magicaltroutwell one thing thats coming in our next release is like 1 click schema design (assuming you have a sane table) so it'll make it easy(ier) to do saiku demos which will be cool00:01
magicaltroutanyway.... i'm offski00:02
magicaltroutcya arosales hope your lightning talk goes well00:02
magicaltroutoh on a slight side note admcleod the speakers gift from apachecon was posh chocolate, one was bluecheese00:02
magicaltroutit was disgusting......00:02
blahdeblahHi all; what's the preferred method for shutting down the local lxd-based controller/model when I'm not using it?  Just lxc stop?01:41
lazyPowerblahdeblah - that should work just fine yeah.01:46
blahdeblahthanks lazyPower - I found my hard disk a *lot* more chattery while the local provider is running01:47
lazyPoweroh certainly, hte logging to mongo keeps that pretty  much constant01:47
blahdeblahugh; any way we can turn that off?01:47
lazyPowerlogging to mongo? afraid not, thats a core function of the controller now that there's multi-model support01:48
* blahdeblah would really like a "This is just my laptop; don't destroy my SSD or log anything" setting01:50
lazyPowerthat sounds like a decent feature request01:51
lazyPoweri would bug that, and see if makes it on the roadmap01:51
lathiatyeah i keep having to remember to lxc stop it01:54
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