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reinaldoSorry! It was just a test.12:34
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bazeeesomebody, or just bot/bnc?13:28
cfhowlettwant answers?  ask questions.13:30
bazeeemy ubuntu 16.4, wont start, just the blank screen i can see13:31
bazeeestart just with the systemd grup option13:32
bazeeecan i fix, to start the normal mode? :)13:32
bazeeeits not comfortable to enter the group menu evry single start :/13:33
OvenWerksbazeee: I am not sure what the group menu is that you are refering to.15:30
OvenWerksbazeee: what I see here is grub which lists my OS partitions (because I have more than one, my wifes computer does not have this)15:31
OvenWerksbazeee: Then eventually I get to the login screen that has the same background as the session and just requires my password. I see no other "menus". Are you seeing one of those or something else?15:32
bazeeeOvenWerks: no, if I start normal, with out entering groub, no, just blank screen, no ubuntu logo, no loading ubuntu studio logo. :( if I pres Ctrl+Alt+Del, My computer is going to restart, I can se now the animated Ubuntu studio logo :) intresting...17:49
zequencebazeee: Perhaps it's a graphics driver problem?17:50
zequencebazeee: Do you have nvidia, or amd, or something else than Intel graphics?17:50
bazeeeAti i have. but i dont think the graphics card is the problem, Ubuntu starting ok, if i choise in the groub menu the other Ubuntu option... -start with sistemd17:53
bazeeehi gantengbanget17:53
gantengbangetI'm new here17:54
gantengbangetI just installed ubuntu studio17:54
zequencebazeee: So, Ubuntu starts, but not Ubuntu Studio?17:54
zequencegantengbanget: Hello. New user?17:55
bazeeeno, same. i have just one op. sistem17:55
gantengbangetzequence: yep17:56
zequencegantengbanget: Music, graphics, what's your interest?17:56
gantengbangeti'm a videographer17:56
zequencegantengbanget: Cool. So, kdenlive?17:57
gantengbangeti dunno17:57
gantengbangeti just started17:57
zequencebazeee: It sounds like the system boots17:57
gantengbangetand...still dont know what I should use17:57
zequencebazeee: Try booting, and after a while do Ctrl + Alt + F117:57
zequencegantengbanget: For video, kdenlive is probably a good option. There's also blender, pitivi and openshot.17:58
zequenceLightworks too, but not installable from the system17:58
bazeeehmm, the terminal17:58
zequencebazeee: Yes, do you see it?17:58
bazeeeyes, working.. :P i already tryed17:59
gantengbangetim used to play with premiere17:59
zequencebazeee: Ok, so the system is in fact booting, but you have no graphics - so again, probably a graphics driver problem17:59
gantengbangetwhats wrong with graphic driver?17:59
zequencebazeee: fglrx doesn't work on 16.04, yet. So, you may want to uninstall that17:59
gantengbangetdo i need update graphic driver?18:00
zequencegantengbanget: No, this is for bazeee, who has a ATI card18:00
bazeeehmmm. ok.  zequence.18:00
zequenceATI/AMD cards won't work with propritery drivers on 16.04, as of yet18:00
zequenceBut, the free drivers work ok18:00
gantengbangetim using nvidia18:00
zequencenvidia will work with both free and proprietary drivers18:01
gantengbangeti just updated graphic driver18:01
gantengbangetneed to restart18:01
gantengbangetill be back18:01
zequencegantengbanget: See you later18:01
bazeeehmmm zequence : A(z) „fglrx” csomag nincs telepítve, így nem lett törölve18:01
bazeeeehem.: it is not installed18:01
zequenceIs that Latvian, or something?18:02
bazeeehungrarian :)18:02
zequenceAnyway, not sure what the package is called18:02
bazeeehungarian. sorry.18:02
zequenceAh, I'm Finnish myself, so it seemed somewhat familiar18:02
zequencebazeee: Try doing 'apt-cache search fglrx'18:04
zequenceNot sure what the package is called currently18:04
bazeeenow everyting os ok with: Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-21-lowlatency (systemd) ...18:05
bazeeeok I can try18:05
bazeeefglrx-pxpress - transitional package for ubuntu-drivers-common ubuntu-drivers-common - Detect and install additional Ubuntu driver packages boinc-client-fglrx - metapackage for AMD/ATI fglrx-savvy BOINC client and manager kubuntu-driver-manager - Driver Manager for Kubuntu kubuntu-driver-manager-dbg - Driver Manager for Kubuntu -- debug symbols18:05
zequencebazeee: Ok, so you were able to get graphics now?18:05
gantengbangethi there18:05
zequencegantengbanget: Hi18:06
gantengbangetupdated successed18:06
gantengbangetbtw, what app for monitoring connection18:06
zequencegantengbanget: internet connection?18:08
zequenceWhat kind of monitoring, exactly?18:08
gantengbangetinternet connection18:08
zequenceYou mean upload/download bit rates?18:08
gantengbangetso we know usage of our PC18:08
zequencethere should be an applet for that, which you can to the panel, but right clicking on it, and selecting -> Panel -> Add new items18:09
gantengbangetsometimes ubuntu updater did not showing what it do18:09
zequenceOne of the applets is called "Network Monitor". Think that's what you want18:09
zequencegantengbanget: If you want to update manually, do this 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' and you will see everything18:10
zequence&& means AND18:10
gantengbangetI've searched, theres no network monitor app in ubuntu studio18:11
zequencegantengbanget: Just right click on the top panel, and select "Panel" -> "Add new items"18:12
zequenceThen, select "Network Mointor"18:12
zequenceThere are also lots of internet monitorin applications available in the repos, but the "applet" should do for you18:12
gantengbangetahh yes18:13
gantengbangetit works18:13
gantengbangetthanks zequence18:13
gantengbangetbut the bars did not fluctuate18:14
zequenceNo, seems like it's not working18:15
zequenceThere could be some other variant that works as a systray application18:16
gantengbangetwhat app?18:16
zequenceThis one perhas18:17
zequenceIf you do 'apt-cache search network monitor' you will see a lot of options18:18
zequenceGoing to install nagstamon, with the command 'sudo apt-get install nagstamon'18:18
zequenceSoftware may have some problems finding applications right now. It's being fixed. There's a bug18:18
zequenceNo nagstamon was not the one for you :)18:19
zequenceIt's for monitoring servers18:19
gantengbangetnagstamon didnt work18:19
gantengbangetits for server18:19
zequenceAll desktop environments usually have a way to monitor network, but it seems the one XFCE has is borken18:20
zequenceYes, like I said :)18:20
gantengbangeti mean for internet usage for my UbuntuStudio18:20
gantengbangetI need to know quota I've been used18:21
gantengbangetah unfortunately18:21
zequencequota? Ok, then you need something a bit more advanced anyway18:21
gantengbangetfor close internet connection if limit has reached?18:22
zequenceThere's this gantengbanget http://askubuntu.com/questions/103634/any-good-application-for-data-usage-monitor/35405618:23
zequenceBut, if you just google, you may find something better18:23
zequenceUsually, use the keywoard "ubuntu" in the mix, and you should find results18:24
zequenceLike "ubuntu network usage application"18:24
zequenceThat gives me this link, for example http://askubuntu.com/questions/532424/how-to-monitor-bandwidth-usage18:25
zequenceBoth tools I've seen are terminal based, but I'm sure there's a GUI equivalent too18:25
bazeee..aaand ping time out. :P18:31
bazeeebytheway, tnx, and good day/or night18:52

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