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flocculantcyphermox: did you know about bug 1577540 ?06:51
ubot5bug 1577540 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Yakkety) "ubi-console-setup failing on yakkety images" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157754006:51
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flocculantwxl: if you've 5 minutes could you check https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/imageupdate/+merge/29455919:32
flocculantonce that one's correct - I'll update all that need it doing :|19:32
wxlflocculant: laptop is at home :(19:47
flocculantwxl: not a rush - just forgot to put a name on the proposal - and the coin said ask you :)19:47
wxlflocculant: could you do me a favor (since i deleted my original mail about the subject) and put me down as a reviewer? i'll make sure it gets done19:49
flocculantthere's 19 to deal with that I can find19:49
flocculantwxl: done19:52
flocculantno - thank you :)19:53
wxlno, i said thank you first19:53
wxltherefore, i win :)19:53
flocculantI said tia19:54
flocculantthat's so obviously thanks in advance \o/19:54
flocculantha ha ha19:54

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