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flexiondotorgteward, wxl, tsimonq2 I was hoping to find phillw in here?09:11
flexiondotorgA friend of mine has questions about non-PAE computer running Ubuntu MATE 14.04.09:11
flexiondotorgI'm no expert in that regard, but no you guys are.09:11
flexiondotorgCan you recommend a kernel for 14.04 that is non-PAE compatible?09:12
Unit193Officially? Debian.  Unofficially, liquorix perhaps.09:19
wxlflexiondotorg: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2016/05/11/pausing-philws-involvement-in-ubuntu/ and also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE16:33
flexiondotorgwxl, OK. Thanks. PAE issue resolved :-)17:13
wxlredwolf: hai17:21
* redwolf hugs wxl 17:21
* wxl hugs back17:21
* redwolf is modifying the website (again)17:21
wxlgood or bad?17:22
redwolflinks for old LTS are missing17:22
redwolfand a better slide for the frontpage :)17:22
redwolfa user requested the 14.04 LTS downloads, and he's right. we should offer both releases17:23
tsimonq2!info lubuntu-qt-desktop18:48
tsimonq2!info lubuntu-qt-desktop yakkety18:48
tewardflexiondotorg: PM18:48
tewardah, nevermind, I apparently can't read scrollback ;)18:54
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