Kiloshi  Laris15:30
Larisyou speak urdu?15:30
Kilosno sorry only english15:30
Laristhen why are you here15:31
Kilosbecause im trying to revive LoCo irc links15:31
Larisget lost please15:31
Larisdon't come in channels where you don't belong15:32
Kilosyou arent a very friendly person are you15:32
Kilosthis is the pakistan ubuntu channel not so?15:33
Larisi have pakistani blood after all15:33
Larisviolence and murder is what I am15:33
Kilosi am from the ubuntu membership board15:33
Larisi am from ISIS15:34
Kilosso what15:34
Larisdon't tell me your address if you like your life15:34
Kilosshould i be shaking with fear15:35
Larisyou don't need to shake15:35
Larisyou'll only explode15:35
Kilosthank you15:35
Lariswith us15:35
Larisbut in seriousness, Kilos, where are you from15:36
Kilosfrom the membership board15:36
Kilosits a world wide move to revive weak locos15:36
Lariswhat do you think of pakistan15:37
Kilosi dont know much about pakistan except your loco isnt very active here15:38
Larislet me tell you some history15:38
Larisare you interested15:38
Larisdo you know what happened in 194715:39
Laristhere is this country called india15:39
Larisand since 900 BC, there were two majorities15:39
Larismuslims and nonmuslims15:39
Laristhey lived like brothers15:39
Larisuntil the british invaded india in 1800's15:39
Larissoon after they began to fight eachother15:39
Larisand in fighting eachother, they demanded that the british should fuck off and let them fight15:40
Laristhe muslims said "We want our own land where we can live in peace, we don't want to be on the same bed as the British and the fucking Hindus."15:40
Larisso in 1947, india was divided15:40
Larispakistan was formed out of this15:40
Larisare you with me so far, kilos15:40
Larisoh sorry i meant to say15:41
Laris900* not 900 BC15:41
Kilosyes im here15:41
Larisdo you know how pakistan became what it became, kilos15:41
Kilostell me15:42
Larisfrom 1947 upto 74, it was a lovely country15:42
Larisa peaceful one15:42
Laristhere arose many intellectual movements, on poetry and science15:42
Larisabdus salam, the nobel-prize winning physicist, and faiz, who was nominated countless times for the nobel prize in literature15:42
Larisbut soon, Kilos15:42
Larisit ended15:43
Larisin the midst of cold war15:43
Lariswhen the russians had their asses in afghanistan15:43
Larisafghanis soon began to flee in millions to pakistan15:43
Laristhe president allowed them15:43
Laristhis I think was the greatest mistake ever committed in the entire history of this country15:43
Laristhey established themselves as the Taliban, and began bombing everywhere15:44
LarisKilos; now we're a bombed country15:44
LarisKilos; we went from being the next France to the next Iraq15:44
Larisnow its a horrible country, Kilos15:45
Kilosthats a shame15:45
Larisdon't come here if you value your family15:45
Larisi think soon, Kilos, germany will end up like pakistan15:45
Laristhey're making the same mistake15:45
Larisin fact, Kilos15:46
Larisit was a female who allowed those afghanis to flee to pakistan in millions15:46
Larisnamed benazir bhutto, she was the leader at the time15:46
Larisit was a female too, angela merkel, who is allowing these syrians15:46
Lariswill history repeat itself, Kilos15:47
Larisin your opinion15:47
Kilosmost liely15:47
Larisdo you honestly think so15:47
Kilosthere isnt much we on the ground can do to change the paths of the political elite15:47
Larisislam is incompatible with the idea of making progress alone15:48
Larisunless you're a Sufi Muslim15:48
Kilosi try stay out of political discussions because that causes unnecessary strife15:48
LarisKilos; where are you from, im curious15:49
Kilosi have made friends all over the world trying to promote ubuntu15:49
Kilosi am from south africa15:49
Larisvery nice15:49
Larisam i your first pakistani friend15:50
Larishow lovely15:50
Kilosi have already some in bangladesh as well15:50
Kilosdo you use ubuntu?15:50
Larisdo you15:51
Kilosthats my job, to promote ubuntu and help LoCos grow15:51
Larisby the way im curious have you ever been tested for any mental illness15:51
Kilosi am using kubuntu 14.04 and ubuntu 12.0415:52
Kilosi have been tested for everything15:52
Larisdo you know laura15:52
Kiloslaura who?15:52
Larisyour colleague at LoCos15:52
Larislaura czajkowski15:53
Kilosoh we have greeted each other a few times but everyone is so busy, there isnt time for chit chats15:53
Lariscan you hit me up with her15:54
Kilosyou can find her on #ubuntu-locoteams15:54
Larisare you serious15:54
Kilosshe is afk at the moment15:54
Larisi can go there for free?15:54
Larisand chat with her, also for free?!15:54
Laristhank you very much kilos15:55
Larisis she taken or what15:55
Kilosyou cant chat there that channel is for loco issues mainly15:55
Larisdont worry ill make up an issue15:55
Kilosjust dont start any trouble please15:55
Larisi will not i promise15:56
Kilosi am trying to keep everyone on ubuntu on friendly terms15:56
Lariswhats her username by the way15:56
Larisoh its czajkowski15:56
Larisin your opinion, kilos, do i have any chance with her15:57
Kilosi have no idea , she is very involved in ubuntu work15:58
Larisis she beautiful in your opinion15:58
Kilosi dont know15:58
Kilosi think she got married last month or so15:59
Kilosi dont remember every bodies business15:59
Kilosmore importantly is what are you doing to grow and promote ubuntu16:00
Larishave you ever met the founder of ubuntu, Kilos16:01
Kilosi know pk has a facebook following but i dont use facebook16:01
Kilosno but i have emailed him16:01
Kiloshe was born here in za16:02
Kilosmark is much younger than i am16:04
Larishow old is he16:04
Kilosi suppose younger than my son even16:05
Kilosyou can google mark shuttleworth16:05
belkinsao/ all17:36
Kiloshi belkinsa17:36
belkinsaHas this person left?17:36
belkinsaWhat it was over?17:36
Kiloshe became friendly afterwards17:36
belkinsaHuh, maybe he just didn't know you.17:37
Kilosme being in this channel and not speaking urdu17:37
Kilospolitics seems to be an issue with many peeps in that region17:37
belkinsaAh, I see.17:38
belkinsaWhy did you pop in this channel?17:38
Kilosanyway first contact is goos17:38
Kilosbecause i wanted to help pavel get permission to translate for them17:39
Kilosthen just stayed here to see if i could help fix this group as well17:39
belkinsaAh.  Which loco is this one?17:39
Kilosi dont care about politics17:40
Kilosi care about spreading ubuntu community17:40
belkinsaI know.17:40
belkinsaThat's what I figured that this is the Pakistan LoCo, but how does Pavel fit in?17:41
Kiloshe wanted to translate for them17:41
Kiloshe speaks the language17:41
belkinsaOh really?  He speak urdu?17:42
Kilosi think so yes17:42
Kiloshe is trying to help where he can to grow his karma17:42
Kilosdoing well i think17:42
Kilosi have no karma anymore17:43
belkinsaYeah, but he also needs grow his relationship with the ones he works with.17:43
Kiloshe is17:43
belkinsaDuh.  You are watching him more closely than I am.17:43
Kiloshe has brought three or 4 new guys to -bd channel as well17:44
Kiloshis lp page is growing17:44

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