mwhudsonibeardslee: hey02:42
mwhudsonibeardslee: do you know anything about updating the firmware for the x1 carbon gen3?02:43
mwhudsonibeardslee: official instructions seem to involve booting from a usb cd drive, which i don't have02:43
mwhudsonbut can probably track down02:43
ibeardsleeyou maybe able to turn the iso into a usb boot stick02:52
mwhudsonyeah, i did find some stuff about that02:56
mwhudsondon't particularly want to brick my laptop though :)02:56
mwhudsonibeardslee: i guess this means you guys haven't done this?02:56
lifelessmwhudson: could you netboot it ?02:57
mwhudsonhm, good question02:57
lifelessmay not help depending on whats on the iso, but thought I'd put it out there02:57
lifelessmwhudson: failing that, I can loan you a usb drive02:58
ibeardsleemwhudson: no we haven't.  But something we'll be looking at in the nearish future.02:58
mwhudsonlifeless: i'm pretty sure i'll be able to find a more local one, but thanks02:58
lifelessmwhudson: :)02:58
ibeardsleeI now have a 'minion' for doing our desktop support.02:58
lifelessibeardslee: Are they yellow?02:58
mwhudsonibeardslee: congrats02:58
* mwhudson spots lifeless on debian-devel03:42
lifelessmwhudson: the list? yes03:58
mwhudsoni find neil to be one of those people i almost viscerally disagree with on any topic, which is probably more my problem than his03:58
mwhudsonhowever, i think i agree with you and paul here :-)03:59

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