smspillazTrevinho: Hey is the autolander blocked at the moment?10:03
smspillazThere seems to be a lot of stuff the approved queue for lp:compiz10:03
cimismspillaz, hi sam! :)))10:08
smspillazhoes goes?10:08
cimivery good thanks buddy :)10:09
smspillazgood good :)10:09
cimiglad :)10:09
smspillazI just finished uni and decided to finish off some old projects that I never really finished10:09
smspillaz(though nothing is ever done for sure)10:09
cimismspillaz, like compiz? :D10:09
smspillazyou could say that :p10:10
greybacksmspillaz: hey Sam! Hope you're well10:16
smspillazgreyback: hola10:46
seb128smspillaz, hey, I we don't have autolanders anymore, things are manually landed through ci train11:26
smspillazseb128: coolio - was just wondering if things were blocked11:34
seb128smspillaz, no, just need somebody to organize a landing, which I think Trevinho is working on (he mentioned it in the weekly desktop team meeting this weke)11:35
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bschaefergreyback, so messing around with the OSK for the deskop. If we are in desktop mode the windows do not move based on the OSK15:09
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bschaefersuch as gmail, composing an email in normal phone mode it moves that window above the OSK but in desktop mode it does not?15:09
greybackbschaefer: unity8 never moves the windows for hte OSK15:10
greybackinstead, the OSK tells Qt apps (mostly) the position of the OSK, relying on them to resize their content to suit15:10
bschaefergreyback, i thought it update the OSK *position* for qqt?15:10
bschaefergreyback, sooo its the apps fault really?15:10
greybackwell, since Qt supported this kind of thing, we built it15:10
* bschaefer makes a sad face since it seems to depend on being fullscreen to even do that15:10
greybackbut we may need to reconsider for desktop15:10
greybacktraditional apps won't have a clue about an OSK I can imaging15:11
bschaefergreyback, very true, this would be more for tablet15:11
greybackbschaefer: we left it up to the app, because if the app has a text element with focus, and is informed where the OSK is, then the app can best decide how to reflow its content to avoid it being drawn over15:12
greybackbschaefer: sorry, I gotta run, Take this up next week?15:12
bschaefergreyback, yup, enjoy your weekend!15:12
bschaeferthanks for the info!15:12
ShR3KIn source code, where can I find the top bar with hour, settings... ?15:13
SaviqShR3K, look for Indicator*, but that's just the frontend, indicator-* are backend processes that drive them15:15
ShR3KSaviq : Ok thanks15:26
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dandradermterry, around?19:23
mterrydandrader, yup19:23
dandradermterry, the easiest MP review ever: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/cleanupDebugLeftovers/+merge/29512719:23
mterrydandrader, could use a test...19:24
mterrySaviq, so the latest u8 autopkg test finished.  But we're in that nether land of waiting for the excuses page to update with the results.  Meanwhile, the running.shtml page no longer shows it.  Is there a third place to see what actualy happened with the job?20:05
* mterry isn't sure if it passed or failed20:05
Saviqmterry, britney will update the result in a few minutes20:08
mterrySaviq, I want instant answers!20:09
Saviqmterry, we need to wait for yakkety feedback anyway20:09
mterrySaviq, oh?  those are all always-failed (which isn't a great state to be in, but doesn't stop us, right?)20:09
Saviqmterry, unity8 is uninstallable20:10
mterrySaviq, ah20:10
Saviqmterry, or ask QA to disregard it on Monday - I'll take over20:10
Saviqmterry, but should get better soon, when unity-scopes-api tests20:10
Saviqmterry, recycle please http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#unity-scopes-api20:11
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Saviqmterry, or wait20:11
mterrytoo late20:11
SaviqChecking for module 'unity-shell-application=14' failed20:11
Saviqhah I think I know what happened20:12
Saviqunity-api is newer than unity820:12
Saviqin yakkety20:12
Saviqneed to rerun this with while of proposed20:12
Saviqwhole, even20:12
Saviqgaah this is a mess20:13
mterryYou're making me reconsider upgrading to yakkety20:15
Saviqmterry, it's fine in yakkety, everything's stuck in proposed ;P20:16
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mterrySaviq, excuses finally updated, it passed!  so that's one blocker down20:34
Saviqmterry, ack, great, I've asked people to re-run http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#unity-scopes-api with all proposed so this gets unblocked, so http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#unity-scopes-shell builds and that would make unity8 installable again20:37
Saviqlet's see how we fare20:37
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