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mwhudsonpitti: i did a thing https://github.com/mwhudson/autodep8/compare/master...go-support10:00
mwhudsonpitti: i guess i should send a proper patch to autopkgtest@alioth next week?10:01
pittimwhudson: as an autodep8 debian bug would be appreciated, so that Antonio can review it10:01
pittimwhudson: but this just builds the package10:02
pittiand doesn't really test the installed package10:02
pittimwhudson: btw, if you want to do this, just set "Restrictions: needs-build" and "Test-Command: true"10:03
pittimwhudson: but still, not a fan10:03
pittirebuilding packages all the time is costly (we have limited infra power) and this doesn't test the installed package (i. e. what an autopkgtest should acutally do)10:03
mwhudsonpitti: yeah, i guess this is not really an autopkgtest in the true sense, just exploiting the infra to detect breaking changes in dependencies10:04
pittimwhudson: oh, to find undeclared api/abi changes?10:05
mwhudsonwell api changes here, golang dev packages only ship source currently10:06
pittiok, that makes sense10:06
pittimwhudson: so please change it to "true" and "build-needed", and "Depends:"10:08
pitti(i. e. no test depends)010:08
mwhudsonpitti: ok10:08
mwhudsonpitti: reload?10:11
pittimwhudson: yup, looks better, thanks10:12
mwhudsonpitti: ok, will give pkg-go people a couple days to comment and file autodep8 bug next week10:12
mwhudsonthanks for the feedback10:15
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