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duflugreyback: I think I love you right now. INTEL_DEBUG=perf was a great suggestion09:13
duflu(love you more than usual)09:13
greybackduflu: I bestow http://mesa3d.org/envvars.html upon you, use it with care!09:14
duflugreyback: I know. Still never used that variable before09:14
greybackI had to read through the i915 mesa code to figure out what env vars actually returned some debugging info09:14
dufluArguably perf issues are errors to us... but if you ask only for errors you'd never see it09:14
greybackwhat did you learn?09:15
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duflugreyback: Old and new(!) Intel GPUs fall back to software rendering regularly09:17
dufluBut Atoms moreso09:17
dufluPossibly caused by ES/non-ES confusion09:18
dufluThe Atom issue seems to be that our shaders are 18% longer than the hardware limit09:18
greybackthat's interesting09:21
dufluIt's a big deal09:21
dufluAnd exciting to imagine after we fix it09:21
duflugreyback: The offending function seems to only be in qtubuntu and qtquick but maybe I missed more09:23
greybackqtubuntu is just a glue between mirclient/platform-api and Qt - aside from setting up GL context, it has no other impact on GL09:24
greybackqtquick most likely09:24
dufluI logged bugs. You will find them...09:24
greybackduflu: fyi, here are the shaders QtQuick has: http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtdeclarative.git/tree/src/quick/scenegraph/shaders09:26
greybackthat is trunk (5.7 pre-release), we're using 5.5, but I don't see the shaders changing in some time09:26
duflugreyback: One thing at a time. The first issue seems to be bad format args to glCopyTexSubImage09:27
greybackah, that was what you were referring to09:27
greybackI had hoped a proper OpenGL context would have resolved that09:27
dufluWhich I found one instance of that switches behaviour for ES09:27
greybackhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/16518134/ <- qt only uses it for the font distance field09:36
greybackuitk doesn't09:36
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alan_gkdub: you're probably not looking at it yet. But you had an MP that got the titlebars wrong. I've just seen a similar behavior in code I'm working on and it looks like a deeper issue that may also have caused the problem on your branch. Will update if I figure it out.15:42
kdubalan_g, ack, yeah got stuck on that one because i couldnt get the terminal to start16:11
alan_gkdub: I bottomed my problem - unfortunately, it was new code so it fix yours.16:38
kdub*it doesnt fix?16:38
alan_gyes doesn't16:41
alan_gOh well, 20min of week left and code is in a stable intermediate form. Might as well MP it and start looking forward to xp201616:43
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