tiwakedoing some wrenching on my car(s)00:18
tiwakeWoodyPC: do anything fun on the weekend00:23
Ardoneltiwake: if the rain holds off this weekend, I need to replace the window motor assemblies in the rear doors of our Trailblazer...00:24
tiwakeah yeah00:25
ArdonelI wonder how many more door panel clips I will break... probably should order new door panels...00:27
WoodyPCsorry yall, was researching xenthree3 and this person is either a robot or is kind of like a monitor/hack/slasher...Ardonel: know what I mean?...00:29
Ardonel yeah, kinda what I thought...00:30
WoodyPCcatching this one might be hard though.00:30
Ardonelalso could be a script kidee playing with things that they shouldn't...00:31
WoodyPChave to find out what makes him tick and setup a fake address for him to "hack" into. Then finding him would be easy.00:32
ArdonelI got kinda paranoid when they showed up in 3 of my chatrooms on freenode... but xenthree3 apparently bounced into many chatrooms ...00:33
Ardonelthe old honeypot idea...00:33
Ardonelmake it too sweet to resist...00:33
tiwakeI gotta replace at least one of the window motors, and the right turn signal plastic housing00:34
WoodyPChopefully, we are both kind of paranoid and find out, it is a "newbie" and he is playing around where he shouldn't be.00:35
tiwakechanging the oil today and resurfacing the front rotors00:35
Ardonelwhen we were testing setups for a new domain server, we accidentally 'took over' the network... people were calling from all over the building wondering what happened to the companys internal website... we didn't realise someone got in a hurry and helped us by cross-connecting networks in the network closet...00:38
WoodyPCoh crud...How long til ya found it?00:39
Ardonelwe rolled back the camera footage to find out who it was...00:39
Ardonel40 minutes... as soon as we took our server down, the old domain controller took over...00:40
WoodyPCyeah, I can see why everybody was calling. 40 minutes at my office and it would feel like the world was crashing down on me.00:41
Ardonelthen we got to thinking that we were on the wrong network segment for that to have happened... but it did... laptop was connected in to test network... surprise, but we had a wrong ip for this segment...00:42
WoodyPCI goto go, I will chat later....see ya guys00:43
Ardonelso we started working backwards to find out where the crossover was... after we found it, checked the appropriate camera history to find the 'helpful' individual...00:43
Ardoneltiwake: both of my rear doors ended up with frayed/twisted cables... the plastic housings for the cable ends broke out of the hub... it was plastic, it happens...00:45
tiwakeyeah, as a machinest, I dont really like plastic01:21
Ardonelit is great for rapid prototyping things, but in a window... where the kids are going to continuously roll it up/down... come on, Chevy, think it through...01:23

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