qwetrtyurLife is not a game, life is very serious. https://vimeo.com/14627176500:05
ReeceXubuntu rocks00:18
craigbass76I keep having trouble with browsers (ff, chrome, and chromium -- haven't tested much with Vivaldi yet) going crazy as far as system resources go. Is this something you all are also experiencing, or just me? I leave a browser open for a while, and then BOOM! Top is showing a load average of 4 or 5, and the guilty party is a browser.00:33
craigbass76I'm wondering if it's the ads so many sites are showing now00:34
subscioushello I am trying to install google chrome as downloaded from google.com. The *.deb file opens the Software app but the install button only shows a blue progressbar for short after clicking and then resets. What is the problem?01:34
rflemingGNOME Software is broken01:39
rflemingit is a known issue.01:39
rflemingYou can either do it through the command line via dpkg -i01:40
rflemingor install gdebi and through there01:40
rflemingsubscious, if you do use dpkg -i, you will need to run `sudo apt-get -f install` to install the missing dependencies.01:41
rflemingsubscious, as to detail the problem, for whichever reason GNOME Software neglects to prompt you for your credentials to gain the privileges to install Google Chrome, so it starts the install, then silently errors out and resets.01:42
subsciousthanks rfleming01:42
Unit193In theory one can also do  sudo apt install /path/to/package.deb01:43
rflemingat least I think it silently errors out as I can't find a log01:43
rflemingAlright.  It's time to make some popcorn, and go watch Bridge of Spies with the wifey.  Kids are asleep.01:44
rflemingsubscious, good luck getting your new system up! :)01:45
subsciousrfleming thanks again. I'm going forward quite fast I think. gdebi did the job. will have to learn using dpkg -i some other time01:46
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squintysubscious,  imho, better to use gdebi... it checks to see that all dependancies are satisfied.01:48
detoyaI'd like to start using 16.04 but I've grown accustomed to the bugs in 14.04 ... what do I need to know about upgrading?01:56
detoyalike how often do I need to restart the desktop to keep it usable?01:56
subsciousdetoya: I just installe 16.04 and had a pleasant ride so far. Only bug was software center not beeing able to install deb files and some renaming of repositorys01:57
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) release notes can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes01:57
detoyaDoes nm-applet make an icon in the notification area?01:57
Unit193detoya: It's a good idea to backup data, but you can try Xenial live too if you wish.01:58
subsciousdetoya: Why don't you give the live cd a try you can see those things there01:58
detoyaI tried the livecd version of 14.04 before upgrading from 12.04 and it seemed stable too lol01:58
subsciousit's a stable release after al01:58
detoyajust would like some answers from people who are using a living breathing installation :-)01:58
detoya14.04 has never been stable, I've had to restart it 3-4 times a day01:59
subsciousdetoya: I am using it now for about 2 hours just installing stuff and giving netflix with google chrome a test just now01:59
detoyatalking about XFCE... gnome and kde and fluxbox were stable but I don't like them.01:59
subsciousgnome was discontinued last I checked02:00
Unit193Weird, but there's Xfce 4.12 in Xenial.02:00
Unit193No, GNOME3 is still alive and strong.02:00
detoyaXFCE notification area wouldn't show icons for many apps02:00
detoyapanel would stop hiding02:00
subsciousOh. it was gnome2 then. didn't like the remodel of GNOME3. bummer02:00
detoyaso can any of you get nm-applet to show connection icon in 16.04?02:01
Unit193detoya: As far as your problems, did you try a guest session?02:01
Unit193nm-applet works fine.02:01
detoyaI tried rm-rf /home02:01
detoyahow about suspend from the session menu?02:02
detoyadoes suspend work or do you gotta do it manually from shell?02:03
detoyafor me in 14.04 it works sometimes, other times it just locks up the desktop session.02:04
detoyathen I gotta CTRL-ALT-F1 log in and HUP xorg02:04
squintydetoya,  just out of curiosity why "rm -rf /home"02:05
detoyato make sure no user config is interfering with the desktop.02:05
detoyaeven the guest has some residual config lol02:05
squintydetoya,  that would have wiped out every setting for every user on your box02:06
detoyabut to answer the question guest didn't work any better02:06
detoyaonly if you didn't have a cron making regular rsync backups ;-)02:06
squintydetoya,  ok just making sure  :)02:07
detoyaand it's a laptop, there's no multiple users02:07
squintydetoya,  there is on mine laptops   backup admin users for emergencies02:07
detoyaBut speaking of that, does opening a guest session from a live dekstop work in 16.04?  It never worked in XFCE in 14.04 for me02:08
detoyaworked fine with Unity and KDE, but not XFCE02:08
detoyaI know I sound like I hate XFCE but actually I love it, I'm just intimate with its failings02:09
detoyakinda like how you know the many things you should not trust your husband to do right lol02:09
Unit193I never used guest, but I don't believe I had a lot of the problems you did.  I know indicators were a bit quirky at some point, but much better here.02:10
detoyabeing able to have nm-applet icon is a big deal for me...02:10
detoyathe only way I could get it was ssh -X root@localhost nm-applet02:10
Unit193Sounds like your indicators are messed up.02:11
detoyawhich is ludicrous02:11
detoyasometimes skype would not show up, some software like winswitch I could never get to work with XFCE at all02:17
detoyaanyhow what I'm hearing is that you're not having those issues with latest so I'll give it a try02:18
detoyamaybe I should just update the repos to Xenial, install xfce4 packages and see how it goes then I can roll back if need be.02:19
detoyalike the good old days running Sarge and running kde 3.12 from testing lol02:20
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xubuntu18wwhats best way to do a upgrade to 16.04 lts release, from 14.04?04:02
xanguaForce upgrade, wait for 16.04 first point release, grab the ISO and upgrade with it04:03
xubuntu70wHi, I'm having problem with my wifi. Its working with my 12.04 installation. Hardware switch(Fn + F2) not turing it on.07:33
xubuntu70wHere is some outputs of network related command. http://paste.ubuntu.com/16199466/07:33
xubuntu08i@ all    ^09:28
xubuntu89iHello, trying to install Xubuntu - the live version works great. Once install finished however, my computer attempted to boot and I was shown the message 'No Boot device found'. Any ideas?11:03
xubuntu89iI'm currently reinstalling as we speak11:03
xubuntu89iAlso some weird thing with the trackpad - it kind of...jumps to the bottom corner every once in awhile. Not sure why11:05
xubuntu89iI did this on Solus as well, so I'm used to it, but never on Windows11:05
xubuntu89i*It did this11:05
xubuntu89iI am getting about 12-14 hours of constant moderate/heavy use per charge with Xubuntu live though11:11
xubuntu89iLoving that!11:11
pencilandpaperGood morning.12:13
jmaestualguien puede prestarme una ayuda por favor12:54
TvillingHi! I upgraded to 16.04 recently, and now my mouse pointer consistently disappears after logging in after resuming from sleep. Is this a known issue?13:57
TvillingIt's a laptop, Lenovo X24013:57
TvillingI have to restart lightdm to get it to reappear again, and it's a bit annoying to have to do that every time it happens13:58
knomeTvilling, did you read the release announcement?14:09
Tvillingknome: Nope, just a general google-search for known bugs... Thanks14:11
Babloyixubuntu 16.04 is out, but I'm still on 14.04, and my updater doesn't seem to know a new LTS is out?14:34
Babloyithere no way to update directly from 14.04 to 16.04?14:34
ubottuUsers of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.14:34
BabloyiI can wait :D14:36
Babloyiall the more time for more things to get compatible14:36
anomalyI have a shell script I want to bind to a keyboard shortcut.  when I run the script from a terminal it does as expected.  when I go into keyboard shortcuts in settings and assign the shortcut it does not run.  I have assigned other shortcuts and they work as expected.   what else can I look at or do to make this work?15:08
dave_pHello, I have a broken menu item that is not listed in the MenuLibre list. Since it is broken I'd like to remove it but can't find where it is located. Any suggestions?16:50
dave_pFor further information I'm on 16.0416:53
mrkrampsdave_p, this broken menu entry is for which application?16:55
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dave_pmrkramps: It is Telegram, the messenger.17:17
NebucatnetzerHey guys, I'm having a problem with xfburn. When I try to burn mp3's it shows a pop up with this text "Gstreamer did not like this file (detection timed out)". I tried now for about 2-3 hours to solve this problem but I couldn't get it to work.18:49
NebucatnetzerI tried to install the good, bad and ugly plugin for gstreamer but that didn't help. Also any other mentioned packages/plugins mentioned on various blogs didn't solve it.18:50
Nebucatnetzer*packages/plugins for gstreamer18:51
NebucatnetzerMy questions are now the following ones: Is there a solution to this? If there isn't a solution should I file a bug and if yes where? Ubuntu/Xubuntu/xfburn18:53
well_laid_lawnhave you used something like ffmpeg to check the files ?18:53
Nebucatnetzerhow would I do that? What I tried was to use Brasero which works fine.18:54
well_laid_lawnjust  ffmpeg -i /path/to/mp3   and see what it reports18:55
well_laid_lawnapart from the line 14 junk that looks ok18:59
NebucatnetzerThey play fine btw, just tested it with vlc19:01
well_laid_lawnmy guess is gstreamer is getting stymied by that junk19:01
well_laid_lawnyou could try rewriting the file with ffmpeg and see if that clears it up19:02
Nebucatnetzerhmm not really a good solution. a friend of mine is having the problem and that wouldn't work for her.19:04
NebucatnetzerI was just able to reproduce it in a VM19:04
Nebucatnetzerhowever I can test it anyway to see if the problem goes away19:05
Nebucatnetzer@well_laid_lawn I've rewritten the file with ffmpeg but it didn't work19:37
well_laid_lawnNebucatnetzer:  you can check if there's an existing bug for that or file a new one if you like19:54
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:54
NebucatnetzerI'm filing a new one at the moment. Couldn't find an existing one. Thank you for your help :)19:56
pjotter1Hi people. Jut a quick question: Why does the default Xubuntu theme have so little space reserved on the edges of the windows? It's almost impossible for me to grab the side of a window and resize it. Or maybe I'm missing something?20:06
nairwolfhi pjotter1 : I have the same feeling badly....20:07
pleia2pjotter1: if you're having trouble grabbing the edges, there's a post about other methods for resizing windows: http://xubuntu.org/news/window-resizing-in-xubuntu-and-xfce/20:07
pleia2(I can't answer the question as to why they're so small though)20:08
pjotter1I always find myself switching to the Kokodi windows manager.20:08
pleia2I use method 2 from that post almost exclusively, it's even easier than edge grabbing20:09
pleia2(though it doesn't work with all apps, some grab the alt input)20:10
pjotter1I mainly use a wacom pen. NOt sure if that mathod works with that too...20:10
pleia2only one way to find out :)20:10
pjotter1Thats weird. I cant even get the method to work with a mouse. Just press alt and right anywhere on the window?20:11
pjotter1Larighty I got it. Withg me I had to press the right altkey and the windowskey similtaniously and right click. I don;t think this will be a very handy method in my case... :S20:13
pleia2no windows key, I hold down alt and then right click+move mouse20:13
pleia2but yeah, sounds not20:14
pleia2much easier and intuitive with a mouse20:14
pjotter1Ah ok, got it now20:15
pjotter1I had selecte super key instead of alt in the settings20:15
pleia2ah :)20:15
pjotter1Yes, that is for working with photoshop I'm afraid. Photoshop uses the alt key al lot for various functions.20:16
pjotter1But I guess it wouldn't be very hard to alter the graybird theme myself to get some thicker edges around the windows?20:17
pleia2I don't know20:17
pjotter1I just installes 16.04 in a virtualbox. Looks really great!20:19
xubuntu26whi all!20:32
xubuntu26wplease help, maybe stupid question, but. an anybody help to resolve one problem/ libreoffice can't open files fom smb shares20:33
xubuntu26win xubuntu 14.04 all was fine, but in 15.10 and 16.04, problem presist20:33
mrkrampsxubuntu26w, install libreoffice-gnome and gvfs-backend-goa20:34
xubuntu26wmrkramps tnx! I'll try20:35
mrkrampsshould be gvfs-backends-goa, sry20:36
xubuntu26wis the libreoffice not preinstalled?20:40
pjotter1hey xubuntu26w!20:40
pjotter1I am experiencing the same thing here20:40
pjotter1Are these files on a mounted disk or something?20:41
xubuntu26wjust mounted smb share20:42
xubuntu26weg in ubuntu mate all fine, in generic ubuntu all fine too20:42
pjotter1I sure hope the sollution mrkramps gave works because I have been scratching my head over this for a few days.20:43
xubuntu26wproblem only in xubuntu from 15.1020:43
pjotter1I have the problem also in 14.0420:43
pjotter1It just started recently20:43
mrkrampspjotter1, using libreoffice from ppa?20:43
pjotter1Everything 100% out of the box20:43
xubuntu26wstill try to find full instruction to install gvfs-backends-goa20:43
pjotter1sudo apt-get install gvfs-backends-goa20:44
mrkrampsxubuntu26w:$ sudo apt-get install libreoffice-gnome gvfs-backends-goa20:44
flocculantnot available for 16.04 it seems20:44
xubuntu26wflocculant looks like right!20:45
xubuntu26wPackage 'gvfs-backends-goa' has no installation candidate20:45
mrkrampshm, gvfs-backends now includes goa20:45
pjotter1libreoffice-gnome is available though20:46
mrkrampsok, check if 'gvfs-backends' is installed20:47
pjotter1mrkramps: In what way does the goa package differ from the normal one?20:47
mrkrampspjotter1, it is just another backend which had been provided in a different package20:47
xubuntu26wI try "sudo apt-get install gvfs-backends"20:48
pjotter1Does it solve the problems with filelocking in Libreoffice?20:48
xubuntu26wand  get 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:48
xubuntu26wThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:20:49
xubuntu26wno, problem presists :(20:49
pjotter1just a few line above that it should read that the package is already installed.20:49
pjotter1xubuntu26w: I have found a few ugly workarounds that might work.20:50
pjotter1You can try disabling filelocking for Libreoffice (if indeed that is the problem in your case, I'm not 100% sure)20:51
xubuntu26wI found a lot advices about change strings in LO configs, all of them useless, just chaned error message20:51
xubuntu26wand how to disable filelocking?20:51
pjotter1Try this: $ sudo mousepad /usr/bin/soffice20:52
pjotter1Look for these lines:20:52
pjotter1# file locking now enabled by default20:52
pjotter1export SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING20:52
pjotter1You have to comment those out by putting a # in front of them like so:20:53
pjotter1# file locking now enabled by default20:53
pjotter1# SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING=120:53
pjotter1# export SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING20:53
pjotter1Once you done that... save the file and try opening a file.20:54
pjotter1I mean try opening a file with Libreroffice.20:54
pjotter1On that samba share.20:54
xubuntu26wwow it helps!20:56
pjotter1Alrighty :)20:56
pjotter1One thing though...20:56
pjotter1You have just disabled filelocking for Libreoffice.20:56
pjotter1This means that if two user would open the same file with Libreoffice and start editing it... things would mess up.20:57
pjotter1If you're the only user on the mounted disk, you will be fine.20:57
pjotter1Just a word of caution20:57
pjotter1filelocking is meant to prevent people from opening and editing the same files and should probably be turned on.20:58
pjotter1But as there seems to be a bug here... this will work in the meantime.20:58
xubuntu26wunderstood. I'll look now on generic ubunto for it setting20:58
pjotter1Just uncomment those lines again to enable filelocking again.20:59
pjotter1Btw... the fact that you experience this too tells me there is something wrong with either Libreoffice or samba. We should probably consider filing a bug report.21:00
pjotter1What system do you use? I'm on Xubuntu 14.04.4 amd6421:00
xubuntu26wI just try to find perfect distribution to use at home an work21:02
pjotter1Go with Xubuntu ;)21:02
xubuntu26wxubuntu perfect for me, but from 15.10 have this problem :(21:02
pjotter114.04 too.21:02
xubuntu26won 14.04 all was fine21:03
pjotter1Until recently. I just reinstalled my 14.04 and sudenly there was this problem with Libreoffice.21:03
xubuntu26wfew seconds ago open config in ubuntu, these strings uncommented21:03
xubuntu26wbut opens fine from smb share21:04
pjotter1What version is that?21:04
xubuntu26wlatest ubuntu 16.04 x6421:04
pjotter1I know that recenlty there was an upgrade of the samba-common package. I suspect that maybe that might be the cause of this. Maybe we could check what versions are used by the systems?21:05
xubuntu26whow can I do it (I just young user of NIX systems)21:07
pjotter1me too ;)21:08
pjotter1I usually use synaptic for that21:08
pjotter1just install synaptic, run it and search for the packages. The version numbers are displayes alongside the names.21:09
pjotter1Yes, me too21:16
xubuntu26win xubuntu and ubuntu genuine21:16
pjotter1But in Ubuntu everything works like it should?21:17
xubuntu26win ubuntu mate all fine too21:18
pjotter1I'm reading that recently samba was fixed and updated because of something called 'badlock'. That was in april, just around the time I started noticing this buggy behaviour with Libreoffice. I'm just guessing that this might have something to do with this but I'll have to do  more testing.21:18
pjotter1Unfortunately I don't have the knowlegde to dive into this more deelpy atm... but for the time being we are saved by disabling filelocking it seems.21:20
xubuntu26wok. tnx a lot! usually it proper desission for most situations!21:21
pjotter1btw, you can also disable filelocking by adding 'noclock' to your cifs mount entry in fstab.21:21
pjotter1That would disable filelocking for all apps. Not just Libreoffice.21:21
pjotter1whoops.. I meant 'nolock'21:22
pjotter1without quotes ofcourse21:22
pjotter1For instance: //MyNAS/Share /mnt/MyMount cifsdefaults,nolock,guest,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf80 0 (or something like that)21:24
pjotter1This also 'solves'  the problem. Hence I think it might have something to do with samba.21:25
esmoBGhi   from bulgaria21:51
knomeesmoBG, do you have a support question?22:06
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