MooDoomorning all05:02
daftykinsg'morn o/05:03
MooDoobloomin google blacklisting one of my sites as malware :(05:09
daftykins:O i did a job for someone recently who had that done, he said it was a right drama to get that reversed05:18
MooDoodaftykins: I wouldn't be too bothered, but it's only a html site with a php contact form :(05:33
daftykinseasy to check nothing got modified then?05:33
daftykinsjust a false positive from them?05:33
MooDooyeah it's an easy to check site only about 10 pages of html nothing there apart from what i'd expect....05:34
MooDooI could understand if it was my wordpress site, but that's secure up to the eyeballs [I hope]05:35
daftykinsbuy diddledan a beer and he'll check ;D05:35
diddledanwait, what?05:37
daftykinshi :)05:37
daftykinsyou're awake!05:38
diddledanno I'm not!06:07
diddledanI'm a figment06:07
diddledanbeen watching the first season of game of thrones (finally)06:10
SwitchesOh Libreboot is now GNU.. what a surprise lol07:14
SwitchesI was kinda being sarcastic, been expecting that since they started the thing07:17
daftykinsi could tell the sarcasm but not why :)07:18
SwitchesI was surprised when they started it that it wasn't a GNU project07:18
SwitchesI need more coffee.07:25
SwitchesIt's way to early and I've only had 3 mugs.. I'm being slow07:25
zmoylan-pinext time put coffee into the mugs...07:26
knightwiseSwitches: just chew the beans07:28
diddledanmmm toffee07:29
diddledanwait, was that the right choice?07:29
SwitchesToffee works aswell07:30
zmoylan-picoffee toffee... an idea whose time has come07:30
zmoylan-piit'd come in slabs like scottish toffee with a hammer so you can break off a piece and suck the caffine goodness you need07:31
SwitchesSounds like my kind of sweet07:32
SuperMattmorning twerkers08:02
davmor2Morning all08:03
SuperMattdo we need to offer up a sacrifice again today?08:03
daftykinsnever hurts! well... any of us :)08:04
daftykinsbut who to pick, mmm08:04
SuperMattJamesTait shall be the sacrifice08:04
daftykinsvery well08:05
daftykinsyou grab his legs!08:05
SuperMattewww, they're sticky08:06
daftykinsnow, are we going to stab or burn today?08:07
foobarrypeople at the station were giving out juice in return for hugs08:08
foobarryhug was nice but feeling really sick after few mouthfuls of juice08:08
daftykinsit was a trap!08:09
foobarryi've eaten mints and had chewing gum , wont go away08:09
daftykinswas the fella cuddly? :)08:09
foobarrysome sweet dutch girl08:09
SuperMattI don't trust anyone that've giving away free hugs, or accepting hugs as currency08:09
foobarrythought it was a trap to make people feel happy08:09
foobarrybut i keep doing cucumber burps08:10
foobarrytoo much goodness obviously08:10
diddledanwhat did I just walk into?08:11
daftykinsdiddledan: the huggening08:11
MooDooI'm scared08:11
* diddledan hugs everyone08:11
daftykinsoof stubble08:11
daftykinshey no stroking the hair!08:11
davmor2MooDoo: you shouldn't call it trap it is too obvious call it cake instead ;)08:14
diddledanthe cake is a lie!08:14
davmor2diddledan: exactly but people will still follow a link to cake on the off chance it isn't ;)08:15
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy Bike to Work Day! 😃  🚲 🚴 🚵08:16
* diddledan will gladly bike to work. from here. to here.08:16
daftykins<Weebl's Stuff> including here... and here... and here.08:18
* JamesTait biked to work, via school.08:18
daftykinshands up if you remember that one!08:18
JamesTaitNo, but I remember Magical Trevor.08:18
diddledanwith his leathery leathery whip08:19
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQz-CZvkY8k and better still https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GugsCdLHm-Q08:25
* JamesTait deploys the leathery leathery whip on davmor2 08:29
MooDooi want a go i want a go08:31
=== Dave____ is now known as Dave
JamesTaitI think you have to be sacrificed to be allowed.08:31
davmor2JamesTait, MooDoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIEVqFB4WUo I can play this all day but I don't know why you'd want that08:40
=== Darkstar is now known as Guest16294
diddledanhaha. just saw in the credits of game of thrones a citation for "Accountant (IRL)", which I'm assuming means they've got one online and another in-real-life08:49
zmoylan-pior irish accountant as it's shot in northern ireland...08:50
diddledansurely that'ld be IE08:50
zmoylan-piwell tis and tisn't...08:50
daftykinsbrowses with IE08:50
* zmoylan-pi smacks daftykins to help him adjust quicker to ie...08:51
daftykinshey i already drink Guinness08:51
zmoylan-pithen a smack in the face is probably nowt when that numbs you...08:51
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:56
SwitchesHeya brobostigon08:57
brobostigonhi Switches08:57
darknitewhats up09:05
zmoylan-pifriday \o/09:05
knightwisehey daftykins09:43
knightwisehows tricks09:43
daftykinsall good here thanks :) snagged a free mystery game from green man gaming last night, got Bridge Constructor :O09:44
daftykinsseems quite fun09:44
daftykinshow goes it for you?09:44
diddledandaftykins: you're a magician?09:44
* diddledan watches daftykins' tricks09:46
diddledanthe intro sequence to game of thrones is slightly different each episode09:47
daftykinsnothing new ;)09:47
daftykinshttps://www.greenmangaming.com/mystery-bundles/ <-- for reference09:48
daftykinsi'm not normally a "buy useless tat on steam" type, but yeah... triple pack for £409:48
daftykinsoof, egypt air plane debris found09:54
TwistedLuciditydaftykins: Confirmed this time?10:17
Myrttidepends on who's confirmation you deem good enough10:17
TwistedLucidityWell, not Egypt's10:18
Seeker`The Egyptian Air Force is claiming there is plane debris this time10:27
diddledanyeah, but who trust the Egyptian air force? :-p10:39
diddledanmight as well be America. and we all know they blew stuff up for fun10:40
diddledantoo soon?10:40
daftykinsjust a tad10:40
MooDooyeah too soon10:41
SuperMattThere have been reports of bodies too10:43
SuperMattbut those are unconfirmed10:43
SuperMattwhat I want to know is, why aren't the blackboxes transmitting data in real time?10:44
diddledanSuperMatt: yeah, they should send live telemetry via the satlink IMO10:44
SuperMattwe'd have a much better idea of what happens if we had livesteaming black boxes. it doesn't need to be everything, but it'd be nice if we can know that an engine stopped, or whatever10:45
daftykinsmaybe it's money, maybe it's an age of the tech thing10:46
daftykinsi feel like it was answered with MH370 but i can't remember what was said10:46
SuperMattapparently cost is the most prohibitive factor10:48
SuperMattthe air lines don't want anything affecting their bottom line10:48
SuperMattthough arguments are that the cost of search and rescue outweighs the cost of a live streaming black box10:50
TwistedLuciditySuperMatt: I doubt the airlines pay those11:03
daftykinsi was wondering that11:03
TwistedLucidityI can imagine the whole "real time" ping thing from aircraft could get complex11:03
SuperMattoh indeed11:27
SuperMattI'm certainly not the right person to say whether or not a live update system should go ahead, but I think after this, another high profile case, the idea needs to be tabled again11:28
daftykinsugh telcos that refuse to talk to you when you're not the bill payer11:33
daftykinsyou messed up a deal for everyone on the whole island, please just fix it :P11:33
foobarryare you the only person looking after the island today daftykins ?12:46
SuperMattgit pull13:31
* Seeker` hands SuperMatt some files13:37
SuperMattI don't know what to do with them now though13:53
foobarrygit stash13:55
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daftykinsfoobarry: hehe yeah the others are having a nap ;)15:28
Switchesheya knightwise16:59
knightwiseconverting ISO images to mp4 with handbrake17:02
knightwiseits been a while17:02
daftykins:) storage is cheap, i'd leave them as-is!17:02
zmoylan-picarve them in stone for backups...17:02
knightwiseplex won"t mount them that way I think17:03
daftykinsKodi plays ISOs direct, i would hope Plex can :>17:03
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daftykinsi did debate converting a clients 950+ DVD collection by ripping out the main movie PGC (program chain) from the VOBs leaving all the extra feature / titles cruft behind, but it's just not worth my time17:04
zmoylan-pii burned out the dvd drive of my mac mini ripping my dvd collection over 18 months17:04
knightwiseI'll probably cue them up in handbrake overnight17:04
knightwiseits only about 14 episodes17:05
knightwisei can do that for the misses17:05
daftykinszmoylan-pi: hehe17:05
zmoylan-pii got my moneies worth out of that mac... :-)17:06
zmoylan-piripping on average 3 discs per day17:06
knightwisehad one too , loved the mac mini17:06
knightwiselast time i did have some serious cooling issues because ubuntu wouldnt monitor the temperature right and activate the fans17:06
knightwiseended up allmost cooking the poor thing17:06
daftykinsi had to mess with a clients iMac that i put an SSD in to handle the fan situation, no more HDD with the temp sensor17:08
knightwisemy god that show is tacky :)17:08
knightwiseripping beverly hills 90210 , season 217:08
daftykinsback when you could open them with a mere suction cup to the glass and removal of the LCD and... *whistle*17:09
knightwisethat IS impressive to do isnt it17:09
daftykinssure was some work17:09
daftykinsthat 21" first generation i3 thing is still going strong though!17:10
zmoylan-pidoing better than steve jobs...17:16
diddledantoo soon?17:17
daftykinsquite amazing it's been 5 years already17:18
diddledan(shauno would get that question - it refers to one of his stories)17:19
daftykinsif shauno were here ;_;17:21
knightwisei put elementary on my wifes old imac17:25
knightwiseshe loved it17:25
diddledanknightwise: imac == hair-removal17:25
daftykinsnah that's inmac i believe17:26
daftykinsnope immac17:26
diddledanin Britain they only had one M but they've since renamed to Veet it seems17:27
daftykinsah har17:27
knightwiseveet i know17:27
zmoylan-piand vot you don't :-P17:29
knightwisegonna couchsurf17:31
knightwisepc is at it encoding 8 episodes. it will have its hands full for the evening17:31
daftykinsooh dear17:35
daftykinslooks like amazon are trying to gauge if FireTV owners are being naughty with their devices17:35
zmoylan-pisending all the file names back to hq?17:35
daftykinsamazon booted Kodi (the artist formerly known as XBMC) from their app store, claiming it enables piracy... yet they continue to allow the sale via marketplace users of android devices loaded with copyright infringing streaming services17:37
daftykinsthis survey, if real, could be a precursor to blocking the apps from running on the devices at all - just as their last OS update banned a particular app which let you set your device to auto boot into Kodi / anything else instead of amazon's default home app17:38
davmor2daftykins: shhh don't point out the obvious17:38
daftykinswell i don't think everyone follows what they are or do.17:39
zmoylan-pioh for the good old days when your only option was to thump the top of the telly...17:41
* diddledan punches the top of zmoylan-pi17:41
daftykinsit's ok, you can install Kodi on zmoylan-pi too!17:42
* zmoylan-pi fiddles with diddledan vertical hold...17:42
* diddledan scrolls17:42
* daftykins puts the two of them into a game of Pong, teletext style17:43
zmoylan-pi*BOOP*                                                       *18:04
zmoylan-pi*BOOP* *BEEP*18:07
SwitchesWho let R2D2 in?!18:11
SwitchesMeh seems my mem upgrade is gonna have to wait my CPU cooler sounds like the bearing is failing :(18:16
SwitchesTime to get the water cooler i guess18:17
zmoylan-pi51c in india... need more than a fan...18:17
SwitchesWell tbh my CPU cooler is erm.. around 7 or 8 years old, so its been expected for a while xD18:18
SwitchesI'm just one of those people who wont change stuff till it totally stops working18:19
daftykinstis but a scratch!18:22
daftykinsi was watching a video on the lengths nvidia go to, to diagnose faults in produced chips18:25
daftykinsamazing stuff18:25
SwitchesYeah they spend a lot of money on it18:25
zmoylan-piwhich they can pass on to the customer...18:26
SwitchesBut don't18:26
daftykinsthey don't have to, 10 million quid of machinery can save them billions when fixing fab designs etc.18:26
SwitchesTbh they don't pass that cost onto the customer, they just keep the prices high no matter what :p18:26
SwitchesSo many "click bait" headlines about the processor Google have made18:28
Switches"Intel should be worried".. not at all googles is built for something totally different.. its not like its going to be a "general" server or desktop chip >.<18:29
daftykinsimagine if journalism had some standards :D18:30
zmoylan-pithe sun would be stored on toilet roll aisle18:30
SwitchesWould actually be nice to read and would stop me facepalming so much18:30
daftykinsSwitches: we can at least work on reducing the pain, here i'll send you an oven mitt for Christmas! that'll soften the blows18:32
Switchesrofl, thanks18:32
zmoylan-pidon't forget to sew the horse shoe in... :-P18:34
SwitchesOhh Mir can now handle OpenGL proper and not just OpenGL ES18:34
Switcheszmoylan-pi: Thats how it feels already with some of the headlines18:36
foobarryanyone tried cloudready chromebook OS for non chromebook laptops?19:05
SwitchesCan't say I have, sorry foobarry19:10
daftykinsi'm still not convinced on the castrated internet experience for tech folk19:27
daftykinschromebook for your average joe? sure19:27
zmoylan-pii'll never use a chromebook for personal use with chromeos on it so it must be good :-)19:29
daftykinstinfoil hat firmly on for google products?19:30
zmoylan-pikinda, not sold on the whole trust the cloud silliness19:31
* diddledan trusts rainclouds19:32
zmoylan-pirainclouds i understand, i'm irish, they're out to get me... :-D19:33
* Switches Trusts clouds more than he trusts people19:34
daftykinsRick Astley + Nirvana mashup! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN75im_us4k20:20
daftykinsstill can't get over how perfectly this goes20:21
popeygreetings from Austin airport free wifi20:38
SwitchesOhhh nice, heya popey20:38
popeyhows it going?20:40
SwitchesNot bad mate, how was the trip?20:40
popeygreat, tiring20:46
SwitchesI bet20:46

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