* redir goes eod01:05
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natefinchdavecheney: you around?02:30
mupBug #1583422 changed: status-history is broken <juju-core:Fix Released by natefinch> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1583422>02:54
mupBug #1583422 opened: status-history is broken <juju-core:Fix Released by natefinch> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1583422>03:06
davecheneynatefinch: ac03:08
natefinchdavecheney: do you think this bug requires maas? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/153758503:08
* natefinch waits for a slow mup03:08
natefinchdavecheney: sounds like "we're deploying a lot of machines and containers, and some contention/race in the code is blowing up if we go too fast"03:09
mupBug #1583422 changed: status-history is broken <juju-core:Fix Released by natefinch> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1583422>03:15
davecheneynatefinch: no idea, never done any maas03:18
davecheneywhy do we have a concept of connecting to the API without logging in ?03:18
davecheneywhat operations are permitted without authentication ?03:18
natefinchdavecheney: not many, but a few03:19
davecheneythat blows03:20
davecheneythat means any api client method like ModelUUID has to return an error03:20
davecheneybecause it plays double duty as a "hey, you aren't logged in yet"03:20
natefinchdavecheney: it's possible we've cleaned everything up since I last looked, but I don't know for sure03:22
davecheneythe problem i'm trying to fix is api/service/client.go which reutrns "" if there is an error retrievin the model uuid03:23
davecheneyand I cannot change the api like I did for https://github.com/juju/juju/commit/682e48db28d27b8730fce3aab1a63d5260787caf03:23
davecheneybecause of the horrid romulus mess03:23
davecheneyso I tried to store the model tag earlier, but apparently there is logic that expects you to be connected, but not have a model03:24
davecheneytechnical debt -- fuck yeah!03:24
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mupBug #1558734 changed: POWER8 agent stacktraces and refuses to boot <juju-core:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1558734>04:27
mupBug #1583893 opened: 1.25.5: goroutine panic launching container on xenial <landscape> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1583893>05:03
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mupBug #1583934 opened: revision specified in the charm, how? <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1583934>07:40
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fwereadehmm, do we have terminology to distinguish concisely between "agents running in a hosted model" vs "agents running in a controller model"? e.g. "controller agents" won't really work because not all agents in controller models actually run controller tasks or need controller-level privileges11:18
fwereadethe biggest distinction I'm aware of is whether they're migratable -- stuff running in a controller environment isn't -- but it doesn't seem quite fundamental enough11:20
fwereade"hosted" vs "fixed"? [hosted unit agent, hosted machine agent] and [fixed unit agent, fixed machine agent, (implicitly fixed) controller machine agent]11:27
fwereadeit's sort of nice to emphasise immobility of agents in controller models, because they can't even be rehosted... but it would be wrong to imply *mobility* of agents in hosted models, because it's not the *agents* that move, it's that they can switch to being managed by a different host11:29
fwereadeenglish is hard :/11:31
fwereadeif anyone sees the scrollback and has thoughts, they would be appreciated11:32
voidspacewwitzel3: ping11:42
mupBug #1584059 opened: Deployment of swift-storage charms fails with Juju 2.0 - swift-storage-relation-joined KeyError: 'JUJU_ENV_UUID' <oil> <juju-core:New> <swift-storage (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1584059>13:59
katcogood morning juju13:59
perrito666katco: good morning katco14:00
katcoperrito666: feeling any better?14:01
perrito666katco: yep, I transitioned into the bearable but persistent cold status14:02
perrito666which is.... well bearable14:02
katcoperrito666: well at least that's progress14:02
perrito666yep, I can swallow14:03
perrito666and no longer shivering14:03
katcough being sick is the worst14:04
perrito666yes it is14:04
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redirfwereade: yt?14:15
katcofwereade: also wondering14:16
rediryou're in demand14:17
redirmorning katco14:17
katcoredir: i wonder if he's thread safe14:17
katcoredir: morning14:17
katcoredir: hopefully livelocked...14:18
rediror that14:18
fwereaderedir, heyhey!14:18
ericsnowkatco, redir: I've got him right now :)14:18
fwereadekatco, also :)14:18
katcoericsnow: snooooooow!14:18
ericsnowredir: we've been talking about your patch :)14:18
* redir backs away slowly14:18
redirin moonstone?14:19
fwereaderedir, no worries, sorry I wasn't available before14:19
ericsnowfwereade: you have time to chat with redir and me right now?14:19
fwereaderedir, ericsnow, sure, I'll join you there14:19
redirgimme 2 minutes14:20
katcoredir: ericsnow: natefinch: we can defer the standup. this conversation with william is more important for now14:50
ericsnowkatco: ack14:50
katconatefinch: we're in moonstone if you're interested. basically pair programming14:59
natefinchkatco: cool, I'll pop in15:01
katcodooferlad: ping?15:55
voidspacekatco: he emailed this morning saying he was still ill15:57
katcovoidspace: ah sorry to hear that :( do you think it's OK if natefinch picks up bug 1537585 ?15:57
mupBug #1537585: machine agent failed to register IP addresses, borks agent <2.0-count> <blocker> <landscape> <network> <juju-core:Triaged by dooferlad> <juju-core 1.25:Triaged by dooferlad> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1537585>15:57
perrito666wow, there is some virus affecting canonicalers15:57
voidspacekatco: I don't believe he's started on it, so it should be fine15:58
katcovoidspace: ok ta15:59
katconatefinch: can you ping someone in landscape to understand where they need the fix first? 1.25 or 2.0-beta8?16:00
natefinchkatco: yep16:01
katconatefinch: ta16:03
redirfwereade: so you wanted two more tests there?16:06
redirin aggregate16:06
fwereaderedir, I think we want tests that:16:12
fwereaderedir, one request gets sent after suitable delay (done)16:12
fwereaderedir, several requests in a short space of time get batched (done)16:13
fwereadefwereade, that advancing delay-time.Nanosecond and then killing causes all pending reqs to fail16:13
fwereaderedir, sorry^16:13
fwereaderedir, and, that having sent/advanced/received one batch, you can send/advance/receive again and that works too16:16
fwereaderedir, (and, in all above cases, checking that you've made the ListInstances calls you expect, once you've killed the worker)16:17
fwereaderedir, also nice to do a test where ListInstances errors, and one where it returns some results + ErrPartialInstances16:17
katcofwereade: ty for taking the time to help redir16:18
fwereadekatco, always a pleasure, seriously16:18
fwereadekatco, it's one of the most useful things I can do16:18
fwereadekatco, complain about concurrency horrors to me early, I will enjoy myself :)16:18
redirtx fwereade16:32
* fwereade back briefly16:32
fwereaderedir, yw16:32
fwereaderedir, (would you also separate the configs please? and test those too :))16:33
redirfwereade: affirmative16:33
fwereaderedir, cheers16:33
katcoericsnow: hey got a bit to chat?17:56
ericsnowkatco: sure17:56
mupBug #1584170 opened: RFE - juju status <machine-number> should show all services inside it <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1584170>18:45
rediroh, yeah. back.19:03
mupBug #1584193 opened: juju deploy <bundle> is in a different from than jujucharms.com <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1584193>20:03
natefinchsinzui: I'm trying to repo a bug, which might require maas. Does QA have a maas I could borrow?20:19
sinzuinatefinch: you probably want the 1.9 which you cna use, but is often is heavy  use20:20
natefinchsinzui: yeah, 1.9 is what it was reported on20:21
sinzuinatefinch: I will add your keys to the munna host20:21
natefinchsinzui: I just need like 2-3 machines that I can spam a bunch of containers onto20:21
rick_h_natefinch: how many machines do you need?20:21
* natefinch points up one line ;)20:22
rick_h_natefinch: sorry get with bac and or jrwren for guimaas access and see if it works for you20:22
natefinchrick_h_: awesome, thanks :)20:23
natefinchsinzui: I may already be on munna20:25
sinzuinatefinch: you weren't,  but you are now. I am sending you some ssh comfig for munna. maybe you used cloud-city in the past. that will still work20:27
natefinchsinzui: yes, I think so.  Thanks.20:28
ericsnowredir: FYI, I've got to take off a bit early20:30
sinzuinatefinch: check your email20:30
mupBug #1584212 opened: juju 2.0 doesn't allow to remove a cloud (juju remove-cloud) <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1584212>20:36
redirno sweat ericsnow20:48
fwereadeif anyone's around, http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/4873/ is biggish but trivial (just moves + one test fix) and I'd love to get it on its way into master this weekend22:26
fwereade(probably better reviewed on github given RB's usual confusion re moves) ^^22:27

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