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xubuntu65dcan anyone advise me how to corect  a problem  called lumetad not active yet03:48
[diablo]Morning #xubuntu ... Today when I do an apt-get update , it just sits there after the "Fetched 187 kB in 0s (477 kB/s)"08:37
[diablo]doesn't drop back to the command line.... anyone else experiencing this please?08:38
akxwi-davelet me fine up a vm and give it a try08:40
akxwi-davenot get that exact error here, i'm getting a different one.. what happened if you do an apt-get upgrade? does it still pick up the updates08:44
Unit193[diablo]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream/+bug/157971208:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579712 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "Refresh hangs indefinitely, appstreamcli using 100% CPU" [High,Fix released]08:46
[diablo]sorry went afk09:00
[diablo]hi akxwi-dave and Unit193 I'll check now09:00
[diablo]nothing... no updates09:01
[diablo]I'll hang fire for a bit... was just curious09:02
ewethow do you change the xfce widget font without the gui (from the console)? I couldn't find anything in gsettings12:38
ewetI don't have time to repro this right now, but I'm pretty sure I just managed to crash my xfce system reliably by setting /Gtk/FontName = Terminus 10 (which is a bitmap font) every single gtk application crashed, had to use the console to rescue from this13:06
eweton Xubuntu 16.04 LTS13:20
Afshaalbah, chat just goes by too fast in #ubuntu14:50
AfshaalAnyone here familiar with the bug in libnl that breaks Network Manager?14:50
Afshaalit's been a problem since January but somehow the bug got pushed into the stable repositories a few weeks ago14:51
AfshaalI'm just wondering if this has been fixed yet and if it's safe for me to update14:51
Afshaal14.04 here btw14:51
knobHey guys, n00b question: If I encrypt a hdd, and mount it via fstab with a key... when I send the shutdown to the computer, does she umount --> luksClose   the hdd?14:54
cm2knob: yes. it's handled by systemd. see systemd-cryptsetup.15:34
GeekDudeI don't suppose plugging in an external monitor is /supposed/ to crash Xorg?15:43
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knobcm2, thank you!16:09
xubuntu77ihi :)17:48
xubuntu77ihow to use intel graphic instead amd? i have hybrid17:48
xubuntu77iafter fresh instal which graphic card is working by deafult? AMD or INTEL?:)17:49
gabkdllyMy understanding of hybrid systems is that one part is low powered but is always on, while the other one is only switched on when there is graphically demanding processing to do.17:50
xubuntu77iin this way working in winows17:50
xubuntu77iin linux i think dont :)17:50
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xubuntu79wCan someone please inform me on how to enable to onscreen keyboard23:00
xubuntu79wSo it automatically opens when I log in23:00
xubuntu79wMy laptop keyboard needs to be replaced, so I won't be able to use it for a couple days23:01
flocculantxubuntu79w: settings - onboard afaik gives you the accessibilty options23:06
Guest7239hello I have a problem xubuntu but my processor usage reaches 100% and not lower but lubuntu is between 30% and 90%, which is much difference23:07
xubuntu79wFlocculant: is that under accessibility?23:08
xubuntu79wI can't find the option under "onboard preferences"23:09
Guest7239a controller will be some settings23:10
Guest7239They must return to improve the efficiency of xubuntu23:15
xubuntu79wI can't use the terminal to install it as I have to keyboard working23:18
squintyxubuntu79w,  try  Settings and see if there is an entry for Onboard Settings"   seems it was part of the default install on my wife's xubuntu23:27
squintycan be toggled on in Sessions and Startup  (if he comes back)23:31
xubuntu70wHi, I'm trying to remove the appearance on desktop of a drive mount under /media.  This rehabed computer is getting shipped out soon so turned to IRC23:33
xubuntu70wI don't see the items in /etc/fstab.  I would like to keep a windows drive visible.  I would like to hide a boot partition that is being displayed on the desktop23:38
xubuntu70whttps://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/first-xubuntu 2.2 solved it for me23:46

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