Odd_BlokeLooking at all of my server and desktop installs, I have backports enabled, but http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/auto/build#L132 has it commented out; could that change to have it enabled?11:05
Odd_Bloke(I'm asking in the context of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/livecd-rootfs/+bug/1513529, where we're being asked to have the same sources.list in cloud images as server images, including enabled backports)11:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513529 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "cloud images should be built with the same /etc/apt/sources.list as server images" [High,In progress]11:05
Odd_Blokeinfinity: cjwatson: (You seem like you would have Thoughts on the above. :)11:07
infinityOdd_Bloke: You're reusing my old preinstalled code?  Ick.11:10
infinityOdd_Bloke: But yes, if that's where your sources.list is coming from, it should be resynced to match what apt-setup does, as it originally did.11:10
cjwatsondo the same kind of thing as is done for universe just above I guess11:11
infinityNot convinced that's where your sources.list is coming from, though.11:13
infinityOh, maybe it is.11:14
infinityI'm so full of regret right now.11:15
Odd_Blokeinfinity: Is there a right way that we could start doing it in yakkety?11:17
* yofel goes fixing nmqt in x-proposed11:18
Odd_Bloke(We're also going to want this back in xenial, so we'll presumably have to just make the gross change there)11:18
infinityOdd_Bloke: Well, just fix that bit for now.  I need to tear out half my stale preinstalled-server stuff, and if some of that causes fallout for CPC, we'll think of a less gross way to do things.11:18
infinityOdd_Bloke: But yeah, for now, just do the obvious thing for xenial/yakkety.11:18
infinityOdd_Bloke: When I go deleting 500 lines of evil, we'll talk. :)11:18
Odd_BlokeHmph, I can't totally cargo-cult universe thought because having backports in LB_PARENT_ARCHIVE_AREAS doesn't make sense.11:25
Odd_BlokeAha, but there are already backport related options in live-build that I can, perhaps, steal.11:27
infinityOdd_Bloke: Hrm?11:31
infinityOdd_Bloke: What you should do it look at a clean sources.list from a server install, and then translate that to the bit in live-build/auto/build so the result looks the same.11:31
Odd_Blokeinfinity: The way universe works is by checking if universe is in LB_PARENT_ARCHIVE_AREAS (which is used verbatim elsewhere).  Having backports in there doesn't make sense, so I need another way to signal from auto/config to auto/build that backports should be enabled.11:32
Odd_Blokeinfinity: Unless we're happy to just remove the comments wholesale (to match a server install), rather than make it tweakable?11:33
infinityOdd_Bloke: If installs no longer comment things by default, cloud images should match.11:33
Odd_Blokeinfinity: Cool, I'll just make it match.11:35
Odd_Bloke"On releases after and including Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) ... apt is configured with Backports enabled by default."  <-- probably safe to switch cloud images over now ¬.¬11:40
yofelpitti: ^ now with fixed symbols (the pre-upload testenv didn't have -proposed enabled, sorry)11:40
pittiyofel: thanks!12:14
bdmurraypitti: that remove from the archive SRU code, which you are using, is commenting on bugs multiple times15:04
pittibdmurray: I sometimes ran it twice due to LP timeouts, just that?15:05
pittibdmurray: other than that I removed the same package from multiple releases, and the comments would only differ in the release name15:05
bdmurraypitti: okay, looking at bug 1512902 I guess there is only one comment but I got 5 emails or so15:06
ubot5bug 1512902 in apport (Ubuntu Wily) "apport will create .upload files for incomplete or corrupt crash reports" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151290215:06
bdmurraypitti: let me know when you wrap w/ SRU work so I can do some (if there's any left!)15:17
pittibdmurray: I'm done, and yes, there's still plenty left :) (I didn't even start on t/w queues yet)15:17
bdmurrayinfinity: Could you fully phase the ubuntu-drivers-common update for xenial?16:59
LocutusOfBorgany anybody please make vmtk migrate (I think by removing powerpc binary), and then try to remove insighttoolkit too? it should be the blocker for removal17:03
LocutusOfBorgand then if you demote fslview we can also just remove vtk too17:04
LocutusOfBorg(note: they have been both removed in debian)17:04
infinitybdmurray: Seems possible.17:06
rbasaksmoser: ^^ do you want that simplestreams upload rejected?17:27
infinitybdmurray: ^--- That mtr SRU is SUPER IMPORTANT.19:51
bdmurrayinfinity: then why isn't importance CRITICAL?19:54
infinitybdmurray: I can reupload.19:54
bdmurrayinfinity: I meant the bug tasks.19:54
infinity(In all seriousness, it's about as critical as my decision about pizza or burgers for dinner, but if you use mtr daily, it's probably bugged you too... :P)19:55
infinitybdmurray: And it's one of those annoying bugs where I finally got sick of it, taught myself ncurses so I could fix it, fixed it locally, which then gave me the keywords required to Google and discover that upstream had already fixed it.19:56
bdmurrayThe choice between burgers or pizza could lead to heart disease (or something)19:56
flocculantcouple more a's there - argh is just indigestion20:04

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