* Kilos waves05:27
Kiloshi urbanslug 06:12
anton_mayquiet for a friday07:20
Kiloshi anton_may Xethron inetpro dlPhreak tahaan thatgraemeguy theblazehen TinuvaMac mazal and other07:21
anton_may0/ Kilos07:23
Kiloshi nlsthzn 07:32
* nlsthzn didn't seem to get a ping there :/07:32
nlsthznoh hai07:32
nlsthznhow are you uncle Kilos?07:33
nlsthznall well I hope07:33
Kilosok ty nlsthzn and you?07:33
nlsthznfine thanks07:34
Kilosyeah just winter again sigh07:34
nlsthznit happens about once a year doesn't it :p07:34
Kilosyeah strangley enough rather regular07:35
Kiloshi Cryterion 07:35
inetprogoeiemirrag oom Kilos07:39
inetprooh and ohi to everyone else07:39
Kiloshi there inetpro 07:39
Kiloswho wants to go win this for me http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/818182-Win-a-GIGABYTE-gaming-laptop-worth-R21-00007:41
Kilosor for himself07:41
inetprouh oh!!08:17
inetproApt-get update hangs in 16.04 http://askubuntu.com/questions/774985/apt-get-update-hangs-in-16-0408:17
inetproappstreamcli process never terminates08:18
inetproBug #158386208:18
inetprohad this thing last night at home and thought it was just me 08:18
inetpronow here at work as well08:19
Kiloswhy you not using apt update08:19
Kiloswb tahaan 08:20
* tahaan bows08:20
inetproKilos: that is irrelevant 08:22
inetprohi tahaan08:22
tahaanDoes anyone know where I can quickly "paste" a screenshot, something like pastebin?08:23
inetprohappens on Kubuntu 16.04 desktop but not on server 08:23
Kilostahaan in the topic bar of your client are links to bins08:24
Kilosinetpro my point was that maybe apt doesnt08:24
tahaanAhh, picpaste!  Great08:25
Kilosalso try the software centre reload08:25
Kilossee if its a prob in all the upgrade facilities08:25
tahaanDoes anybody here use Kubuntu?  Is Ubuntu-za flavour specific (to Unity Ubuntu?)08:26
Kilosyes a few of us08:26
inetproAppstreamcli is COOKING my laptop? What is it? UBUNTU 16.04 http://askubuntu.com/questions/774986/appstreamcli-is-cooking-my-laptop-what-is-it-ubuntu-16-0408:27
Kilosits just the gui thats different 08:27
Kilostahaan we have users of all buntu flavours and other linux distros as well08:28
Kilosnamely arch08:28
Kilosand some redhat certified peeps as well08:28
* inetpro wondering whether we even need AppStream08:29
Kilosat least there is a fix already inetpro 08:30
inetproI wouldn't call that a fix08:30
inetprothat's just a workaround08:30
Kilosya that08:30
Kilosdid you report the bug as well so its prioriy can raise08:31
inetproKilos: 05/20 10:18:35 <inetpro> Bug #158386208:33
Kilosgood lad08:33
inetproI didn't report it08:33
Kilosthen just add man, say its killing you as well08:34
tahaanI'm having a lot of instability with using the new Kubuntu08:35
Kilosi use 14.04 tahaan 08:35
tahaanAll essentially related to multi-screen and in particular changing back and forward between single and multi-screen modes.08:35
Kilosmazal also has probs with 16.04 and inetpro this morning08:36
tahaanKilos : I have a dual-boot... 08:36
tahaan14.04 is my fall-back08:36
Kiloshave you asked on #ubuntu ? im sure they are having many screams for help there08:36
tahaan#ubuntu no.  They are NOT flavour-agnostic.08:37
tahaankubuntu yes.  The response I got:  Multi-screen is not stable yet.08:37
Kiloshave you joined us on LP and mailing list yet?08:38
inetprokubuntu 16.04 has been relatively stable for me lately, having said that I do not use multi-screen08:39
tahaanLP = what? (I assume the answer is no)08:39
Kilosgo there and choose get involved08:39
inetprohad a few problems during the beta phase but all in all worth it for me08:39
LangjanG'morning guys, hi Kilos 08:50
Langjanand dolls (are there any?)08:50
Kiloshi Langjan 08:50
Kilosnone today08:51
LangjanAlles wel by jou Kilos 08:51
Kiloswhat broke08:51
Kilosyes ty and there?08:51
Langjanalso fine thks08:51
LangjanI have another Ubuntu convert08:51
Kiloswell done08:51
Kilosuh oh08:51
Kilosbut what?08:52
Kilosspit it out man08:52
Kilosdont prolong the agony08:53
Langjanwhen I run the cd (12.04) on his oldish machine (I upgraded him to 2 GB ram) - just a sec plse08:53
Langjansorry phone call08:54
tahaanMy problems seems to all be related to multi-screen mode.  As long as I stick to only the built-in screen I'm fine.  https://imgur.com/gallery/s7YvTBJ08:54
Langjanit runs fine on win xp but when I boot it on cd, it runs for a few minutes then cuts out, the fan keeps running but the machine is dead08:55
Langjanmaybe overheat cutout?08:55
Kiloshmm... its busy thinking08:55
Langjanrestart on win xp and all is fine08:56
Kilosi had a prob one where xp had done something in mbr that wouldnt allow linux in08:56
Kilossomething in bios also to set it think08:56
Langjanwell it boots on Ubuntu, opens everything but just for a few minutes08:56
Kilosyes it only when you try install08:57
Langjanno, running on "try"08:57
Kilosdo you want to install alongside or wipe windows08:58
tahaanAvoid MBR by trying a live CD?08:58
LangjanWant to run on "try" first and then install alongside for now 08:59
Kilosya the try option is live08:59
Kiloswhat size drive Langjan 08:59
Kilosthis is gonna be one of those sukkel installs again09:00
Langjansomething else I noticed, the first time it booted on cd it connected to Internet, the next time it could not connect09:00
Langjanoh I think you hit the nail, its a very small, full drive 09:00
Langjanseems its partitioned and just about all used up 09:02
Kilosput that other 80g in and try09:02
Langjanok thks you put me on the track, I think09:03
LangjanThe 80g in by Susan but I still have the 160g09:03
Kilosadd the 80g and disconnect the old drive09:04
Kilosany other drive09:04
Kilosfull drives sukkel09:04
Langjanmakes sense09:04
Kilosespecially if they have ms on and never run chkdsk09:05
Langjandid not think booting and running on cd will be affected by fullnes of drive09:05
Kilosand you battle more when trying to do things with unity09:05
Kilos12.04 network manager was a pain09:06
LangjanJy's soos die spreekwordelike kraan wat drup in die Bybel met jou kde09:06
LangjanI will rather use the usb 09:07
Langjanto boot from09:07
Kilossooner or later after lots of hammering, things tend to break through the fog09:07
Kilosusb is fine09:07
Langjantre ram kept butting the dam09:07
Langjanthe 09:08
Langjanyou have high hopes...09:08
Kilosi normally win in the long run09:08
Langjanno ways, then I have to teach all my converts a new system09:08
Langjanhey learn hard09:09
Kilosthen i hear, "why didnt i do this long ago"09:09
Langjanthey are old peeps, learn hard09:09
Kiloschange drives man09:09
Langjanme also as you know09:09
Kiloslemme make coffee and look for painpills09:10
Langjaneish, pain pills bad news, sorry to hear!09:11
LangjanWill chat later, gotta go thks Kilos 09:11
inetproCan You Top This? 15 Practical Linux Top Command Examples http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/01/15-practical-unix-linux-top-command-examples/09:31
inetprouse top to figure out what is eating your CPU, memory or disk with dynamic real-time view of a running system09:34
* mazal peeks in11:57
theblazehenHi mazal 12:04
theblazehenHow are you?12:04
theblazehenWow. 11s latency here to the uk12:04
* anton_may WA12:05
mazalHi theblazehen , okish and you ?12:14
mazalJust struggling with another new Kubuntu issue12:14
mazall8r all12:34
inetprogood mornings16:05
Kilosmorning inetpro 16:05
mazalEvening inetpro16:05
inetpromazal: what's wrong?16:06
mazalhey ?16:06
inetpro05/20 14:14:27 <mazal> Just struggling with another new Kubuntu issue16:06
Kiloshe forgot16:06
mazalOh , I can't copy folder to memory stick suddenly16:06
mazalDolphin gives error " folder and expected a file "16:06
Kilosoh my16:07
mazalKilos, nope , it's to fat 3216:07
inetprowhat filesystem?16:07
mazalI had to install another app just to copy a folder16:07
inetprooh fat3216:07
mazalFrom EXT4 in my home to fat32 stick16:07
mazalCopied from double commander and worked fine there. So it's a dolphin issue16:08
inetprodouble commander?16:08
mazalWhich had to come in the last two days as I still copied on Wednesday without issue16:09
mazalinetpro, is just a kind of midnight commander clone16:10
mazalIs the first app I could think of to try and copy16:10
mazalCos Dolphin can't copy16:11
inetprodid you try via cli?16:11
mazalIt's 2016 not 1986 :P16:11
Kilossudo cp16:12
mazalI suspect that cli will work though16:12
Kiloscli more powerful16:12
inetprowhy sudo Kilos?16:12
inetprojust man cp16:12
Kilosto force any evils away16:12
Kilosi forgot its not into home stuffs16:13
Kilosor root stuffs16:13
Kilosi think sudo has embedded itself in my noggin16:13
mazalKilos, yeah my sticks always fat32 so no permissions involved16:13
inetprodon't look at every problem like it is a nail16:14
mazalLike a nail ?16:14
Kilostry the cp command16:14
inetprobecause it looks like all you have is a hammer16:15
mazalKilos, cp will work , it's a dolphin issue16:15
Kilosthen try reinstall dolphin16:15
Kilosmaybe its missing a fix update16:15
Kilosuse aptitude16:15
inetproor because it looks like you seem to think that all you have is a hammer16:15
mazalWierd error though , never seen it before16:16
mazalinetpro, why ? I simply changed to another app and that worked16:16
inetprowithout much evidence I really couldn't tell16:17
inetprocertainly doesn't make sense at all16:17
mazalWill make a print screen for you on Monday16:18
inetproand I really can't imagine it being a dolphin issue16:18
inetproand a reinstall would be yet another hammer/nail scenario16:19
mazalWell if dolphin fails and another apps succeeds ?16:19
inetproI bet there will be a logical reason for it16:19
mazalLemme check if this pc does the same then I can make printscreen16:20
mazalGotta just wait for iso to finish16:20
mazalShees cleaning cache take forever on these iso's hey Kilos16:22
mazalYay finished. Gonna test that copy now16:22
mazalOn this pc works fine , so it's specific to my pc at office16:25
mazalHi kulelu88 , I got that dukto update working btw16:37
kulelu88nice mazal 16:37
mazalLooks like Suse took over that project though16:38
mazalDukto's sourforge page haven't had a new file since Feb 201516:38
kulelu88it's very useful software to share files across a network16:39
mazalYeah me and my collegue loves that app16:40
* mazal goes to check on data left16:40
mazalWow I'm 12gig behind where I should be16:42
mazalAnd by behind I mean extra left16:42
mazalHi deegee16:43
Kilosha the real deegee is here16:43
Kiloshi davey16:43
Kilosinetpro what happened your two handlangers16:43
kulelu88what internet you use and how fast? mazal 16:44
mazalkulelu88, Telkom mobile and it's horrible. Most evenings it's unusable16:45
mazalThe whole of last night I couldn't even open email16:46
kulelu88internet in SA is generally on the shit to extremely shit scale16:46
mazalTonight is a bit better , average around 300k16:46
mazalKilos, see that's what happen when you don't buy new games , you suddenly have data left lol16:47
mazalStill saying nooooo to all the releases. Haning in strong16:48
* mazal puts in an iso download16:48
mazalAg now that wasn't smart. How am I supposed to mc now with a download running16:50
mazalKilos, I learned something lekker the last 2 days16:53
mazalSetting up a mc server :) Now I have new toy , but no space for it16:53
Kiloshi FusionSparc 17:29
FusionSparcYou doing well, Kilos?17:30
Kilosyes ty and you?17:30
FusionSparcI am now, it's weekend.. :)17:30
Kilosim proud of you mazal 17:32
Kiloswell done17:32
Kiloshi nlsthzn 17:59
Kiloswe 9°c tonight and 20°c tomorrow18:00
FusionSparcAnyone in the channel to give some insight on mounting samba shares again..18:39
Kiloskulelu88 did you get the message about sasl18:44
Kilospaddatrapper dis naweek, hoekom do still. jy skaam oor iets?18:45
Kilosohi superfly 18:45
FusionSparcI'm off, pleasent week everyone.18:45
Kilosyou too FusionSparc 18:45
superflyGood evening.18:45
Kilosyou didnt wait for help man18:45
kulelu88yes I did18:46
Kilosand it works now?18:46
kulelu88I guess I'll use what works for now18:46
Kilosmine does18:46
Kilosjust change it man18:46
FusionSparcLooks like eveyones a bit pre-occupied, will have a go at it again tomorrow,,18:47
kulelu88FusionSparc: try #samba18:47
Kilostomorrow is saterday18:47
Kilosshopping day18:47
FusionSparclol...no one responding asw ell..18:47
Kilossuperfly is your car fixed18:47
Kilosthey just need waking up FusionSparc 18:48
superflyNo, it broke on Wednesday again. I took a look this evening and found one of the spark plug connectors had bust18:48
Kilosbust how18:48
superflyA friend has lent us one of their cars for the weekend, so we can get around, thank the Lord, but I need to get my chorrie fixes ASAP.18:49
Kilosthose things are strong18:49
Kiloseish my fly18:49
superflyKilos: yes, but mine is aeons old18:49
kulelu88what car is it? superfly 18:52
superflykulelu88: '93 VW Jetta 318:53
kulelu88olllllddd school18:53
Kilosbest cars on the road18:54
Kilosmine was a jetta 218:54
Kilosnow its most likely spares on 10 other cars18:54
kulelu88which format makes more sense to you guys...18:55
kulelu88format1: x [start-date]:[end-date] due:[due-date] +Project (Priority) Do something here @filter18:55
kulelu88or format2: +Project [start-date]:[end-date] due:[due-date] (Priority) Do something here @filter18:55
Kilos2 imo but wait for exoert opinion18:56
kulelu88i'm thinking going with project first makes sense18:57
kulelu88so things can be viewed per project18:57
superflyI agree, second. You'll want to visually filter by project18:57
kulelu88I can drop the x cause I have end dates as well18:57
kulelu88jury is out for having a due-date18:58
kulelu88perhaps end-date == due-date18:58
kulelu88Maybe:  +Project [start-date]:[due/end-date] (Priority) Do something here @filter18:59
kulelu88That format looks beautiful and readable18:59
Kiloslooks like words in brackets to me19:00
kulelu88this is the end-product Kilos 19:02
Kilosoh so its done already19:03
kulelu88+todoapp 18-5-2016:19-5-2016 (A) Launch version 0.01 of todoapp @github19:03
kulelu88Can an oom like you understand that format also? Kilos 19:03
Kilosof course19:04
Kilosim only a greeter bot19:04
Kilosand go threatened by isis today19:04
kulelu88isis where?19:07
Kilosdidnt even know they were there as well19:07
Kilosone tried to chase me off their channel19:08
Kiloshe shoulda known ek skrik nie vir koue pap nie19:08
kulelu88what were you doing in a pakistan channel? 19:09
nlsthznsup all :)19:09
Kiloswaking up their loco19:09
Kiloshi nlsthzn 19:09
nlsthzn23:00 and 32degC outside >.<19:09
Kilosall ubuntu channels are my domain19:09
Kilosswop nlsthzn 19:10
kulelu88where you at? nls19:10
kulelu88nlsthzn: 19:10
Kilosahab land19:10
nlsthznif I could swop I would :p19:10
kulelu88wow, that's warm. can chill on the stoep19:10
nlsthznand summer hasn't really started yet >.<19:10
Kilosyou should be used to it by now nlsthzn 19:22
Kilosyoung peeps adapt easier19:22
nlsthznI don't think one adapts to the extremes as much as live with it cause you don't have a choice :p19:23
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:34

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