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shakes808how are you doing toda?13:14
cmaloneySo far so good. Just starting thie morning13:15
shakes808right?!  just happy for the weekend :)13:15
jrwrenready for the weekend.13:16
jrwrenit looks like it is going to be a beautiful day, so that is a bonus.13:17
jrwrenHow are you doing shakes808 and all?13:17
shakes808jrwren: I'm doing alright.  Best as it can at the moment. :)  Just hoping the beautiful few days lasts through the weekend!13:19
jrwrenimma too scared to check the weather.13:20
cmaloneyI just need one mowing day.13:20
jrwrenprobably going to Cedar Point tomorrow, so that should be fun.13:20
shakes808haha, right?!13:20
shakes808Awesome!  Hope the weather holds out for you13:20
jrwrenyesterday would have been a great mowing day13:20
cmaloneyjrwren: Yep, but I was lazy.13:20
cmaloneyand now I will pay.13:20
shakes808last two days would have been great13:20
cmaloneyah, Sunday looks like the magical mowing day.13:21
jrwrenyou push reel, right?13:21
cmaloneyI push both ways.13:21
jrwrenyeah, you do. I remember. ;]13:21
cmaloneyDepends on whether the grass is sub jungle or not13:22
jrwrenif i let my lawn go an extra day or two, it becomes even more difficult with the reel cutter.13:22
jrwrenI always want to be lazy, but I know that if I don't stay on top of it its going to be much more difficult.13:22
jrwrenits lawn debt. Similar to money debt or tech debt. Easier to pay it down earlier. ;]13:23
cmaloneyUnfortunately I also have dandelions13:26
cmaloneyso they're like little middle-fingers in my lawn13:26
shakes808+1 cmaloney13:27
shakes808Morning mrgoodcat13:27
mrgoodcathow is today?13:27
jrwrencmaloney: me too! I just leave 'em. The push reel doesn't really cut them much.13:28
jrwrenif I'm feeling nice to my neighbors, I use a weed cutter (like a scythe) and knock down the dandelion stems13:29
shakes808You need to get one of these: http://bit.ly/1W6fnWA    OR    http://bit.ly/23ZHLsw13:33
wolfgerI'm noodling around with putting Ubuntu on my Win 10 again, (e.g. via VirtualBox) and I ran across this article: http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-and-canonical-partner-to-bring-ubuntu-to-windows-10/13:34
wolfgerAnybody know what if anything came of that?13:34
mrgoodcatafaik it is actually in a workable state right now13:36
mrgoodcatits still being developed though13:36
mrgoodcatno graphical tools13:36
mrgoodcatits not a vm and not emulation13:37
mrgoodcatits more like WINE in that the kernel is actually recognizing native linux syscalls13:37
wolfgerright, that's what I got from the article and it intrigued me13:37
jrwrenyes, it is more like wine.13:37
jrwrenits "done" afik.13:37
jrwrenI mean, the ubuntu side is the exact same cloudimg as you'd run anywhere else.13:38
jrwrenMSFT may still be working on their linux on windows layer.13:38
jrwrenSomeone already use XMing and set DISPLAY and ran X programs, so that part works.13:38
jrwrenbut I do not think you will ever see a supported graphics layer from msft.13:38
mrgoodcatthere's a quick how-to at the bottom of this article http://www.howtogeek.com/249966/how-to-install-and-use-the-linux-bash-shell-on-windows-10/13:38
wolfgerso, it sounds like its still in beta. "Windows Insider"13:43
jrwreni only meant that the ubuntu side is "done"13:43
wolfgerok, guess I'll go with VirtualBox for now13:45
cmaloneyYeah, I'd stick with VB for now13:47
jrwrenI upgraded from win7 to win10 just to play with that ubuntu on windows. HUGE MISTAKE.13:49
jrwrenwin10 is even worse than I had thought.13:49
cmaloneyjrwren: How so?13:52
wolfgerI found Win10 to be slightly worse, but virtually indistinguishable for typical use.13:52
wolfgerand also slightly better in some ways13:53
mrgoodcatyea i think win10 is nice13:54
mrgoodcatthe Big Brother stuff is my only gripe13:54
mrgoodcathaven't had any useability issues with it though13:54
jrwrenthe reboot on updates.13:54
jrwrenmaybe its becuase I enabled the insider fast track trying to get ubuntu for windows13:55
jrwrenbut.. its like win3.1 again.. it just SHUTS DOWN! and you lose all your owrk.13:55
jrwrendoesn't matter if you have unsaved changes. ITS GONE.13:55
mrgoodcatmine doesn't do that13:55
mrgoodcatmine has been running for a few months now13:55
mrgoodcatjrwren: settings > update > advanced options > notify to schedule restart13:56
jrwrenthat option is not available when youa re on insider fast track13:57
jrwrencan you believe it?13:57
jrwrenMSFT is just terrible at writing software.13:57
cmaloneyda fuq?13:57
jrwrenI'm glad they have come around on open source. That is great.13:57
jrwrennow they are back to where they were in 1999 where they couldn't write usable software.13:58
cmaloneyjrwren: Wonder if that's because the goals of the company are not lining up with the end users anymore?14:10
jrwrenor... they are, and I"m an atypical user.14:11
jrwrenI think by being in this channel I count as an atypical user.14:11
jrwrenStill, I read headlines like, "MSFT adds more ads to start menu" and I feel like they are abusing their customers.14:11
cmaloneyBetween the vendors and MSFT I don't think end users have a chance of using their machines 100% as they want to14:13
jrwreneven apple is pissing me off lately. imma go back to all linux soon enough.14:18
mrgoodcati'd go all linux if it would run on my mbp14:19
mrgoodcati mean it runs. but networking and touchpad are broken14:20
mrgoodcatso that's kind of a deal breaker14:20
cmaloneyWho needs networking anyway? :)14:22
mrgoodcatnetworking is for sales people14:23
wolfgeroh, win 10 pissed me off last night. I opened Chrome and an ad popped up urging me to try Microsoft Edge14:47
shakes808Since I upgraded to W10, it has been really slow on everything. :(14:48
wolfgermaybe I'll run my games successfully on wine on ubuntu on virtualbox on win10, and then just dump the win 10....14:48
cmaloneywine is OK got games if you don't like playing for long periods of time14:51
cmaloneyI've had otherwise good games just up and poof on me14:51
Scary_GuyI just put never10 on my girlfriend's system14:52
Scary_Guyworks pretty well, just disables it and gets rid of the install files14:52
Scary_Guynow I'm in update hell because she hasn't touched it in a LONG time apparently14:52
cmaloneyupdate hell is common14:52
cmaloneythere was one update that unfortunately makes WIndows take for fucking ever to update now14:53
cmaloneyI can't get around it14:53
Scary_GuyI don't worry too much.  I can just go eat or netflix or something14:54
cmaloneyI just wish it would eventually finish in my lifetime14:54
jrwrenand then SXW folder fills your disk.14:54
jrwreni can't upgrade my mom from 8.1 to 10 because diskspace.14:55
jrwrenshe has like 5GB free, but it is not enough. lolz14:55
Scary_Guyinstall a second hard drive temporarily14:55
cmaloneycan you remove files in that folder?14:55
cmaloneyor will Windows shit the bed?14:55
jrwrencan you do that?14:55
jrwrenno, windows says "do not touch"14:55
jrwrenweb concurs that there is no safe workaround.14:56
Scary_Guywindows says a lot of things, windows is dumb14:56
cmaloneyIt's like having a cache that isn't cache14:56
Scary_Guyoh good, the video driver works.  put in a new video card.  had to boot safe mode with networking to get the thing to start up14:56
Scary_Guythen download ATI's drivers because apparently MS gave a bluescreen14:57
Scary_GuyI'm going to try to switch her to ubuntu, maybe she won't notice14:58
shakes808+1 Scary_Guy  HAHA14:58
Scary_Guyalthough this system is so old a raspberry pi could probably do most of this crap15:01
Scary_Guysadly I'll probably end up building her a gaming system with windows because that's where all the app support is15:02
jrwrenhrm... i wonder if I could move my mom to ubuntu. I just have to break her insane love of msoffice.15:03
jrwrenbrain damage can cause some strange affiliations and attachements.15:03
Scary_Guyput on libreoffice first and get her used to that15:03
jrwrenwouldn't help.15:03
jrwrenshe says "does it have office" ALWAYS15:03
jrwrenI guess i could say "yes" and say, "its libre office" lolz15:04
jrwrenshe would LOVE that.15:04
Scary_Guysay "yes it has an office"15:04
cmaloneyjrwren: I've mentioned how the best and worst thing I ever did for my parents was introduce my mom to MS Publisher, right?15:04
cmaloneybest: no more fretting about MS Word and it's dumb formatting15:06
cmaloneyworst: she uses it for EVERYTHING15:06
cmaloneyTried to get her to use Scribus. It's not the same as publisher so she doesn't use it15:06
Scary_GuyI give up on old people who don't know anything about computers.  you try to help them and they just hate you15:07
Scary_Guy"where did my game go?" oh you mean that spyware POS with virus like tendencies?  Had to get rid of it15:08
cmaloneyWell, she's fine in other regards. She raised me for one.15:08
jrwrenor... let them be spied on.15:08
Scary_Guyright?  eventually I just gave up15:08
_stink_had my mom on ubuntu for a few years... the deal breaker wasn't office - it was web multimedia support15:09
cmaloneymy Dad is cute in that regard. He tries so hard to do little grie gries to protect himself15:09
cmaloneylike switching off the wireless when he's not using hte network.15:09
cmaloney_stink_: Ugh15:09
Scary_Guybetter than nothing I guess15:09
_stink_cmaloney: hah, i love it15:09
_stink_saves power too!15:09
Scary_Guymy dad's system is the only windows system in the house.  Mom uses ubuntu on the media center and her laptop.  android on her phone15:10
cmaloneyJoDee has to use a Windows version of Java because the software she's using for her Variable Stars teaching doesn't work under Ubuntu15:10
jrwrenjabba is bad15:11
wolfgerI moved a couple moms (not mine) to Ubuntu. So far as I know, that lasted until they got new computers. Also migrated a friend of mine and he loves it. Whenever he gets a PC upgrade he asks me to help him get Ubuntu back up and running and migrate his stuff over.15:11
Scary_Guy"Downloading 70 updates (0KB total, 0% complete)" has been displaying for 15 minutes15:11
cmaloneyjrwren: Academia hasn't moved over yet.15:11
Scary_GuyI should get dad on Mint, it's got a more windows like interface15:12
wolfgerWell, I do Kubuntu, not Ubuntu... that's more Windows-like15:12
Scary_Guyall he does is look up music tab sites and porn anyway15:12
wolfgerwhen a computer dies to viruses and malware my answer is (yes I can help you, but it won't be Windows anymore.15:13
jrwrenacademia is a lot like big corp. use what you know because you know it and it works (kinda)15:13
Scary_GuyI rarely see anything die from a virus though.  it's usually easy to clean with an external system and then just pop back in15:14
jrwrenfor some definition of "easy"15:14
Scary_Guyoh fuck academia, my friend who does IT for Wayne State bitches about Blackboard all the time15:15
jrwrentime is the most valuable resoure. if it takes longer than 30min, its easier to clear windows and install ubuntu ;]15:15
_stink_Scary_Guy: who's your friend at WSU?15:15
_stink_i used to work there15:15
shakes808I hear that academia is starting to adopt chrome os15:15
cmaloneyjrwren: Heh15:15
jrwrenI was about to say, aren't there WSU IT people here?15:15
cmaloneyacademia is like a large corporation15:15
jrwrenColonelPanic001 ?15:15
_stink_yep him too15:15
cmaloneyIt's not all homogenous.15:16
Scary_Guyanyone remember the trick to get windows updates to move the fuck along?  I used to be able to figure it out but it's been so long I don't remember.  maybe killing a stuck process will do it15:17
cmaloneyScary_Guy: it's changed15:20
cmaloneyI haven't found the vulcan nerve pinch to make this work15:20
Scary_GuyI need food and a nap, maybe then this will be done, bbl15:22
cmaloneyWonderful Microsoft slogan I just encountered:15:24
cmaloney“Windows 10: Embrace the inevitable.”15:24
wolfgerScary_Guy: for some definition of "die". The PC becomes unusably slow, and I just refuse to go through the effort of trying to clean it, fix registries and whatnot.... If the user lets the computer get into that state, they really shouldn't be running Windows :-p15:26
wolfgerLinux is a good crud-resistant OS for people like that.15:27
jcastroScary_Guy: you need to restart the windows update service15:31
cmaloneyjcastro: Even that doesn't work15:33
cmaloneyIt's like it's on permanent "derp"15:33
Scary_Guywell sleeping helped23:58
Scary_GuyI just wish it wasn't all retarded, but it's windows so I don't expect much23:58

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