWeissharthat didn't work06:41
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: hmm, 300mb+ surely i think06:42
deniljosephCant afford tht i got only 2gb per month06:42
lotuspsychjedeniljoseph: goto a public wifi to update your system :p06:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1564156 in mesa (Ubuntu Xenial) "xenial: invalid opcode when using llvmpipe" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:42
=== galeido_ is now known as galeido
lotuspsychjeKeithWeisshar: can you boot into a liveusb?06:43
deniljosephYeah I got to go to a railway station to do tht :D06:43
deniljosephThts where i have public WiFi06:43
KeithWeissharit freezes on liveusb06:44
lotuspsychjeKeithWeisshar: any other ubuntu versions worked on your system?06:44
KeithWeissharthis bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/llvm-toolchain-3.8/+bug/1564156 is preventing boot into liveusb06:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1564156 in mesa (Ubuntu Xenial) "xenial: invalid opcode when using llvmpipe" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:44
KeithWeissharall i get is a desktop background with a flickering error message06:45
lotuspsychjeKeithWeisshar: bug says fix released?06:45
KeithWeissharneed to wait for a new 16.04.1 iso to be created06:45
deniljosephGuys one more prob06:45
KeithWeissharit says fix released but did not make it into the iso06:46
deniljosephI plugged in my phone and i cant copy any files into my phones sd card it says there's an error copying the file into mtp://[usb:003,007]/card/ucdownloads06:46
hateballThere doesnt seem to be a nightly build for 16.04 either, only 16.10 now...06:47
lotuspsychjeKeithWeisshar: answer #21 looks promising on that bug06:47
KeithWeissharthe only around this bug is to select install in the pre-boot menu and install updates from internet while installing06:47
deniljosephBut i can copy it to my phone memory though06:47
deniljosephAny sol?06:50
KeithWeissharthere is no way around this issue if i way to use a live boot without installing06:50
hateballdeniljoseph: depends on model of phone. MTP isnt so super great.06:51
hateballdeniljoseph: if you have the option of using UMS mode instead of MTP that'd work nicer06:51
deniljosephI have only mtp and ptp06:52
deniljosephAny sol06:52
hateballdeniljoseph: you could use ad-hoc wifi and copy over ssh or such06:56
deniljosephTats complictaed as i m a noob06:57
hateballYou could start by telling us what model phone then06:57
deniljosephSamsung Galaxy Star Pro06:58
deniljosephWhats the superuser password?07:00
deniljosephIn default07:00
auronandacedeniljoseph: root has no password, use sudo07:01
deniljosephguys actually i want to do this http://pastebin.com/UBhBD6L707:06
deniljosephplz help me07:06
hateball!sudo | deniljoseph07:06
ubottudeniljoseph: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:06
hateballdeniljoseph: It is the password you set for your user during installation07:07
deniljosephbut that password says error07:07
fonz_dm1Sorry just joined, what's the problem?07:08
auronandacedeniljoseph: those instructions go back to 12.04, what are you using?07:08
mariacarlaroma roma romaaa07:08
mariacarlacore de sta città07:09
deniljosephi m on 14.0407:09
fonz_dm1mariacarla: che problema hai ahahaha07:09
dellaragioneca caso07:10
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:10
* dax raises an eyebrow07:10
fonz_dm1Mi so perso ahahahah07:10
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:10
fonz_dm1Sorry ahahah07:11
deniljosephnow i have su privellages07:11
deniljosephand i have copied the linux folder to my desktop07:11
deniljosephwhat do i do next07:12
lotuspsychje!it | PAOLA_GABELLI07:12
ubottuPAOLA_GABELLI: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:12
auronandacedeniljoseph: evidently you are not following the instructions you just pastebined since they don't tell you to copy it to the desktop07:12
deniljosephidk where is /tmp07:13
deniljosephand those instructions are for  ubuntu 1207:13
auronandacedeniljoseph: you are not fanmiliar with the file system hierarchy?07:14
deniljosephi m not07:14
deniljosephi started using ubuntu yesterday07:14
fonz_dm1I suggest you tu read some beginners guide07:14
auronandace!fhs | deniljoseph07:15
ubottudeniljoseph: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier07:15
goudkovhow can i set dpi permanently in 12.04? i can run "xrandr --dpi xxx" but don't know how to make it permanent07:17
EriC^^xorg.conf maybe07:18
profsimmI installed VSFTPd and I was hoping I'd be able to login with local system users into it, instead I get "500 OOPS: priv_sock_get_result" Ideas?07:19
goudkovyeah, don't have it. the system configures automatically without it depending on what monitors are hooked up. so i really don't want to make the entire configuration statix07:19
auronandacegoudkov: you could try putting it in your .profile that way everytime you login it gets executed07:20
Ben64profsimm: you should uninstall that and use openssh-server and use sftp instead07:21
EriC^^goudkov: you could put it in your ~/.profile with something like if [ -n "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP" ]; then xrandr... ; fi07:21
bwxshello everyone how to connect sql server07:21
=== Drac0 is now known as Guest36998
profsimmBen64: I need FTP. It's for Intranet. It doesn't matter.07:21
Braden`I am using Ubuntu 16.04 as a guest os, and I had gdm/xwindows working until I copied the guest os to another comp.  Now everything works fine except that gdm won't start.  How do I diagnose this?07:26
Braden`I have the vboxguestadditions installed07:26
hateballBraden`: you'd be using lightdm rather than gdm to start with07:29
deniljosephguys got an error07:30
Braden`hateball:  I specifically installed gdm, not lightdm07:31
Braden`gdm3 to be specific07:31
profsimmIn VSFTPd, I get login incorrect when using local users, ideas?07:32
deniljosephguys take a loot at this http://pastebin.com/18r65cgB plz tell me what i did wrong07:33
reisiodeniljoseph: and what's this app for?07:34
deniljosephits an usb dongle07:34
deniljosephof micromax07:34
auronandacedeniljoseph: the instructions you were following were for 12.04 at latest, and you are on 14.04 (i don't think 12.04 had multilib in place)07:35
deniljosephhttp://pastebin.com/UBhBD6L7 this is what i actually i wanted to do07:35
deniljosephbut i have got these instructons only07:36
deniljosephin the modem07:36
reisiodeniljoseph: what's micromax?07:36
deniljosephits a company07:36
deniljosephtht doesnt matter07:37
deniljosephthe dongle is manafactured by tht company07:37
deniljosephwhat do i do now07:38
NeepuHey. Can anyone please help me with permission issues on Ubuntu? Plex reports "May 02, 2016 22:47:49 [0x7f80b53ff700] ERROR - Couldn't check for the existence of file /media/espen/Storage: boost::filesystem::status: Permission denied: "/media/espen/Storage"" Yet plex user is added to sudo, plugdev, espen(my user), and root. And ls -l shows that all sub folders from media have 755 permission?07:39
akikdeniljoseph: it looks like you don't have the directory /usr/local/MMX353W_3G_USB_Manager07:40
deniljosephits created @ akik07:41
=== dhil_ is now known as dhil
profsimmOk, so I can't get the damn vsftpd running.07:44
profsimmI provide local users and it just says login incorrect07:45
=== gms is now known as Guest23921
akikprofsimm: on 14.04 proftpd works correctly. did you look into the logs?07:47
akikprofsimm: /var/log/proftpd07:48
profsimmakik: I have vsftpd07:48
profsimmakik: should I uninstall it07:48
akiksorry, i'll test07:48
profsimmakik: I have 14.0407:48
reisiodeniljoseph: matters to me, or I wouldn't have asked07:49
netametaDoes ubuntu have a software/package like access ?07:50
profsimmakik "ProFTPD warning: cannot start neither in standalone nor in inetd/xinetd mode. Check your configuration."07:50
netametalike microsoft access ?07:50
akikprofsimm: it works on 14.04 also. look into /etc/vsftpd.conf and see if you have local_enable=YES07:50
profsimmakik: I had it07:50
aavrugHello everyone!07:51
akikprofsimm: the log file is your friend now. it'll tell you what is stopping the startup07:51
kriszta3pls use  other  name in 16.0407:51
kriszta3or 14.0407:51
profsimmakik: empty log07:51
aavrugI am trying to find and replace an string from entire folder using regex but couldn't get how to user grep and sed together?07:52
aavruggrep -lr -e 'data-reactid="(?:\.[a-z\d])+"' * | xargs sed -i 's/data-reactid="(?:\.[a-z\d])+"/<newword>/g'07:52
aavrugThis one I tried but not working.07:52
reisioaavrug: what's your input, and what's the output you want?07:53
akikprofsimm: disk full?07:53
profsimmakik: nope07:53
aavrugreisio, data-reactid="(?:\.[a-z\d])+" this is the regex what I am using and need to replace with ''.07:53
reisioaavrug: so you want data-reactid="" ?07:54
akikprofsimm: try starting the daemon from the shell without the service script07:55
akikprofsimm: do you have some other process listening on port 21? netstat -tulpan | grep :2107:55
ubuntu-mateinstal oscam ubuntu??07:55
reisioaavrug: hi, remember me?07:56
ubuntu-mateistalation oscam ubuntu and config send07:57
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aavrugreisio, yes data-react-id.07:57
aavrugreisio, any tricks?07:57
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reisioaavrug: find . -type f -exec grep -l 'data-reactid' {} \; | while IFS='' read -r line; do perl -pi -e 's/(data-reactid=")[^"]+(")/\1\2/g' "$line"; done07:59
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aavrugreisio, What is $line in this?07:59
profsimmakik: where is the binary?08:00
reisioaavrug: every line that 'find' spits out08:00
=== mattwithoos_ is now known as mattwithoos
reisioaavrug: one line at a time, from a loop08:00
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
reisionamed 'line' just for readability08:00
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profsimmakik:  fatal: Socket operation on non-socket08:01
=== jxf_ is now known as jxf
netameta_well libeoffice base is like microsoft access - but it doesnt seem to start bah08:01
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kriszta3where i can talk with girls in channel ?08:02
akikprofsimm: is this proftpd now?08:02
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profsimmakik: yes08:02
reisioaavrug: can use | xargs perl -pi -e ... instead if you want08:02
akikprofsimm: the docs say that you get this error if you have selected proftpd to be run through inetd08:02
akikprofsimm: which mode did you select?08:03
profsimmakik: I selected inetd, it didn't work. I changed it to standalone, now it runs from CLI, how do I set it up as a service?08:03
akikprofsimm: you just said it doesn't start?08:04
profsimmakik:  I had to change the mode in .conf from inetd to standalone.08:04
akikprofsimm: ok good08:04
profsimmakik: works now, well, I still can't login. But it listens08:04
zetherooI am having trouble in 16.04 with using software sources from 3rd party's which worked find with 14.04. I get the following message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16199595/08:04
profsimmakik: how do I set it up as a standalone service08:05
akikprofsimm: the start script for 14.04 is /etc/init.d/proftpd08:06
profsimmakik: sorry I'm unsure how to set this up as a service08:07
profsimmakik: i.e. to run on reboot and so on08:07
akikprofsimm: you use update-rc.d to do it. i'll check08:08
aavrugreisio, thanks let me try :)08:08
akikprofsimm: sudo update-rc.d proftpd enable08:08
profsimmakik: thanks.08:09
akikprofsimm: that creates the sym links under /etc08:09
profsimmakik: yay08:09
profsimmakik: I still can't login with my system users, oddly. Ideas?08:09
akikprofsimm: logs logs logs08:09
profsimmakik: I have a user like foo, bar, and I login with it verbatim, is there something different I need to type?08:09
akikprofsimm: you need to enable some debug mode probably08:09
profsimmakik: it says "USER foo (Login failed): Invalid shell: '' "08:10
akikprofsimm: good!08:10
profsimmakik: good :)?08:10
akikprofsimm: well you found the problem :)08:11
profsimmakik:  well :P08:11
akikprofsimm: look into /etc/passwd for the line for the user08:11
akikprofsimm: the last column seems to be empty08:11
k1lif you want users not to be able to login via ssh use "/bin/false" as login shell08:12
profsimmakik: I added shell and now it works.08:13
profsimmakik:  thanks!08:13
reisioyou can use plain openssh-server & rssh instead of ftp08:13
profsimmakik: what does shell have to do with FTP...?08:14
akikprofsimm: no problem you might want to look into securing the ftp protocol with certificates08:14
profsimmakik: I won't open it on public IP.08:14
profsimmakik: best type of security ;)08:14
reisioit's ironic that ftp, an antiquated approach, is so much harder to setup08:14
profsimmakik: question, how can I set the directory to open for a user, different than their home directory08:14
akikanything is hard if you haven't done it before08:15
reisioprofsimm: 'cd wherever' in ~/.bashrc, etc.08:15
akikthe problem in this case was that he hadn't defined the shell for the user08:15
profsimmreisio: I'd like to do this just for FTP, not SSH08:15
* reisio shakes head08:16
akikprofsimm: i don't know about that directory thing08:16
k1lwhich now means the users can login via ssh too08:16
reisioprofsimm: more work, fewer features08:16
akikyou can defined in sshd_config who can login or not08:16
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=== Braden is now known as Braden`
profsimmakik: thanks!08:17
profsimmakik: for all your help08:17
kezCan anyone tell me what the difference is in functionality regarding: ubuntu snap packages vs docker08:22
kezWhat problem does snap packages solve that docker does not?08:22
k1lkez: you compare a complete OS in a Vm sort of thing, with a program package that ships all depencies it needs besides the base OS.08:23
somsipkez: docker is a container with a shared or dedicated filesystem, snap uses an overlay filesystem (AIUI)08:23
kez...but can't docker also use aufs and overlays?08:24
somsipkez: dunno - that's a docker issue and this is ubuntu08:24
kez(I'm not extremely familar with either technology)08:24
somsipkez: if you're not familiar, frankly you may not need either. If you want to read up on it before asking more specific questions (about snappy, as docker would not be on topic here) it might be more fruitful08:25
kezWell, I just want a simple mechanism to deploy some custom software in a maintainable way... and something that provides rollback functionality when things go awry.08:26
k1lkez: that sounds like you want snappy packages. #snappy08:26
somsipkez: yeah - sounds snappy-relevant. Docker would be more if you wanted to be able to replicate an environment rather than just present a package (though it can do more)08:27
somsipkez: not sure if this will have enough in depth info for you, but might be a starting point https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/desktop/08:28
kezsomsip thanks -- I'd noticed in a PR article http://thenewstack.io/snappy-ubuntu-a-new-cloud-os-with-support-for-docker-in-a-post-shellshock-era/ that "Anything you run inside Docker can run in Snappy"08:30
somsipkez: may be referring to snappy-core (without reading it)08:30
kezI dunno -- maybe I'll troll #docker... I think my understanding of what docker is suppose to do is not a reflection of reality :)08:31
kezthanks for the insight :)08:32
somsipkez: I won't pretend I'm an expert so #snappy and #docker seem like the places to be to get better advice08:32
contumaxfyi I just experienced this very old bug on ubuntu 14.04: http://slacy.com/blog/2010/06/cannot-make-directory-varrunscreen-permission-denied/ reboot did not help08:34
reisioIIRC, just running screen as root will fix that08:35
reisiorunning it once, that is08:35
akikcontumax: here are the permissions for /var/run/screen: drwxrwxr-x  3 root       utmp          60 May  3 11:37 screen08:37
akikcontumax: so "sudo chmod 775 /var/run/screen; sudo chown root:utmp /var/run/screen"08:38
reisiodoubt that's necessary08:39
trijntjeA whole bunch of gnome programs wont launch on 16.04, including unity itself http://pastebin.com/nzV47TkE How can I fix this?08:40
contumaxreisio, this issue emerged at the same time as problems with tty, there is no tty after boot, I'm still unable to resolve this, any idea?08:42
k1ltrijntje: what did you do before that happened?08:42
reisiono tty?08:42
trijntjek1l: installed updates. I've been on 16.04 since january, and after the release everything broke08:42
somsiptrijntje: this might be worth a read but I cant vouch for any of it http://askubuntu.com/questions/135573/gconf-error-no-d-bus-daemon-running-how-to-reinstall-or-fix08:43
contumaxreisio, yes, I connect via ssh, but directly on the machine, no tty after boot just black screen08:43
reisiotrijntje: using ati's proprietary graphics driver?08:44
reisiocontumax: what do you see before the black screen?08:44
trijntjereisio: no, I have an nvidia card08:44
s2imediting [theme]/gtk-3.0/apps/unity.css does nothing, I used to hide top decorations before 16.0408:45
s2imwhat has changed?08:45
=== BlackPanx_ is now known as BlackPanx
trijntjesomsip: I dont think so, ~/.dbus is owned by me08:45
reisios2im: probably the selectors you'd need to use08:45
somsiptrijntje: k - no idea but trying to offer you something08:45
reisio'warning' msgs are probably non-fatal/semi-irrelevant08:46
contumaxreisio,  some updates probably, also suddenly grub menu waits long time before booting and I didn't set that, after choosing ubuntu, there is only black screen, no boot log output and no tty08:47
aavrugreisio, It works thanks but just replaced the data-react-id content so run it from sublime again and it worked :)08:48
reisioaavrug: hrmm?08:49
s2imit clearly says -UnityDecoration-extents: 28px 0 0 0 and changing any of the numbers just doesn’t do anything08:49
k1ltrijntje: did you relogin since then? does the guest account work?08:49
aavrugreisio, what I writtent in the regex was matching from data.. to .1.a".08:50
reisioaavrug: wha?08:50
zetherooin 16.04 how do you change the keyboard language layout?08:51
aavrugreisio, After running this find . -type f -exec grep -l 'data-reactid' {} \; | while IFS='' read -r line; do perl -pi -e 's/(data-reactid=")[^"]+(")/\1\2/g' "$line"; done I got in my file like data-react-id="" instead ''.08:51
aavrugreisio, but now done :)08:51
zetherooI changed it in System Settings > Text Entry ... but it's not taking effect08:51
contumaxreisio, also after reboot I get this "Cannot make directory '/var/run/screen': Permission denied" again08:52
steigrezetheroo, do you have a little language indicator in your top right corner, and if so, what does it say?08:53
s2imI put that line into ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and it worked08:54
reisioaavrug: so you wanted 'data-reactid=""' to be replaced with '' (removed)?08:54
zetheroo steigre: oh man, thanks! :)08:54
trijntjek1l: both unity and gnome shell dont work, and its the same from the live system. I'm using dwm now08:54
aavrugreisio, yea exactly08:54
reisioaavrug: ah, misunderstood :p gj08:54
steigrezetheroo, np :)08:55
k1ltrijntje: that sounds like an issue with the video driver, tbh08:55
reisiowould've wanted 's/data-reactid="[^"]+"//g'08:55
aavrugreisio, no probs :) indeed you gave me an ulternate solution :)08:55
=== Aria22|away is now known as Aria
aavrugreisio, just for knowledge I tried with this but it's not working. find . -type f -exec grep -l 'data-reactid' {} \; | while IFS='' read -r line; do perl -pi -e 's/data-reactid="[^"]+"//g' "$line"; done09:00
trijntjek1l: could be. But that shouldn't break just a bunch of gnome programs right?09:00
aavrugreisio, What I am missing.09:00
reisioaavrug: what makes you think it's not working?09:02
Magnetz74In the ubuntu-server ncurses installer, how do I select items?09:02
Magnetz74Options I mean09:02
Ben64space bar?09:02
Magnetz74Ben64: Thanks!09:03
trijntjek1l: I've also tried the nvidia361 driver from the repo, but that didn't fix anything09:05
aavrugreisio, I can see the file whaich have still the data-react-id....09:05
reisioaavrug: reload it09:05
mediaserverhelpi need help09:06
reisiooh yeah?09:06
mediaserverhelpas i m configuring  icecast2 media server, sir how can we put .ogg files into /etc/ices2/music direcrory ??09:06
reisioaavrug: probably your editor or whatever you have the file/s open in is working from a cached copy09:07
aavrugreisio, but atleast It should show the change in git.09:08
aavrugthat is a git repo.09:08
mediaserverhelpi didnt understand...09:08
reisioaavrug: that's not how git works09:08
akikmediaserverhelp: if someone's replying to you, you'll see mediaserverhelp: in the beginning of the line09:08
reisionot unless you're using gitfs or something "fancy"09:08
aavrugreisio, let me see09:09
mediaserverhelpguys i m new.. i m not getting.. it will be amazing if u hlp me09:10
aavrugreisio, I have closed the whole editor and then restart it it's working now fine :)09:10
reisioaavrug: you might want to configure your editor to update files more frequently09:10
aavrugreisio, It's replacing with a space but we are not giving even a single space then why space?09:11
aavrugreisio, ok I'll see and try to fix that :)09:11
=== Aria is now known as Aria|away
reisioaavrug: usually SGML-type text comes in the form of <element attribute="value" attribute="value">09:11
reisioif you take one out, you might well end up with <element  attribute="value">09:12
Myrttimediaserverhelp: patience, young padawan09:12
reisioaavrug: so 's/ data-reactid="[^"]+"//g' might serve you better09:12
aavrugreisio, 's/ data-reactid="[^"]+"//g'09:12
aavrugreisio, thanks for your time and your great help :)09:13
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k1ltrijntje: could be that these apps need some sort of 3d video driver for some calculations. are there some errors in the Xorg.log in /var/log?09:25
rp2I like that suggestion. I've always had to swicth X servers (I think) to get OpenGL programs to work on my Dell computers09:29
rp2that was on 12.04 and 14.0409:29
trijntjek1l: it says it failed to initialise the NVIDIA kernel module. Syslog lists the segfaults as being in libc-2.3309:30
k1ltrijntje: so, there you go09:30
k1lmake sure "linux-generic" is installed.09:31
trijntjek1l: linux-generic is installed. But my video card seems to work fine, I can play web videos etc.09:32
trijntjewhat do you think the problem is?09:32
kriszta3no problem09:32
k1ltrijntje: "lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'"09:33
trijntjek1l: no output09:33
k1ltrijntje: "lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | nc termbin.com 9999"09:34
trijntjek1l: http://pastebin.com/KGiseyZp09:35
k1ltrijntje: "/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test --print | nc termbin.com 9999"09:35
trijntjek1l: Error: GLX is not available on the system09:36
k1ltrijntje: see. its not using the nvidia driver and so no glx is available that breaks the programs09:36
k1lyou need to get to know what is wrong with the driver you installed. there must have been erorrs when installing it.09:37
trijntjek1l: I'll install nvidia-361-updates, sine I have a new video card. Those should be the latest drivers right?09:38
k1ltrijntje: yes. but look at the output from apt09:39
trijntjek1l: no apt errors, should I reboot? http://pastebin.com/8EzeAudP09:40
k1lbut i am afk now, so ask the channel if something goes wrong again09:40
* lotuspsychje is here09:40
MrARMhmm, when my wifi adapter does not work in dmesg I found this following message: brcmfmac 0000:02:00.0: Direct firmware load for brcm/brcmfmac43602-pcie.txt failed with error -209:41
MrARManyone has ideas what can be done about that?09:41
trijntjek1l: thanks for your help, we'll see how it goes ;)09:41
lotuspsychjeMrARM: ubuntu version and wifi chipset please?09:42
MrARM16.04 and 14e4:43ba is the id09:44
MrARMthis is a update from 15.10 where it worked alwaya09:44
lotuspsychjeMrARM: broadcom?09:44
MrARMnow it sometimes works sometimes not09:44
MrARMwhen it does not, the adapter is not visible at all in the system09:45
lotuspsychjeMrARM: can you check additional drivers section if STA broadcom driver is active or not?09:45
lotuspsychjetrijntje: working now?09:46
Dev__Hi ! I installed Ubuntu 16.04 and now in my sound menu, if I choose analog output, I can't select "stereo" mode like in Ubuntu 14.04. The minimum is 4.0 output. Strangely, there is a new Headphones option in left menu (for the same sound card chip). If I chosee headphones output, it uses the same output as front speakers so I have stereo mode, but I don't like the quality of the sound. Maybe "Headphones" option uses less quality. I think09:46
Dev__ it can be a bug because headphones output shouldn't use speakers jack.09:46
trijntjeI can't start many gnome programs on 16.04. Without the nvidia driver http://pastebin.com/nzV47TkE With the latest driver installed http://pastebin.com/XdQUckGX09:46
Guest42083Ubuntu 16.04 broke my 15.10 :(09:46
trijntjelotuspsychje: sadly not, I still cant start unity or gnome shell09:47
Guest42083Currently downloading onto a DvD, but anyone have any insight to further problems I might have?09:47
lotuspsychjetrijntje: sudo ubuntu-drivers list to see what drivers are available?09:47
Dev__Maybe disabling (not muting) Headphones output I can use again "Analog Stereo Output" option. Any fix for this?09:48
lotuspsychjetrijntje: on xenial?09:48
trijntjelotuspsychje: yes09:48
Guest42083Ubuntu 16.04 broke my 15.10 :(09:48
lotuspsychje!sound | Dev__09:48
ubottuDev__: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.09:48
trijntje!details | Guest4208309:48
ubottuGuest42083: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:48
MrARMlotuspsychje, hmm, how would I check that ? find in dmesg if it's the only driver that is getting loaded ?09:48
Guest42083whoopsie, looks like I duplicated what I said somehow09:49
lotuspsychjeMrARM: if you have GUI, check software & sources, tab/additional drivers09:49
effectnethi some mail came in and thunderbird marked it as junk, now i can't search for it?09:49
Guest42083Can't do that lmao ubottu09:49
Guest42083It's on another ssd that won't boot09:49
Dev__lotuspsychje thank you! do you know if Headphones output can be disabled via pavucontrol?09:49
Guest42083If I'm putting 16.04 on disc, obviously that means that I used the upgrade as it came09:50
MrARMlotuspsychje, hmm I only have nvidia and unknown: unknown there09:50
Guest42083that or used the command line.. as previously mentioned obviously I don't have any more details or I would have posted them.. just curious if I would run into any more issues09:50
hateballtrijntje: I havent followed everything, but did you check that you are the owner of ~/.Xauthority09:50
lotuspsychjeMrARM: didnt play with pavu myself sorry09:51
trijntjehateball: I'm the owner of that file09:51
lotuspsychjetrijntje: clean install or upgrade?09:51
MrARMI can paste the whole dmesg log when it fails and when it does not if that would help09:51
trijntjelotuspsychje: clean install of xenial back in january. Live system also cant show the ubuntu desktop09:52
Guest42083!details | trijntje09:52
ubottutrijntje: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:52
k1ltrijntje: "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999"09:52
Guest42083that's adorable09:52
Guest42083!details | trijntje09:52
Guest42083that's awesome :309:52
lotuspsychjeGuest42083: dont abuse the bot please09:53
Guest42083!details | hateball09:53
ubottuhateball: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:53
Guest42083ah shush09:53
Guest42083You're no help anyhow09:53
Guest42083love you :309:53
trijntjek1l: done09:53
k1ltrijntje: show the url please09:53
lotuspsychjeMrARM: what does sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source say?09:54
al2o3-crhi lotuspsychje09:55
effectnetany way to search all the folders in Thunderbird?09:55
trijntjek1l: http://pastebin.com/6svJmt1M09:55
MrARManyways that failed to upload bin thing in dmesg shows up even when it works so that is not it09:56
k1ltrijntje: "cat /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 9999"09:57
MrARMlotuspsychje, well, that command installed that driver09:58
MrARMwithout a confirmation09:58
trijntjek1l: I've left out the parts where ureadahead reads in my entire home folder http://pastebin.com/Lp0hdtS910:00
MrARMOh and just noticed it doesn't want to turn screen off when staying at the login screen for a while10:00
MrARMdisplays a cursor on a black screen10:00
MrARMso I guess I'll have to reinstall10:01
lotuspsychjeMrARM: you getting a black screen on login screen?10:01
MrARMno, instead of screen turning off I get a black screen with a mouse pointer10:02
MrARMwhen Ieave the laptop for some time10:02
MrARMI leave*10:02
samgoodyHi. By default, ubuntu seems to use openssh.10:02
k1ltrijntje: "dpkg -l | grep -i bumblebee | nc termbin.com 9999"10:02
k1lsamgoody: on the server image10:03
samgoodyI am setting up bitvise, and it wants to know if I am using openssh or ssh210:03
trijntjek1l: no output10:03
k1ltrijntje: "dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999"10:03
samgoodyOn the server, I mean. So do I use openssh or ssh2? fromm a search, ssh2 seems much more secure10:03
lotuspsychjeMrARM: check energy options10:03
PatteHello where does nautilus store its ftp connection? Im scared it is saved in plain text like filezilla :/10:03
samgoodyBut is it not supported?10:03
trijntjek1l: http://pastebin.com/81FUauFj10:04
MrARMlotuspsychje, that driver that got installed with that apt-get causes a kernel BUG in dmesg10:05
k1lsamgoody: openssh includes ssh210:05
MrARMfollowed by a stack trace10:05
lotuspsychjeMrARM: ok, try this one: broadcom-sta-source10:06
MrARMhowever I need to get wifi somehow working before as I don't have a way to get wired connection :/10:06
samgoodygreat, thanks!10:06
k1ltrijntje: somehow its not loading the nvidia module: [   104.491] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the10:07
lotuspsychjeMrARM: do you still have your ubuntu iso by hand?10:07
kriszta3wifi worst10:07
kriszta3use cabel10:07
MrARMlotuspsychje, sadly nope, but I could DL it from another pc10:07
MrARMor wait actually10:07
MrARMI do10:07
lotuspsychjeMrARM: on the ubuntu iso, there is a broadcom driver located10:07
lotuspsychjeMrARM: in /pool10:08
MrARManyways I got to go for now, I'll try to find it later, thanks for your help10:08
kriszta3i need op10:09
lotuspsychjekriszta3: please stop asking op and random chitchat here, this channel is only for ubuntu support10:10
rudinubuntu 16.04 freeze on login10:11
lotuspsychjerudin: upgrade or clean install?10:11
rudinclean install10:11
lotuspsychjerudin: what kind of graphics card?10:12
kriszta3i need real card10:13
lotuspsychje!ot | kriszta310:13
ubottukriszta3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:13
kriszta3i need real laptop10:13
k1ltrijntje: "sudo modprobe -v nvidia"10:14
rudinRadeon hd 240010:15
trijntjek1l: modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:832 kmod_module_insert_module() could not find module by name='nvidia_361'10:16
trijntjemodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia_361': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)10:16
trijntjek1l: dmesg and syslog are empty for the modprobe10:17
zetheroogetting this message when trying to share a folder over the network "This feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on your system"10:18
zetheroosamba is already installed .. so what is missing?10:18
k1ltrijntje: well, i am not too much into the video driver stuff. so if no one got a clue maybe try the xorg edgers ppa if that driver works10:19
rudingraphic card: radeon hd 240010:19
wardsterit should then give you the option to install the two or three extra files ;)10:19
hateballk1l, trijntje this is the prefered PPA for nvidia https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa10:20
reborn_Hi, is there any way to change firefox language on 16.04? I removed english language, removed firefox-locale-en, installed firefox-locale-pl and nothing happens, still Firefox UI is english10:20
=== Aria|away is now known as Aria
Myrtti!hu | kriszta310:21
ubottukriszta3: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál10:21
zetherooI seem to recall in 14.04 that you were asked if you wanted to install the needed packages for file sharing10:22
zetheroothis was reall helpful10:22
trijntjehateball: I'll give that ppa a go, thanks10:22
zetherooanyone know what "needed packages" would be missing ?10:24
hateballtrijntje: fwiw, I'm running 364 from it without (major) issues but I dont have hybrid gpu or such10:25
trijntjehateball: are you sure, the last update for that ppa is 22 weeks ago. Is that normal?10:25
hateballtrijntje: not sure where you're reading that, check the build dates on the packages10:26
trijntjehateball: nevermind, I was still looking at the ppa k1| pasted10:26
rudinubuntu 16.04 freeze on login10:27
LaserAllan-sleephey guys, is there no USB Creator on linux?, like creating bootable multiboot usbs and stuff?10:28
=== LaserAllan-sleep is now known as LaserAllan
* trijntje will be back after installing the ppa10:29
akikLaserAllan: there's multisystem but it's not in the repositories10:31
LaserAllanakik: Seems like there is one allready built in?,startup disk creator?10:32
reborn_Ok, well problem solved with firefox locale, just removed it and replaced with chrome :)10:33
varunachrome so much better10:33
varunaman firefox lags to much10:33
zetheroogetting this message when trying to share a folder over the network "This feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on your system" - samba is already installed .. so what is missing?10:36
fictictiousfiberWhat do I do with a .deb file?10:36
k1lzetheroo: "apt-cache policy samba |nc termbin.com 9999"10:37
k1lzetheroo: show the url please10:37
bazhangfictictiousfiber, what is the deb of10:37
mcphailfictictiousfiber: where did you get it and what were you hoping to do with it?10:37
k1lfictictiousfiber: what is that file? you want to install something? is it no in the ubuntu repos?10:37
fictictiousfibersteam, and another is sublime text10:37
fictictiousfiberit's not in the ubuntu repository10:37
zetherook1l: http://termbin.com/frty10:37
fictictiousfiberneither are10:38
zetheroofictictiousfiber: install with gdebi ?10:38
bazhang!info steam10:38
ubottusteam (source: steam): Valve's Steam digital software delivery system. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 1: (xenial), package size 853 kB, installed size 2600 kB (Only available for i386)10:38
bazhangfictictiousfiber, see above10:38
k1lzetheroo: is smbclient installed?10:38
fictictiousfiberlooking at it10:38
bazhangits in the repos10:39
fictictiousfiberNot for me :)10:39
fictictiousfiberI type in "steam" minus the quote10:39
zetherook1l: no .. installing it now10:39
bazhangwhat version of ubuntu is this fictictiousfiber10:39
bazhangfictictiousfiber, then you need to update sources10:39
k1lis multiverse enabled?10:39
fictictiousfiberHow do i do this?10:40
zetherook1l: I still get that message when trying to change sharing prefs - do I need to logout/in ?10:40
k1lzetheroo: sudo apt install gnome-user-share10:40
zetherook1l: gnome-user-share is already the newest version (3.14.2-2ubuntu4).10:41
k1lzetheroo: ok, seems like the feature you want to use needs apache stuff10:41
k1lsudo apt-get install apache2.2-bin libapache2-mod-dnssd10:41
hateballfictictiousfiber: See here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu10:42
zetherook1l: you getting that from http://askubuntu.com/questions/547854/sharing-public-folder-between-ubuntu-machines-via-personal-file-sharing ?10:42
zetherooI thought it off that file sharing needed apache :P10:42
varunaopen the deb file and downlaod10:43
k1lzetheroo: no.10:43
k1lzetheroo: maybe that will create something like a webdialog or something. but i am not using it, so i dont really know10:43
hateballfictictiousfiber: Enable Multiverse and update if the GUI doesnt do it (sudo apt update). After that you can install steam through software center,or via terminal: sudo apt install steam10:43
cfhowlettopen the deb file and downlaod, varuna?   that is completely wrong on multiple levels10:43
zetherook1l: in 14.04 the packages were automatically selected and installed when one tried to share something via Nautilus10:44
fictictiousfiberMultiverse reminds me of the movie The One starring Jet Li :| .. Mind telling me where this is located?10:44
fictictiousfiberI'm in system settings right now10:44
zetherook1l: seems like that was the right way to go about this ... but seems that's been dropped10:44
fictictiousfiberThat page seems confusing to me a bit10:45
hateballfictictiousfiber: The link I gave you has pictures. Altho I dont run Gnome/Unity so I cant say how accurate they are10:45
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.10:45
fictictiousfiberYes, and those pictures are oddly grating on the eyes10:45
fictictiousfiberI prefer text10:45
zetherook1l: E: Package 'apache2.2-bin' has no installation candidate10:45
k1lfictictiousfiber: system settings -> software and update- > see what is checke10:46
fictictiousfiberall but source coe10:46
cfhowlettfictictiousfiber, as you prefer text, you must actually read the links.  all is explained there10:46
fictictiousfiberall are checked in "updates" tab10:46
k1lzetheroo: sorry its apache2-bin10:46
varunaits a package file isnt it10:47
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: lil question in discuss plz?10:47
varunadeb file10:47
fictictiousfiberShould i check the box for Canonical Partners in "other software"?10:47
hateballfictictiousfiber: Yes10:47
varunasimilar to apt get10:47
varunaso it downloads10:47
fictictiousfiberthat looked familiar. Thanks for the confirmation10:47
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, now open for business10:47
fictictiousfiberI'm going to see if it works10:47
k1lfictictiousfiber: "apt-cache policy steam |nc termbin.com 9999"10:47
zetherook1l: thanks - that worked!10:48
fictictiousfiberdo .. I type that into the terminal?10:48
fictictiousfiberWhat do I do with that info10:48
k1lfictictiousfiber: yes10:48
k1lfictictiousfiber: it will print a url., please show that url here10:48
firmanI have 2 ubuntu boot options, i ran in dualboot with win8, how to remove the duplicate of ubuntu boot option, i using efibootmgr but no information about boot order10:49
fictictiousfiberkil: http://termbin.com/817x10:49
lerneris this the place to ask for tips to prolong li ion batteries?10:50
hateball!tab | fictictiousfiber, this helps to get peoples names right10:50
ubottufictictiousfiber, this helps to get peoples names right: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:50
fictictiousfiberhahaha no lol10:50
=== Aria is now known as Aria|away
k1lfictictiousfiber: so: "sudo apt install steam"10:50
cfhowlettlerner, #hardware perhaps would be better10:50
lernercannot send to channel :(10:51
k1llerner: maybe you need to register an account on freenode. ask in #freenode for help10:52
fictictiousfiberlooks like steam is downloading an update, but what about my sublime text :(?10:52
fictictiousfibersame way?10:52
fictictiousfiberkil: ?10:53
k1li dont think sublime is in the repos.10:53
trijntjek1l, hateball I've got the unity desktop environment back10:53
hateballtrijntje: Cool beans10:53
=== Aria|away is now known as Aria
fictictiousfiberYeah. . darn how do I get it running like I did before?10:53
fictictiousfiberSublime was working fine befoer on 14.04 :(10:53
=== Aria is now known as Aria22
fictictiousfiberThere has to be a way to get it working again right? I mean, this is linux..10:54
varunaget the deb file10:54
fictictiousfiberI have one10:54
fictictiousfiberI was here earlier asking what I could do with it10:54
hateballfictictiousfiber: open a terminal, cd to wherever you downloaded it to, sudo dpkg -i filename.deb10:54
k1lfictictiousfiber: use dpkg -i  or gdebi to install that10:54
hateballiirc installing deb-files is currently broken10:55
hateballvia gui, that is10:55
fictictiousfiberit's in downloads but it won't let me go there10:55
cfhowlettvaruna, if you have only the .deb, you do not have the dependencies.  this is one reason why installing via .deb is not generally recommended10:55
k1lfictictiousfiber: how do you try to go there?10:55
fictictiousfibercd downloads10:55
fictictiousfiberheee :)10:55
k1lfictictiousfiber: its case sensitive.10:55
fictictiousfiberHelp please >.<10:55
varunaahh ic10:56
fictictiousfiberwoot it worked10:56
fictictiousfibernow.. dpackage what again? hold on10:56
hateballfictictiousfiber: This is why I showed you !tab earlier10:56
fictictiousfiberT^T yeah thanks for thta10:56
varunawhere does deb get the files from tho if its not from the repos10:56
varunathird partyy?10:57
fictictiousfiberhateball: It's not working :(10:58
fictictiousfiberhateball: http://pastebin.com/afqdBngJ10:59
fictictiousfiberIt no workie :S10:59
k1lthat paste looks like its working10:59
hateballfictictiousfiber: How is it not working? Seems fine to me10:59
fictictiousfiberbut it ended right there10:59
fictictiousfiberwhat do I do after that11:00
k1lfictictiousfiber: its an installer11:00
fictictiousfiberokay, but it ended right then and there11:00
fictictiousfiberno prompts.. nothing11:00
fictictiousfiberjust defaulted back to my username11:00
k1lfictictiousfiber: then wait for a new prompt11:00
k1lfictictiousfiber: that is ok.11:00
k1lfictictiousfiber: then now start the program11:00
fictictiousfiberIt's not installed11:00
fictictiousfiberthere isn't anywhere to start it from when i search for it11:00
fictictiousfiberonly it's deb comes up11:00
z999where can i download the new version for 3211:00
fictictiousfibersorry in advance for the trouble11:01
fictictiousfiberplease be gentle11:01
varunadoes 32 use less ram?11:01
k1lfictictiousfiber: /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text11:01
k1lvaruna: no11:01
varunacause i only got 4 gb11:02
k1lif your hardware can use 64bit use that. 32bit is dopping out11:02
varunacpu can11:02
k1lvaruna: that got nothing to do with ram size11:02
z99932 bit is when it is 2 gb of ram or less11:02
k1lz999: no11:02
varunaso doesnt matter 64 32 wont use less ram on 3211:03
z999so i can use the 64 on 2 gb of ram laptop?11:03
k1l32bit means the cpu is old or rubbish, so it cant run 64bit OS.11:03
fictictiousfiberwhat's the "opt" thingy stand for? I've found that a lot of these commands have meaning11:03
varunayes u can11:03
fictictiousfiberIt worked, but now I'm curious11:03
k1lz999: yes.11:03
hateball!fhs | fictictiousfiber11:03
ubottufictictiousfiber: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier11:03
z999ok will give it a try11:03
varunabut would it use less ram that the 64 bit os11:03
fictictiousfiberhate :(...11:03
fictictiousfiberI already have that, and am actively searching through it.. that's why i'm so speedy with what you give me11:03
fictictiousfiberI'm curious about the "opt" thingy though11:04
k1lvaruna: 32bit is deprecated. chrome stopped making a 32bit version. other linux distributions stop making 32bit isos.11:04
z999k1l how do you know if your computer has a malware on ubuntu?11:04
varunamost hardware are all 64 bit compatible nowdays aye11:05
k1lz999: the malware situation is a different one from windows11:05
k1l!virus | z99911:05
ubottuz999: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:05
z999k1l so don't worry about it?11:05
cfhowlettz999, install rkhunter and/or one of the anti-virus options.  and stop visiting sketchy sites11:06
varunapirate bay11:06
k1lz999: dont install or run code you dont trust. and keep your system updated with the official ubuntu updates11:06
jattthere are no virus in ubuntu11:06
z999ok k1l11:06
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
varunawens vulcan being released for linux11:07
cfhowlettjatt, false.  virii are rare but not unheard of. NO OS is virus free.11:08
curmetI've developed and tested web app (using a framework) in windows machine successfully, but after I move the app and framework folder , from c:\xampp\htdocs\ to /var/www/html to Ubuntu machine, it encounters errors, "cannot find the requested view" . What changes should I make to Ubuntu machine?11:08
curmetTHanks in advance :)11:08
varunawats ur web app11:09
varunawats it do11:09
jattthere is no need of antivirus in ubuntu unless you want to scan files you want to send to users using windows or scan files on a windows partition11:10
fictictiousfiberit would seem that steam is stuck on updating.. I'm getting an odd questionmark icon in the task bar that i didn't see when I installed Steam the first time on ubuntu11:10
curmetvaruna : what does it mean?11:10
fictictiousfiberwhenever I try to start it, that's what appears11:10
fictictiousfiberIt looks like it hangs on updating.. no other dialogue windows pop up11:10
varunawhat does ur web app do i mean11:11
varunainstall steam via command11:11
varunait hung for me via software center11:11
fictictiousfiberI did that varuna11:11
fictictiousfiberSo.. what now?11:12
fictictiousfibertried sudo apt-get update steam, but that didn't work11:12
k1lfictictiousfiber: you dont do that.11:12
fictictiousfiberwhat do I do :D?11:13
GoldCraftfictictousfiber dosent work at you either.11:13
k1lfictictiousfiber: run the steam client. then run the build in updater.11:13
fictictiousfiberI said that's what I did11:13
fictictiousfiberI launched11:13
fictictiousfiberit hangs..11:13
fictictiousfiberdoesn't even give a dialogue box11:13
cfhowlettfictictiousfiber, steam has  a channel.  sounds like you should get support there.11:13
k1lfictictiousfiber: keep in mind we cant see or know what you  see or do there.11:13
fictictiousfiberjust a greyed out questionmark icon box that is crossed out in the task bar11:14
hateballfictictiousfiber: Try running it from a terminal. The first run it should ask you to accept the license and install a few other deps11:14
fictictiousfiberHey, don't shoo me outta here11:14
varunaso u launched in terminal?11:14
fictictiousfiberthey'll just send me back here11:14
fictictiousfiberor tell me to install winblows11:14
cfhowlettand steam is not supported here ...11:14
fictictiousfiberyeah I launched it in the terminal11:14
hateballcfhowlett: Do you mean #ubuntu-steam ? It's all but dead11:14
fictictiousfibercfhowlett actually I had 3 people helping me install it the first time :\11:14
varunawat the log file say11:14
fictictiousfiberthere is no pop-up dialogue var11:15
cfhowletthateball, ah.  sad news that is.11:15
hateballcfhowlett: afaik there is nothing close to an official steam (client) channel. the ubuntu packaging also differs from valves, so that complicates things I guess11:15
fictictiousfiberSTEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically11:16
fictictiousfiber[2016-05-03 07:15:54] Startup - updater built Mar 31 2016 19:10:4811:16
fictictiousfiberSteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred11:16
fictictiousfiberX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)11:16
varunax server11:16
hateballfictictiousfiber: That usually means you arent using proprietary GPU drivers, which the client expects11:16
varunaupdate ur graphics driver11:16
BluesKajHey folks11:16
GoldCraftyou there11:17
BluesKajhi GoldCraft11:17
cfhowlettGoldCraft, proper use of the channel  ... have a question, ASK the question            :)11:17
GoldCraftwhat ya mean cfhowel11:17
GoldCraft!/color a tell bluekaj hello are you from denmark?11:18
ubottuGoldCraft: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:18
GoldCrafti know your not a bot11:18
cfhowlettwhat is your ubuntu support question, GoldCraft .11:18
zetheroowhen I "Safely Remove" a USB HDD it disappears and then a second later reappears and mounts :P11:18
BluesKajGoldCraft, no ,but my grandmother was Danish11:18
GoldCraftmy pc keep saying theres a prolem when it startuo11:18
fictictiousfiberHow do I update my video card driver?11:19
varunago to settingd11:19
GoldCrafti can't even delete steam to reinstall it11:19
fictictiousfiberyep launched11:19
varunasoftware and updates11:19
varunaadditional drivers11:19
varunathen change to proprietary11:20
fictictiousfiberright then11:20
GoldCraftlol kaj :P11:20
fictictiousfiberapparently I'll have to restart, but I should be okay, then right?11:20
GoldCrafthow do i colo my text11:20
fictictiousfiberi'm writing these steps down this time11:20
fictictiousfiberthis is vaguely familiar11:20
ratrace_My swap disappeared in 16.04.11:20
fictictiousfiberhiya rat11:21
fictictiousfiberyou helped me before :311:21
fictictiousfiberit was awhile ago11:21
fictictiousfiberalso, if you have enough ram, what are you worried about swap for?11:21
fictictiousfiber16+ is usually plenty depending on what you're doing right?11:22
TJ-swap partition is used for hibernation too11:22
GoldCraftlol no help ):11:22
fictictiousfiberright.. I've had that same issue in the past11:22
fictictiousfiberhave you tried sudo purge steam?11:23
fictictiousfiberhmm.. that's not right11:23
fictictiousfibersomething like that though11:23
ratrace_fictictiousfiber: that's beside the point, the point being that 16.04 is a mess I regret ever upgrading to, and now I have to fight it to do ANY work. I'll be removing it as soon as work and time permits.11:23
fictictiousfiberthat's quite unfortunate11:23
fictictiousfiberi haven't run into any issues yet..11:23
fictictiousfiberyou put my radar on defcon 12 though11:23
fictictiousfiberthanks for that11:23
fictictiousfibergoing to restart to see if I can actually use steam now11:24
k1lratrace_: is the partition still there? (the upgrade should not have touched that) is it in the fstab? do you use encryption?11:24
ratrace_fictictiousfiber: defcon numbers are less severe as number grows :)11:25
ratrace_k1l: it's tere, it's in fstab, yes I use encryption, yes I opened the luks container, yes I did mkswap, yes I did swapon, no I have no active swap, no nothing in dmesg.11:25
walo_is raid1 or doing some kind of scheduled backup the best solution for a complete n00b trying to learn ubuntu desktop? been trying to figure out how to raid1 for a few hours now but seems so messy :\11:25
Ben64walo_: backup definitely better11:25
k1lratrace_: ok, i am out when it comes to encryption11:25
k1lwalo_: raid is no backup11:26
walo_great, then I could just drop trying to learn raid then. cheers11:26
=== ratrace_ is now known as ratrace
zetherooas far as I can tell the Safely Remove option doesn't work11:28
ratracek1l: also, the swap was working fine after upgrade to 16.04. it just suddenly disappeared with no explanation and no possibility to bring it back.11:29
cfhowlettratrace, false.  you can create a swap post-installation11:30
fictictiousfiberlvmetad is not active ye. using direct activation during sysinit/dev/mapper/ubuntu---vg-root: clean, 212628/13574144 files, 2509636/54289408 blocks11:30
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:30
enedilAnyone with MacBook 2015 or newer?11:31
ratracecfhowlett: which part of what I've said is false?11:31
ducasseratrace: sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap11:32
fictictiousfiber[    12.363516] hi-generic 0003:1b1e.0009: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) faile: -1 12.419908 usb hid 3-13:1.2: coulding ifind an input interrupt endpoint11:32
ratraceducasse: why encryptfs?11:32
ducasseratrace: it's just a script, it actually uses luks11:32
fictictiousfiberare those error messages going to be an issue?11:32
fictictiousfiberI get them on boot11:32
cfhowlettratrace, you can bring swap back.11:33
ducasseratrace: but it's part of the ecryptfs tools11:33
fictictiousfiberHateball: kil: will I have an issue with those on-boot error messages I posted?11:33
ratracecfhowlett: well, I can't11:34
ducasseratrace: if you don't want encrypted swap, just mkswap the partition and run swapon11:35
yogeshjoin #chat11:35
ratraceducasse: I do want it encrypted and I've got it already set up with luks.11:44
ratraceit's just that 'swapon' doesn't do anything11:44
ducasseratrace: do you run swapon on the mapper device?11:45
yogeshtell me how to setup username and password for chat in another channel?11:45
cfhowlett!nick | yogesh11:46
ubottuyogesh: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.11:46
yogeshi dnt understand plz teel me what to type first when i enter new channel11:46
yogeshbecause that channel need to login there11:47
yogeshfor chat11:47
=== karstensrage is now known as Guest49690
hateball!register | yogesh11:49
ubottuyogesh: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:49
OlofLI created a horizontal split in screen. Ctrl+a TAB switched to other "region" but how do I actually type there? there seem to be no bash there11:49
stanleyyelnatsneed info11:51
mcphailOlofL: have you created a new window with "ctrl-a c"?11:53
OlofLmcphail: a new "region"? ctrl-a S11:53
mcphailOlofL: use "ctrl-a tab" to move to the new region then "ctrl-a c" to create a new window in it11:55
yogeshi have register  message says that u already registered in this account check your mail11:56
yogeshbut i cant find any mail at that id11:56
yogeshand then i type identifying cvommand which not verifing11:56
OlofLmcphail: thx11:56
yogeshnow what i have to do?11:57
yogeshpls help\11:57
mcphailyogesh: as the message from ubottu said, join the #freenode channel for registration help11:58
yogeshok type command to join this channel11:59
Poke95yogesh: /join #freenode12:00
Poke95And wait for eir to voice you.12:00
Poke95yogesh: If you don't want to wait anyway, you can /msg an active staff (for example, c) to voice you.12:01
GoldCraftanybody here12:05
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cfhowlettGoldCraft, ask no questions, get no answers12:06
huehue_Hi everybody. Good day!12:17
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huehue_Well. How can I change the default name of the guest session?12:18
huehue_Guess Session to Childers?12:18
hateballhuehue_: I don't think that is possible12:20
hateballYou could however create a new user named whatever you like, and have a script reset the user account on startup or whatever you like12:21
yogeshohk thx so much12:21
yogeshthumbs up always for u!!.12:22
huehue_hateball: humm12:22
huehue_hateball: disable guess session and create new login?12:23
huehue_hateball: change guest session name impossible! :-(12:24
hateballhuehue_: It seems hardcoded in lightdm12:25
auronandacehuehue_: why would you want to rename the guest session, the whole idea of a guest session is it is temporary12:25
huehue_auronandace: scholl class12:25
huehue_auronandace: crazy students kkk12:26
huehue_auronandace: school**12:26
ubuntu-matein dual boot, after install, only windows 7 loads. the grub boot loader doesn't show up.12:31
huehue_auronandace:  I believe the "guest session" should appear on the "users-setup" and it is possible, enable and disable the session and change your name!12:31
huehue_auronandace: for you may seem unnecessary, depends on each case, for mine would be useful to rename the "guest session"12:32
rjr6860in dual boot, after install, only windows 7 loads. the grub boot loader doesn't show up.12:32
huehue_auronandace: i work more than 300 computer works ubuntu in the high school!12:33
Dev_Hi, is there a snappy package for last version of wine? I'm using ubuntu 16.04 so I would prefer not using PPAs12:34
TJ-huehue_: you can disable the Guest session with "allow-guest=false" in the lightdm config12:36
yogeshhow to delete fullfirefox data and after then i want to reinstall a fresh copy???12:39
yogeshplz help12:39
Jorjjdelete the browser?12:40
huehue_TJ-: i know, i need change only guess session name to Student12:40
yogeshhow to delete it comeletly12:40
roryyogesh: You should delete the ~/.mozilla/firefox directory12:40
akikyogesh: the firefox profile for your user is in $HOME/.mozilla/firefox12:40
roryyogesh: That will remove all your user's Firefox settings and put it back to a clean install12:40
mcphailDev_: not that I can see12:40
rjr6860in dual boot, after install, only windows 7 loads. the grub boot loader doesn't show up.12:40
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Dev_mcphail ok thank you!12:48
roryyogesh: How's it going?12:49
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asd213Hi people. Are kernels from this url: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D valid for Ubuntu 16.04 too? The latest ones end in -wily13:03
Piciasd213: you may want to ask #ubuntu-kernel13:05
asd213Pici. Will do. Ty13:06
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Dumle29so I need to self sign the virtualbox kernel modules, but nothing seems to be happening when I use the sign-file script at: /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-21-generic/scripts/sign-file13:09
Dumle29currently I'm trying to sign the vboxdrv module, but yeah. not happening13:09
Dumle29guess I'll reboot to windows anyways :/13:10
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aguitelhow configure autologin in lightdm ? where is the .conf file ?13:14
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TJ-aguitel:  /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf13:17
aguitelno exist this .conf file13:18
TJ-aguitel: correct, so create it13:18
aguitel/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf  no exist13:18
huehue_how make account like guest session?13:21
hateballhuehue_: depends what you intend to achieve13:21
huehue_hateball: account name student same guest session => yes lost all files13:22
hateballhuehue_: I make a user that autologins. Keep a copy of the users $HOME under /root, and set to wipe and copy the contents anew on system startup13:22
huehue_hateball: howto13:23
TJ-huehue_: configure a user in lightdm and call the guest-setup.sh script the same way the guest session is created13:23
huehue_TJ-: i not known :-(13:24
hateballTJ-: I think his issue is with the naming of the account, it says "Guest" instead of "Student", or something of the sort13:24
hateballand afaik you can't change the guest sessions name13:24
huehue_hateball: next ubuntu version add guest session can  manager in users-setup13:26
TJ-hateball: huehue_ right, but it is hard-coded although possibly translated in different locales to the native language via gettext. However, a guest session is created using shell scripts by lightdm, so calling those same scripts from a defined user would also work13:26
huehue_hateball:  :-)13:26
huehue_hateball: enable or disable or change account name! :D13:26
hateballI do think some things are lost in translation here13:27
huehue_TJ-: next ubuntu version add guest session can  manager in users-setup, than, disable or enable and change u name! kk13:27
huehue_TJ-: how calls script in new user?13:30
huehue_TJ-:  useradd strudent13:30
huehue_TJ-: passwd -d student13:31
huehue_useradd student**13:31
huehue_TJ-: how calls script now?13:31
huehue_TJ-:  :-)13:31
TheMariusset up my home network here.. however if i upload files to the server from my other user, its uploaded as the network user which means the server doesnt get full access to deleting the files.. how do i solve this?13:33
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TheMariusi basically want both the network user and server user to have equal rights in these directories .. i set up a group for it, but it sets group priviledges to the network user when uploading from the laptop13:35
TheMariusaha! i think i solved it :D13:38
TJ-huehue_: list the contents of the package and then read the scripts for guest "dpkg -L lightdm | grep guest"13:38
pagiosW: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists/stable/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file) any idea how to solve this?13:41
hateballpagios: there's no 32-bit chrome any longer13:41
lotuspsychje!chrome-repo | pagios13:41
ubottupagios: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome13:41
Nosophorus how can I change the colors of my bash output when I do an ls command?13:42
Nosophoruslots of folders listed with a green background.they are rendered unreadable under the color scheme I use (solarized light)13:42
pagiosthanks dude13:42
pagioshateball, any idea how to solve this? ImportError: No module named QtCore13:44
ubuntu894this is new guy here? What software should I use in Ubuntu 16.04 to log in irc, not just via chrome safari13:44
pagios'i installed python-qt*13:44
hateballubuntu894: hexchat is one option, it is in the software center13:44
hateballpagios: No13:45
ubuntu894ok, i will try hexchat13:45
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stevecama lot of changes on the new xenial, xchat is removed and so are the fglrx drivers, but do the open source drivers work? not on my system, here i have a black screen and dmesg gives me a message about an invalid rom bios13:48
stevecamare there fglrx packages available for 16.04 anywhere?13:49
lotuspsychje!xchat | stevecam13:50
ubottustevecam: xchat and xchat-gnome have not had stable releases in years. xchat was removed from Ubuntu for 16.04. Consider using hexchat instead, which is actively developed and available in 14.04 onwards.13:50
lotuspsychjestevecam: use the radeon or amdgpu drivers instead13:50
Andrew_Zhangdo you guys use nylas as exchange mail client13:50
Andrew_Zhangi found nylas isn't stable enough, already crash, or unable to receiver email imiadiately.13:51
Andrew_Zhanganybody suggest an stable exchange mail client?13:52
stevecamwell, ive never had any stability issues with xchat, but thats not a problem, lotuspsychje i can not use those drivers, they simply do not work, i dont have a BIOS redily available and im in a virtualised guest environment13:52
Andrew_Zhangdoes anybody use Nylas N1 as mail client software?13:53
stevecamlotuspsychje, http://pastebin.com/AKnnNb8k13:54
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lotuspsychje!postfix | Andrew_Zhang13:54
ubottuAndrew_Zhang: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer13:54
lotuspsychjestevecam: not sure mate, i dont mess virtually13:55
TJ-stevecam: that looks like a Xen VT-d PCI IOMEM issue13:55
Andrew_Zhangpostfix isn't a gui client13:56
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stevecami didnt try to fix this because the fglrx drivers worked fine, not really sure what to do for a quick solution right now, should of read the documentation but now i have a headless guest13:56
lotuspsychjeAndrew_Zhang: you have a GUI server?13:59
hateballstevecam: have you made sure radeon isnt blacklisted since using fglrx?14:00
stevecamhateball, good question14:00
robcojello everyone. I'm using ladpd, nslc, and pam-mount. I can su, an home folder is created, but I cannot log into Ubuntu with ldap and my mounts aren't mounting. Anyone can help me troubleshoot?14:01
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ducasseAndrew_Zhang: if you have a problem with Nylas you really need to ask them, it's not in the ubuntu repos14:02
Andrew_Zhangok,i will try.14:02
huehue_TJ-: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/257696347/Captura%20de%20tela%20de%202016-05-03%2010-47-52.png14:02
huehue_TJ-:  kkkk14:02
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yogeshmy flash is working file for every web site14:03
yogeshbut when i open hotstar.com to aply video it s not opening.14:03
ducasseAndrew_Zhang: Claws Mail is a really good GUI mail reader, though, and it's in the repos14:04
yogeshHotstar.com video flash not working plz help!!14:04
stevecamhateball, radeonfb is blacklisted14:04
yogeshwhos admin plz help!!\\14:05
Piciyogesh: Please be patient, answers are not always immediately available.14:07
yogeshok Picachu14:07
akikyogesh: hotstar.com is only available to india (it says)14:07
yogeshno its available i can open it from windows14:08
yogesh\join #freenode14:10
akikyogesh: it probably sets a cookie for that message. it says "Hotstar is currently available only in India."14:10
akiki'm not sure how many people here are from india14:11
albertiUse a vpn14:11
yogeshso what should i do?14:11
albertiOkay which browse are you on?14:12
akikyogesh: can you watch the videos in windows outside india?14:12
dean_Hey i'm just after installing ubuntu gnome 16.04. I have this problem where when the screen locks i cannot unlock the screen. Anyone experience this?14:12
cfhowlettnot available here in japan14:12
Piciakik: methinks yogesh is in india.14:12
yogeshyes im in india rgt now14:13
albertidean #Ubuntu+114:13
cfhowlettget a vpn, yogesh14:13
yogeshafter that?14:13
Picidean_, alberti: 16.04 is released, support is in #ubuntu now.14:13
akikhe's in india14:13
yogeshyes im in india14:13
albertiOkay Pici14:14
albertiI think it's a kernel issue dean14:14
akikyogesh: if flash is working for other sites, you should contact hotstar support and ask them14:14
cfhowlettbest you ask in the Indian channel, yogesh14:14
cfhowlett!in | yogesh14:15
ubottuyogesh: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India14:15
yogeshi am telling u again aand again14:15
yogeshthat i can acess hotstar flash by windows OS14:15
Newbie_hello all.14:15
yogeshbut not by ubuntu14:15
cfhowlettyogesh, and WE see "can't access outside of India".  ask Ubuntu-India channel for support14:16
robcocan someone tell me what's happening with pam here?14:16
akikyogesh: did you try with google chrome? it has a different flash plugin than in firefox14:16
robcoMay  3 10:15:16 robco su[7122]: pam_unix(su:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=1000 euid=0 tty=/dev/pts/17 ruser=robco rhost=  user=whlai14:16
robcoI'm using LDAP for auth14:16
yogeshyes same problem..14:16
GazbyIs it considered OK to install the ubuntu-server package post-install?14:16
yogeshin chrome14:16
cfhowlettGazby, yes, but not sure what Ubuntu-server package you refer to.14:17
cfhowlettGazby, #ubuntu-server       is your channel14:17
yogeshhow to contact ubuntu india channel command plz..14:17
Gazbytyvm cfhowlett14:18
DJones!in | yogesh14:18
ubottuyogesh: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India14:18
Piciyogesh: /join #ubuntu-in14:18
cfhowlettGazby, happy2help!14:18
hggdhGazby: when you install ubuntu desktop you, by default, have a "server" image (but graphical)14:18
hggdhGazby: whatever packages you install do perform your server role will be the same on desktop or servers. There is no server version of any package14:20
dean_alberti: Looks like i'm going back to unity to :( . Looks like the issue has been around since 2014. I've tested the latest kernel and the kernel that ubuntu is released with. Issue is present in both. Apparently the only work around is to install xscreensaver in place of gnomescreensaver14:20
GazbyI'll as in the server channel, but for reference I'm talking about http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntu-server14:20
PiciGazby: it should be safe to install that.14:22
Gazbyopen-iscsi is a dependency and it fails to start after install14:22
dean_Fuck it anyway :( I've a massive development environment to set up. After two days I finally had it ready :( now I have to start from scratch tonight :(14:23
Gazbyas I understand it that failure is ignored by the installer, but can't be ignored by apt14:23
Gazbyso I'm not sure how to install it succesfully14:23
hggdhGazby: ubuntu-server (as ubuntu-desktop) is a meta-package for system installation. The most important difference between ubuntu-server and ubuntu-desktop are (1) -server installs a few additional server tools; (2) -desktop installs X & friends14:24
Cloudwalker42HeyHo. Can someone explain me how to merge two partitions (sda & sdb) to one partitiion on a running system? Is this even possible. sdb has unsued space and it would be nice to combine them together. I think its not that easy to scale the current partion sda with sdb. Maybe you have some ideas14:24
dean_Cloudwalker42 I would advise against doing that. sda and sdb are different drive. Sdb is likely to be removable media14:24
derjurany ideas on how to troubleshoot why my laptop is connecting to the wrong AP within our corporate SSID?14:25
derjurit's ignoring the AP near my desk, and connecting to one about 60m away....14:25
Cloudwalker42dean_: are there no possibilites to merge them together. Its not necessary to do that during runtime. A downtime would be okay14:25
Gazbyhggdh: yep, i'm trying to work out how to successfully install it when open-iscsi fails to start after install14:26
ducasseCloudwalker42: you would need LVM.14:26
dean_Cloudwalker42 I'm no linux guru but I doubt that it's even possible. And it's definitely not recommended :P14:26
akikCloudwalker42: you are talking about whole disks when you say sda and sdb, not partitions. lvm could work but if you don't use it now it's a bit difficult14:26
ducasseCloudwalker42: or mdadm14:26
Cloudwalker42yeah with lvm its very easy resizefs ans such things. I scale lvms on xen dom0s14:27
Cloudwalker42but yeah i thought that it would be hard to merge them together.14:28
Cloudwalker42akik: you say its difficult. Thats no problem if it is even possible to perform this operation14:28
ducasseCloudwalker42: you could stripe them with mdadm, that would work but is a bad idea.14:28
akikCloudwalker42: i meant difficult changing your installation from non-lvm into lvm14:29
Cloudwalker42ducasse: is this dangerous for the consistency of the data ?14:29
Cloudwalker42akik: ok thx a lot14:29
ducasseCloudwalker42: yes, if one drive fails you lose everything.14:29
tking0036There's no way to recover a volume group from a failed physical volume?14:30
tking0036I'm not sure that's right14:30
Cloudwalker42ducasse: that seems to be a bad idea hmm. But thx a lot for your help. Its a live system you know ... if this is to risky it wouldn't even do such operations14:31
ducasseCloudwalker42: can't you just clean out sdb, move a tree across and mount it where needed?14:32
Cloudwalker42ducasse: thats the only solution or the customer allows me to install lvm14:33
ducasseCloudwalker42: personally, I'd just mount it and use the extra space.14:34
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lucidguyHas Unity won over Gnome3 for most popular desktop?14:36
cfhowlettlucidguy, this is the support channel.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please14:37
lucidguyok then14:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1325545 in Light Display Manager "Make guest account name customizable" [Wishlist,New]14:38
derjurwhy would dig give me the ip of a host, but my browsers can't look it up?14:43
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lotuspsychjehuehue_: why dont you just make a new user and chmod its rights to your wishes?14:44
jamesd_is it just me or is  us.archive.ubuntu.com  having issues today?  apt-get installs are taking a long time to dl14:51
lotuspsychjejamesd_: proxy, firewall or router blocking from your side?14:53
jamesd_lotuspsychje: nope...  may be my provider having issues.14:55
lotuspsychjejamesd_: ok, you can ask in #ubuntu-mirrors for known issues14:55
Homeschool_DadHI - I need help recovering my kids computer.  How do I get root access using a usb boot14:59
pintmanmount the harddrive and do whatever needs to be done.14:59
LaserAllanhi, i need help on how to mount an NFS share permanently in /mnt or something so I can do backups14:59
pintmanLaserAllan, enter it in /etc/fstab.15:00
Homeschool_Dad@pintman I have done that - and I cannot get it to give me the permissions to either reinstall grub or back up all her files15:00
LaserAllan'pintmanthe thing is I have a freenas server running that i have nfs enabled on and I hav eno clue on how to go from here pretty much15:01
akikLaserAllan: you can enter the nfs share into /etc/fstab15:01
pintmanHomeschool_Dad, what did you do and what was the error?15:01
LaserAllanakik: I have never done this before so what that should b is beyond me :), should be the path to the file or? it is password protected though15:02
akikLaserAllan: nfs doesn't work with passwords15:02
LaserAllanakik: so I basically need to create a new user that doesn't require a password or something then?15:03
akikLaserAllan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo down on the page you can find the client setup15:03
Homeschool_Dad@pintman sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt15:04
pintmanNow you should have access to all files on /dev/sda1 in /mnt15:04
akikLaserAllan: the nfs server has an access list which says who can mount its directories. it (the permissions) works with the normal uid's15:04
Homeschool_Dad@pintman how do I get to /mnt?  can I cd /mnt15:05
LaserAllanakik: OK i will look into it15:05
akikLaserAllan: so in the best case you would have the same uid's on the server and the client15:05
pintmanHomeschool_Dad, of course you can. You have mounted it to this place. :)15:05
dannymichelIs there any way to make sure one rsync is dont before attemting to start another?15:06
lss9why do they suggest to prevent public access to the db and conf folder?15:07
derjurhttp://i.imgur.com/0tfVl0d.png   <---- can anyone explain why this is happening?  it's like everything works up until i need to do something with the dns lookup...15:08
Cloudwalker42I asked before if it is possible to merge two partiotions. The current question is: Is it possible to merge two primary partitions on linux. One of this partitions includes the rootfs (sda1) the other one is free allocated space (sdb1)15:08
LaserAllanakik: lemme get back to you :)15:09
Cloudwalker42One of you answered me to use mdadm or something like that. Was that answer related to every partition type15:09
ducasseCloudwalker42: mdadm uses raw partitions, if that's what you mean15:11
akikCloudwalker42: setting up mdadm is as difficult as lvm, i'd say15:11
shellbackpacificany one hear anything about the openssl vulnerability? https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv/20160503.txt15:11
shellbackpacificby "anything" i mean details on the package being updated. just curious :)15:12
dannymichelThe best thing to do here would be to create a .sh file with this, and run it? http://stackoverflow.com/a/9390183/171402415:12
Cloudwalker42ducasse: with raw partitions you mean something like sda(1) and not sda ?15:12
Homeschool_Dad@pintman ok - after I got it mounted I tried to back up /home/ to another hd and just reintall 14.04 - I could get some, but not all of the data.  I don't understand why15:13
Homeschool_Dad@ pintman - is there an easy way to get a private window?15:13
ducasseCloudwalker42: like sda1, I don't think you can use a raw disk device like sda, but I'm not sure15:13
Cloudwalker42ducasse: okay hmm i know what u mean. A bit difficult .. maybe I should inform the customer that it is necessary to create a new partition schema to including the new hard disk15:15
Cloudwalker42or maybe the customer qill accept the "mount" solution15:15
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Joelanyone know where to get the latest openssl for 14.04 is? https://www.openssl.org/news/vulnerabilities.html#y201615:15
Cloudwalker42 ducasse: thx a lot men15:15
Joelfrom apt I'm getting 1.0.1f :\15:15
shellbackpacificJoel: wondering the same myself15:16
ducasseCloudwalker42: look, the best way to use the extra space on another disk is to mount it where you need it, not spread everything black by block across them.15:16
PiciJoel: the patches have been backported to that version.15:16
PiciJoel, shellbackpacific: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2959-1/15:16
JoelPici, thanks15:17
blizzowI'm doing an upgrade of a server from wiley to xenial.  The server seems to have gone sideways and locked up during the upgrade of udev.  At one point, the upgrade during udev would error out saying that a "group input already exists exiting" and would just sit there. I removed the input group and it adds the group but still seems to hang up there.  I killed all the apt/dpkg/update jobs and ran apt-get -f install to try and get back on track.  It just hangs15:17
blizzowanyone have ideas on how to get the xenial upgrade back on the track?15:17
Cloudwalker42ducasse: Yeah thats the way I use additional space. The customers of my company has huge desires.15:17
shellbackpacificPici: alright so maybe i'm retarded but that means the advisory that came out today is already covered in 1.0.1f ?15:17
lotuspsychjeblizzow: is this a production server?15:17
ducasseCloudwalker42: then you should probably look at something like ZFS raid, do do it right.15:18
shellbackpacificPici: nevermind. thanks for the link15:18
pintmanHomeschool_Dad, what do you mean with private window?15:18
blizzowlotuspsychje: yes.15:19
Homeschool_Dad@ pintman - newb to IRC hard to follow15:19
lotuspsychjeblizzow: not very recommended to run wily for production, i would suggest 14.04 and wait until official 16.04.1 release upgrade15:19
curlyearsany devs in herem today?15:20
pintmanHomeschool_Dad, you are right. This is a high volume chan. There are a lot of messages flowing around. :)15:20
Cloudwalker42ducasse: we will recommend lvm to our customers15:20
ducasseCloudwalker42: then make sure to have backups :)15:21
Cloudwalker42ducasse: for sure :) thx x315:21
kelbyanyone able to figure why this commnd doese not run? deploying lubuntu 16.04 and this is my final line of my preseed.cfg : d-i preseed/late-command string "in-target wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list"15:21
curlyearselby:  it would help if you provided any errormessages or return string15:22
kelbysadly it doese not return anything or display a error on the machines im testing on. the only reason i know its not being ran is that the apache server shows no log of the file being retrieved15:24
nacckelby: are you sure wget is available?15:24
nacckelby: just confirming you've tested the same line from a shell from the same installer15:24
Homeschool_Dad@pintman - Ok I'll live with it.  we are using ubuntu 1404 - the computer hangs up after the password is entered.  - I tried re-intalling grub and it errors out - so I tried backing it up and reintalling 1404, but now I can't get all the data off.  tried searching internet for two days.  no good solutions15:25
blizzowlotuspsychje: little bit too late for that. It's already running wiley. The server has one small function. Just trying to figure out why it gets stuck at preparing to unpack mdadm.15:25
effectnethi Homeschool_Dad did 16.04 install at all?15:25
Homeschool_Dadat effectnet - I didnot try that.15:26
kelbyive tested the line in shell and it runs fine. the issue im having is that the installer seems to not call preseed/late-command15:26
noonsanyone here using autopilot?15:26
Homeschool_Dad@ effectnet - I didnot try that15:27
nacckelby: heh, it's preseed/late_command15:27
nacckelby: _ not -15:27
effectnetoh i was just wondering15:27
Homeschool_Dad@ effectnet - I just want to recover the data or reinstall grub to make it boot.  or just get root access while using a usb boot15:28
kelbythat might explain why its the only thing not ran...and double checked the example....15:28
kelbyalright. thanks15:28
nacckelby: np, gl!15:28
curlyearshowdy, nacc!15:29
pintmanHomeschool_Dad, maybe there is more broken and a new setup will do better.15:31
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: why can't you get all the data back?15:31
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Homeschool_Dad@ pintman - I'm ok with that.  How do I backup the data?  I get a permission error when I try to copy it with the GUI15:32
nacccurlyears: heya -- new issue today? :)15:32
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: try gksu nautilus15:32
curlyearshas anyone else noticed that the screen on the install DVD that offers a choice between "trying" and "Installing" ubuntu refers to itself as a "CD?"  interesting, since the image is now slightly over 1GB15:32
curlyearsminor quibble, I'll confess, but still, the devil is in the details15:33
Homeschool_Dad@eric I tried gksu nautilis - it errors out15:33
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: what error?15:33
nacccurlyears: haven't installed from a DVD in years, sorry :)15:33
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: are you doing stuff from a live usb?15:33
Homeschool_Dad@eric - yes15:33
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, try sudo nautilus15:34
curlyearsnacc:  unfortunately, I've head to - repeatedly15:34
Homeschool_Dad@eric will do brb15:34
pintmanHomeschool_Dad, maybe you have not right permissions. You can use a file explorer with root permission or use the commandline.15:34
Homeschool_Dad@ eric @ pintman this is a cut and paste from terminal : ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo nautilus  (nautilus:4325): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files Nautilus-Share-Message: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /v15:36
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.15:36
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: where are you trying to copy files from/to?15:36
Homeschool_Dad@ eric from /home/  to an external HD15:37
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, type sudo rsync -av /home /path/to/external/hd15:37
EriC^^it'll copy the whole "home" dir to the external hd as a single dir15:37
Homeschool_Dad@ eric i'll give it a try15:39
wadHey guys. I installed 16.04 LTS! Trying to configure this machine to connect to a VPN. When I click the upper-right network icon (two arrows), then choose "VPN Connections", then "Configure VPN", it opens the dialog to edit my wired ethernet connect. Huh? How do I add a VPN?15:39
wadOh, I found my problem. Never mind.15:40
curlyearsOK.   Well, I'm d/l-ing 16.04LTS now.  will burn the DVD when It's done.  (Ihave to use a USB external DVD drive, because the internal DVD is holding my Live-DVD)15:40
effectnetmy one puter wont even usb boot15:41
Homeschool_Dad@eric brb15:42
curlyearseffectnet:  neither will mine15:42
curlyearsthe BIOS offers it as an option, but it ddoesn't seem to work15:42
srulihow do i pastebin from console?15:43
tgm4883!pastebinit | sruli15:43
ubottusruli: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:43
lotuspsychjeeffectnet, curlyears there is a nice tool 'plop boot manager' that can be burned on cd to force old computers to boot an usb (with ubuntu)15:43
pintman'date | nc termbin.com 9999' will nearly always work.15:44
effectnethaha lotuspsychje  thx anyway15:44
effectnetis all good, i did install ubuntu dual boot15:44
effectnetthe puter stopped running windows 7 satisfactorily and so it is now going to relegate over to ubuntu15:44
effectnetit's old but kinda nice, quad core, 2.3g 4g mem max, single memory transfer though, not dual15:45
curlyearslotuspsyche:  when I was trying to use a USB boot, it was because the only "viable' copy of the installer I had was on a USB stick, and my system was not booting at all, even from Live-DVD15:45
touil76Hello. I'm on ubuntu 16.04. And whenever my screen goes to sleep mode due to inactivity, it cannot be woken up by moving the mouse or hitting a key.15:47
coffeeguyhi does ubuntu use iss-realsecure as a default install service? 16.0415:47
curlyearslotuspsychje: I am still having the same problems with re-installing 14.04.4 as yesterday.  I have decidd to d/l 16.04 and try that15:47
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lotuspsychjetouil76: does the power button bring it back to wakeup?15:48
auronandacecoffeeguy: not sure what you mean by an install service15:48
touil76lotuspsychje: No it does not.15:48
touil76When hitting the "parameters" button on my screen, it says : "in economy mode, hit a key or move the mouse"15:49
wadI'm having trouble getting my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop to install the Cisco VPN plugin to the Network Manager. Anyone here tried this?15:50
lotuspsychjetouil76: we solved a suspend issue today with a higher kernel 4.6 on 16.04, perhaps also try?15:50
lotuspsychje!mainline | touil7615:50
ubottutouil76: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds15:50
coffeeguyservice is up and running with a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04?15:50
touil76I'm not wanting to change the default kernel.15:50
auronandacecoffeeguy: what do you mean by service?15:50
lotuspsychjetouil76: some cases needs it...15:51
touil76What I know is that the problem doesn't occur on another computer running 16.0515:51
azizLIGHThow do i downgrade an update i made to firefox through software updates15:51
lotuspsychjetouil76: it really depends on the machine itself15:51
auronandaceazizLIGHT: downgrading isn't really supported15:51
touil76It seems related to the graphics card which is an old radeon x130015:52
coffeeguyi was just checking my router and i have three connections on local network ips that i can't account for(no physical connection) did a portscan on each with only port 920/tcp open iss-realsecure on each15:52
lotuspsychjetouil76: is the radeon driver loaded correctly?15:52
azizLIGHTauronandace: so i have to uninstall and then install from a diffferent source with a deb?15:52
lotuspsychjetouil76: sudo lshw -C video15:53
coffeeguywas just wondering if ubuntu set those up15:53
adx_So whats up with the absolutely shitty  GPU performance in 16.04?15:53
lotuspsychjeadx_: please keep the language familly friendly15:54
touil76The driver is loaded correctly15:54
daedadx_: i've gone through two GPUs, both nvidia and AMD, on 16.04, no issues with either?15:54
lotuspsychjetouil76: is it a desktop or laptop?15:54
touil76And I must add that everything worked flawlessly with ubuntu 14.0415:54
ubuntu524@eric are you still up?15:54
touil76It is a desktop.15:54
coffeeguyi mean i'm looking at the router and it has the internet, my computer, and ip cam15:54
lotuspsychjetouil76: ok, add a new bug please15:55
auronandaceazizLIGHT: that sounds about right but bear in mind if you are not using the default ubuntu repo then you'll need to take care of any updates to that app yourself15:55
lotuspsychje!bug | touil7615:55
ubottutouil76: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:55
coffeeguyand three other ip's registered as physical connections15:55
touil76I did add a new bug.15:55
lotuspsychjetouil76: can i see the url?15:55
touil76I was wondering if someone here could help.15:55
azizLIGHTauronandace: is there a way to test how a new version of software behaves before updating15:55
azizLIGHTauronandace: using the offical repo15:55
lotuspsychjetouil76: i would strongly suggest testing higher kernel15:55
Homeschool_Dad@eric are you still here?15:56
coffeeguyhmm maybe a better question for #networking, just wanted to know if ubuntu had an open service: iss-realsecure15:56
touil76lotuspsychje. Is it reversible ? Can I rever to the normal kernel after that ?15:56
lotuspsychjetouil76: yes15:56
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sruliEriC^^: hi, you once gave me a command to delete boot from efi (efibootmgr -B -b <hex number>) my efibootmgr -v is at paste.ubuntu.com/16203310 which is the hex number ?15:56
=== Guest53063 is now known as mcbloom
lotuspsychjetouil76: but share the bug first plz?15:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1577170 in xorg (Ubuntu) "screen cannot be turned back on after being switched off after some time of inactivity" [Undecided,New]15:57
lotuspsychjetouil76: tnx15:57
brymhelp :(15:57
auronandaceazizLIGHT: i'm guessing a firefox update broke one of your addons. it would be better to complain to the addon dev that try to use an older version15:57
brymi've accidentally deleted the virt bridges in vmm, and now can't reach any websites.15:58
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: how'd it go?15:58
auronandaceazizLIGHT: you can simulate an update with certain flag but i don't know about testing beforehand15:58
lotuspsychjetouil76: ok looks good, try a 4.6 or 4.8 mainline kernel and add your experiences to the bug15:58
Homeschool_Dad@eric poorly15:58
touil76HOw to do it ,15:59
brymcan't update from apt-get either15:59
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: why?15:59
lotuspsychjetouil76: its described in !mainline15:59
EriC^^sruli: these are the hex numbers, 0000, 0001, etc15:59
Homeschool_Dad@ eric when I do sudo fdisk -l i get : /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root doesn't contain a valid partition table15:59
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: that's fine i think16:00
touil76I'm going to try. Thank you.16:00
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: try sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root /mnt16:00
sruliEriC^^: do i need to give the full "Boot0001*" or just "0001" ?16:00
EriC^^sruli: just the numbers16:00
Homeschool_Dad@ eric ok16:00
sruliEriC^^: as always many thanks16:00
EriC^^sruli: no problem16:00
Homeschool_Dad@ eric it took that command16:01
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, try ls /mnt/home16:01
Homeschool_Dad@eric  ok16:02
Homeschool_Dad@ eric I think we are getting somewhere!  It mounted Lindsey16:03
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, try ls /mnt/home/Lindsey to see if the data is there16:04
Mouaadhello, i have a problem, ubuntu logs me out randomly !16:05
Homeschool_Dad@eric  ls: cannot access /mnt/home/Lindsey: No such file or directory16:05
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: try ls /mnt/home/lindsey16:05
touil76There is no xenial version on the page. Only wily16:06
azizLIGHTanother thing that changed is that i can no longer scroll down a bit at a time by clicking the scroll bar. now when i click, it takes you directly to that spot in the scroll bar, instead of going down a bit towards that spot on the scroll bar16:06
Mouaadand i am using ubuntu 16.04 ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/16203583/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/16203594/16:06
azizLIGHTis there a setting to undo that in ff 4616:06
Homeschool_Dad@ eric it looks like it took16:06
Mouaadthis become more and more often (today happend like every 5 mins while using eclipse..)16:07
Homeschool_Dad@ eric can I copy the data with the GUI?16:07
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: yeah, try sudo nautilus16:07
touil76lotuspsychje : there is no xenial new version of the kernel.16:08
Tegugksudo, rather?16:08
Homeschool_Dad@eric (Sorry in advance) (nautilus:4107): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files Nautilus-Share-Message: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory Please 16:08
rflemingDo the freedesktop.org / realmd people have a channel?16:08
EriC^^usually yes Tegu he's on a live usb with no gksu, doesn't really matter16:08
somsip!alis | rfleming16:09
ubotturfleming: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http16:09
Teguah, nevermind then16:09
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: try sudo -i16:09
=== coffeeguy is now known as noobguy
EriC^^then type nautilus16:09
rflemingsomsip, sweet16:09
Homeschool_Dad@eric nautilus popped up a filemanager and it looks like something is still running in terminal16:10
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: copying the data with rsync is pretty easy and it's nicer cause it checksums the data too so you know it's all copied right16:10
=== song_ is now known as peiro
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: it's a bit slower i guess cause it does checksum stuff though16:11
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: what do you think? rsync?16:11
Homeschool_Dad@ eric - i'll give it a shot16:11
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, where do you want to copy the data to?16:11
Homeschool_Daddo you have the syntax for rsync16:12
EriC^^yes, it's sudo rsync -av /source /destination16:12
MouaadAny ideas why is ubuntu randomly reloging, please ?16:12
EriC^^Mouaad: check ~/.xsession-errors maybe?16:12
Homeschool_Dad@ eric ok - trying16:13
Homeschool_Dad@eric - can I close the current terminal and open a new one?  It is not responding since the first nautilus.16:14
rjr6860I cannot get my dual boot to load the grub loader. I have been trying this for a couple of hours via web searches.16:14
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: yeah16:14
Homeschool_Dadok - ty16:14
EriC^^rjr6860: uefi?16:14
MouaadEriC^^: all what the file says is: "openConnection: connect: No such file or directory"16:15
rjr6860EriC^^, no16:15
EriC^^Mouaad: try grep -i segfault /var/log/kern.log16:15
soulissonHi, I need your help, I have a 500 GB external hard drive and I'm unable it to mount it now16:16
EriC^^rjr6860: what is the setup?16:16
rjr6860EriC^^, i used linux mint for a month. Decided to try ubuntu mate.16:16
EriC^^soulisson: unable how?16:16
Homeschool_Dad@Eric^^  rsync /mnt / sda2  ?16:16
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: no!16:16
rjr6860EriC^^, windows 7 - dell studio laptop16:16
MouaadEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16203874/16:16
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: you need to mount the partition first to a directory16:17
soulissonEriC^^, I'm using kubuntu, I use the interface and I have a message unable to mount drive16:17
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: working with the file itself could write to the raw disk fwiw16:17
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: type sudo mkdir dest16:17
soulissonEriC^^, I also used the mount command16:17
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: sorry, sudo mkdir /test16:17
EriC^^*sudo mkdir dest16:17
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^  ok16:18
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: type sudo mkdir /dest16:18
kelbygood going16:18
soulissonEriC^^, Failed to write lock '/dev/sdb1': Resource temporarily unavailable16:18
soulissonError opening '/dev/sdb1': Resource temporarily unavailable16:18
Homeschool_DadEric^^ done16:18
EriC^^soulisson: try mount | nc termbin.com 999916:19
MouaadEriC^^: there is some segfaults about libcairo.so !16:19
lotuspsychjetouil76: you can download a wily kernel 4.6 np, dont mind the names16:20
soulissonEriC^^, I have this nc: getaddrinfo: No address associated with hostname16:20
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, try sudo rsync -av /mnt/home/lindsey/ /dest    (take note of the trailing "/" after lindsey, it's needed so it copies lindsey as a dir to the destination)16:20
EriC^^soulisson: give it another go, it tends to do that sometimes16:21
rubiksmomoCould someone please tell me how to setup a graphics driver? Whenever I install any nvidia driver I just get black/blank screen for login screen. I have GeForce GTX 960M + Intel. My filesystem is encrypted.16:21
EriC^^rjr6860: you installed windows first then ubuntu?16:21
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: disable the intel one and install latest nvidia driver from ppa16:21
rjr6860EriC^^, yes. Windows on for a long time. Then ubuntu. Linux mint worked without issue.16:21
soulissonEriC^^, I have that now: Use netcat.16:22
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: How do I disable Intel GPU?16:22
EriC^^rjr6860: what happens when you boot after installing ubuntu?16:22
tonytif you want disable onboard video you do it through the bios16:22
EriC^^soulisson: ok, do you have pastebinit installed?16:22
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: install nvidia-prime and enable performance mode16:23
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^ I think we got it!16:23
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: great!16:23
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: OK, thanks. I'll try.16:23
rjr6860EriC^^, boots to windows, no options16:23
Homeschool_DadThank you!!!16:23
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: no problem16:23
brymvmm question guys: i've deleted the virtual networks, storage and interfaces from connection details of a vm i no longer wanted. but it's now affecting my regular web browsing; no sites resolve.16:23
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: wich driver did you install?16:24
rjr6860EriC^^, now I think I've got folders in my root window that shouldn't be there from trying to fix this.16:24
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: restart the live usb before unplugging the external hdd, or unmount it with sudo umount /dest , then unplug16:24
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: I think the one I have now is nvidia-36116:24
soulissonEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/16204019/16:24
EriC^^rjr6860: can you boot a live usb?16:25
shekharwhat are the prerequisites for Intellij IDEA to run on ubuntu??16:25
ReScOi want to use LDAP for mail and services authentication, i've got my own company, and i'm trying to think up a structure, what are the best practices when it comes to this?16:25
rjr6860I am booted to a live DVD right now.16:25
rjr6860EriC^^, I am booted to live session now.16:25
EriC^^soulisson: does "mount" show it?16:25
touil76lotuspsychje : the same problem occurs with the latest 4.6 kernel16:26
EriC^^rjr6860: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 , paste the link it gives you here16:26
soulissonEriC^^, no16:26
EriC^^soulisson: did you try restarting?16:26
lotuspsychjetouil76: ok thats not good...update your bug mentioning you tested the newer kernel16:26
shekharhey I am a newbie to Ubuntu,  what are the prerequisites for Intellij IDEA to run on ubuntu??16:26
soulissonEriC^^, several times16:26
rjr6860EriC^^,  http://termbin.com/dgge16:27
yannnAnybody here who could help me troubleshooting wireless problems? It's about this issue and I don't know what to do: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76557816:27
ubottuGnome bug 765578 in general "No internet connection through WLAN although connected to wireless network" [Major,Needinfo]16:27
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^ almost  :(16:27
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: what's the problem?16:28
EriC^^rjr6860: it looks good16:28
EriC^^rjr6860: try sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt16:28
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^ i used sudo rsync -av /mnt/home/lindsey/ /media/ubuntu/MyPassport  and it backed it up to the internal HD16:28
soulissonIs there a diagnosis tool I can use to check if there are damaged sectors?16:28
rubiksmomoShould I uninstall nvidia once again to get the GUI up and configure nvidia-prime?16:28
rjr6860EriC^^, done16:29
pat_rickshekhar: I think it should be pretty straightforward16:29
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: is there a space in the My Passport?16:29
rjr6860EriC^^, isn't sda8 my boot sector?16:29
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: try ls /media/ubuntu16:29
pat_rickshekhar: there's also a tutorial on youtube, maybe it helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBkjXV1aSRA16:30
EriC^^rjr6860: sda8 is the boot partition i think16:30
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^ MyPassort is the external HD, but it went to the internal HD16:30
EriC^^rjr6860: type the following line16:30
compdocthen the rsync command was flawed16:30
EriC^^rjr6860: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done16:30
rjr6860EriC^^, anyway did what you suggested. mounted sda716:30
akik /last souli16:30
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: i think there was a typo16:30
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: type "mount | nc termbin.com 9999"16:31
rjr6860EriC^^, error bash: syntax error near unexpected token `do'16:31
tgm4883Has anyone used altermime to add a multiline disclaimer to all postfix emails? I've got it adding it, but it's making my disclaimer a single line which looks weird16:31
EriC^^soulisson: there's smartctl16:31
EriC^^soulisson: sudo apt-get install smartmontools16:31
squintysoulisson,  Disks -> highlight the drive in question -> top right hand corner of Disks three lined icon -> Smart Data and self tests16:31
EriC^^soulisson: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX16:31
yvnehey! i installed ubuntu 16.04 lts just recent. i checked System Settings>Security&Privacy>Search, and it was toggled to Off. however i noticed Unity Tweak Tool>Search>Show "More Suggestions" ticked. is this supposed to be the case?16:31
MouaadEriC^^ : any ideas please ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/16203874/16:31
soulissonEriC^^, I think my hard drive has to support SMART, right?16:32
EriC^^rjr6860: did you type "for i in /dev .... " ?16:32
compdocsoulisson, most do16:32
Homeschool_Dad@ eric ^^ It mounted a URL16:32
soulissoncompdoc, ok16:32
lotuspsychjesoulisson: use ubuntu's disk tool to start a smart test16:32
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, paste the link here16:32
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: it'll show the output of the command "mount" which shows where the partitions are mounted16:33
compdocsoulisson, but theres also a bios option to enable it, for some dumb reason16:33
rjr6860EriC^^, OK. got it all this time.16:33
shekharpat_rick:  it seems we need to install Oracle java to use Intellij but I have Open JDK locally16:33
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: ok, there's a space in the path16:33
rjr6860EriC^^, ok. done with that.16:33
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: try sudo rsync -av /mnt/home/lindsey/ "/media/ubuntu/My Passport"16:33
pat_rickshekhar: I'm not sure if it absolutely requires Oracle Java, e.g. Eclipse runs fine with OpenJDK16:34
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: the quotes take care of the space in the path16:34
=== InfoTest1 is now known as InfoTest
soulissonlotuspsychje, I use kubuntu, what's the name of the package?16:34
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^  So leave the quotes in?16:34
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: also, you can use tab completion for commands, like /mnt/home<tab> should complete stuff or give you a list of possibilities then type the first few letters and hit tab again16:35
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: yes16:35
EriC^^rjr6860: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt16:35
Homeschool_Dad@eric ^^  trying16:35
rjr6860EriC^^, ok got that16:35
shekharpat_rick:  but it  is still running with OpenJDk . A  warning : OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=350m; support was removed in 8.016:35
lotuspsychjesoulisson: gnome-disks16:36
abel_anyone worked with cryptsetup ?16:36
EriC^^Mouaad: no idea, looks like some segfault, no idea about it16:36
rubiksmomoHow can I disable Intel GPU using nvidia-prime from terminal? Or should I uninstall nvidia to get the GUI working?16:36
shekharpat_rick:  is it ok, or we should do something else??16:36
Homeschool_Dad@eric^^  where do I ship the case of beer I owe you?16:36
pat_rickshekhar: that doesn't sound critical to me, but I'm no java developer ;)16:36
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: after installed nvidia-prime, enable performance mode in nvidia-settings16:36
EriC^^Homeschool_Dad: :D16:37
EriC^^rjr6860: type "mount -a"16:37
pat_rickshekhar: alternatively there are many tutorials available online on how to install Oracle Java in Ubuntu16:37
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: you could try to get in desktop with a nomodeset or recoverymode/failsafeX16:37
pat_rickjust in case you really need that instead of OpenJDK16:37
rjr6860EriC^^, mount -a: command not found16:38
EriC^^rjr6860: hmm16:38
EriC^^are you at a root shell right now?16:38
EriC^^root@....# ?16:38
rjr6860EriC^^, quotes around it or not?16:38
EriC^^no quotes16:38
shekharpat_rick: but i need openJDk for other purposes16:38
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: nvidia-settings says the control display is undefined. Maybe I'll try failsafeX then.16:38
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: ok good luck16:39
rjr6860EriC^^, without quotes did not give error16:39
shekharpat_rick:  so i need to clarify soemthings , BTW it seems good so far16:39
shekharpat_rick:  thanks for your help :)16:40
pat_rickshekhar: no problem, I haven't done much16:40
brymi try to ping google.com and it errors: unknown host google.com - any idea please guys?16:40
EriC^^rjr6860: ok, type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda16:41
rjr6860EriC^^, grub-install: warning: Sector 32 is already in use by the program `FlexNet'; avoiding it.  This software may cause boot or other problems in future.  Please ask its authors not to store data in the boot track.16:42
rjr6860Installation finished. No error reported.16:42
EriC^^rjr6860: ok, usually that flexnet thing is just a warning but grub still works16:42
EriC^^rjr6860: try update-grub16:42
EriC^^if it doesn't work you have to use dd to remove it from the mbr16:43
rjr6860EriC^^, ok done16:43
EriC^^rjr6860: ok, type exit and try rebooting16:43
rjr6860EriC^^, ok - thanks16:43
soulissonEriC^^, sorry, disconnection issue, here the output of smartctl but I'm unable to understand it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16204465/16:45
rubiksmomoHow do I disable Intel GPU without a working X (even failsafeX results in login loop)?16:45
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: you could try sudo apt purge nvidia* to get in with nouveau, then add the latest driver with ppa16:47
EriC^^soulisson: the hdd is dying16:47
EriC^^soulisson: not an expert about this, others can confirm as well i guess16:47
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: I've tried that already. Just black/blank screen for login.16:47
soulissonEriC^^, can you explain how you came up to this diagnosis?16:47
OptiprismHey, how do I give a user the rights to do anything he wants in his home directory?16:48
EriC^^soulisson: there are 3 current pending sectors16:48
EriC^^and Reallocated_Sector_Ct   0x0033   050   050   036    Pre-fail  Always       -       103616:49
rick6860EriC^^, it worked.16:49
EriC^^soulisson: i think those are dead sectors that are being reallocated16:49
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: try: sudo prime-select nvidia16:49
EriC^^(bad sectors)16:49
compdoc1036 bad sectors16:49
geniiOptiprism: System defaults are already set that way, that the user has read-write-execute priveleges to anything in their own directory16:49
compdocthats a lot16:49
rick6860EriC^^, so now I have a folder called boot and one called grub on the / partition. Should I leave those?16:49
compdocsoulisson, back up your files and buy a new drive16:50
soulissonEriC^^, compdoc thanks16:50
OptiprismI created a user with "adduser" and he doesn't appear to have access to his directory16:50
EriC^^rick6860: boot is normal16:50
EriC^^rick6860: you shouldn't have a /grub there though, should be /boot/grub16:50
soulissoncompdoc, I wish but I'm not even able to mount my hard drive16:50
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: Still in login loop. Should I reboot?16:50
compdocsoulisson, can you boot the live ubuntu dvd?16:51
EriC^^rick6860: did you run any grub-install commands earlier? grub-install --boot-dir ... or something ?16:51
compdocor usb stick16:51
rick6860EriC^^, when i was trying all of that myself I was attempting to mnt the wrong partition.16:51
rick6860EriC^^, can I just delete those?16:51
geniiOptiprism: Is the new user's directory on a foreign filesystem like NTFS or something else odd like that?16:51
EriC^^soulisson: if i were you and i had important data on it, i'd make an image of the hdd very quickly16:51
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: try ctrl alt f1 and sudo service lightdm restart16:51
EriC^^soulisson: you could always recover stuff using photorec etc.16:52
soulissoncompdoc, it's an external hard drive16:52
OptiprismAnd I also had to create the user directory per hand for some reason16:52
EriC^^rick6860: yeah16:52
compdocsoulisson, oh.16:52
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: Done. Still in login loop.16:52
soulissoncompdoc, so I have 1036 damaged sectors?16:52
EriC^^rick6860: sudo rm -r /grub16:52
=== kissiel-afk is now known as kissiel
compdocmore than that, since there are Pending sectors16:52
geniiOptiprism: Did you run adduser with sudo?16:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1325545 in Light Display Manager "Make guest account name customizable" [Wishlist,New]16:53
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: out of ideas then16:53
compdocsoulisson, as time goes by, more and more will go bad16:54
geniiOptiprism: What was the name of the new user you attempted to add? Possible a system reserved one16:54
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: OK, thanks for help16:54
soulissoncompdoc, ok, what are Reallocated sectors and pending sectors, I'm sorry i'm not familiar with these notions16:54
compdocsoulisson, reallocated are sectors that have been tested and are bad. Pending means they are still being tested, but are likely bad16:55
compdocsoulisson, whatever files and data were on those sectors are bad too16:56
compdocincluding directory structures16:56
nairwolfHow to specify permissions of all my directorys to 755 and all my files to 644 in the same time ?16:56
rubiksmomoCould someone please tell me how to fix a login loop? I installed nvidia-361 and nvidia-prime. I have GeForce GTX 960M (3D adapter) + Intel (VGA adapter).16:57
soulissoncompdoc, ok, thanks, so if I'm unlucky these sectors might affect the file system and in that case it will be hard to recover16:57
compdocexaclty. its random. a roll of the dice16:57
compdocyou were unlucky16:57
EriC^^nairwolf: find -type d, type -f16:58
dannymichelMy login looks like this now instead of the default Ubuntu login. How do I switch back16:58
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: tryed nomodeset also?16:59
EriC^^nairwolf: sudo find /path -type d -exec chmod 755 '{}' \;16:59
rick6860EriC^^, indicates no such file. But when I go to disks and open folder from there, it shows grub.16:59
EriC^^nairwolf: sudo find /path -type f -exec chmod 644 '{}' \;16:59
OptiprismI deleted the user and made a couple new ones seems to have solved the problem16:59
nairwolfoh, thank you so much EriC^^ ;)16:59
EriC^^nairwolf: no problem16:59
nairwolfoh, but is it recursive ?17:00
EriC^^nairwolf: yeah17:00
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: Not lately (with this config). I'll try it, thanks.17:00
nairwolfok ;)17:00
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | rubiksmomo17:00
ubotturubiksmomo: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:00
c10udhello, I just updated to xenial and now my mouse speed is weird, any idea?17:00
c10udalso mscorefonts-installer fails everytime17:01
lotuspsychjec10ud: sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras17:02
c10udlotuspsychje, unfortunately the installer fails when downloading fonts from sourceforge17:02
Punkti have a question17:03
Punkti can access on the first hdd on my dedicated17:03
lotuspsychjec10ud: from the installer of restricted extras?17:03
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
Punkti see the second but no idea whats wrong17:03
=== freebsd1 is now known as renegadevi
Punktnot able to acess it17:04
c10udfrom apt-get install --reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer, ubuntu-restricted-extra was already installerd17:04
squintyPunkt,  Disks -> highlight drive name and see if it's mounted.  if not, try mounting it17:05
Punktok lemme check17:05
Punktsquinty command not found...17:06
Punktbut i see right now via webmin17:06
anyilloydguys please how do i install php7 in my ubuntu 16.0417:06
Punktthe second evo are not partition yet17:06
anyilloydneed help please17:07
squintyPunkt, Disks is a program   look in the dash17:07
squintyc10ud, fwiw, just tried your command and no error reported on reinstallation17:08
c10udmaybe sf doesn't like me :/ however I probably found a solution17:08
rubiksmomoI still get blank screen for login. Adding "nomodeset" didn't help. Any ideas?17:10
=== Apachez_ is now known as Apachez
z4canyone having problems with openvpn and register-dns?17:11
z4cgetting  Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in 203.ovpn:16: register-dns17:12
z4cusing same config on windows and it works flawless17:12
squintyc10ud,  re mouse   default settings was way to fast for my tastes so I turned it all the way down in System Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad17:12
c10udsquinty, uhh I only have a slider for double-click speed, I think17:13
ash_workzwhat do you call the window-bar thing on the left?17:14
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: is there a bios option to disable intel graphics?17:14
ash_workzthe dock?17:14
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: did you disable fastboot?17:14
jcastroash_workz: launcher17:14
=== daveomcd__ is now known as daveomcd
squintyc10ud,  might different if using some flavour other than unity17:14
ash_workzis there terminology to describe an application on the launcher that has several lit dots17:15
ash_workza window group?17:15
c10udsquinty, I'm using unity, I think I need to check if ubuntu-desktop is installed then..17:15
ash_workzan instance group?17:15
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: Nothing about graphics in BIOS. Never played with fastboot. Where is it?17:15
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: do you dualboot?17:15
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: No, just Ubuntu17:16
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: ok then nvm, can you reach into a liveusn mode?17:16
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: GUI works normally if I uninstall nvidia17:18
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: ah thats good news17:18
squintyash_workz,  just out of curiosity what is the application name?17:18
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: purge nvidia then, goto desktop, add the latest driver ppa and install the 364 one17:19
lotuspsychjerubiksmomo: +enable performance mode from nvidia-settings17:19
ash_workzsquinty: I want to describe something about ubuntu that I lack the terminology for... it happens with any application, but my currently open ones are inkscape, gimp and firefox17:19
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: OK, lemme know when I have to GUI up17:20
squintyash_workz,  never seen that here (on unity)  sounds like some kind of video/icon corruption17:20
rubiksmomolotuspsychje: I'll let you know*17:20
Harry-GAA001Hi folks, I've had to rebuild my server and have installed vsftpd but I still can't connect via filezilla. I think I've opened port 21 correctly. Can anyone help please? Ubuntu16.0417:20
ash_workzsquinty: I'm using stock unity too17:21
MonkeyDustHarry-GAA001  thee's also #ubuntu-server17:21
ash_workzthey're little lights next to applications on the launcher which indicate open windows17:21
dannymichelI'm on Ubuntu 16 and my default login switched to this one https://i.imgur.com/Cu8SVZE.jpg not sure how. How would I switch back?17:22
Harry-GAA001ok, thanks for that MonkeyDust but I got help in here last time so I'm hoping this room is good enough :)17:22
squintyash_workz,  ahhhh....yes that displays here too   no idea if there is a special terminology for them though lol17:22
ash_workzsquinty: well, not the lights specifically, I meant, I don't want to say, "when you click on the application" because that's misleading, and I don't want to say, "when you click on the window group" because I don't believe anyone will know what I'm talking about17:23
lumideehi, debian testing should have generally newer packages than ubuntu, because a ubuntu release takes most packages from testing at one point of a time right? so during the time debian testing got already newer package versions whereas ubuntu has still the old testing packages?17:24
ash_workzsquinty: but the lead in is (and I would appreciate if someone could throw me some vocabulary here) when you click on an application on the launcher that has multiple windows open, it takes you into this mode where you can see all the windows17:24
ash_workzthat has the window actions (close, minimize, restore/maximize) available but they perform no actions... is that just because this "mode" is contained in a virtual "window" or something?17:25
OerHekslumidee, maybe, maybe not, what package are you referring too ?17:26
akikHarry-GAA001: can you access the ftp server with the cli ftp client?17:26
Harry-GAA001Haven't tried, I only tend to use filezilla. I'll try tht now17:26
squintyash_workz,  http://www.linuceum.com/Distros/osUnityUsing.php  might give a clue17:32
lumideeOerHeks, bareos17:33
MonkeyDust!find bareos17:35
ubottuFound: bareos, bareos-bat, bareos-bconsole, bareos-client, bareos-common, bareos-database-common, bareos-database-mysql, bareos-database-postgresql, bareos-database-sqlite3, bareos-database-tools (and 12 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bareos&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all17:35
MonkeyDust!info bareos17:35
ubottubareos (source: bareos): Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.2.6-3 (xenial), package size 17 kB, installed size 75 kB17:35
xanguaash_workz: "expose"17:35
OerHekslumidee, bareos is the same in debian and ubuntu (wily)17:35
ReScOwhen will https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1576816 get addressed?17:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1576816 in linux (Ubuntu) "sky2 Driver RX Error" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:36
Caelumwhat is the app to enable "third party repositories"17:36
Harry-GAA001Ok so I seem to be able to get as far as the password bit for CLI ftp connection but I can't remember the password. On filezilla it says the password is ok. I've tried various combinations but I can't get the password to work.17:37
OerHeksReScO, confirm that bug, if you depend on a fix17:38
akikHarry-GAA001: it usually uses your own linux level password17:38
Harry-GAA001You mean the root account password?17:38
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
akikHarry-GAA001: no. and please don't configure it to allow root logins17:39
Harry-GAA001No I won't lol, was just checking what you meant17:39
lumideeOerHeks, i was comparing debian testing with ubuntu. debian testing has bareos 15.2: https://packages.debian.org/search?suite=stretch&searchon=names&keywords=bareos17:39
squintyCaelum,  Software and Updates -> Other Software   maybe what you are lookin for17:40
=== kurros_ is now known as kurros
akikHarry-GAA001: is this vsftpd installation on which ubuntu version? i tested it on ubuntu 14.04 and didn't have any problems17:40
akikHarry-GAA001: by default allowed normal user account login17:41
OerHekslumidee, oops, the top package is for the nex yaketakytak https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bareos17:41
OerHeks= 15.217:41
ReScOOerHeks, i made the bug report17:41
Harry-GAA00116.04 - Someone helped me to get it working about a week ago but I've had to rebuild the server and now I can't remember what we did to fix it17:41
akikHarry-GAA001: the #ubuntu logs are available on http17:42
lumideeOerHeks, hm, you mean an update of yakkety 16.10 will have bareos 15.2 or do you mean the next ubuntu release after yakketi?17:44
tewardlumidee: he means that Yakkety 16.10 will have the software in it.17:45
OerHekslumidee, 16.10 yakety yak17:47
lumideeoh i see, yakkety will be released in oct, thought it was already released, because i found yakkety in the repo search :)17:47
tewardlumidee:  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases - best source for what is released, what's end of life, and what is a 'future' release17:48
brymcan someone help me please; my resolvconf folder is empty17:51
brymrunning 16.04 upgraded from 14.0417:52
rubiksmomoI installed nvidia 364 and I have nvidia-prime set to performance/Nvidia. I get blank screen for login and the system does not respond to ctrl+alt+F1. Got to terminal through safemode. Could someone please tell me how to get the nvidia driver working? :S17:52
brymok, have i been muted? i've been trying to get help all afternoon, but nobody's replied.17:53
tgm4883brym: yes I can see you17:54
brymthnks, tgm488317:54
brymdon't suppose you'd know how to help me resolve this?17:55
tgm4883brym: I could look, but I'm off to a meeting righ tnow17:55
brymtgm4883,  much appreciated17:56
brymtgm4883: it's been happening since i removed interfaces, storage, and virtual networks, and vm from an unwanted vmm image17:57
tgm4883brym: so what exactly is empty?17:59
brymthe /etc/resolvconf dir, except for the update-libc.d dir17:59
brym/etc/resolv.conf is a broken symlink18:00
dannymichelI can't start Ubuntu and I don't know why. It's stuck on that purple screen. I can get to a command prompt by pressing control alt f2 but I don't know what to do next. Can anyone help me?18:01
tgm4883brym: this is a server or desktop install?18:01
=== dimi34ka2 is now known as dimi34ka
brymdesktop, upgrade from 14.04 to 16.0418:01
brymwas working fine until i tooled around with vmm :/18:01
squintybrym,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=resolvconf&mode=exactfilename&suite=xenial&arch=any    might give a clue as to what to reinstall18:01
brymsquinty: thanks, but i'm unable to resolve any websites18:02
=== mortalius_1 is now known as mortalius
rubiksmomoI installed nvidia 364 and I have nvidia-prime set to performance/Nvidia. I get blank screen for login and the system does not respond to ctrl+alt+F1. Got to terminal through safemode. Could someone please tell me how to get the nvidia driver working? :S18:03
akikbrym: create a /etc/resolv.conf with e.g. google's dns servers18:03
brymakik: deleting the broken link first, yeah?18:04
akikbrym: yes18:04
akikonly thing it needs for now is nameserver
squintydannymichel,  Start a reboot and hold down the Shift key. Press the e key on getting the GRUB bootloader menu. Using arrow keys navigate to and delete quiet and splash and type the word nomodeset in their place. Press Ctrl and X at the same time to continue booting    it gets rid of the splash screen etc so you may be able to see where it's hanging up18:05
akikbrym: did somebody already tell you that there's no upgrade option from 14.04 to 16.04 currently?18:05
brymthey did, akik. this has only happened since i messed with an unwanted image in vm. i removed some settings i feel i probably shouldn't have.18:07
dannymichelThanks squinty18:09
brymfsl_ has helped me get ping working again, and apt-get is currently (slowly) checking for updates18:09
brymand websites resolve again...18:10
drabhi, does anybody know how to set global input systems? I've added chinese input, but I have to manually run fcitx config tool and add it if I want it to work for a new user18:12
drabI've noticed that if I do that, it modifies ~/.config/fcitx/profile and adds it to the EnabledIMList . is there such a thing at ssytem level? can't find it18:13
squintybrym,   openresolv, resolvconf  cruft-common cruft-common   these are the packages returned when searching for resolvconf at http://packages.ubuntu.com/18:15
squintybrym, sorry last one should have been bash-completion18:16
brymcheers, squinty. just waiting for apt-get to to finish attempting to update18:17
brymit's on Get:14 atm18:17
BresHey. I'm having an issue with VirtualBox 5.0.20 and USB drives. Just to rule out the common issues, I'm added in users; I've installed exp and installed additions; I can add the USB devices themselves and they show up in guests. I just can't open the devices themselves. Same issue in all guests I've tried (16.04 host > 16.04 guest, Mint 17.03 guest, Windows 8 guest). Anyone know a solution to this?18:19
anklHello together.18:20
nomoney4me2hi all18:22
anklCould somebody help me with the following problem. My current system Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has a problem to connect to wpa accesspoints.18:22
ali__hello dear18:22
reisionomoney4me2: sup18:22
ali_whats up18:22
nomoney4me2reisio, hi! lol18:22
anklwpa_supplicant[2121]: wlp2s0: SME: Deauth request to the driver failed18:22
ReScOwhen will https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1576816 get addressed?18:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1576816 in linux (Ubuntu) "sky2 Driver RX Error" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:23
anklany ideas?18:24
naccReScO: does that happen with mainline?18:24
ReScOnacc, yup18:24
ReScOhas been happening for a looooooong time now18:25
ReScO6 years for me now18:25
naccReScO: so with 4.6-rc6?18:25
naccReScO: if so, file a bugzilla.kernel.org or e-mail lkml?18:25
ReScOnacc, has been happening since kernel 2.6 iirc18:26
naccReScO: you can also try and cc the maintainers of the driver as well18:26
ReScOas long as the sky2 driver exists, it's broken18:26
ReScOhow can i find out?18:26
nomoney4me2reisio, lol - figured i go here to ask my ubuntu related questions because they're suggesting other distros in the other channel :P18:28
naccReScO: https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/tree/MAINTAINERS?id=refs/tags/v4.6-rc6#n692418:29
naccReScO: it seems like Marvell are active, they can probably help?18:29
naccReScO: note that in order to file the bug report with them, they'll want you to be running mainline, not hte Ubuntu kernel (but you can use the mainline PPA, i think)18:30
nacc!mainline | ReScO18:30
ubottuReScO: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:30
reisionomoney4me2: :p18:30
reisiothis is a better place for Ubuntu-specific questions, anyway18:31
ReScOnacc, how can i poke them with my bug report?18:31
bekksReScO: You submit the bug report, and they will read it.18:32
reisiobug reporting is poking itself18:32
ReScObekks, but i submitted a bug report?18:32
bekksReScO: Did you?18:33
naccReScO: ubuntu bug report != kernel bug report18:33
reisioif you aren't an old hand, it's best to submit to your distro's bug tracker first18:33
reisionomoney4me2: so what's up?18:33
bekksReScO: Did you submit an Ubuntu bug report or kernel bug report?18:33
nomoney4me2reisio, reinstalling lubuntu on this mac air from last night.  Waiting for it to finish and try this wifi driver again.18:34
reisionomoney4me2: ah18:34
nomoney4me2reisio, it seems the b43 driver was able to work, allowing me to see the wlan0.  However, it won't connect to the ssid.18:34
ReScObekks, ubuntu, because it had a tool18:34
reisionomoney4me2: oh are you the broadcam-sta guy?18:35
bekksReScO: Which tool?18:35
rubiksmomoI installed nvidia 364 and I have nvidia-prime set to performance/Nvidia. I get blank screen for login and the system does not respond to ctrl+alt+F1. Got to terminal through safemode. Could someone please tell me how to get the nvidia driver working? :S18:35
nomoney4me2reisio, from last night? yes.  However, I did not go the sta route, it required dkms and a whole bunch of dependencies (which is problematic when the laptop does not have an ethernet connection).18:35
z4canyone else having a samsung monitor with ubuntu 16.04? everything feels zoomed and changing resolution doesnt fix this... (at work i have an asus monitor and everything works fine)18:36
reisionomoney4me2: might be some clues here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir18:36
nomoney4me2reisio, so I followed the tutorial on ubuntu's site regarding b43 drivers18:36
reisioall the mac laptops tend to have specific howtos on the interwebs18:36
ReScObekks, the one built into ubuntu18:36
reisio(since people paid twice as much for them, they want them to work :p)18:36
nomoney4me2reisio, it was free so I am not expecting much :P18:37
bekksReScO: Can you name it?18:37
ReScObekks, if i could've i would've18:37
curlyearsOK. When I try to boot to the HDD, it stops with "ALERT!  /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root does not exist.18:38
akikz4c: what do you get with "xdpyinfo | grep resolution" ?18:38
curlyearsthen it drops the "BusyBox v1.21.118:38
reisiocurlyears: sounds like your lvm has become confused18:38
bekkscurlyears: what have you dont before you rebooted?18:38
reisiocurlyears: or your hardware has died :D18:38
curlyearsthe is presents the folowng "prompt" whihch does not seem to respond to any form of input  "(unitramfs)18:39
naccReScO: seems like upstream think it might have been a hardware issue sometime ago (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/linux/kernel/1131669)18:39
sqredreaperim having trouble getting ubuntu to boot on my mac can anyone help me? 16 boots into a black screen and 14.4 which did work before with nomodeset not just stops at the ubuntu logo18:39
bekkscurlyears: what have you dont before you rebooted?18:39
z4cakik resolution:    96x96 dots per inch18:40
curlyearsbekks:  The other day I "sudo apt-get install gnome"  chose gnome as my default file manager and tried to reboot.  Been fighting with it ever since18:40
ReScOnacc, it definitely is not a hardware related issue18:40
reisiosqredreaper: the -mac image?18:41
bekksReScO: How do you know?18:41
sqredreaperim sorry?18:41
ReScObekks, switched around network apparatus in the meantime18:41
curlyearsreisio: except I can boot Live-DVD (whoch is how i am here)18:42
reisiodoes sort of pay to know how to use lvm manually before using it :/18:42
bekksReScO: At both ends of the cable? :)18:42
ReScObekks, ofc the issue would go away if i installed a different NIC18:42
=== frequency_master is now known as Jimmyee
bekksReScO: So thats a good sign for a hardware issue.18:43
ReScOit's onboard LAN, changing a NIC doesn't solve the issue18:43
twitchI'm incredibly new to linux. I have installed mintppc 11 on an old ibook g4. Does anyone have any up to date resources on this ancient hardware?18:43
sqredreaperim having trouble getting ubuntu to boot on my mac can anyone help me? 16 boots into a black screen and 14.4 which did work before with nomodeset not just stops at the ubuntu logo18:43
bekkstwitch: Not for Mint, sorry.18:43
twitchi know I can use most ubuntu resources if that helps.18:44
tgm4883ReScO: Didn't you just say the issue would go away if you installed a new NIC?18:44
twitchHaving trouble with video drivers at the moment. radeon 9550 32meg18:44
curlyearsreisio: //18:44
reisioreisio: \\18:44
tgm4883!mint | twitch18:45
ubottutwitch: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:45
curlyearstgm4883:  no, he said "ofc the issue would go away..."  meaning, "of course, the issue would go away"18:45
ReScOtgm4883, but that isn't a fix for the Sky2 driver, which i'd rather see happen.18:45
sqredreaperwhy are there so many people that do not speak in these irc rooms?18:46
bekksThe development of the sky2 driver stopped ages ago, didnt it?18:46
azizLIGHTi like to listen18:46
tgm4883sqredreaper: not really a support questions is it18:46
curlyearsdoggong sticky keyboard.  I keep forgetting to swap it out every time I restart )-:18:46
ReScOsqredreaper, IRC Bouncers18:46
sqredreaperi keep asking for help yet no one is responding18:46
azizLIGHTnot everyone is here all the time18:47
sqredreaperi was getting loads of help last night18:47
ReScObekks, not sure, but meh18:47
azizLIGHTdepends on the time of day too yes18:47
pintmansqredreaper, be patient and wait for an answer.18:47
curlyearssqredreaper: be glad there are so many who idle.  if all 2000 of these users were talking, it would be utter CHAOSoin here!!!18:47
tgm4883sqredreaper: this isn't paid support. Nobody is waiting for to answer any question you may have18:47
sqredreapergod damn its way more chill in the debian irc18:48
curlyearssqredreaper: if no one responds to your question, it probably means none of the currentl;y active users knonw the answer.18:48
tgm4883sqredreaper: You're asking questions about Mac support, which only a subset of users are going to be able to assist with18:49
sqredreaperthis is frustrating i sell so many macs at my job but its like no one uses it for actual computing so the support for it is terrible18:49
tgm4883sqredreaper: buy/sell properly supported hardware?18:50
curlyearssqredreaper:   that's what happens when you buy a toy computer  *heh*18:50
sqredreaperthis toy computer cost more than most peoples desktops18:50
akikz4c: that value is a part how the ui elements are scaled. do you want to test one way to change it?18:50
curlyearssqredreaper: correction That's what happens when you buy a grossly overpriced ty computer'18:51
naccalright, we've veered offtopic at this point :)18:51
curlyearsyeah )-:18:51
sqredreaperi didn't buy it. someone died and i got it18:51
naccsqredreaper: does 16.04 boot to a non-black screen with 'nomodeset' ?18:51
sqredreapernomodeset is useless with grub 2.0218:52
sqredreaperi cant load any distro because of that18:52
sqredreaperthe dual gpu is th real issue18:52
techkid6hey there, whenever I do *anything* in a crontab, I get returned something like `/bin/sh: 1: ping google.com: not found`18:53
tgm4883techkid6: when you do anything? like what?18:53
=== morbid is now known as pignata
techkid6tgm4883: any command that I schedule, be it `echo`, `cat`, `ping`, anytyhing I try yeilds similar results18:54
naccsqredreaper: hrm, i had not heard or was not aware that nomodeset was not useful with newer grub18:54
rubiksmomoI installed nvidia 364 and I have nvidia-prime set to performance/Nvidia. I get blank screen for login and the system does not respond to ctrl+alt+F1. Got to terminal through safemode. Could someone please tell me how to get the nvidia driver working? :S18:54
sqredreaperi get irq error 17 and radeon kernel panic18:54
=== ChunkzZ is now known as ChunkzZ-ZNC
naccsqredreaper: that doesn't seem like it's useless...18:55
naccsqredreaper: sounds like you get a non-black screen18:55
tgm4883techkid6: so if you do an echo you get an error that "ping" isn't found18:55
pintmantechkid6, what does crontab -l tell you?18:55
nomoney4me2reisio, ok I have this installed.  dmesg | grep b43 shows firmware is loaded18:55
techkid6tgm4883: It doesn't... when i tried ping it did.  I was just giving an example output from y emails18:55
tgm4883techkid6: have you tried adding full paths for your commands?18:56
sqredreaperi get a black screen following that error18:56
akikdoes unity have a similar setting in the display settings? "scale display"18:56
techkid6tgm4883: Yes, same situation18:56
techkid6pintman: (3 lines incoming)18:56
techkid6techkid6@chestnut:~$ crontab -l18:56
curlyearsdoes anyone thinkn I should a bug report on this problem I had with the gome install trashing my system?18:56
techkid645 19 * * * "ping google.com"18:56
naccsqredreaper: techkid6 don't use quotes18:57
nomoney4me2sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning: no scan results :(18:57
naccsqredreaper: sorry, just techkid6  :/18:57
naccsqredreaper: do you have the radeon panic on-hand?18:57
techkid6Right-o, nacc18:58
techkid6I'll try it18:58
curlyearsah, well.   I have to do the monthly grocery shopping.   I guess I'll try again later.  BCNU18:58
nacctechkid6: i believe cron was trying to run the quoted command, because you quoted it. So it was looking to resolve something with the full string, as the error indicated18:59
sqredreaperi do not18:59
sqredreaperim in OS X right now18:59
sqredreapercant get any distro to actually load18:59
reisio'cept modded freebsd :p18:59
sqredreaperidk why they cant just use my intel gpu instead of the radeon18:59
z4cakik, yes!19:01
rubiksmomoI installed nvidia 364 and I have nvidia-prime set to performance/Nvidia. I get blank screen for login and the system does not respond to ctrl+alt+F1. Got to terminal through safemode. Could someone please tell me how to get the nvidia driver working? :S19:01
OerHeksrubiksmomo, did you edit your bios in any way, to improve performance with overclocking?19:02
akikz4c: there's two places. one is /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ where you can create a new file 77set_dpi with contents "/usr/bin/xrandr --dpi 88"19:02
rubiksmomoOerHeks: Nope19:02
akikz4c: are you running unity? i'm using kde but that directory should work the same19:03
OerHeksrubiksmomo, oke, then i have no clue about your issue :-(19:03
sqredreaperi wish my co workers had linux support19:03
rubiksmomoOerHeks: OK, thanks anyway19:03
akikz4c: the other place would be unity's system settings/display and look for scale display19:03
z4cakik, can you retype that? (irc client crashed)19:05
akikz4c: there's two places. one is /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ where you can create a new file 77set_dpi with contents "/usr/bin/xrandr --dpi 88"19:05
akikz4c: the other place would be unity's system settings/display and look for scale display19:05
akikirssi has a buffer so i don't need to retype :)19:06
=== guest395 is now known as fruch
z4cakik ok I created the file19:07
sqredreaperis there a channel for mac support?19:07
z4cakik reboot now?19:07
MonkeyDust_sqredreaper  #macos19:07
akikz4c: yes19:08
akikz4c: although i think a logout restart xorg too19:08
sqredreaperits like 4 people in there...19:08
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages19:08
=== james is now known as Guest11857
MonkeyDust_sqredreaper  try #MacOSX19:09
sqredreaperi've read that, i don't have a superdrive i have a SDD and HDD19:09
mohsen-rashidihey. how is possible to diable a repo or just ignore it during update?19:10
=== Kamilla_ is now known as Kamilla-
rubiksmomoI installed nvidia 364 and I have nvidia-prime set to performance/Nvidia. I get blank screen for login and the system does not respond to ctrl+alt+F1. Got to terminal through safemode. Could someone please tell me how to get the nvidia driver working? :S19:11
Kamilla-Hey, i am facing problems installing with the ubuntu installation 16.04, at the end of the install the grub fails with fatal error19:12
ioriarubiksmomo, are you in recovery mode ? cannot open a console ?19:13
Guest38614rubiksmomo : distro, gfx-card any info ?19:13
rubiksmomoioria: I did ctrl+alt+f1 from safe mode and started irssi19:14
rubiksmomoUbuntu 14.04.4 LTS 64bit. GeForce GTX 960M + Intel.19:14
ioriarubiksmomo, uname -r ?19:14
Kamilla-is there a workaround or something else i could do? perhaps use grub-repair for this problem?19:15
GallomimiaKamilla-: have you any idea why it failed?19:16
Gallomimiacause i get that problem a lot.19:16
z4cakik no success =/19:16
Gallomimiain fact ive been trying to deal with it on my own.19:16
ioriarubiksmomo, you installed lts-wily  enabl stack ?19:16
Kamilla-i don't know actually, i am using a Live USB, and nothing have been problematic due to debian installation, so i guess i might try to install it manually19:16
rubiksmomoioria: I don't think so O_o19:17
GallomimiaKamilla-: probably best to do that. have you got any strange configs with your disks? other OS installed already? LVM, raid, or crypto involved?19:17
srulii am running a command at root shell and giving the full path to executable, for sync at the end of a command do i also need to put the full path? (/bin/sync)19:17
ioriarubiksmomo, when you installed the os ?19:17
_arktos75_rubiksmomo : try opening console, delete all nvidia* stuff : http://askubuntu.com/questions/206283/how-can-i-uninstall-a-nvidia-driver-completely19:18
rubiksmomoioria: About a month ago when I bought this HP Omen19:18
=== bernardo is now known as bsamorim
Kamilla-Gallomimia: i have another disk with luks connected to the board, should i perhaps disconnect it and do a reinstall ?19:18
rubiksmomo_arktos75_: I have reinstalled nvidia like 20 times19:18
_arktos75_rubiksmomo : then add repo : https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:18
ioriaalready  done19:18
rubiksmomo_arktos75_: I have it, tried different versions with no luck19:18
GallomimiaKamilla-: i don't think it should matter. is the luks disk involved in the install? or the boot? or just used when everything's running?19:19
ioriarubiksmomo, ok, so default installation , right ?19:19
_arktos75_ok ....19:19
GallomimiaKamilla-: is it possible you specified a partition for grub install and not a drive? its my finding that it doesn't like that19:19
Kamilla-Gallomimia: nope its not19:19
Gallomimiatho it seems to allow it... don't know why19:19
rubiksmomoioria: Yeah, encrypted filesystem indeed. Not sure how default it is now after uninstalling/installing stuff. But I had this issue from beginning.19:20
Gallomimiahm. well, if you drop to the menu in the installer that lets you resume some part of the process, try installing grub again?19:20
boot13What's the most reliable way to get ClamAV code updates? Using the Ubuntu repos I always seem to be out of date.19:20
Gallomimiaspecify your full disk. probably /dev/sda19:20
ioriarubiksmomo, maybe you need to blacklist nouveau ....19:20
rubiksmomoioria: I had it blacklisted earlier, lemme try readding it19:21
ioriarubiksmomo, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i915.modeset=1"19:21
rubiksmomoShould I do both?19:21
Gallomimiaotherwise, you might need to use a shell to mount your drive on /target or /mnt along with any other partitions needed, mount the needed system dirs and do a chroot, before mucking around with update-grub and related19:21
ioriarubiksmomo  in /etc/default/grub  and run sudo update-grub19:21
rubiksmomoah right19:22
ioriarubiksmomo  if you are in revocery you need to remount rw the fs19:22
rubiksmomoioria: OK, I'll cat to confirm the changes.19:23
ioriarubiksmomo  but it's odd you cannot open a console normally19:23
ioriarubiksmomo  you should wait a bit after the blank screen19:24
rubiksmomoioria: Yeah, had the issue before. Now it started again after installing nvidia 364. Maybe it's specific to the nvidia version.19:24
akikz4c: the resolution value didn't change?19:24
rubiksmomoioria: I remember I once waited like 5min and it started working perfectly O_o19:24
_arktos75_strange ..19:25
rubiksmomoSo I'll blacklist nouveau too?19:25
Kamilla-Gallomimia: thx :)19:26
ioriarubiksmomo  try the changes, first19:26
EriC^^Kamilla-: booting issues?19:26
Kamilla-i will try that19:26
Kamilla-EriC^^: installation issues19:26
EriC^^what exactly?19:26
ioriarubiksmomo  reboot, and try to open a console19:26
rubiksmomoioria: OK, I'll reboot now with the new modeset?19:26
ioriarubiksmomo  yes19:26
Kamilla-grub install at the end of the installation of 16.0419:26
rubiksmomoioria: OK, let's see19:26
z4cakik no change at all19:27
EriC^^Kamilla-: it errors out?19:27
urrrrburn all jews in oven19:28
urrrronly infidels use ubuntu19:28
urrrrdeath to infidels19:28
akikz4c: i don't use unity so can't help there. try searching for unity and scaling factor19:28
akikz4c: that Xsession.d change works in kde so i don't know why it didn't work for you19:29
_arktos75_ioria : shouldnt "sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau" also do the trick..... no blacklisting needed !?19:29
Kamilla-EriC^^: kind of do19:29
ioria_arktos75_, as far as i know is deprecated purge nouveaus ...19:29
akikis gnome 3 the same as unity?19:29
RubiksmomoBlank screen, does not respond to ctrl+alt+f119:29
ioriaRubiksmomo, terrific19:30
EriC^^Kamilla-: what's the setup? manual partitioning?19:30
z4cakik you told me to restart something, what was it again?19:30
reisioakik: what most people think of as "Unity" is at least 75% GNOME19:30
akikz4c: well if you rebooted then all the processes were restarted19:30
reisioakik: probably more like 90%19:30
ioriaRubiksmomo, changes applied ... check /var/log/Xorg.0.log ....  the first lines19:30
z4cakik hmm19:31
Kamilla-EriC^^: no, but perhaps i should give that a try o/19:31
akikz4c: here's a guide to change the scaling factor in gnome 3. maybe it works for you(?) http://askubuntu.com/questions/197828/how-to-find-and-change-the-screen-dpi19:31
akikgsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface text-scaling-factor19:31
RubiksmomoBack to safemode19:31
EriC^^Kamilla-: if you press the arrow at the left of the installer it drops down a tiny terminal with the installer's output19:32
ioriaRubiksmomo, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit19:32
EriC^^Kamilla-: might be worth checking to see what grub is saying19:32
ioriaRubiksmomo, in recovery mode you need to remount rw the fs to apply changes ....19:33
Kamilla-have to reboot brb19:33
Rubiksmomoioria: The changes are still present. Maybe resume and failsafeX do the remount.19:35
V7Hey all !19:35
V7I can't login to vsftpd service via new created user19:36
V7Why !? :D19:36
ioriaRubiksmomo, you enabled networking from recovery menu  ?19:36
V7I've enabled this: userlist_deny=NO userlist_enable=YES userlist_file=/etc/vsftpd.allowed_users19:36
V7Then I've created new user19:37
V7And now I can't login into vsftpd service19:37
Rubiksmomoioria: No. Did resume. It should connect to WiFi after a while.19:37
V7All works, but only pssword or login mismatches19:37
V7mismatchs *19:37
V7mismathces *19:37
V7Can someone help me :) ?19:38
ioriaRubiksmomo, well, reverse the changes in  /etc/default/grub , remove i915.modeset=119:38
V7It's really important !19:38
V7I haven't a lot of time : D19:38
ioriaRubiksmomo, and sudo update-grub19:38
Kamilla-I can't believe this, i am now sitting on a new ubuntu 16.04 desktop, this is amazing!19:38
Rubiksmomoioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1620800119:38
V7Kamilla-: ?19:38
V7Is it ?19:38
Kamilla-i don't know what i did right but i fixed grub :)19:38
ioriaRubiksmomo, no changes applied ... and remove nomoset19:39
Rubiksmomoioria: Ok, but it was same with "nomodeset".19:39
Kamilla-EriC^^: ^19:39
RubiksmomoF***, forgot that19:39
EriC^^Kamilla-: great :)19:39
Kamilla-other guy ...mimia ^19:39
ioriaRubiksmomo, mount -o remount,rw /19:40
V7Guys ... why I can't login into FTP xD ?!19:40
Kamilla-h3ll yeah!19:40
Kamilla-take care guys ;*19:40
ali_can I dual boot ubuntu with debian?19:40
V7bb Len19:40
V7bb Kamilla-  *19:40
V7ali_: +19:40
ali_what OSes you guys use with ubuntu?19:40
ioriaRubiksmomo,    nano /etc/default/grub  - remove nomodeset and add i915.modeset=1"   sudo update-grub and reboot19:41
ioria*without *19:41
ioria*without   the "19:41
Rubiksmomoioria: Ok, I updated grub this time. I'll try again with that modeset19:41
charlesplhow can i close a specific chat in irc?19:41
ioriaRubiksmomo,    no, please19:41
ioriaRubiksmomo,   cat /etc/default/grub | pastebinit19:42
trevor_sanyone know why ubuntu doesn't see my hardware raided volume but instead sees each individual disk?19:42
ali_guys my touchpad on dell laptop have issues. do you think its worth buying another laptop for touhpad?19:42
EriC^^charlespl: /wc or /close19:42
ali_running ubuntu19:42
ioriaRubiksmomo,   cat /etc/default/grub | pastebinit19:42
=== copec_ is now known as copec
Rubiksmomoioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1620807519:43
ioriaRubiksmomo,   ok, did you remount the fs ?19:43
RubiksmomoYeah and updated grub this time19:43
ioriaRubiksmomo,   ok, reboot19:43
Rubiksmomoioria: Same result. Unresponsive blank screen. Back to recovery?19:45
ioriaRubiksmomo,   if you cannot open a console, yes ... from recovery choose 'enable networking'  and then root shell19:46
new_studentWhat is the *correct* way to upgrade to the latest stable kernel in 14.04 LTS?19:47
EriC^^new_student: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:47
EriC^^that'll update everything though, you just want the kernel?19:48
new_studentSomeone told me to install some generic-lts-??? thingy19:48
EriC^^those are hardware enablement stacks from newer releases19:48
EriC^^!info linux-generic-lts-xenial trusty19:49
ubottulinux-generic-lts-xenial (source: linux-meta-lts-xenial): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)19:49
new_studentSo, is it safe to install linux-generic-lts-xenial in 14.04LTS ?19:49
EriC^^new_student: maybe sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-wily would be more stable than xenial's19:49
=== phschwartz_ is now known as phschwartz
new_studentwhat will be the final version of kernel in both cases?19:50
new_studentwily->4.2 and xenial->4.4 ?19:50
Rubiksmomoioria: Tried enabling networking and let it remount. It's stuck at "mountall: fsck /boot [898] terminated with status 1". Should I ctrl+c so it will resume?19:51
ioriaRubiksmomo,   mmm, no good19:51
EriC^^new_student: yeah, wily is 4.2 and xenial is 4.419:52
Rubiksmomoioria: If I press ctrl+c it will go to login (loop) screen and I can enter terminal19:52
ioriaRubiksmomo,  good....  sudo nano /etc/default/grub and remove i915.modeset=119:52
ioriaRubiksmomo,  and sudo update-grub19:53
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vladimir-snoh here we go again19:54
nomoney4me2sigh, whats going on?19:54
=== al2o3-cr is now known as Guest36030
vCracan we like stop this19:54
daxnomoney4me2: spam, just ignore it and it'll go away19:54
King_HualvCra: you literally can't stop this19:55
crobertswhat is this19:55
linuxmodderthat asshat is  using a vpn I recognize the  ip range as one my vpn uses19:55
PiciThis is IRC.19:55
crobertsi never get highlighted in this chan haha19:55
daxIt's a spam attack. It's being sorted out. No point dwelling on it, it just gives the idiot more attention.19:55
krthnzsomeone is butthurt19:55
vCraKing_Hual: /me starts crying19:55
daxthere we go, knew i was missing something19:55
boot13idiots want the world to know they are idiots19:56
daxBack to support discussion now, thx.19:56
ghostcubescript kids need attention, so just dont feed the troll19:56
vCraAt least the flood detection works19:56
UbuntuDudeI use systemctl or service to stop cups service but after a while I find it running again with an open port 631 ... how to go about stop it permanently? (the same is happening to other services)19:56
=== al2o3-cr1 is now known as al2o3-cr
guntbert_UbuntuDude:   sudo systemctl disable cups19:57
NoCodeWhy the hell19:58
reisiowhy the potato zingala19:58
RubiksmomoHow do I get nvidia driver working? After installing nvidia 364 I just get blank login screen and it does not respond to ctrl+alt+f120:02
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: can you get a tty right now?20:04
Hiro`I recently experienced a weird thing where I booted up my computer (running 15.10) and my desktop didn't appear. I switched on the Unity plugin in CCSM and this seemed to take care f it. However, it's done something rather strange to my navigation shortcuts! Now instead of being able to use ctrl-alt-right to go to the workspace to my right, I have to use super-s and then pick from a zoomed out over-view of available workspaces. How do20:04
RubiksmomoEric^^: Yeah, through recovery20:05
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: if you try nomodeset do you get a desktop or tty?20:05
RubiksmomoDesktop, well blank black screen20:06
V7Thanks for your help ... (sarcasm) ... I found solution by myself20:06
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: do you have a live usb you can boot? or another pc you can use while you talk here?20:07
* V7 is happy20:07
reisio/nick V820:07
EriC^^i6-turbo ftw20:07
RubiksmomoUsing this on my phone20:07
V7offtop: http://www.onallcylinders.com/2014/01/22/top-10-engines-time-4-ford-300-i6/20:08
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: boot to a recovery shell with networking20:08
Hiro`In fact, I can still see my shortcuts when I go to system settings > keyboard > shortcuts, but they don't work.20:08
soulissonHi, my understanding of blocks/clusters is that are made of contiguous sectors, is that correct?20:08
V7Huh ... now I'll have some time to try out a Viber on Ubuntu 14.0420:10
V7I hope it works well20:10
RubiksmomoLet's see if it connects to my wifi hotspot soon20:10
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: that won't work i think20:11
V7Holy moly ... Installing Viber uses 100% of CPU20:11
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: do you have an ethernet cable you could use, or a live usb maybe?20:11
V7i7 1x20:11
RubiksmomoEriC^^: It worked before. Just have to wait couple minutes20:11
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: oh, cool20:12
RubiksmomoNo ethernet. Just phone's wifi hotspot20:12
RubiksmomoIt isn't connecting now. Maybe it will work if I reboot to recovery and choose resume20:16
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: ok20:16
cristian_cEriC^^: hello20:16
EriC^^cristian_c: hi20:16
cristian_cEriC^^: any ideas about the .service issue?20:16
=== arun_ is now known as Guest63250
mistawrighthi guys I am having a problem. I know my configuration is right but rsyslog doesnt seem to be sending or working right on my server. I know it should be as the same config is working and forwarding my logs on other servers20:17
mistawrightany ideas how to fix this?20:17
wadThe survey section of this page is missing an entry for 16.04: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs20:17
EriC^^cristian_c: not really, did you try -x?20:17
Hiro`Is there no way to set shortcuts to navigate between workspaces using CCSM / Unity Plugin?20:17
curlyearsWell, the support tech at Gigabtye explained that my BIOS is behaving normally.  He told me I am going to have to low-level format my HDD and reinstall.  )-:  is there a way to low level format a 3TB drivee under ubuntu?20:18
cristian_cEriC^^: yeah, as I said20:18
EriC^^curlyears: what's the problem you're having?20:18
curlyearsI don't understand how installing gnome trashed the low-leverl formart of my HDD20:19
curlyearsEriC^^: long story.  short version is, apparently, that apt-get install gnome then choosing gnome as ny new file manager appears to have trashed the drive.  Can't boot from it, can't install to it20:20
curlyearsI hope low-level formatting it will make it usable again.  Brand new drive )-:20:21
curlyearsso IJ ask again:  is there a util that I can use under ubuntu to low-level format a 3tb drive?20:22
ma_mahi any one can help me .i wanted to connect to #python ,but it is saying unregistered20:22
EriC^^curlyears: when you boot what happens?20:23
ma_maam already verified by password in freenode20:23
bekkscurlyears: You dont need to "low-level format" a drive, since two decades.20:23
curlyearsthe low-lewverl formatter provided by the manufacutrer probably only runs under Winblows20:23
curlyearsbekks:  just a normal format might do it?20:23
bekkscurlyears: What do you expect from that - magical fixing of issues?20:23
bekkscurlyears: You dont even need to format it, most likely. What are you trying to achieve?20:23
=== Kernel is now known as Guest74252
curlyearsbekks:  it's what the MB support tech recommended.  I have no clue why it should help, ornoy help20:24
curlyearsnot help20:24
bekkscurlyears: "MB support"?20:24
squintyma_ma,  ask in #freenode20:24
bekkscurlyears: And whats the actual issue with that drive?20:24
RubiksmomoIt just doesn't want to update the wifi network list20:26
touil76I think I have found a problem in gnome-screensaver.20:26
curlyearsbekks:  when I try to installl to it, the installer choke, complaining about possibly "too many primsary partitions, sand dumps mee into parted.  parte.  parted shows m e a blank, (no parititions) and hangs, will not accept any input from any source20:26
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: use a live usb20:26
squintyma_ma,  /j #freenode20:26
bekkscurlyears: Sounds like you are heavily mixing up MBR and GPT partitioning schemes.20:26
touil76When it turns off my screen after some inactivity, the screen can't be turned back on by moving the mouse or hitting a key.20:27
RubiksmomoEriC^^: Nevermind, it connected finally20:27
curlyearswhen I try to boot from it, I end up hung with what appears to be a prompt (but I realize probably isn't) of "(initramfs)20:27
bekkscurlyears: Are you using MBR or GPT?20:27
touil76When I turn off the screen directly from a terminal using : xset -display :0.0 dpms force off, the screen can be woken up.20:27
curlyearsbekks:  I am using A PLAIN VANILLA INSTALL OF 14.4.04, OR TRYING TO INSTALL SAME.\20:27
curlyearsoops, sowwy about caps20:28
touil76When I use xscreensaver instead of gnome-screensaver, there is no problem in waking the screen again.20:28
EriC^^Rubiksmomo: type ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999920:28
bekkscurlyears: That doesnt answer my question. Are you using MBR or GPT? If unsure - is your BIOS set to BIOS/legacy or UEFI?, for booting?20:28
curlyearsbekks:     isn't gpt required for HDDs over 2TB?20:28
bekkscurlyears: Yes.20:28
MinecraftCreepermy ubuntu startup hangs at random: nonblocking pool is initalized20:28
EriC^^curlyears: technically, just for partitions larger than 2tb20:29
curlyearsit is set to "Automatically"  select  UEFI is appropriate, which was previsouly working just fine\20:29
rajiv1How to completely remove a program (software) in ubuntu 16.04 lts? Actually, i have installed k3b in ubuntu 16.04. During the installation so many dependencies have also been installed. now i wanted to uninstall all.20:29
bekkscurlyears: Previously, before doing what exactly?20:29
curlyearsbekks:  before installing gno,me bl;ew it all to hell20:30
bekkscurlyears: So why dont you set your computer to UEFI, and start a fresh install?20:30
MinecraftCreeperHow long does it take to get any help on this irc?20:30
zykotick9rajiv1: "sudo apt-get purge k3b" then "sudo apt-get autoremove" if it says a bunch of packages are no longer needed20:30
curlyearsbekks:   you think that will help?20:30
bekksMinecraftCreeper: As long as it takes until someone picks up your issue and gives you an answer.20:31
MinecraftCreeperok, my ubuntu startup is freezing20:31
curlyearsI can go try that.  Be aware the rebooting into the Live-DVD 14.04.4 takes about 9 minutes20:31
bekkscurlyears: Thats your only chance :) You need to have a predictable environment. And you shoud not use MBR tools on GPT labeled disks.20:31
EriC^^curlyears: can you post sudo parted -l from a live usb?20:31
=== balancin is now known as illusyon
EriC^^curlyears: perhaps creating a fresh gpt partition might help20:31
EriC^^*partition table20:32
MinecraftCreeperI mean, my ubuntu startup isn't exactly freezing, it's just taking a way longer than normal time to boot up.20:33
curlyearsA live-DVD, yes.  Though I don't know how to post it from the live-DVD, since I can't install pASTEBINIT20:33
rajiv1thank you zykotick9!  will you please tell me how to get information about a program in ubuntu. for e.g. in fedora i use "sudo dnf info [option]".20:33
curlyearsI'll give these ideas a shot20:33
bekksMinecraftCreeper: "way longer than normal" means what? 2 seconds longer?20:33
curlyearsbe back later20:33
EriC^^curlyears: try20:33
MinecraftCreeperno, like 4/5 minutes longer20:33
EriC^^curlyears: sudo parted -l.20:33
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: nc isn't working, broken pipe. And pastebinit isn't working either. But it lists 6 nvidia and one nouveau.20:34
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: which is the recommended one?20:34
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: nvidia-36420:34
EriC^^is that the one you tried to install?20:35
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: Yeah, the last one I tried ^_^20:35
nairwolfwhat's happen if I want to remove the repository 'restricted' from my sources.list, and then I want to uninstall a package from 'restricted'. Dependencies will be deleted ?20:35
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: type dpkg -l | grep linux-headers20:35
EriC^^and type uname -r20:35
EriC^^see if you have the headers for your kernel20:35
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: http://termbin.com/68lx20:36
EriC^^nairwolf: i'd think so, the packages in /var/lib/dpkg/status have a dependency list20:36
zykotick9rajiv1: sorry i don't know what "sudo dnf info [option]" does...  you might be interested in "apt-cache policy FOO" or "apt-cache show FOO"20:37
squintyrajiv1,  apt show <package name>  or  apt-cache <package name>  or aptitude show <package name>   synaptic etc20:37
wadWith 16.04, I can no longer set the text title of tabs in gnome-terminal. Apparently they took that feature away! This is a FATAL deficiency, I'm crippled. The main reason for using Linux is so I can work. I often have a dozen tabs open, and I can quickly "ALT-T, S" to label them. Now I'm just lost. Until this is fixed, what's a good replacement terminal program?20:37
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: and uname -r ?20:37
MinecraftCreepermy ubuntu startup has been stuck at: EXT4-fs (sda1): remounted. Opts: (null)20:37
rajiv1OK! thanks20:37
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: http://termbin.com/v4ta20:38
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: are you set on installing nvidia?20:39
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: Yeah, I've done it like 20-30 times already20:39
nairwolfok, thanks EriC^^ ;)20:39
nairwolfEriC^^: Do you know where are saved sources if I active deb-src repository ?20:40
EriC^^nairwolf: no problem20:40
MinecraftCreepercan anyone please help me?20:40
squintyrajiv1,  Using --help after any of those program names lists the various options availble.  eg  apt --help20:40
EriC^^nairwolf: in the dir you're in when you run apt-get source <package>20:41
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: type lspci | grep VGA | nc termbin.com  999920:41
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: OK, Nvidia shows as 3D also20:42
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: http://termbin.com/nh8y20:43
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: http://termbin.com/ymov20:43
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: what card is it?20:43
rubiksmo1oEriC^^: GeForce GTX 960M + Intel something20:43
MinecraftCreeperis there a way to switch linux kernels at startup if grub isn't working?20:43
nairwolfoh, ok, thank you EriC^^ ;)20:44
MinecraftCreeperPlease, Is there anybody who could help with my problem?20:46
anticitizenMinecraftCreeper: what's wrong with Grub?20:46
anticitizendid you hold down left shift while booting?20:46
anticitizenthat should bring up grub if it's not showing automatically20:46
MinecraftCreeperi tried holding down left shift, but i got, Error: No video mode activated20:46
anticitizenif you can get to a command prompt (ctrl+alt+1 should do it) you can manually switch kernels, though it might be easier to fix grub from there20:47
rcw2whoops, put /Downloads in the trash and emptied it ... but i had one document that i dont have another copy of... where is it wise to photorec?20:47
nomoney4me2question: when i plug in a usb->ethernet adapter, lsusb is not showing anything new, what seems to be the problem?20:47
rubiksmo1oMinecraftCreeper: Timing is important shen using the shift I think.20:47
MinecraftCreeperI got the error message when I tried, and when booting, which doesn't work, I get some nonsense about EXT420:48
anticitizenyou got an error message when going to command prompt?20:48
MinecraftCreeperI can't get to command prompt, i'm stuck booting20:49
anticitizeneven with ctrl+alt+1?20:50
squintynomoney4me2,  might want to see if it's being recognized by pulling the usb and then plugging it back again   right away type dmesg in a terminal and look for the unit at the very end of dmesg20:50
rcw2 /root/.local/share/trash/files perhaps20:50
EriC^^MinecraftCreeper: you can switch kernels if you use a live usb20:50
MinecraftCreeperit boots on control alt f1, so that is where i'm stuck on, besides, I don't have any usb20:50
EriC^^mind restating your  problem?20:51
MinecraftCreeperI've tried that multiple times20:51
MinecraftCreeperIt takes 9 minutes to try anything more20:52
EriC^^rubiksmo1o: try http://askubuntu.com/questions/658040/ubuntu-14-04-nvidia-drivers-for-geforce-gtx-960m20:52
anticitizenwhat do you mean it boots on ctrl alt f1? you mean the computer reboots when you do that?20:52
sw0rdyhey guys what editor allows me to select an entire line20:53
MinecraftCreeperfor some reason, the computer's boot screen is some text20:53
MinecraftCreeperWhich I'm stuck not being able to do anything on for 9 Minutes20:54
reisiosw0rdy: almost any20:54
anticitizenokay, so what happens when you press control alt and f1? are you prompted for your login name and password?20:54
sw0rdycan I do it in gedit, reisio ?20:54
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reisiosw0rdy: yes20:54
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sw0rdyreisio, how?20:54
MinecraftCreeperControl alt f1 does nothing, because i'm already on control alt f120:54
theShirbinystfu please20:54
reisioupsurging: not news20:54
sw0rdyplease let me know reisio20:55
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daxbye jzk20:55
sw0rdyI actually can't do it on gedit20:55
daxanyways. messages from users not identified to NickServ are currently only readable by channel ops (like me)20:55
daxso if you're not getting a response and aren't identified, consider fixing that20:55
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:55
reisiosw0rdy: what do you want to do with the selection?20:55
theShirbinydoesn't even leave any context...20:56
Stoner19that was fun20:56
sw0rdyI guess sublimetext it is, reisio on sublimetext I can do CTRL+L to select a line then copy it or cut it...etc20:56
andyfiedwell i'm awake now20:57
sw0rdybut damn I love gedit's dark blue background color....20:57
reisiosw0rdy: triple click work?20:57
reisioyou can also configure the background color for any editor :p20:57
sw0rdyoh, right... triple click20:57
sw0rdyLOL I guess there is the triple click reisio my friend20:57
reisiosw0rdy: that good enough?20:58
reisiosw0rdy: gedit has plugins for customized feature sets, too, IIRC20:58
reisiomost editors have20:58
daxExecutioner: nothing, some silly person just has a grudge against freenode because of silly reasons. not worth bothering about20:59
babilenHi .. where are all the old kb articles (e.g. https://freenode.net/kb/answer/using ) these day?21:02
anon9002How do I detach do-release-upgrade's screen session? Neither ^Ad nor screen -d would work.21:04
akkadhmm no 1.0.1t openssl updates yet? it's been 2 days since they got the info21:07
k1lakkad: as always: ubuntu/debian dont increase the version but backport the security patches21:08
mistawrighthi guys I have rsyslog forwarding logs on 6 six servers. they all have the same setup etc and only 5 of them are working. I cannot tell why the 6th server isnt logging as it should be. i have restarted and reinstalled rsyslog as well21:08
OerHeksakkad, yes, ssl patch is out21:08
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k1lakkad: if you run the updates, you should already have got the patched update21:08
Madhumper69did someone try to crash the channel?21:08
akkadOerHeks got a url? I saw debian post their patches21:08
MinecraftCreepermy ext3 and ext2 can't mount due to feature incapibilities21:08
ubottuPlease see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.21:09
akikanon9002: try power detach "screen -D"21:09
mkjackhey folks, I've checkd my keyboard settings and compiz but for some reason my semicolon (by itself) acts like alt-tab21:12
mkjackany way to know what's causing that?21:13
anon9002akik: It still doesn't work. There's also an error message: "Invalid message (magic 0x6d736702)"21:13
rcw2mkjack, does it happen often or is this a one-off case21:13
rubiksmomoEriC^^: OK, still black blank screen for login. But I can access terminal again normally. Any more ideas?21:16
akikanon9002: sorry, unknown errors21:17
rubiksmomoEriC^^: Actually it works again now. But why is there always a blank screen for around 5min before the login screen appears?21:17
squintyrubiksmomo,  if you remove "quiet" and "splash" from the grub kernel line in the grub menu, you might be able to see where it is stalling during bootup21:22
rubiksmomosquinty: Interesting. I'll try it, thanks.21:22
nomoney4me2squinty, dmesg doesnt show anything new21:29
danilo2Hello guys! I'm trying to use xbindkeys to map keys to mouse buttons but I've got a problem. When I try to hold a key, bindxkeys executes rapidly actions "press" and "release" (Im not releasign the key), which of course make my mouse clicking rapidly too21:32
danilo2Does anybody know how to prevent such behaviour in xbindkeys?21:33
ali__why richard stallman doesn't like ubuntu?:P21:33
reisiodanilo2: map to a shell script instead21:34
reisioali__: Ubuntu is laxer about various philosophical aspects of the GNU/Linux world than some other distros21:34
reisioStallman fairly reliably doesn't like any entity exhibiting any amount of lax, though :)21:34
ali__linux torvalds also uses fedora instead of ubuntu21:35
Myrttiali__: what does that have to do with Ubuntu support? (ie. please don't)21:35
OerHeksjolly flamewar ..21:35
danilo2reisio: what do you mean? The problem appears when I try to execute a script using keyboard shortcut. In fact I want to simulate mouse clicks using keys and Im trying to use xbindkeys to run xdotool which invokes mouse clicks21:35
UFC_addicthello fellas21:40
blizzowupgrading my ubuntu server to xenial is hanging up during the upgrade of the mdadm package.  Specifically, it looks like it hangs while trying to stop the currently running mdadm service.  Does anyone have an idea how I might get past this hurdle? I tried manually stopping the mdadm service and that's not working.  The OS is on md0, so that has me a little concerned.21:42
OerHeksblizzow, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-server too21:44
blizzowOerHeks: whoops, yes, it would be better in there.21:45
aster_I migrated from 14.04 to 16.04 and my desktop is not loading21:46
rubiksmomoNo luck. Still just black blank screen for login. Sometimes the login screen appears if I wait 5-10min. Any idea what's causing it?21:46
OerHeksblizzow, i am looking here now https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bugs21:46
aster_any hint?21:48
blizzowOerHeks: I poked around in there too. I haven't found anything.21:49
k1laster_: does the guest account work?21:49
k1laster_: log into tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1) and do a "ls -al" there. is the .Xauthority file owned by root:root or your user?21:51
esmoBGhi  from bulgaria21:53
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k1laster_: please answer in here so others can have a look, too, and tell their ideas how to solve.21:54
k1laster_: do "mv .config .config_backup" in your users homedirectory.21:55
k1laster_: after that go back to the loginscreen (ctrl+alt+f7) and try to login21:55
aster_how do I log out from the desktop? control+alt backspace doesnt work..21:56
k1lgnome-session-quit --no-prompt21:57
OerHekssystemsettings>keyboard>system> ctrl alt del21:58
OerHeksor whatever that is there21:59
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mbakanybody knows how to crack flareget ?22:12
mbakحد بيتكلم عربى طيب22:13
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tewardmbak: sounds illegal, which is offtopic22:15
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arooniis there a way to add the -x option somehow to my ssh config file?  otherwise i need to use a separate alias22:28
akikarooni: you can put options into ~/.ssh/config22:33
imthenachomanhey guys. i installed psad on my home server and woke up to 1000+ emails saying my router and roku were doing udp scans. how do i ignore those machines?22:34
HumanSheepleHave you got any jobs?22:34
akikarooni: ForwardX11 no22:34
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imthenachomanHumanSheeple: is that for me?22:35
HumanSheepleI'm looking for work what jobs have you got?22:37
tewardHumanSheeple: this isn't a job hunting site or chat room22:37
geniiHumanSheeple: Unpaid ones helping people in this channel with their Ubuntu support questions, is about the only work we have here22:38
terratomawhen kickstarting ubuntu server 14.04, I want to install packages ONLY from media, not from the network.  how can i do that?22:38
terratomaonly from my install media22:38
tewardimthenachoman: you may need to refer to psad documentation on configuraiton to state to ignore the router and roku devices,22:39
HumanSheepleteward got any pointers?22:39
tewardHumanSheeple: not here.22:40
boxmeinHumanSheeple: 0x001f3ade, 0x9f77a800, 0x9577134222:40
HumanSheeplevery funny22:40
boxmeinHumanSheeple: had to22:41
WoodyPCWhen is the 16.04 lts actual release date?22:46
nacc!xenial | WoodyPC22:46
k1l_WoodyPC: it was already22:46
ubottuWoodyPC: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial22:46
k1l_!ltsupgrade | WoodyPC22:46
ubottuWoodyPC: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.22:46
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WoodyPCjust wondering. people already using, but my updates haven't offered yet. Thanks for the info.22:47
k1l_WoodyPC: what ubuntu version are you on?22:48
k1l_lsb_release -d  #will tell22:49
WoodyPCI have 14.04 lts22:49
k1l_then see the bots message. the LTS upgrade is opened in july22:49
WoodyPCsaw that22:50
django_hey all how is python installed in ubuntu bc im having troubles with pip :/22:52
MrSassyPantsI keep getting that steam warning about the package being out of date, what do you do about it?22:55
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naccdjango_: i'm unclear what the former has to do with the latter? what is the issue you are having with pip? what version of ubuntu?23:00
django_nacc, im trying to run scrapy with required python2.7 but i get an error bc its running python3.523:00
django_nacc, http://pastebin.com/tLb6dgD123:01
django_i get that error23:01
naccdjango_: what version of ubuntu?23:01
imthenachomananyone here use tiger or tripwire?23:03
naccdjango_: so it would appear you installed a 2.7 python package under python3.4?23:04
mamamiaYes it woulod.23:04
django_nacc, i have no idea23:04
mamamiaAbout what?23:04
naccdjango_: did you try using python-scrapy from the archive (rather htan pip)?23:04
mamamiaI had three pinecones and a sugar cube.23:05
aroonithanks akik !23:05
naccmamamia: please stop.23:05
mamamiaI like you.23:05
django_nacc, what does the archive mean23:05
naccdjango_: from Ubuntu directly, not from pip23:05
mamamiaIt means what are you doing dummy.23:05
mamamiaI'd say apes. What do you think?23:05
naccdjango_: i.e., python-scrapy, i think23:06
mamamiaDo you have a girlfriend?23:06
KeyboardNotFoundHow to clear all cache from apt. I'm getting this problem https://paste.ubuntu.com/16209512/ and I want to cancel the installation23:07
naccmamamia: this is an Ubuntu support channel, please take offtopic discussions elsewhere23:07
mamamiaI am quite fine, how are you?23:07
mamamiaThe same number that you have.23:07
le_pigthat's a bot23:07
danilo2Hello guys! Is it possible to tell xorg / udev /whatever to treat LMB + RMB as MMB? I remember such behaviour existed years ago, but now it doesnt work out of the box23:07
mamamiaNo I am a boy.23:07
mamamiaWho are you?23:07
naccKeyboardNotFound: you have already started the installation, so clearing cache won't help23:08
mamamiaI've only got one left, and I'm eating it.23:08
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, is there way to cancel it ?23:08
naccKeyboardNotFound: you could try remove-ing or purge-ing mysql-server and mysql-server-5.723:09
naccKeyboardNotFound: but why did mysql-server fail to install?23:09
mamamiaDo you think dreams are of any importance?23:09
mamamiaI found you on internet.23:09
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Poke95!offtopic | mamamia23:10
ubottumamamia: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:10
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, due to power problems, the machine was turned off during installation23:10
mamamiaVery much on topic.23:10
mamamiaGo hair.23:10
mamamiaI always have trouble with everyone.23:10
naccKeyboardNotFound: you could try `apt-get -f install` ?23:10
mamamiaI am gentle.23:10
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KeyboardNotFoundnacc, it's ok now23:10
mamamiaOkay. I have a question.23:11
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, I don't get the error anymore but can't install mysql-server :@23:11
mamamiaSo true.23:11
naccKeyboardNotFound: ok, so you try to `apt-get install mysql-server` and what happense (pastebin)23:12
mamamiaYes, the keyboard.23:12
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, https://paste.ubuntu.com/16209547/23:12
mamamiaWell, of course. You wouldn't chose to use a word if it didn't mean what you wanted it to.23:13
nacck1l_: can you or another op to kick/ban --^ ?23:13
naccs/to //23:13
mamamiaYou wrote that.23:13
naccKeyboardNotFound: ah, do you have a version of mysql-server already installed (or did you)?23:13
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, I don't have23:14
mamamiaYes I do.23:14
naccKeyboardNotFound: i think the old installation is still around, so that's the problem -- can you first do `apt-get purge mysql-server mysql-server-5.7` ?23:14
mamamiaI'm sorry, I know nothing about that. Do you like politics?23:14
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, I did purge, once again now23:15
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, but the same error remains23:15
mamamiaI think it would be a good idea to meet first.23:15
Poke95mamamia: Stop23:15
mamamiaMike Dirnt.23:15
Poke95!offtopic | mamamia23:16
ubottumamamia: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:16
KeyboardNotFoundPoke95, it's bot23:16
mamamiaYes, you are right.23:16
mamamiaNo it is not.23:16
Poke95I don't think mamamia is a bot23:16
mamamiaNot yet.23:16
KeyboardNotFoundAdmins, please do something, mute mamamia23:16
KeyboardNotFoundping Drone`23:16
Poke95And if it is a bot, it should be banned and kicked from this channel now23:16
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang23:16
mamamiaSuch as?23:17
nomoney4me2any idea why gdebi is telling me "dependency is not satisfiable" instead of letting me select where the dependency lives?23:17
naccKeyboardNotFound: hrm, it seems that the mysql install thinks it is an upgrade: "mysql_upgrade" is being invoked23:17
Poke95Just wait, don't panic :)23:17
Jordan_Umamamia: Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss your mute.23:17
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, is there way manually to edit any file to resolve this ?23:19
naccKeyboardNotFound: so, right now, in theory, mysql is purged? is there a /etc/mysql directgory?23:20
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, yes, should I remove it ?23:20
squintynomoney4me2,  gdebi --help lists the following   -o APT_OPTS, --option=APT_OPTS   Set an APT configuration option23:21
naccKeyboardNotFound: try `mv /etc/mysql /etc/mysql.bak` and then `apt-get install mysql-server-5.7`23:22
bmsr256where can I install the ubuntu-restricted-extras in Ubuntu 16.04?23:22
naccKeyboardNotFound: i'm guessing that the `purge` from before didn't want to remove a non-empty directory23:22
bmsr256I see it is not in the new ubuntu software23:22
naccbsmith093: it's in mmultiverse; if you're using the gui tools, i think there is a known bug with them not showing all results, trying using the cli for now23:23
KeyboardNotFoundnacc, again same error :@23:23
* KeyboardNotFound is getting nervous23:23
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squintybmsr256,   sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras   (coy/paste or type in terminal)23:24
bmsr256squinty: thanks23:25
squintybmsr256, yw23:25
naccwell, if i miss them and KeyboardNotFound comes back, they shoudl look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/766038/error-installing-mysql-on-ubuntu-16-0423:26
bmsr256I see the ubuntu software center has it too (the old one), can I install it from there too?23:26
DatabaseNotFoundnacc, I'm here23:26
naccDatabaseNotFound: --^ check that link23:26
DatabaseNotFoundnacc, I will, thank you so much23:27
naccDatabaseNotFound: gl@!23:28
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ReScOWhat are some best practices when it comes to company mail without having to give the users a system account?23:33
ReScOUnless i can configure those accounts to be secured in their home folder and other folders i grant them access to?23:33
django_hey all23:35
django_how can i get ubuntu to factory settings?23:35
rick6860I cannot see the network shares. I tried a couple of Samba programs and wonder if I messed up something more.23:35
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Bashing-omdjango_: Do a fresh clean install .23:36
squintydjango_, reinstall23:36
django_I have a dual book Bashing-om squinty23:37
django_sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop23:37
django_i found that command23:37
rick6860squinty, to reinstall does one have to clear and reformat the partitions?23:37
Bashing-omdjango_: Dual boot does not change the result .23:37
squintyrick6860,  personally I do  others milage might vary23:38
django_Bashing-om, i cant believe there isnt a way to reset the whole system23:38
rick6860squinty, ok thanks23:38
squintyrick6860, yw23:38
django_or do you mean run the installer from ubuntu?23:39
rick6860I cannot see my other computers on the network.23:39
Bashing-omdjango_: There is .. time honored .. back up data and RE-install .23:39
django_Bashing-om, but can i reinstall while ubuntu is running?23:40
django_like with a USB23:40
django_ok so ill tell you guys my problem maybe you can help23:40
django_i used sudo pip and they said in #python that my system is broken (im getting an error wheni run something) so they told me to  reinstall OS23:41
squintyrick6860,  might want to try   nautilus -> connect to server ->  smb://<ip addie>  here23:41
rick6860squinty, I once had mint installed. I could see and access my windows shares. After install ubuntu mate I would get to computer but not access.23:42
rick6860squinty, which server am I connecting to? a machine on my net?23:43
DatabaseNotFoundnacc, I deleted all dependencies and installed again, but now I noticed this error: AppArmor parser error for /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld in /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld at line 9: Could not open 'abstractions/mysql'23:43
Bashing-omdjango_: A re-install is that nuclear solution . Given time and effort buntu is always fixable . Need to know the status of the package manager ' sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 9999 ' as a small 1st step .23:43
squintyrick6860, yes23:43
naccDatabaseNotFound: ok, the isntall failed again?23:43
django_Bashing-om, should I upgrade to 16.04?23:44
rick6860squinty, so to get to a shared printer?23:44
DatabaseNotFoundnacc, It didn't but I noticed that error, if apparmor doesn't work, it's security vuln23:44
naccDatabaseNotFound: i would think that if mysql-server has been purged, that file (/etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld) can be deleted23:44
Bashing-omdjango_: NOT on a broken system !23:44
django_Bashing-om, so ill make a bootable usb stick and reinstal Ubuntu23:45
django_that will do it right?23:45
squintydjango_, yes23:45
django_ok great23:45
django_what steps can i take to learn more about ubuntu so i dont break it again?23:45
Bashing-omdjango_: Do what it takes to fix it . That is the way we learn .23:46
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WoodyPCIn Terminal, How can I check to see if I have microsoft true type fonts?23:49
squintyrick6860,nmap -sP   (finds all active ip's on a lan  [may need to be installed first)23:49
bonsairootHas anybody tried to make sway wm work on ubuntu yet?23:51
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Bashing-omWoodyPC: One way ' dpkg -l *font* | grep -E ^ii ' .. see if truetype is in that list .23:54
curlyearsit turns out that suddenly, my BIOS setup got changed, and it was trying to boot and install to the wrong HDD, sand it no longer will work in "auto" mode for UEFI stuff.   Odd, but I have a fresh, working install23:55
curlyearsI tried to install bitchx, but it won't install following the directions.  Some kind of issue with the use of the 'make' command23:56
curlyearswow # of users is down about 10% from what I usually see in this channel23:57
curlyearsin anycase, thanks to reisio for the suggestions re; eufi settings23:58

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