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w1nt3rcan snappy be used on regular Ubuntu 16.04? or can it only be used on Ubuntu Core right now?06:46
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noizerHi short question is it possible to use usb devices in the shell classic?08:59
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jdstrandtyhicks: hi! when you see mvo can you let him know that I remove ubuntu-core-security* from the system-image seed (and added seccomp so scmp_sys_resolver doesn't go away), then removed ubuntu-core-security from the archive (all of this on yakkety)14:41
jdstrandtyhicks: I'm not sure how the os snap is being generated so wanted to give him a heads up14:41
tyhicksjdstrand: hi - I will let him know15:05
jdstrandtyhicks: thanks! :)15:16
tyhicksjdstrand: he's received the message15:25
jdstrandtyhicks: thanks again :)15:27
cos-sorry if this is faq but is there a qmake plugin?16:20
sergiusenscos- there is no qmake plug in but can get one started by looking at what dpm did in one of his playpen branches16:23
cos-i found this https://github.com/kyrofa/qt-example-snaps/tree/master/application16:24
cos-will there be a official qmake plugin?16:26
sergiusenscos- there will, once we get a Qt expert to contribute one (or we have time to study it a bit more)16:37
cos-ok, nice16:40
cos-after all it's the default build system for qt, although many projects prefer cmake16:41
sergiusenselopio do we have the lxd for travis setup anywhere?18:08
sergiusens1.x maybe?elopio18:08
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elopiosergiusens: the ugly hack with lxc we did: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/371/files and the recommended way to get xenial: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/docker/18:28
nealmcbpopey: thanks.  But can we get a more definitive answer on why I can't run snappy on the official Ubuntu docker image?  It seems to me that using a premier feature of Xenial on the official Ubuntu image for one of the main ways that Ubuntu is used in the cloud needs to be addressed, even if it is something like "its too hard" or "it would be silly to run snappy in docker because......"18:38
popeynealmcb: congratulations, you have reached the limit of my knowledge on this subject ㋛18:39
nealmcbpopey: no problem.  I'm just hoping that the right guru is lurking here, ready to snap up a juicy question ;)18:40
popeyI admire your optimism18:40
nealmcbOr do we need a snappy AI bot to handle these?  Surely snappy is the answer to AI also ;)18:41
kyrofaWe have an official ubuntu docker image?18:42
kyrofanealmcb, not a docker pro, but do you get systemd and services running there?18:44
nealmcbkyrofa: docker run -it ubuntu18:44
popeykyrofa: that's the problem, no, i dont think they do18:45
nealmcbhmmm - https://lwn.net/Articles/676831/  Systemd vs. Docker18:45
kyrofapopey, indeed, that's certainly the issue then18:46
kyrofanealmcb, snap is a dumb client for a smart snapd service18:46
kyrofa(which runs via systemd)18:48
nealmcbSo can I just start by manually starting snapd?18:52
nealmcbWow, that lwn article describes an epic fight, involving major new sytems like docker and systemd, and the Open Container Project's runC tool.  Rumors of Red Hat forking Docker to resolve the issues, and allow all this to run on Windows: "Walsh also pointed out that cgroups, sd_notify, and socket activation all work out-of-the-box with runC. This is because runC does not use Docker's client-server model; it is just an executable. He does not see the br19:02
nealmcbIn the meantime, Ubuntu needs to have a story about snappy and Docker today, and tomorrow....19:04
* nealmcb starts writing it up for launchpad19:05
kyrofanealmcb, yeah running it directly might work. But docker typically runs pretty confined, I think. You might still run into issues19:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1581188 in Snappy "How to run snappy from inside Docker - systemd issues?" [Undecided,New]19:27
example6Is there any way to install java and have it available among all apps in 15.04, or do I need to put it in a custom snap along with everything that needs it?19:47
example6My programs need to be able to have JAVA_HOME set19:48
qenghoexample6: if you need it, you have to put it in your snap.19:50
qengho(Do you mean 16.04?)19:51
example6No, I'm running 15.0419:51
qenghoexample6: Oh. Sorry. That is too strange for me to consider.19:52
kyrofaexample6, snaps contain their dependencies20:11
bullnew to snappy22:33
bullhow can i build my qt app with snappy22:34
bullit uses qml too22:34
bullhow define dependencies , how to set icon of app , and how to set where to install files ??22:35
bullanyone here ?22:35
ogra_there should be a Qt example somewhere (dunno where though)22:35
bullsnappy will fail , debian was better22:36
bullits like redefining anything , debian was not broken guys are saying debian store will shut down soon . is that right ?22:37
bulli will not pack my apps in this shity format it first taking lot of bandwidth , and then making my app a crap load of idk what 300mb22:39
* ogra_ wonders if people really expect to get help when coming into channels with such tone 23:05
sgclark*says in a friendlier tone* if someone does come across that qt example I would be ever so happy. have a few days to toy around with kde stuff.23:13
* ogra_ makes mental note to ping sgclark if he comes around it :)23:17
ogra_i think dpm had one ... but he is surely asleep23:17
sgclarknp, I am going through tutorials. I have all weekend to play23:17

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