OvenWerksre: backporting to 14.04... I can't think of anything I would do that with (jackd maybe). I would rather take the line: finish things started with 14.04 with 14.04 as is, but start new projects with 16.06 please.15:38
OvenWerksThe list of known things not right in 14.04 (off the top of my head):15:38
OvenWerksCalf plugins (there is at least one bug that can destroy speakers)15:39
OvenWerksEQ10Q plugins, the GUI was broken15:40
OvenWerksArdour has 1000s of bug fixes since then15:41
OvenWerksqjackctl has a new gui that is much more newby friendly as it hides parameters that can get new people in trouble (system not working)15:43
OvenWerkszynaddsubfx should be added to 16.10 for sure, even in it's present state, it is a better plugin than yoshimi as it is properly set up to have more than one instance running at a time.15:46
OvenWerksBy 16.10 the new version might be out too.15:46
OvenWerksMost of the things for 14.04 if we were going to do backports... should have been done a year ago. If 14.04 has gotten along with out them so far, no need to start now. I would suggest put that energy into 16.04. The testing will be easier with people here (hopfully) running 16.04 day by day. Testing 14.04 backports will not get done well, just a quick opens,runs does not show any breakage deeper in.15:51
zequenceOvenWerks: Our users are not used to backports, since they aren't getting any16:36
zequencebut, it is actually something you can choose16:36
zequenceIt would be good for us to educate our users about that16:36
zequenceSo, that they don't update to backports by mistake, if they were not willing to do that16:36
trebmuhOvenWerks, reading at one of your email on a US ML, you might be able to +1 this : https://github.com/calf-studio-gear/calf/issues/2219:49

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