YankDownUnderThere does exist that possibility...but ya know, I like being impatient...as we all do...00:02
fifty-sevenCWell, if it takes to long kill it and try later00:21
mate|65150how to autorun a program00:23
fifty-sevenCAutorun as in?00:24
mate|65150new to this... autorun a program from python?00:25
mate|65150at boot00:25
fifty-sevenCWhat program?00:25
mate|65150just one that I write. I know I can do it on raspbian rpi2. havent tried any other gui or os on it and making sure that I can do that with this gui00:26
fifty-sevenCOk so it is a desktop application00:27
fifty-sevenCSystem -> Preferences -> Personal -> Startup applications00:28
mate|65150well, yes it is a python script so on raspbian i have to configure it like /blah/blah/python myfile.py, then it will autorun at boot00:28
fifty-sevenCYou can add a script to /etc/init.d/00:30
mate|65150Ok, thanks for your help!00:30
fifty-sevenCafter you add the daemon script you need to update-rc.d00:31
HetroErectusOdroid-C2 > raspberry pi01:00
HetroErectusim getting that one.. 2gb ram, able to play 4k video01:01
HetroErectuslacks wifi and bluetooth but who cares.. all i have to do is plug in one of both bought on ebay for $1 each01:01
HetroErectustheres 4 usb ports on it01:01
HetroErectusnot able to run win but will run ubuntu just fine, which is perfect ! <301:02
HetroErectusits going to be my camper computer glued to the back of a TV01:02
HetroErectusaka the hacker shack01:03
HetroErectushacker on wheelz01:04
HetroErectusmostly for streaming netflix and spotify though01:05
HetroErectus$40 for a computer doing that is pretty damn amazing01:09
nomici like the pi3s01:15
nomicin that they have replaced my pcs01:15
HetroErectusyou run pi3 now?01:21
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fifty-sevenCThe big thing pi has going for it is the support it has and how cheap it is01:45
HetroErectusjust watched a vid of pi running kodi01:48
HetroErectus1080p .. even software decoding01:48
HetroErectus1080p is my default format.. a while yet to i upgrade to 4k01:49
HetroErectushowever.. how well does it do say streaming netflix while running hexchat?01:50
HetroErectusyou need chrome under linux for netflix01:51
HetroErectusdoesnt to with some tiny light weight firefox hack01:51
HetroErectusdoesnt do01:51
fifty-sevenCYou have to have flash01:51
HetroErectusflash? reason it will only play in chrome is DMR01:52
HetroErectuschrome is propietary so it ships with it01:52
HetroErectusflash is out.. its DMR thats the issue01:52
HetroErectusi can live just fine without flash01:52
prime_Hey anyone know how to set it so that bluetooth does not turn on on start up on a laptop (not thinkpad) with mate?01:53
HetroErectuschromium wont play netflix since its open source.. neither will firefox.. etc01:54
HetroErectusallmost so i wish it would run chrome os01:55
HetroErectuswill it? hmmm...01:55
HetroErectus...yes it will!!!!01:55
fifty-sevenChkjhkjghjkgf so annoying02:06
HetroErectuschromium-widevine is the package for playing it in chromium ... avaliable only on arch02:16
HetroErectusthen netflix would run in open source browsers02:17
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fifty-sevenCIf there was a way to make netflix not use html5 on a browser it detects capable it would fallback to flash and work fine in chromium02:19
HetroErectusthats not whats stopping netflix from playing, fifty.. its DRM02:20
HetroErectusdigital rights management02:20
HetroErectusit just wont run on open source things02:21
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HetroErectusfirefox has flash but it still wont run netflix cause its tied to this spec package02:22
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fifty-sevenCfirefox will use the default html5 as well02:23
HetroErectusshould be of high pri for the ubuntu developers to get this working02:23
fifty-sevenCthe widevine drm scheme is for html502:23
HetroErectusits irrelevant if its html5 or flash02:23
fifty-sevenCI don't think so02:23
HetroErectusi do02:23
fifty-sevenCWidevine is specific to html502:24
fifty-sevenCWait does netflix use silverlight or flash?02:26
fifty-sevenCIf it is silverlight I don't know anything about it'02:26
Nullifi3dit used to use silverlight02:26
Nullifi3dnot sure about now02:26
HetroErectusnow its html502:26
HetroErectusbut yes it used to be silverlight02:26
fifty-sevenCOk so no flash fallback so it wouldn't work in chrome unless it is html5 widevine02:27
emily_test test03:36
rafgasHello all, a little bit of panic! My mate install won't boot into gui!08:12
rafgasAll I have is a cli in front of me08:12
mhranany one from support >08:26
mhranI am running Ubuntu mate on raspberry pi 208:27
olegbubottu: question08:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:28
rafgasIt says on my screen "no ACPI video bus found" before throwing me to "emergency mode" please help08:30
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potbellyNot sure if this might be ubuntu-mate, but followed the instructions for irssi-ssl found here:09:47
potbellyand didn't see the SASL messages in connection dialogue09:48
AkuliHi srir4m11:44
srir4mhow u doin mate11:45
ouroumovhi srir4m11:46
srir4mhello!!! ouroumov11:49
srir4mdamn u guys are super nice11:49
ouroumovIf we don't say hi people tend to leave.11:50
ouroumovYou're a new Ubuntu MATE user srir4m ?11:51
srir4msooo u guys using ubuntu mate as a daily driver?11:51
srir4myes....i was using lm 17.3 before this11:51
ouroumov<srir4m> sooo u guys using ubuntu mate as a daily driver? -> yes11:52
ouroumovSince 16.04 Beta 2 ^^11:52
ouroumovBefore that I was using gnome-session-fallback ontop vanilla ubuntu11:52
srir4mis gnome 3 nice?11:52
srir4mor is it buggy?11:53
ouroumovI wouldn't know.11:53
ouroumovI only glanced at it and I found it was not for me :o11:53
ouroumovNot enough options ~ u_u11:54
AkuliI started with mint, but walked away when i realized how buggy the code for all the mint applications is, i can't believe my mint system worked as well as it did with such poor programming.11:54
srir4mi didnt encounter much bugs either11:55
srir4mhow is mate??11:55
ouroumovI was looking at the code for netcat the other day. It's fun to read. ^^11:55
srir4mis it stable now?11:55
srir4mcause ive heard users complain11:55
ouroumovsrir4m, people have different experiences with it11:56
ouroumovThere's a bunch of bugs.11:56
srir4m16.04.1 might fix it11:56
ouroumovI hope most of them will get fixed when 14.04.1 will be released this summer11:56
srir4mill probably switch again11:57
srir4mmaybe arch next time or antergos11:57
srir4midk for now11:57
srir4mbut soo far i do like this..11:57
srir4mi like the dark theme....lookin nice11:58
ouroumovI'm using Dark MATE + Icons and Window Borders from Ambiant MATE.11:59
srir4mwhats the window manager are u using?12:00
ouroumovMarco + Compton12:00
ouroumovCompiz is buggy12:00
srir4mi was jus typin that12:00
srir4mdoes compton get rid of the vsync problem?12:00
srir4malso......ubuntu mate's grub aint nice imo12:01
srir4many way to replace that?12:01
Akulisrir4m, sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-mate-grub-theme12:02
Akulii might remember the package name wrong, type first 10 characters or so and hit tab twice12:02
ouroumovYou can also fallback to console mode using the GRUB_CONSOLE line in /etc/default/grub iirc12:03
srir4mill try that12:03
ouroumovGRUB_TERMINAL *12:03
srir4mbut now right now.....cause im updating s/w...soo terminal wont work12:03
srir4mu guys have ever tried debian?12:05
Akulisrir4m, i run devuan on my laptop, it's a fork of debian without systemd12:11
Akulicrazy fast12:11
srir4mi was abt to try debian myself....but then i saw a joe collins video on youtube....and he was recommending this distro....sooo...i just went ahead and downloaded this instead12:12
srir4mwhat panel layout are u guys using?12:13
Akulisrir4m, none of the default ones, just start right-clicking them and do whatever you want12:16
Akulisrir4m, well, debian and ubuntu mate are basically opposites of each other :D debian is a traditional distro, ubuntu-mate is trying to be as modern as possible12:16
srir4mu guys have tried different DE's ??12:17
srir4min this distro?12:17
srir4min general?12:17
ouroumovXubuntu, Lubuntu12:17
srir4mlxde or lxqt?12:17
srir4midk....what lubuntu uses these days12:17
srir4mstill lxde?12:17
ouroumovDon't remember :o12:17
srir4mxfce is nice tho12:17
ouroumovI like XFCE better12:17
ouroumovAnd I like how I can compile XFCE on the school's workstations12:18
srir4mcan i install gnome on this?12:18
srir4mi want to try gnome 3.2012:18
Akulii'm sure you can... but i don't know why you would do that12:18
srir4mi just want to try....12:19
srir4mmany people like gnome12:19
srir4mand i wanna know why12:19
Akuliumm not any more12:19
srir4msoo what....kde?12:19
srir4moh im sorry "plasma"12:20
Akulignome 2 was popular because it was the only really good desktop, but many people think gnome 3 is ugly and not user-friendly12:20
Akulimate is a fork of gnome 2, for people who want to keep using something much like gnome 212:20
gordonjcpsrir4m: you can install anything that's packaged for Ubuntu on it12:20
srir4mi think they made mate look lot sexier now12:21
srir4mit looks gorgeous12:21
ouroumovThere's a screenshot category on the forum if you wanna see the extent of possible customizations srir4m12:24
Akulisrir4m, no, that's ubuntu mate with all their fancy default settings.12:24
srir4mummm how do i bring back update window12:30
srir4mit was updating...and i must have done something....now it closed12:31
Akulidon't use the gui to update if you have issues12:33
Akulisudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:34
srir4mno no...i know but it was already running12:34
gordonjcpsrir4m: won't make any different12:34
gordonjcpjust run the update like Akuli says12:34
gordonjcpit'll either work fine or give one of a selection of errors12:35
Akulilike "dpkg is being locked by another process", i.e. its already running12:36
srir4myeah its not12:36
srir4mi should also do dist-upgrade right?12:37
Akulisrir4m, i don't know, i've never used it12:42
luigi_im need lebnet6-1.3-dev12:42
luigi_and not found souces12:42
Akuliluigi_, what is that and why do you need it?12:42
luigi_is but use enttercap for linux12:43
luigi_need a libriries12:43
luigi_I found the repository12:45
luigi_cuando es  el momento de instalarlo, me dice que tiene dependecias, y los paquetes estan rotos12:46
gordonjcpbut ettercap *is* available?12:47
luigi_is a page, how install libnet12:51
srir4msorry there12:57
srir4mi accidentally closed this window12:58
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CanopusGood morning14:52
CanopusI'm using:14:52
CanopusLinux rpi2 4.1.19-v7+ #858 SMP Tue Mar 15 15:56:00 GMT 2016 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux14:52
CanopusWhen I try to install this driver: https://github.com/chunkeey/rtl8192su (that worked for my wifi usb adapter in a previous version of ubuntu mate), I get this error:14:53
Canopusmake[1]: *** /lib/modules/4.1.19-v7+/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.14:53
CanopusLooking at this thread: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=103989&start=2514:54
CanopusI seems that a possible solution is:14:54
Canopussudo ln -s /home/pi/src/linux /lib/modules/4.1.13+/build14:54
Canopuswhere /home/pi/src/linux is my path to the linux source code14:55
Canopusmy problem is that I'm not suere where my linux source code is14:55
Canopus* sure14:55
CanopusI installed it. How can I open the network manager tray ?15:52
CanopusI got it working :)16:13
mate|77930is anyone around to maybe help me out with a touch screen on a lap top?17:14
nomicdoesn't it work mate|7793017:17
nomicnever have used touch pad17:17
nomicyou may get a sooner reply by posting a message a message on forums mate|7793017:18
nomichave you researched your hardware in relation to mate17:19
ouroumovhi mate|7793017:19
ouroumovmate|77930, have you installed the driver & firmware packages yet?17:20
ouroumov(in Welcome -> Getting Started)17:20
mate|77930nomic, never have used it before. it works but I dont know how to calibrate it.. it registers about an inch off of where I touch17:27
mate|77930ouroumov I have done that. just cannot figure calibration.. it work but not properly17:27
nomicmust be calibrator17:28
nomicthat works17:28
mate|77930how do I find calibrator?17:29
mate|77930sorry I'm a newbie trying to figure this out. no problems on my desktop and this is my only issue right now17:30
mate|77930wb ouroumov17:49
ouroumov__I think you're gonna have a hard time solving this problem mate|7793017:50
ouroumov__driver support in Linux for things like that... I'm not optimistic :/17:50
mate|77930well it works, but there has to be a way to calibrate sensitivity like calibrating a mouse or other peripheral17:51
ouroumov__If there is, I've no idea where. Have you looked in the mouse options? (Technically the screen is a pointing device, I guess)17:52
ouroumov__mate|77930, maybe I spoke too soon. Check this out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen17:53
mate|77930give me a few moments going to work through the directions.. much appreciated17:55
jsowdenproblem signing up to the forum20:10
jsowdenlet's try something different.  How do I set my own coloe, etc. para,eters in the editor vs. selecting one of someone elses?20:15
nomicthe editor?20:18
nomicwhat color20:18
jsowdenI installed um last night and it comes with an editor.  I can select themes, but not my own colors.  Color? blue background, white characters20:20
nomicyou installed what?20:20
jsowdenum = ubuntu mate (I am a lazy typist)20:21
nomici think you can download more themes20:23
jsowdenis there a theme editor?20:24
jsowdenI/m back-hit the wrong button.  Re: theme editor, although i think that is a long way arround to solve the problem.20:30
jsowdenmaybe its back to mousepad20:32
jsowden2nd Q: I changed the font on a LO SS to freesans 10.  All the drop down menus went blank in LO.  Never had this in xubuntu (10ish years)20:33
jsowdenI just got the forum to work.  I'll try there,  au revoir20:46

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