flocculantknome: ok - I'm happy with that now I've proved to myself it works like you said it would :p06:21
flocculant!team | I've removed the image tests from the tracker now - people can see that we have a bootable iso at http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-qa06:22
Unit193Eh?  No more image tests?06:23
flocculantUnit193: it was 1 test which was just the image boot test - the other's are still there06:24
flocculantlow tea count sentence that was 06:24
Unit193I see.06:24
flocculants/image tests/image boot test 06:25
dkesselflexiondotorg: regarding raspberry pi xubuntu images for testing - do you build images regularly? or just for releases?06:44
flocculantdkessel: morning :)06:45
dkesseljust checking that i would not set up stuff that already exists ;) i have already built images using the script06:45
dkesselmorning flocculant !06:45
flexiondotorgdkessel, Mostly for releases, but sometimes if there is good reason to update. Like adding Pi 3 support to the 15.10 images.07:54
pjotterHave any changes been made recently regarding samba and/or cifs? I suddenly have all sorts of problems  with file-locking on my clean install of 14.04.4. Especially Libreoffice fails to lock and unlock files on a cifs mounted nas properly.08:16
pjotterDisabling file locking, either in fstab or in Libreoffice itself solves the problem but leaves the system vulnarable to errors.08:19
bluesabreflocculant: the thunar test cases look fine to me... and yup what an annoying bug :D10:46
flocculantbluesabre: indeed ... you want me to have the "i in $(seq 1 10); do touch "$i.txt"; done" bnits in there too? 11:40
flocculantor have seperate testcases - easy to do 2 11:41
flocculantbnits being code for bits 11:47
knomei have a version of the tracker that can update work items internally12:36
knomeand updating is as easy as - double click a row, change stuff and press enter12:39
knomeor esc to cancel12:39
ochosiknome: weee15:02
flocculantknome: nice :)16:20
flocculantdoes it update LP at the same time? 16:21
nairwolfHi flocculant ;) I've seen your bug report : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/157754016:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1577540 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Yakkety) "ubi-console-setup failing on yakkety images" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:38
nairwolfIt's weird that I blocked you the installation16:39
nairwolfBecause I could continue the installation yesterday16:39
flocculantnairwolf: I could have continued too - didn't because I wanted the syslog16:43
nairwolfoh, ok ;)16:47
flocculantbluesabre: almost as boring writing these as it will be to run them ...17:15
flocculantbluesabre: ok - written 2, not live on tracker yet - nor merged, could you have a look at them before I do > http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/Thunar/revision/339?start_revid=33917:30
flocculantthanks :)17:30
knomeflocculant, no, my vision is that we basically ignore LP for the blueprints in the future...17:57
flocculantknome: mmm 18:40
flocculantnot so sure about reinventing a wheel18:41
flocculantand how will this vision of yours deal with external things - like Launchpad? 18:42
flocculanthi akxwi-dave 18:44
knomeflocculant, bugs can be attached to the tracker as you can attach them to the blueprints21:07
knomeflocculant, and believe me - this isn't really reinventing the wheel - this is doing some of the work ourself to make sure we can do what we want with the data21:08
flocculantknome: ok - you knew what I meant then :p21:08
knomeor tbe, they can't be - yet21:08
flocculantknome: ack - just donning the devil's advocate hat here ;)21:08
knomei haven't implemented any "add" functions yet21:08
knomebut it's more or less trivial once i go there...21:09
flocculantslickymaster: sent you and Dave (cc'd knome) mail about it now21:10
slickymasterseeing it now, flocculant 21:12
slickymasterand evening knome 21:12
knomehello slickymaster 21:12
flocculantknome: bah - meant to say that ... 21:13
slickymasterfine by me21:14
slickymasterI'll look see at expresso time, before leaving to work21:14
slickymaster+ and21:14
flocculantif that's before I do it ... 21:14
slickymasterexactly, if it's unconfirmed, I'll do it21:15
slickymasterif not, I'll just have my expresso21:15
knomeit's espresso btw21:16
slickymasterwell, over here it's expresso :P21:17
flocculantwell - love the company and all that :)21:19
flocculantnight night21:19
knomenight flocculant 21:19
slickymasternight flocculant 21:20
ochosimeh, ubuntu 16.04's kernel broke my wifi :'(21:40
ochosiolder kernel in 16.04 worked, but 4.4.0-21 is evil21:40
ochosi(-18 worked)21:40
geniiYou have some home-compiled wifi driver or something?21:41
ochosigenii: no, broadcom21:41
Unit193ochosi: Oh, garcon, xfce4-appfinder, -taskmanager, git xfconf and git tumbler are the only ones ported to gdbus/gtk3, right?21:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1572659 in bcmwl (Ubuntu) "bcmwl driver does not work with kernel 4.4.0-21 when secure boot enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:41
ochosiUnit193: no, there are several panel plugins now too21:41
Unit193Hah, secure boot strikes again! :P21:41
ochosiunless you're looking for the combination of gdbus/gtk321:42
Unit193ochosi: Yeah, didn't list those because boring. :P21:42
ochosiwell then at least the power-manager is missing21:42
Unit193Ah right, OK.21:43
ochosianyway, disabled stupid secure boot and now things are fine again..22:15
Unit193ochosi: You see my comments about the nice broken xfconf port?  I don't know who 'ali' is so can't ping.22:17
Unit193slickymaster: No, but FYI copied the functional packages from unit193/xfce4-gtk3 to xubuntu-dev/22:29
slickymasterhmmm url Unit193, please22:30
Unit193https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/xfce4-gtk3/+packages this one?22:32
Unit193(This is my personal tracker: https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/docs/xfce4.14.html )22:32
slickymasterthanks for the heads up22:33
Unit193It's upstream stuff, not ours yet though.22:33
slickymasterthey build successfully but they haven't been published22:34
slickymasteris that why you say they're still not ours?22:35
Unit193No I just copied them from my PPA.22:37
slickymastergot it22:37
bluesabreevening all22:41
Unit193Howdy, bluesabre.22:42
slickymasterhey bluesabre 22:44
bluesabrehey Unit193 slickymaster22:46
bluesabreflocculant: those test cases look good (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/Thunar/revision/339?start_revid=339)22:52
flocculantbluesabre: ok - thanks for looking - I'll get those self-approved on to the tracker then :p23:06
Unit193bluesabre: FWIW, testing the gtk/gdbus stuff then moving it to the team PPA.23:08
Unit193So port more and we'll fill it up. :D23:09
flocculantbluesabre: all done on tracker now, I guess the next thing is either get people to test and report the fails and wait for something to land and retest23:15
flocculantor wait then test23:15

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