Funmungushi jarlath, I think I can00:04
Funmungusfirst what are you trying to do? shell into the device from a pc?00:05
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ShR3KHi ! I modified files and configuration property in my aquaris M10 . I'd like to backup it to be able to retrieve this configuration later. I use MTK Flash tool to flash my tablet to original firmware and may be there is a solution to do my backup with the same solution.08:10
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TenLeftfingersTrying to reflash stable channel to my phone to progress bug #1377996 but phablet-shell is failing with this ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/16514316/ ) error. Can anyone direct me? I've been following these directions: http://askubuntu.com/questions/645652/how-to-flash-meizu-mx4-ubuntu-edition-with-another-channel09:47
ubot5bug 1377996 in dialer-app (Ubuntu) "dialer is freezing on active call screen" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137799609:47
TenLeftfingersThink I have it working using the 'ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel' command from the desktop instead.10:08
Mirvanyone else gotten their Meizu Pro 5 yet? I'm loving it!10:50
davmor2Mirv: It is nice :)11:01
Mirvand thanks popey & co for buds :) saved some trouble in migrating from Bq. I'm now fully Pro 5 user and I can devote my Bq for development purposes11:12
ogra_DHL !!!11:22
ogra_my SIM is to big11:28
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jlkon13Hi, does anybody know how I can sync the phablet-5 tree? I need specific features which are only available in that version … (md12:06
jlkon13my device is quite exotic …12:06
mcphailogra_: scissors are fine12:27
ogra_mcphail, well, i didnt have much fear going from SIM to nanoSIM ... but from nano to micro i need to cut contacts12:27
mcphailogra_: it is easy. Just use a template12:28
ogra_yeah, i guess i will12:28
mcphailogra_: I cut down my son's sim. Was jagged, but it worked OK12:28
mardy_Mirv: did you also buy a SIM cutter? If so, which one?12:29
Mirvmardy_: my primary SIM was a new one which is "3-in-1" ie I could just snap out the nano out of the micro cover. the other SIM is microsim, I'm not sure if I should buy a nano cutter or fetch a new SIM from operator.12:42
Mirvso I've the other (more rarely used) SIM still in the other phone12:42
davmor2ogra_: just go to your local provider store and ask for a micro sim12:57
ogra_you mean like ... leaving the house  ??12:57
svijogra_: get your erle drone and fly!12:58
Mirvdavmor2: nano, not micro :)12:58
ogra_svij, now thats a good idea !12:58
Mirvoh, you're not talking about turbo12:59
Mirvmy newest SIM was indeed regular+micro+nano all in one12:59
* ogra_ is talking about turbo :)12:59
davmor2Mirv: meh you knew what I meant don't make me come over there and slap you with feathers till you laugh uncontrollably13:00
ogra_wow, the speaker is impressive13:04
davmor2ogra_: you mean deafening right?13:09
davmor2ogra_: play with the camera you want to see impressive ;)13:09
ogra_no, i mean good sound at every volume13:09
ogra_it isnt squeaking like usual phone speakers when playing music13:10
ogra_i did already ... the camera is unbelivable fast13:10
ogra_the display is sadly way to saturated ... red and orange colours really hurt13:11
davmor2don't live in a red and orange house then :P13:11
ogra_well, i just opened design.canonical.com ... the header makes me look for my sunglasses13:12
Mirvogra_: congrats on your DHL :)13:20
davmor2ogra_: just turn the brightness down :P13:21
ogra_yeah, i still didnt have the balls to cripple my SIM yet :) though 90% of the things i do work fine via wlan13:21
ogra_davmor2, i'm at ~10%13:21
ogra_not much wiggle room anymore13:21
davmor2ogra_: put your shades on and stop whining13:21
ogra_heh ...13:22
ogra_does anyone know if aethercast will work with airtame ?13:22
* ogra_ has one around ... never used it 13:22
ogra_anpok, ^^?13:23
ahayzenHi, has anyone had issues with the telegram app where it turns the delegate grey when selecting a person from the list, and either doesn't open that chat or takes *ages*13:27
_crsis it normal, that the meizu 5 pro is more pink than golden ?13:37
lotuspsychjehi genii join discuss also :p13:49
geniiWhat, why?13:49
lotuspsychjegenii: we are all there :p13:50
geniilotuspsychje: My hanging-out channels are #ubuntu-offtopic, #kubuntu-offtopic, #xubuntu-offtopic, #lubuntu-offtopic, ##social, and ##coffeeclub ...I don't need to be in yet another one :D13:54
lotuspsychjekk was just an invite :p13:55
anpokogra_: no idea?13:57
ogra_ah, sad, i thought the Mir team knows :)13:58
_crsHow can I switch my pro5 to channel rc-proposed? It fails with 'Failed to enter Recovery'14:09
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dobey_crs: if you're using ubuntu-device-flash then you need to pass the appropriate recovery.img with --recovery-image14:21
dobey_crs: but you can install the Terminal app or do it over adb with: system-image-cli -vvvv --switch ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en14:22
_crsdobey: I saw, that it seemed to switch the channel, despite the error14:27
_crsdobey: it now says 'Ubuntu 15.04 (r83)' in the settings14:27
_crsdobey: was this channel switch now incomplete? because i didn't pass any --recovery-image14:28
_crsdobey: what i did was: ' ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en'14:29
dobeyyes, you have to use the correct recovery.img from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_ubuntu-device-flash14:29
dobeyi think now you might have to do it again from the bootloader and use --bootstrap as well, wiping all data on the device14:31
_crsokay, thats the next problem. How can i enter the bootloader? When i do 'adb reboot bootloader' it reboots to a white meizu screen and i can't see the device in lsusb14:32
dobeyi don't know14:38
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_crsdobey: Okey i got in fastboot mode via voldown+power. When i try to flash now it says 'Device smdk not found on server' ....15:02
_crsdobey: shouldn't the device name be 'turbo' ?15:02
dobey_crs: it should be turbo indeed. just pass --device turbo i guess15:03
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kaisozOne question... If I get a Bq Aquaris e5 HD with Android, and then install ubuntu touch.. would it be different than the Ubuntu edition?15:18
dobeykaisoz: you need to get special tools from bq to repartition the device, if you want to flash ubuntu onto the android version15:21
dobeyor nevermind15:21
_crsdobey: the error now is "Cache formatting was not successful, flashing may fail, check your partitions on device"15:21
_crsdobey: 'Can't boot recovery image'15:21
_crsdobey: do i have to root the device before?15:21
kaisozThe thing is that a friend of mine is giving me this phone and I would like to try ubuntu15:21
dobey_crs: is the bootloader locked?15:22
dobeykaisoz: you need to get special tools from bq to repartition the device, if you want to flash ubuntu onto the android version15:22
_crsnot, the text i am seeing ot the phone screen right now is: "=> Fastboot mode (unlocked, unrooted)'15:22
dobey_crs: sorry, i don't have a pro 5 myself. if bootloader is unlocked and you use the correct turbo recovery.img, it should work15:22
kaisozOk then, but after the process it would be like the Ubuntu edition right?15:23
dobeykaisoz: well, except you'll have the android phone, which has slightly different case and glass i think15:24
kaisozJust would like to have an officially supported phone (well, kind of hehe)15:24
dobeybecause ubuntu doesn't have a home button feature15:24
kaisozAhh oka15:24
dobeybut otherwise, yes, the software would be the same, if using the same retail channel15:24
kaisozI was just thinking about buying the phone, but then this appeared15:24
kaisozGreat, many thanks :)15:25
brunch875So where to get those speshul tools to repartition? Are they ubuntu compatible?15:25
dobeyfrom bq15:28
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ogra_hmm, something isnt right with the wlan on my pro5 :/15:39
_crsogra_: it works for me. What is your problem?15:40
ogra_trying to scp several GB of data from my MX415:40
ogra_dies half way through (after like 20min )15:40
ogra_(i dont want to use the cable since the battery has not had its first full discharge since unpacking ... and thats essential to get good battery life)15:41
_crsogra_: i didn't think about that... I will try to download something big15:43
_crsogra_: are you planing to change the channel on your pro5 ?15:44
ogra_i plan to stay on stable with this one15:44
_crsogra_: do you know someone who has/will change?15:45
ogra_i think Mirv tried rc-proposed for a moment and switched back15:45
davmor2ogra_: transfer it on a loop one package at a time then it is just short bursts :)15:46
ogra_and takes three weeks15:46
ogra_funnily the wlan itself seems fine ... its just the ssh connection that doesnt seem to behave15:47
ogra_or it might be nautilus :)15:47
mcphailogra_: I found that my bq kept getting a new dhcp lease after a few minutes, breaking ssh connection15:47
mcphailogra_: check if the ip address is changing15:48
ogra_nope, IP stays ... was indeed the first thing i checked15:48
ogra_my MX is jumpy as hell ... the bq hasnt changed IP since i have it15:48
ogra_i actually think it is nautilus or gvfs' sftp backend thats acting up here15:50
popeyMirv: ooh! buds had its first useful customer! :D16:07
tedgIs there an amd64 build of the music app?16:32
ahayzentedg, the music-app is pure QML16:32
tedgahayzen: Ah, cool.16:33
Mirvogra_: no I upgrade to latest rc-proposed and modified channel.ini back to stable but I'm still on that rc-proposed image. ie I'll wait for the real OTA next (and won't run any special stuff otherwise on my daily phone)16:34
ogra_oooh ... hackish :)16:34
davmor2ogra_: it's a phone not a trampoline maybe that is your issue right there :P16:34
tedgMusic app really should be in "essentials"16:38
tedgI didn't really think about searching for it :-)16:38
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ogra_mzanetti, *sniff* authenticator doesnt want to focus for me on turbo17:40
ogra_(funnily tagger works fine)17:41
jibelogra_, it is not specific to turbo, it doesn't focus on arale either17:43
ogra_ah ... was a while ago that i set the MX4 up17:44
davmor2ogra_: it just hates you, hate it back it works for me ;)  and daft as it sounds try holding you phone at angle to the screen rather than straight on17:46
ogra_tried all that ... it never focuses17:47
ogra_i just punched the data manually in ... works too :)17:48
davmor2hold it 30metres away from the screen in a dark room then a light room then a dark room while hopping on one leg and video it so we can all have a laugh ;)17:48
mariogrippopey: mhall119 kubuntu party going on now :D http://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/18:39
dobeymariogrip: !18:39
mzanettiogra_, davmor2: lol.. sorry for that... does tagger scan it properly?18:42
mzanettiso far authenticator scanned successfully each time I set up an account18:42
dobeymariogrip: did you get a chance to push that kernel update for hammerhead? battery still pretty much sucks here :)18:42
mariogripdobey: yeah! are they not better?18:43
dobeymariogrip: nope. usally have to charge my phone twice daily :-/18:44
mariogripdobey: humm, I don't have an sim card in mine, let me test with sim/cell for a while19:00
mariogripif that19:00
mariogrip's the problem19:00
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kristoferI have a nexus 7 (deb) and I want to put ubuntu on it, but I don't have an ubuntu machine.. are there alternative installation instructions that don't involve the ubuntu-device-flash script?20:11
dobeykristofer: run ubuntu in a vm, or in a chroot if you're on a different linux.20:12
kristoferfair enough. :) thanks dobey20:13
dobeyor an lxc container (or some other similar option)20:13
ogra_mzanetti, yeah, tagger seems to focus fine authenticator stays constantly unfocused20:15
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mzanettiogra_, thanks for the report. update your device20:38
Shah_Hi everybody21:11
Shah_Is it possible to use irssi on Utouch please ?21:13
popeyyou could21:14
popeybut it would get suspended by app lifecycle21:15
Shah_Mh, it's mean no update after this ?21:15
brunch875is there any discussion open about app lifecycle?21:20
brunch875in the future...21:20
mcphailbrunch875: don't think anything in changing anytime soon21:24
brunch875sadface :C21:25
brunch875I'd love to be able to do a gesture in task switcher so it becomes 'active mode'21:25
mcphailindeed. Sounds like the priorities are xenial/systemd then snappy then more frameworks. I haven't heard anyone talking about opening the lifecycle management21:26
brunch875Ah yes, of course. The convergence :]21:29
brunch875I'm sure this will be solved naturally when the convergence reaches us21:29
popeymcphail: i see one of the bugs has had some attention in terms of priority21:30
mcphailpopey: which one?21:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1532221 in ubuntu-application-lifecycle "Complete the high priority background service implementations" [Critical,In progress]21:31
mcphail"Critical" is very good to hear21:31
mcphailAfter the comment on bug 1521292 it seemed that everything was waiting for snappy21:33
ubot5bug 1521292 in Client Developer Experience "No easy way for users to supply large amounts of arbitrary data for apps" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152129221:33
mcphailIt will be great to get some more frameworks, particularly if we get an API which doesn't require Qt21:34
* mcphail feels happier21:34
YoanncooljazzI think meteor + cordova can be a good combination21:36
YoanncooljazzMiracast will be on ota 11?21:38
lolekhello everybody22:06
lolekI'd like to ask when there's planned release of ubuntu touch with full encryption support and some security functionalities?22:06
sebsebseblolek: uhmm22:33
sebsebseblolek: what kind of security functioanliites?22:33
lolek1st as I already mentioned, full phone encryption22:35
lolek2nd when encryption is turned on it shouldn't be possible to access any data in the phone using usb without entering pin code or something22:35
lolek3rd there should be better lock screen implementation as the current one is not enough from that point of view22:36
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sebsebseblolek: I don't tink those things will come soon, because its a development platform currently really, and there are other things that should be worked on first22:38
sebsebseblolek: for most people a pin is ok22:38
sebsebseblolek: I remember a year or so a go when the default browser didn't even have an option to clear the history22:38
sebsebseblolek: I think convergence getting that more sorted out, and some of the xmir  stuff is probably a priorty now22:40
sebsebseboh and OTA 11 should come out soon22:40
lolekwell that's not good22:46
lolekI'm looking currently for some alternative and at least for me there's no go for now22:46
lolekhoped that ubuntu touch will be my choice but if there's nothing like that then it's also not an option for me22:47
sebsebseblolek: there may be, or soonish, I am not a dev22:48
sebsebseblolek: there are some security options and quite like Android I guess22:49
sebsebseblolek: also when it comes to privacy the Ubuntu store apps would be better since they don't want loads of permisisons unlike say Android22:49
sebsebseblolek: however I have a feeling that the security options are quite basic currently in Ubuntu touch22:50
lolekwell android is not for me becuase of it's laggines22:51
lolekeven the high end phones has problems with phonebooks that's about 1k of contacts and way more of sms22:51
lolekthe situation for now is that pin is not enough. It's not XX where ppls had in teir phones only last 20 sms and some call history. Now they have their private photos, mails etc so I'm really surprised that it's not a p122:54
JanCwell, a secure phone without any software would be useless too  :)23:04
lolekJanC: it depends what you need. The basics are browser, mail client, maybe some im software everything else can go later23:06
JanCwell, even the calendar still needs work, IM too, browser is still very basic, etc.23:07
JanCfor mail there is an app but not an official one23:07
JanCI suppose/hope encryption will follow after that23:09
lolekwell then, I hope that it will be before my current phone will not be able to handle my daily tasks :)23:10
lolekanyway time for me, see ya ;)23:10
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