theShirbinyelacheche, o/02:00
Kiloshelloooo africa08:26
Kiloscongrats elacheche13:00
Kilosmarried man now13:00
leumasHiya All, just discovered this channel14:25
leumasWas searching for LoCo team for my country, Nigeria14:25
leumasAm happy to have found one for Africa14:26
Kiloshi leumas14:26
leumasHi Kilos14:27
Kilosglad you found us14:27
Kilosim trying to remember if we have other nigerians here14:27
Kilosyou can go see our site https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams14:29
leumasSeen, i am an avid user of Kubuntu and wanted to know if there was any LoCo teams14:31
leumasI was directed to the Ubuntu LoCo groups14:31
Kilosgreat. i use kubuntu as well14:32
Kiloswith luck you can help get the nigerians motivated again14:33
Kilosleumas did you join us on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa14:35
Kilosjoin the mailing list as well14:35
leumasI havent Kilos..will do that later15:34
Kilosmy connection is bad today16:56
MarwenDohi Kilos16:56
Kiloshi MarwenDo how are you16:56
MarwenDoFine :) what about you ? Kilos16:57
Kilosgood ty16:57
Kilosdo we have to say Mr. cheche now he is married16:57
Kilosdid you see MarwenDo we have a new guy here from nigeria16:58
MarwenDono ! Welcome Mr nigeria :)16:58
MarwenDoWhat's his name Kilos16:59
MarwenDohi leumas :)   Welcome to our community16:59
Kilosi wish the rest of the world was like us linux users in africa17:00
MarwenDoWe are glad to see you here17:00
Kilosi am struggling with pakistan, bangladesh and india17:00
leumasThanks MarwenDo17:00
leumasHappy to be here17:00
Kilosthey cant get past the local conflict issues17:00
leumasKilos: :) hopefully we can move forward and make Africa great through Open Source17:02
MarwenDoleumas, can you introduce your self ? :)17:02
Kilosthat is the plan leumas , we are already connected from tunisia to capetown17:03
leumasOk, am a Nigerian17:03
Kiloswith in between guys as well and even mauritius17:03
Kilosi am south african17:03
leumasMarwenDo: you?17:04
MarwenDoI'm Tunisian , a student , 23 years old , I use Ubuntu Gnome :D17:05
leumasI use Kubuntu 16.04, big KDE fan, employed, married17:06
Kiloshehe ima month away from 6517:06
Kilosleumas do you know more linux users there?17:07
leumasKilos: in Nigeria?17:07
leumasYea, some group of friends but i guess i have more interest than they do17:08
Kiloswe have a guy who does many servers in kenya as well17:08
Kilosjust invite them, when they see how friendly we are they will join as well17:08
leumasI formed a group on whatsapp just for us to update ourselves on the latest on opensource17:08
leumasyea, i did a while ago when i discovered this channel17:09
Kilosupdate them all about this community17:09
Kilosthe tunisians are strong here17:10
Kilosand south africans17:10
KilostheShirbiny where are you again?17:11
Kilosleumas what irc client do you use?17:11
leumasKilos: Konversation17:11
Kilosi use konversation17:12
leumasLike i said big KDE fan17:12
Kilosmny use quassel17:12
leumasyea....i guessed over the years Kubuntu has switched from Konversation to Quassel and then back to konversation17:13
leumasHow long have you been using Linux? which distro/DE did you start with?17:14
Kilosi started with 8.10 gnome217:14
Kiloswhen ubuntu switched to unity it took a year to switch to kde17:15
Kiloskde network manager gave lots of probs on kde before 14.0417:15
Kilosi can only use mobile broadband17:16
leumasBeen on Kubuntu from the onset17:16
Kilosbut now 14.04 is rock stable17:16
Kilosill try 16.04 when its more stable17:17
leumasI tend to upgrade quickly once a new distro out17:17
Kilosi see many guys with bug probs17:17
leumasverson i mean17:17
Kilosyeah many do that17:17
Kilosim happy with 14.04 because i never have to fix things, everything works17:18
leumasReally, i am runnng 16.04 on an old Lenovo thinkpad with the latest backport updates and am still cool...no probs so far17:18
Kilosi have a thinkpad here as well17:19
Kilosso thats good17:19
leumasMine is T420i17:20
Kiloshaha same machine17:20
leumasCore i3, 4GB, 250GB17:20
Kilosmine is i5 4GB and a 128GB ssd17:21
Kilosworks well17:21
leumasi got this laptop to run Linux alon for the first time17:22
leumasI have been dual booting with Windows all this while17:23
Kilosi went through a pile of old desktop pcs first before my son gave me the thinkpad17:23
Kilosi wiped widows17:23
Kiloswaste of disk space17:24
leumasMy main laptop has Windows on it, i hope to wipe it out somedayand install Kubuntu fully on it17:42
leumasit has better specs than the laptop am using now17:42
Kilosyou use windows for work?17:42
leumasSo when i get home i switch to my Linux self17:43
leumasHave you tried out KDE connect?17:43
Kilosmany linux users have no choice at work17:43
Kilosno i havent17:44
Kiloswhat does it do17:45
leumasI have been thinking recently how to engage more people to use Linux and open source in General for the good of my country17:46
leumasKDE connect helps you sync notifications from your phone to your PC17:46
Kilospeople are very stubborn and scared to switch from windows17:47
leumasand you can send files as well17:47
leumasit connects both devices via wifi17:47
leumasKDE connect comes by default on Kubuntu and you can install it on your Android phone17:48
Kilosi just run the laptop now. have a desktop with 12.04 unity on but hardly ever even boot it anymore17:48
Kilosi only have an old nokia that can sms and call17:49
paddatrapperleumas: it doesn't on Kubuntu 14.04. But I agree, it is a very useful piece of software17:53
leumaspaddatrapper: Yea, i think it became default from 14.1017:55
leumasI have been trying to make it work for a while now but no success17:55
leumasI have even tried to disable my firewall, ufw but that doesnt help either17:56
leumasWhat do you guys about the use of Open source by institutions in Africa and the oppurtunity it holds?17:56
Kilosi have a friend in france that helps peeps in africa17:57
Kilosjoin our mailing list i am about to forward one of her mails17:57
leumasI think Africa needs it most to develop fully IT wise.....we need to do stuff ourselves and create our own future17:58
paddatrapperWhat issue are you having?17:58
paddatrapperFor sure. We also need the infrastructure to do it. There is great potential here that isn't being realised17:58
leumasOn the app i should be able to see my phone once I have KDE connect installed on both devices17:58
leumasYea, Govt needs to support that agenda but as we know we cant wait for them17:59
paddatrapperSadly can't rely on government. But community can do a lot when they work together18:00
leumasI am thinking of coming up with very affordable solutions in education, health n for SMEs18:01
paddatrapperAre both your phone and laptop on the same network18:01
leumasI have even typed in the laptops IP address on the phone but thats not working too18:02
paddatrapperAnd they aren't isolated from each other?18:02
paddatrapperCan you ping your phone from your laptop?18:02
leumasi can18:04
leumasjust pinged my laptop from my phone18:05
paddatrapperHmm... IP's correspond to the same network?18:05
leumasThey are both connected to my Wifi modem18:06
leumasLaptop is while phone is ~.418:07
paddatrapperHmm... What's OS is your phone running?18:07
leumasI just fell it should work like charm but its not18:07
leumasAndroid 6.018:08
leumasCynamodgen 13.018:08
paddatrapperIt did for me. Literally just installed both and it ran like a charm18:08
paddatrapperKubuntu 16.04?18:09
paddatrapperMine was Kubuntu 14.04 and CyanogenMod 11.0... I'll have to have a look when I get home and see if I can think of something18:11
Kilosleumas paddatrapper is in capetown18:12
leumasThanks paddatrapper! Nice to meet you18:12
paddatrapperYeah so when I get home is about 20 minutes time18:12
paddatrapperYou too!18:12
paddatrapperleumas: where are you from?18:12
paddatrapperI'm starting to realise just how much potential this channel has to improve, even in a small way, the technological state of Africa18:18
melodiehi Kilos !18:29
Kiloshi melodie18:29
Kiloschat to leumas , he is in nigeria18:29
Kilostell him about your efforts in africa18:29
Kilosleumas melodie is the friend in france i told you about18:30
melodieKilos is there a special reason to why you want me to do that?18:30
Kilosso he can spread it in nigeria18:30
melodieof course he should!18:31
Kilosmy connection is very bad today18:31
leumasHi melodie, nice to meet you18:31
melodieNigeria is in North Africa, is that right?18:31
melodiehi leumas !18:31
leumasWest Africa18:31
Kilosim waiting for him to join the mailing list so he will get your last mail as well18:31
melodieI have met Gildas today, who led the Ougadougou Fablab project where there is also a co-working space using Linux Ubuntu and also showing the young how to work with computers and Linux distributions18:32
melodiehe did a conference in our Linux install party! the very first one of our new LUG in our d├ępartement!*18:32
melodieleumas close to Mali, Ivory, Congo, and Burkina Faso then?18:33
melodieKilos if you can display that page with your crummy connection:18:33
leumaswell yea, we are surrounded by Niger, Benin and Cameroun18:34
leumasand then the Atlantic is South18:34
melodieleumas ok18:35
melodiedo you have a LUG there?18:35
leumasWoah great work!18:35
melodieKilos I keep getting 500 server error, can you display it?18:35
leumasNo we dont at the moment, I searched a while back and noticed one was created initially but is currently not active18:36
Kiloslet me try18:36
melodieleumas same happened here, but I finally got to make it work.18:36
Kilosyes its open melodie18:37
melodieduring 3 years, I organized an informal meeting around free software, called newspapers, wrote a few lines in some free no cost agendas, and gathered from 3/4 to 12 people at a time in one day, then last year suscribed to the nearest mailing list and at the beginning of 2016 sent a message there saying who I am, what was my path to Linux and experience, and said I wanted to create a LUG and everyone was welcome to join in18:38
melodieleumas this is how it worked18:38
melodieand now I continue to make it work, using this method seen at TedX (if you can access, I know connexions in Africa are not always easy):18:39
leumasWoah, that must have taken you out of your comfort zone18:39
paddatrappermelodie: great persistence!18:40
Kilosyeah she doesnt give up18:40
melodieleumas a bit, but not that much. I find it rewarding to see that today we had our very first meeting, I did a presentation with video projection, and explaining the economies and the ecology and why GNU/Linux and there were so many poeple who can and attended, it was great!18:41
melodieand everyone in the team who had been able to come participated very actively!18:41
melodiewe had a Mageia, a Fedora, several Ubuntu to show and let people try and test...18:42
melodieit was inauguration day also today18:42
melodiepaddatrapper that's what it takes... 12 years now using a computer, only the 3 first months with Windows. I'm a very stubborn one :D18:43
leumasAll i can say is a resounding well done to all your efforts and  congrats on achieving so much milestones18:45
leumasThe video was very insighful too, thanks for that. I will have to pick the learnings and practice18:46
leumasI will have to move to get your space soon18:46
leumasI have the ISO files of about 11 distros on my laptop ready to introduce/install for anyone who needs it and share my ll knowledge with them as well18:47
leumasI really feel inspired by your experience melodie!18:48
leumasKilos: I have joined the comunity on Launchpad18:48
leumasAwaiting approval18:48
Kiloscool leumas18:49
melodieleumas wonderful!18:49
Kilosyou see how many members we have there18:50
melodieKilos Burkina Faso will be joining soon!18:50
Kilosone of then did chat with me a while back18:51
melodieKilos great!18:52
melodietoday he told me he now IRC18:52
melodiesome of our newcomers here have never heard of IRC, which makes African people more advanced than some European ones! XD XD XD18:52
melodiehe knows* IRC18:53
Kilosbut he never joined on lp or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams18:53
melodiegive him time?18:53
melodieI'll send him your mail address in a few days, if you want me to?18:53
Kilosyes please18:53
Kilosor tell him how to get here18:54
Kilosmails arent my favourite way of doing things18:54
Kilosim an irc person18:54
Kilosleumas youve been approved. now can you join the mailing list there18:55
Kilosthen ill forward melodie s mail18:56
Kilosthen all africa has it18:56
leumasKilos: Cool18:56
melodieKilos I told him about #ubuntu-africa but if he does not get in touch within a week or two, I'll send him a mail so you can connect together. but he told me he will!18:57
melodiethey even have a good internet in their fablab! fancy?18:57
Kiloscool, ty melodie18:57
leumasI can see am already subscribed to the mailing list ubuntu-africa@launchpad.net18:57
leumasis there any other mailing list?18:58
Kilosgreat leumas18:58
Kilosnot yet when we have time we are moving off lp mail18:58
melodieKilos my pleasure18:59
Kilosthe LP list is buggy18:59
Kiloscheck if you got that one leumas19:01
leumasAn email?19:02
Kilosyes in the list19:02
Kilosmore of melodies work19:02
Kilosshe is involved with everything19:03
Kilosvery busy lady19:03
leumasSorry i need some guidance, how do go about that?19:03
Kilosoh dont you use thunderbird mail19:04
melodieleaving, good night!19:07
leumasOh, seen. I can read it from the archives19:09
Kilosi get my mail downloaded to pc with thunderbird mail client using pop19:12
Kilosthen you get an alert when a new mail arrives19:17
Kilossleep tight africa19:39
marwen_Good night Kilos19:40
=== marwen_ is now known as MarwenDo
acetakwasHi leumas20:34
acetakwasFellow Nigerian here20:34
leumasHi Acetakwas20:41
leumaspaddatrapper: Hi, All of a sudden KDE connect is working!20:58
leumasI didnt make any change20:58
leumasit just came up, I have paired both devices together20:58
leumashi acetakwas21:05
leumasHi paddatrapper21:07
leumasMy KDE connect is working fine now21:07
acetakwasleumas::  Hi21:08
acetakwasWhat part of Nigeria are you in?21:08
acetakwasI'm guess your real name is Samuel.21:08
leumasAm from Imo State, based in Lagos, u?21:09
acetakwasOh cool21:09
acetakwasFrom Osun State. Resident in Lagos too.21:09
leumasyea, thats my name21:09
acetakwasWell.... glad to have you here.21:09
leumasNice to meet you!!21:09
acetakwasIn all of my IRC-ing. You are the third Nigerian I'm having to chat with.21:10
acetakwasNogerians don't do much IRC-ing.21:10
leumasIMHO IRC is a Linux thing21:11
acetakwasWell. That might be a valid reason.21:11
leumasMost ppl stick with the mobile chat platforms or Skype on PC21:11
acetakwasLinux encourages the use of IRC by given a default client on most distros21:12
acetakwasPidgin comes with Ubuntu for instance21:13
leumasAm happy to have met you here, whats your fav distro?21:13
acetakwasWell... I haven't explored many distros21:13
leumasYea Konversation comes with Kubuntu which is what I use21:13
acetakwasI have always used Ubuntu predominantly21:13
leumasOkay, cool21:13
acetakwasOnly trying out Backtrack (before it went defunct)21:13
acetakwasAnd Fedora21:14
leumasI have been stuck with Kubuntu from day 1, tried other distros but still see Kubuntu as my main distro21:14
acetakwasI celebrated 4 years of a permanent Linux shift two days ago21:14
leumasI have Kali on a netbook which i boot up fro time o time21:15
acetakwasI use LXDE on Ubuntu21:15
leumasWoah, good for you man!21:15
acetakwasYes, life has never been the same21:15
acetakwasEspecially as a developer21:15
acetakwasThere's a lot more support for Linux out of the box21:16
leumasI have been dual booting all this while but I got a fairly used laptop and installed Kubuntu on it straight up21:16
leumasYea, you are absolutely right21:16
leumasAm yet to make the full switch, hopefully in the near future21:20
acetakwasAah. You should.21:22
acetakwasI have dual boot setup with Win 8 too21:22
acetakwasBut I only use Windows once in a blue moon21:22
paddatrapperleumas: great to hear!21:27
leumaspaddatrapper: thanks once again21:50

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