DarthShader2Tried Tilda and Terminator consoles. They work fine.00:04
DarthShader2Is there any way to reset Konsole's settings to defaults?00:05
soeeuh that i do not know, i emptied totalt /var/cache to get rid of xapian bug somehow related to it00:06
acheron88DarthShader2: You're not running kubuntu in VirtualBox, are you?00:07
DarthShader2archeron88: Nope00:07
acheron88OK. Had to ask, as there is a bug in their guestadditions which does something like that00:07
acheron88plasma config is in ~/.config/konsolerc I think?00:09
DarthShader2Just "fixed" it. Here's the bug that I was experiencing - https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21593700:11
ubottuKDE bug 215937 in general "Cursor spacing and alignment wrong" [Normal,Resolved: later]00:11
DarthShader2I changed the font, it's fine now.00:11
schnoodlesIs anyone running into the `appstreamcli refresh` 100% cpu bug? It is making me unable to update my packages.00:16
DouglasKWhere do I find the HowTo to let one's KUbuntu install listen for incoming remoteX connections from localhost? Ideally I'd like to listen only on localhost as it's always from an SSH tunnel (eg: ssh -x <host>, then xeyes)02:23
JMichaelXanyone else having issues in 16.04 with the Nvidia drivers?02:32
DouglasKSo far so good.  Running a hybrid Intel / NVidia setup though.  I suspect it's mostly running on the intel side, but not sure.02:32
DouglasKMind you, I only upgraded a couple days back.02:33
JMichaelXyeah, desktop effects have ceased working for me02:33
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DouglasKJMichaelX, like the windows smoothly growing / shrinking back to the toolbar?02:34
JMichaelXDouglasK: yes, all of the desktop effects...02:35
DarinMillerJMichaelX: Which NVidia card and driver?  I have seen minor issues with Geforce8 cards and the 340.96 driver.  My newer NVidia cards are working fine (364.19 driver).02:35
JMichaelXDarinMiller: 361.4202:38
goddardim unable to update02:39
goddardsudo apt update just hangs at fetching02:39
goddardhanging at Fetched 281 kB in 1s (163 kB/s)02:39
DarinMillerJMichaelX: Are you comfortable with adding the Ubuntu graphics PPA and upgrading to the 364 driver?02:40
goddardi can't update02:41
goddardit hangs at "Fetched 281 kB in 1s (163 kB/s)   "02:41
goddardsudo apt update02:41
JMichaelXDarinMiller: sure, i could give that a shot02:41
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DarinMillerJMichaelX: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa02:42
DarinMillerJMichaelX: sudo apt update, then sudo apt install nvidia-36402:43
DarinMillergoddard: which version of Kubuntu are you running?02:43
Guest97763por que nao consigo baixar arquivo no virtualbox02:44
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JMichaelXDarinMiller: many thanks. will try that.02:45
goddardDarinMiller: 16.0402:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579712 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "Refresh hangs due to strdup on non-NULL terminated string" [High,Fix committed]02:46
Guest97763I dont make download in kubunto in my virtualbox somebody help me02:46
JMichaelXDarinMiller: unfortunately, that did not fix things02:50
DarinMillergoddard:  Have you tried the -f option with the apt install?  or a dpkg reconfigure?02:52
DarinMillerJMichaelX: If you check Nvidia settings, does it show the 364.19 driver installed?02:53
DarinMillergoddard: be very carefull with the apt -f install ! It you have broken packages it may want to remove packages that should not be removed to "force fix" the problem.02:54
DarinMillerGuest97763: Does your VM have a valid network connection/bridge? i.e. can you browse with a browser?02:55
DouglasKThere.  removed the nolisten from /etc/X11/xinit/xsessionrc, created a ufw rule to allow connections to remotex on lo, but to block them on all other interfaces.03:36
JMichaelXDarinMiller: no, it says it is still using 361.4203:45
DarinMillerJMichaelX: sudo apt  purge nvidia*03:50
DarinMillerJMichaelX: then restart03:50
DarinMillerJMichaelX: sudo apt install nvidia-36403:50
JMichaelXDarinMiller: now using 364.19, but still no improvement04:00
JMichaelXtime for experimental X?04:01
DarinMillerJMichaelX:  Are you experiencing stuttering with animations?04:02
JMichaelXDarinMiller: i don't think so04:04
DarinMillerJMichaelX: Desktop effects are not working at all?04:06
JMichaelXDarinMiller: no, not at all04:06
DarinMillerJMichaelX: The default toggle is ctrl-shft-f12 for composting, Have you tried that?04:07
JMichaelXDarinMiller: yeah. it seems to do nothing at all04:08
DarinMillerJMichaelX: Also, in system settings -> Display and Monitor -> Composter04:08
DarinMillerJMichaelX: Ensure Rendering backend is set to opengl 2.0 or 3.1 and Opengl interface to GLX04:09
JMichaelXty. re-enabling in that settings dialog made the difference04:10
JMichaelXmany thanks, DarinMiller04:10
DarinMillerOK, Cool!04:10
Azure_ChaosDoes anyone know when backports will be up with kde 5.6? the bugs and crashing are getting annoying04:16
goddardAzure_Chaos: KDE or Qt?04:53
Azure_Chaosits kwin and plasma i have 3 different systems and a lot of the times i open a aplication and lose windows decorations and have to log out or restart04:55
Azure_Chaosive heard 5.6 fixes that problem04:56
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Snowmansilverini apaan ya?07:47
YankDownUnderAnyone tell me - relatively quickly - where, in KDE, to setup my screensaver? I'm a bit confused...if not heaps confused...07:53
acheron88plasma 5 used in latest kubuntu doesn't have screensaver settings any more. just a screen-locker and configuration of that08:01
YankDownUnderacheron88, Yeah...just found that...right oh...learn something new every day...yep...08:03
acheron88took me a long time to notice.08:05
tahaanDoes anyone know where I can quickly "paste" a screenshot, something like pastebin?08:22
hateballtahaan: imgur08:24
acheron88tahaan: http://imgur.com/08:24
hateballtahaan: or do you mean scripted-like ?08:24
hateballtahaan: there is https://github.com/jomo/imgur-screenshot08:26
hateballused to be possible with ksnapshot but Spectacle lacks this function for now08:26
hateballcan probably be scripted using scrot as well08:26
tahaanhateball no need for it to be scripted.08:27
tahaanAny clues as to when we will get an update to Kwin / plasma?  I have too much instability, though it all seems to be related to multi-monitor, in particular switching between single and multi-monitor mode08:55
tahaanThings like this happens: https://imgur.com/gallery/s7YvTBJ08:55
hateballtahaan: try #kubuntu-devel for info about backports08:56
hateballugh that comment. like on anything else, ask for help with an issue and get "SWITCH DISTRO" as response. but that is !ot and I digress.08:57
yossarianukhateball: Its not really switching distro - Mint is ubuntu based also..09:19
hateballyossarianuk: It's still a terrible reply. And it's !ot09:19
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yossarianuk16.04 fixed a load of sddm issues relating to hybrid graphics and multi monitor (compared to 15.10)09:20
yossarianukPersonally I think cinnamon is an ok desktop, better than gnome/unity - although I think KDE and budgie are better.09:20
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yossarianuk Is apt  still broken ?09:59
yossarianukapt-get update getting stuck (was last night too)09:59
yossarianuki.e sticks on -> 'Fetched 94.5 kB in 0s (163 kB/s)      '10:01
mparilloyossarianuk: apt just worked for me on YY on real HW maybe 20 minutes ago. Trying with XX on real HW10:02
yossarianuki'm on real hw.10:03
mparilloFetched 708 kB in 1s (695 kB/s)10:03
mparilloAnd now stuck10:04
yossarianukmine sticks there i.e -> Fetched 94.5 kB in 0s (163 kB/s)10:04
yossarianukand never completes10:04
mparilloSo something with the XX repos but not the YY ones10:04
yossarianukaccording to #ubuntu there is a fix -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream/+bug/1579712/10:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579712 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "Refresh hangs indefinitely, appstreamcli using 100% CPU" [High,Fix released]10:05
yossarianukdisabling backports helps ...10:05
mparilloNow interesting...Update Manager shows three updates. Let me see what happens.10:06
yossarianuki have 4 updates to10:07
mparilloDownloading; Applying changes; post-installation triggers.10:07
yossarianuknone relating to dpkg/apt/appstream though10:07
mparillonoto fonts, language selector common,and a third that just disappeared after completing.10:08
mparilloI always thought update manager just ran apt, but I wonder why it worked.10:08
yossarianukI just used apt to get the updates10:08
yossarianukyou can ctrl+c when apt-get update hangs then use apt-get upgrade10:09
yossarianukbut it doesn' fix the hanging apt10:09
yossarianukif you read the bug link I posted that has a fix10:11
yossarianuki'm sure it will be fixed though soonish10:11
mparilloBut it will be tricky using apt to get the fix, right?10:12
yossarianuknot 100% but I think you will still see the update10:13
Unit193Disable appstream, update, enable, done.10:13
yossarianukit needs to be fixed without user intervention really...10:13
yossarianukif there were a zero day vulneribility now imagine how many 16.04 production servers would be exposed....10:14
mparilloFunny, when I came downstairs this morning, I was wondering why my laptop fan was so loud. Now I am guessing it is this bug.10:14
yossarianukmparillo: shouldn't be related10:15
yossarianukdo you have hybrid graphics ?10:15
mparilloI do not know, but wouldn't 100% CPU drive up the temps, and that cause the fan to go?10:16
yossarianukyes - what does top show you using the CPU ?10:17
yossarianuk(its shouldn't be realted to aptg unless you are running 15.10)10:18
yossarianukmparillo:  how many lines do you see using the command 'sudo lspci |egrep -i "VGA|3D"10:18
yossarianukactually I can see that appstream is also using 100%  cpu on my machine...10:20
mparilloJust one line 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)10:22
mparillotop is bouncing around: konsole, konversation, Xorg, plasmashell, kwin But closing my earlier konsole really slowed down the fan10:23
yossarianukso yes - I would say the bug *is* causing your 100% cpu issue10:24
yossarianukmparillo:  fix -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream/+bug/1579712/comments/6010:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579712 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "Refresh hangs indefinitely, appstreamcli using 100% CPU" [High,Fix released]10:28
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mparilloI never had backports; only backports-landing. And I unchecked it right after getting it.10:41
yossarianukmparillo: fresh install of 16.04 automatically enables backports10:54
yossarianukmparillo: check this for a fix instead -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream/+bug/1579712/comments/2410:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579712 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "Refresh hangs indefinitely, appstreamcli using 100% CPU" [High,Fix released]10:55
mparilloyossarianuk: Are you sure about that? I heard complaints about backports not being newbie friendly. And, thanks I will try to fix tonight.11:07
yossarianukmparillo: i'm sure - I have 2 16.04 machines both have backports enabled and I didn't manually enable the,11:13
BluesKajHey all11:41
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AceKingI installed Kubuntu 16.04 on my PC yesterday. It seems to be lagging a lot. I have an Asus M5A97 EVO MB, AMD 6100 6 core processor, 8 gb RAM. All prior versions ran perfect. Any ideas?12:28
Mr_Redi installed kubuntu 16.04 today12:28
Mr_Redis x64 bits AceKing?12:29
AceKingMr_Red: Yes12:29
Mr_Redhum im using x8612:29
Mr_Redand i havent got any problems12:29
AceKingMr_Red: Maybe I'll switch12:30
AceKingMr_Red: Thanks for letting me know that12:30
Mr_Redmmmm try Kubuntu 14.0412:30
AceKingMr_Red: I had 14.04 on from the beginning, and it worked good. I just wanted to put on the latest, and greatest12:30
Mr_Redor, in my opinion, try xubuntu 16.0412:31
AceKingMr_Red: I thought about that also12:31
AceKingMr_Red: I thought I wouldn't have too much of a problem since I had an Nvidia graphics card12:32
Mr_Redmmm so curious, ´cause 14.04 is worst than 16.0412:32
AceKingMr_Red: I never had a problem with 14.0412:33
hateballAceKing: Have you had a look to see if a process eats a lot of CPU?12:33
hateballor what is "lagging"12:33
Mr_Rederase or change the visual effects12:33
AceKinghateball: how do I check that?12:33
hateballAceKing: ctrl+esc by default12:33
hateballAceKing: or alt+space -> ksysguard12:33
hateballthen press the cpu% column12:34
hateballAceKing: And you say you have an nvidia card, have you installed the proprietary drivers for it?12:34
yossarianukBackports nearly ready for 16.04! -> https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/7EJzKwa2FSF12:34
yossarianukI was waiting for kde-neon but their .ISO lacks UEFI support for now.12:35
Mr_Redim using intel xD12:35
AceKinghateball: I did install the proprietary driver. It was flickering like crazy without it12:35
AceKinghateball: I'm checking the processes, and nothing seems to be more than 3%12:37
BluesKajAceKing, your specs are plenty enough for KDE/Plasma12:37
yossarianukapt-get upate = now fixed !12:37
hateballAceKing: I'm still not sure what is "lagging" tho. Are programs slow to start? Are windows slow to move?12:38
AceKingBluesKaj: I just assumed they were, since I had no problems with 14.0412:38
BluesKajAceKing, right12:39
AceKinghateball: When I go to start a program, it takes more time to start than normal12:39
Mr_RedAceKing would be the visual effect12:39
Mr_Reddissable it12:39
hateballAceKing: You can toggle desktop effects with alt+shift+F12, see if that makes any difference12:39
AceKinghateball: OK, I'll give that a shot12:40
AceKinghateball: Can I do that while I'm logged in, or when I'm at the login screen?12:41
AceKinghateball: OK, I just did it now.12:42
hateballAceKing: You toggle on/off while in your session12:43
AceKinghateball: will it stay like that now, or will I have to toggle off when I restart?12:43
hateballAceKing: I don't remember, since I always have them on12:43
AceKinghateball: Thank you. I will see how this works.12:44
AceKinghateball: Programs seem to be running a lot better. Thank you!12:46
hateballWonder what nvidia card they have, nothing made the past... decade should have problems really12:50
Mr_Redintel never gave problem12:52
hateballI use both nVidia and Intel and have no issues. That said, some Intel cards have problems with kwin v-sync12:53
Mr_Redim sing intel gma 945 media acelerator12:53
yossarianukthe worse experience I have ever seen in a Linux desktop is Intel+Plasma512:53
Mr_Redthe worse experience for me was intel + GNOME3 in eOS12:54
yossarianukits not just screen tearing, on 15.04/15.10 with sandybridge/ivybridge I used to get completely displays (multiple machines) to the point you couldn't see anything on the screen, almost like the end of 2001...12:55
yossarianuki.e a trippy induced mess.12:55
yossarianuk(I like the film 2001  btw)12:55
Mr_Redjajaja like that12:55
yossarianukthe only fix I found was to disable kwin vsync12:56
yossarianuknever had any issues as bad with nvidia (ever)12:56
yossarianuk16.04 though seems ok12:56
Mr_Redwine gave me too many problem on kubuntu 15.0412:56
Mr_Redi never used nvidia12:56
yossarianukI abandoned wine after Civ5 came out for Linux...12:57
yossarianukCivilization 512:57
Mr_Redim used winfe for mirc and epsxe12:58
hateballyossarianuk: do you use ForceCompositionPipeline with your nvidia?12:58
yossarianukhateball: no - default settings12:58
hateballI noticed the 15.10 -> 16.04 was naughty and killed my xorg.conf12:58
yossarianuki.e no added xorg.conf, etc12:58
hateballI get annoying tearing without it12:59
yossarianukand when I say intel + plasma5 was bad, it worked fine mostly, however you would move a window and suddenly couldn't see much on the screen12:59
yossarianukand this was on a desktop and a laptop13:00
yossarianukas I mentioned it seems better with 16.0413:00
Mr_Redim using windows vista lite with kubuntu with dual boot. My components are 1Gb RAM and 1.6 GHz13:00
BluesKajMr_Red, why use mirc on kubuntu when a very easy to use irc client like Konversation is available?13:04
Mr_Redcause im programin in mirc scripting whith allianses, remotes, etc13:04
Mr_Redwaaaa f*** keyboard, it configured in spanish xD13:05
yossarianuklikewise, why use wine for epsxe ? There is a Linux version13:06
Mr_Redyossarianuk cause linux version fail13:06
yossarianukin what way ? speed or things not working ?13:07
Mr_Rednot working13:07
BluesKajMr_Red, I don't understand why you bother with kubuntu if you need wine to run your apps13:07
Mr_Redcause windows only used for python bots, linux kernel limited his propieties13:08
yossarianukHmm can't comment as i have never used epsxe - I have used PCSX2 and the Linux version of that seems faster than Windows (with Nvidia)13:08
Mr_Redpcsx2 not working on xubuntu 16.04 and im not sure to will work on kubuntu13:09
yossarianukMr_Red: yes it is....13:10
yossarianukI played Wipeout fusion last night13:10
Mr_Redhum im gonna try it13:10
yossarianukusing pcsx2....13:10
hateballHe mentioned using x86, perhaps those packages are broken or something13:10
hateballMr_Red mentioned, that is13:10
Mr_Redbut rememer what im using x86 bits version13:10
yossarianuknot used x86 for nearly a decade...13:13
yossarianukas soon as Flash player (64bit) came out I switched (flash used to be important to view multimedia in the old days..)13:14
yossarianukLinux had 64bit flash before any other OS13:14
yossarianukMr_Red: make sure you use this repo -> https://launchpad.net/~gregory-hainaut/+archive/ubuntu/pcsx2.official.ppa13:14
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ilhamican someone highlight me?17:11
ilhamiKDE is a bit slow :/17:12
ilhamiI installed nvidia-current .. it solved some of the problems.17:12
somekoolilhami: KDE is not a single software. you should try to find out which process is causing the slowness. It should help17:26
ilhamiwell it's better now.17:27
ilhamiI just need to find out how to use the launcher etc.17:27
ilhamialt + space :D17:31
paulozulluThe launcher is under the KDE symbol - the letter K17:40
somekoolon my machine firefox and chrome are the process bringing my computer to a crawl. so I started using Qupzilla.17:44
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paulozullu Hello. Is there any chance to install the new plasma 5.5.6 on Kubuntu 16.04?17:53
Powerlessboa tarde17:55
acheron88paulozullu: do you mean plasma 5.6.x?17:56
acheron885.6.4 is being tested for the backports ppa, and will hopefully be OK to use in the not too distant future17:56
Powerlessmy chrome wont print anything using chrome17:56
Powerlessit prints a blank page17:57
Powerlessdoes anyone know why?17:57
paulozulluThanks, acheron8818:00
paulozulluFalaê, Powerless18:00
sick_rimmitHey there Party People :-D18:05
Powerlesspaulozullu, fala mano18:07
Powerlesspaulozullu, manja de linux?18:07
BluesKaj!br | Powerless18:12
ubottuPowerless: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:12
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sick_rimmitParty Link18:31
sick_rimmitRoom 118:31
sick_rimmitpassword: welcome18:31
paulozulluHey, sick_rimmit. Newbie question.18:35
paulozulluWhat's party link?18:35
OerHeksit's just spam, not support related18:38
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sick_rimmitPasrty Link18:42
sick_rimmitRoom 118:42
sick_rimmitPassword: welcome18:42
sick_rimmitPart Link18:42
OerHekssick_rimmit, please don't spam here, thanks.18:42
sick_rimmitOerHeks:  Dude it's not SPAM, look at kubuntu.org news18:43
sick_rimmitIt's our community Party tonight at 19:00 UTC18:43
OerHeksi don see such post > http://kubuntu.org/news/18:45
geniiI think thats in like an hour18:54
acheron88I'll be heading for some real drinks by then sadly18:55
acheron88well... not 'sadly', but you know what I mean ;)18:55
geniiGuess I'll catch some of it18:57
sick_rimmitParty starting in 2 minutes18:58
geniiFrom the dev channel: "http://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/ Room 1 Passowrd: welcome"18:58
geniispeak of the devil :)18:58
sick_rimmitEt Voila18:58
habitsflash needed?18:58
sick_rimmitYes that's right.. works good in Firefox18:59
Avihay_bok, I got the weirdest thing happen to me. I come to my computers to find that two of them have plasma shell frozen on the hour, 45 min ago, at around the same time, I allso recive a message on my android that kdeconnect stopped working19:08
Avihay_bnow plasmashell won't start on any of my computers19:08
Avihay_beven after rebooting sum of them19:09
Avihay_bwell, I got out of it... somehow19:31
|ZNC|VorapOh sweet!19:31
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* clivejo cries22:50
clivejothe left me all alone22:50
pasjrwoctxHey I am running 16.04 just setup a new monitor.  How can I change desktops on screen 1 while making sure screen 2 keeps the previous screen?23:22
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pasjrwoctxanyone here?23:26
bpromptpasjrwoctx:    hmm haven't done multimonitor myself yet23:28
pasjrwoctxCant find a good answer anywhere.  It is very aggervatting trying to look at one thing while working on another when they keep moving together.  I need one screen to stay on task while I use the other to do different tasks.  Makeing sure the first screen stays so I can see it.23:30
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Guest47778is there any way to enable the proprietary drivers inside of a running live system?23:32
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pasjrwoctxyes there is go to settings and find the Driver Manger icon23:36
bpromptGuest47778:   ^23:37
bprompts/Manger/Mangler/           s/Mangler/Manager/23:37
geniiThey already got their answer now in #ubuntu, where they were cross posting ;)23:38
pasjrwoctxGlad someone is getting answers23:41
* bprompt answers for pasjrwoctx , they're all wrong, but he's got some, not sure he wants them anyway23:43
* bprompt has answers for pasjrwoctx , they're all wrong, but he's got some, not sure he wants them anyway23:43
bprompteven... shoot, today is typos day =(23:43
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geniipasjrwoctx: Looks like no one currently here knows or they would answer. But just ask again maybe every 10-15 minutes as new people arrive, one of them may be the person who does know23:44
bpromptpasjrwoctx:    one my answes involves some witchcraft, so you get some incense and some needles, another one involves a magnet and some electrical wiring... now.. you'd be getting answers too, just that the dual monitors won't work still though =)23:45

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