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eliaspsHello, any launchpad administrators here to have a look at this? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/293510. It's about renaming a team and it's mailing list, and downloading some launchpad teams' mailing list archives. Thank you.08:36
cjwatsonYeah, please just ask on one channel and not two.  Sorry for the delay.08:44
cjwatsonI've asked a sysadmin if they know how to do the ML archiving.08:44
eliaspscjwatson, I apologize for the multiple questions! Thank you for your help. I just wasn't sure where to stick with that topic.08:47
cjwatsoneliasps: I'm copying your archives around very slowly right now (terrible ADSL).  Once we have that in place, can I get you to check that the ubuntugnome-qa archive is sufficient before we start renaming the team (since it requires purging and re-importing the list)?09:57
eliaspscjwatson Sorry for the delayed reply, yes, when it's convenient to you, ping me and I'll check the archive.10:13
eliaspscjwatson, Thanks for your help!10:13
eliaspscjwatson, I can't thank you enough! With the archives and the renaming of the qa team, the UG Team is ready to go.11:02
cjwatsoneliasps: so we do still need to handle the team rename11:05
eliaspscjwatson, I think so. Renaming of the QA Team and its mailing list, while if possible, keeping there the mailing list archive as it is (before the rename).11:06
eliaspsIf keeping the archive isn't possible after the rename, it's ok, since we have it on the file you sent.11:07
cjwatsoneliasps: https://help.launchpad.net/Teams/MailingLists#Renaming_your_team - no need to open a new question of course, but you need to start by deactivating the list11:09
eliaspscjwatson OK, I'll do that!11:10
cjwatsonunfortunately there's some back and forth involved here, so tell me when you've done that and I'll get onto the next step11:12
eliaspsYes, Im waiting on launchpad to deactivate the list. It says that it will take a few minutes.11:13
eliaspscjwatson should I also purge the mailing list?11:18
eliaspsOk, I renamed the team.11:20
cjwatsoneliasps: uh11:21
cjwatsoneliasps: do you have the option to purge it?11:21
eliaspsYes, and I did.11:21
cjwatsonAh yes, so you do11:22
eliaspsI also renamed the team. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-qa11:24
cjwatsoneliasps: OK, now go to "Configure mailing list" and create the list again11:24
eliaspscjwatson Alright, the mailing list is being created.11:25
eliaspscjwatson the mailing list has been created11:26
cjwatsoneliasps: thanks, I've asked sysadmin to move the archives across11:26
eliaspscjwatson, Ok, so we are all set.11:27
eliaspsThank you very much for your time!!!11:27
cjwatsonI'll close the ticket when it's done11:28
eliaspsOk, I'll be here.11:28
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