xnoxno change rebuilds to fix s390x miscompiles start03:47
xnoxno change rebuilds to fix s390x miscompiles stop03:51
flocculantarges: well it worked till I got a virtinst and virt-manager update this morning ;) now getting the same thing as yesterday06:39
estanhm. does https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream/+bug/1579712 really need a 7 day grace period? CPUs are burning around the world :)08:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1579712 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "Refresh hangs indefinitely, appstreamcli using 100% CPU" [High,Fix released]08:41
LaneyIt's released.08:43
estanbah. right you are. for some reason i thought it was only in -proposed still.08:46
seb128estan, it was released like 10 minutes ago08:46
estani'm so behind :p08:47
estanhm, but wait. i'm on 0.9.4-1ubuntu1 now, which is the fixed one (right?), and i still suffer from it :/08:52
estanor wait. if works if i take the debs. some sort of chicken-egg-ish problem.. oh well. all good now.09:01
seb128estan, works or not?09:05
estanseb128: if i take the debs and install with dpkg -i it works. when i tried aptitude remove appstream && aptitude update && aptitude install appstream (which got the same version as the debs), i got a 100% CPU hang in appstreamcli during the installation.09:10
Laneybecause you need libappstream309:11
estanwhich i find strange. i tried disabling appstream during the whole procedure by moving /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50appstream.09:11
Odd_BlokeIs there a core-dev around who could review this livecd-rootfs change, please?  https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/livecd-rootfs/enable-backports/+merge/29505911:58
infinityOdd_Bloke: Reviewed, but also, I'm not really here.12:23
Odd_BlokeThanks, ghostfinity.12:23
mapreriLocutusOfBorg asks for a transition tracker for hunspell, octave , glpk, suitesparse, can we haz them? :) /cc doko12:47
ginggsinfinity, doko: ^ whomever sets these up, we need one for gdal as well, please13:05
Laneymapreri / ginggs: It's much easier if someone supplies the file13:22
yofeltalking about transitions: if you have a use for this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~yofel/ben/auto-libkscreen.ben (lxqt-config should be the only package left to do)13:30
ginggsLaney: anything wrong with just copying Debian's https://release.debian.org/transitions/config/ongoing/gdal-2.1.0.ben ?13:33
LaneyProbably not13:33
Laneybut if you want us to hunt for them then it's going to slow things down :)13:34
shadeslayercould someone review those please :)13:34
Laneyginggs: pushed13:35
ginggsLaney: ta!13:35
Laneyginggs: lp:~ubuntu-transition-trackers/ubuntu-transition-tracker/configs is the branch to do MPs against, FYI13:35
ginggsLaney: can I get write access to that branch please?13:41
LaneyI wonder if we couldn't just add ~ubuntu-dev to it13:42
mapreriLaney: gianfranco sent you the files via email14:05
Laneyare you his secretary? :P14:06
mapreriand indeed I can't understand why ~ubuntu-transition-trackers is so limited.  transition handling ain't that restricted14:06
mapreriLaney: he just can't connect to IRC from his job place, so I act as a IRC <-> telegram relay ;D14:06
Laneyok, relay this - his files are wrong! https://release.debian.org/transitions/config/ would be a better place to find them14:07
LaneyI invited ~ubuntu-dev14:08
Laneycan't add it directly, needs to be a team admin (DMB)14:08
mapreriand, uh, I didn't know the things were http-accessible.  I have a git clone of that to access the conf files here14:08
LocutusOfBorghi, is it possible to blacklist import of texlive*^15:45
LocutusOfBorgwrt #82483515:45
LocutusOfBorgdebian bug #82483515:45
ubot5Debian bug 824835 in texlive-base "tex-common: fmtutil fails" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/82483515:45
LocutusOfBorgit breaks every build-depends on latex*15:45
LocutusOfBorgalso, please accept virtualbox/amd64 on yakkety/new :)15:46
LocutusOfBorgso I can see it migrate before the next import from Debian15:46
LocutusOfBorgcjwatson, ^^ please :)15:59
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg: I'm not working today and am nowhere near the necessary auth tokens.16:06
LocutusOfBorgooh have fun then :)16:25
LocutusOfBorgsorry for disturbing, I hope another archive admin can help me16:26
cyphermoxpitti: will you also update grub2-signed?18:14
jhobbshello, i've completed the verification for this bug so it can be SRU'd into xenial https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tgt/+bug/154706020:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547060 in tgt (Debian) "cant use -d switch" [Unknown,New]20:59
jhobbswhat needs to happen to get it landed in xenial from here?21:00
slangasekjhobbs: needs to wait until Monday, we don't release SRUs on Fridays21:17
jhobbsslangasek: ok21:19
jhobbsslangasek: do i need to ping someone on monday or will it happen as part of some process?21:19
slangasekjhobbs: should happen as part of the process, but doesn't hurt to nudge here Monday morning to be sure21:20
jhobbsok thanks21:20
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