superflyMaaz: tell Kilos good morning sleepy head 06:10
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:10
Kilosmorning superfly and everyone else06:46
mazalMorning all , Môre oom Kilos06:49
Kiloshi mazal 06:49
mazalWould installing this http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=950 makes things even worse seeing as 5.5 is not even stable yet ?06:49
Kiloswait for superfly to check06:50
Kilosor inetpro 06:50
Kiloshi goosie06:50
mazalGaanit vanmôre oom ?06:51
Kilosgoed dankie seun en jy06:51
Kilosnet my voet seer06:51
mazalOkerig , het groot werk wat ek nie lus het voor nie :P06:52
Kilosoh draad ingesteek paar dae terug en dit kwaai seer nou , sit met voet in warm see water met engelse sout by06:52
Kiloswatse werk06:53
mazalAi nee eina. Ek moet my backup drive argiveer06:53
Kilosna waar06:53
mazalDoen hom so eenkeer 'n maand. Dis maar net 'n backup van die backup06:54
mazalMaar voel baoe lui vanmôre lol06:54
mazalyep grsync06:54
Kilosek ken nie grsync nie06:55
mazalselle ding met gui06:55
mazalEn jy kan jobs opstel06:55
mazalDan select jy net die job elke keer en run06:55
Kilosek het altyd net /home ge rsync06:56
Kilosgroot pyn op die lappie wat nie extra skyf vat nie06:56
Kilosmoet seker een dag n external kry weer06:57
mazalEk gebruik hom al jare vir my home en data backups06:57
Kilosmaar home het mos als in06:58
Kilospowwer gone07:00
paddatrapperKilos: ek het gister gestudeer en nou werk ek. Ek sal later hier wees, moenie worry nie 08:39
Kilosgeen probleem paddatrapper pas jou op08:46
mazal*sigh* anothger weekend without internet. irc is literally the only thing working09:06
* pavlushka- same here09:08
mazalTelscum's usual non-service delivery09:11
mazalSignal is so bad I can't even open email09:11
theblazehenmazal: can you reach local sites?09:18
theblazehenTry mtr home.theblazehen.com09:18
theblazehenOr just plain ping09:19
theblazehenOtherwise see if it responds to ssh09:20
Kilossigh first power cut then connection issues09:39
paddatrapperThose two are usually connected. With the power cut throwing the Internet out10:01
mazaltheblazehen, nope , can't even ping it10:03
theblazehenmazal: Might be blocking pings. No ssh then?10:13
kulelu88superfly: you around?10:27
mazaltheblazehen, first it said can't establish and then I could connect (ssh). It's my connections here that's the problem. Signal is all over the place10:29
nlsthznengland keeping SA in the hunt for the sevens crown...11:23
Kilossomething happened12:20
Kilosmazal kyk12:23
theblazehenEish. Should never upgrade kernel if I'm not planning on rebooting12:26
Kilossjoe another 100m upgrade12:27
theblazehenWon't detect usb flash disk now, but don't wanna reboot12:27
theblazehen>  14:27:11 up 7 days, 18:45,  2 users,  load average: 7.55, 7.18, 6.8012:27
theblazehenNot much, but I don't like rebooting12:27
theblazehenhttps://gist.github.com/27f7be0d0785814246110f39396384a0 uptime stats12:27
theblazehenLots of reboots from when this used to be a vm12:28
theblazehenhey mazal12:32
mazalDC's all over today12:37
mazalSee oom Kilos is also struggling12:37
theblazehenmazal: You on 3g right?12:38
mazalTelkom mobile yes12:38
mazalBest here is 3g , don't have a LTE tower12:38
mazalI'm seeing something really weird here12:42
mazalThe whole day so far , router connects to 3g for about 2 minutes , then goes down to unusable 2g for about 30 minutes , then disconnect completely with no signal12:43
mazalThen it connects 3g again for about 2 minutes and repeats the cycle12:44
* theblazehen hasn't googled as much as I thought this week. Only 366 google searches this week12:44
mazalNow here come the strange part.12:44
Kilosseems here they are working on telkom mobile12:44
theblazehenmazal: What if you force it down to 2g, see if it gets stable?12:44
Kilosshoes connected but irc dies12:44
mazalTwice now , when it connects to that 3g I quickly go into something that's speed heavy , online mincraft in this case. Then it stays on 3g12:44
mazalSo it almost looks like it connects , checks of there is use , if not disconnects to 2g , after while disconnect completely and repeat the cycle12:45
mazalOnce there is heavy use it stays on 3g12:45
mazalNow how weird is that !12:45
mazalWhat you wonna bet if I go out of the onine session in MC now it will disconnect back to 2g within 2 minutes12:46
Kiloswhat isp?12:46
mazalIt's almost as if there is some auto-check now on our signal here with " if not in use disconnect " or something12:47
mazalKilos, Telscum12:47
Kilosi think they are working on it mazal 12:47
mazalThe only thing they can work on is peoples nerves12:48
theblazehenmazal: What if you have a constant ping running? Low data usage, but constant12:48
Kilosive disconnected 4 or 5 times already12:48
Kilosand got a wonderful speedtest just now12:48
Kilosdid you go see the link12:48
theblazehenThey might downgrade "inactive" sessions12:48
mazalThis never happened before , and should not happen. If this is how it is though I will keep the bloody mc logged in all day12:49
theblazehenmazal: ping would be less data though12:49
theblazehenping -i 5
theblazehenI think12:49
Kilosmazal go to http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/534315390612:49
Kiloscheck mine then test yours12:50
theblazehenYou know there is a new speed test out? http://fast.com12:50
mazalAnd this makes the connection unusable , it's only works when there is HEAVY traffic. Browsing and email doesn't work and doesn't "activate" it then even12:50
Kilosi go see12:50
mazalAnd permanent irc is connected and that doesn't help either12:51
mazalThe only thing keeping it up now is online gaming :(12:52
mazalOk let's test the theory , been stable on 3g for 30 minutes while in MC online , lets close MC and leave just irc open and see what happens12:57
mazalAnd now it doesn't seem to dc again.....wts is going on13:05
mazalKilos, http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5343244873 , that's the speed I always get when connected to 3g and is the best it ever gets13:09
Kiloswell lets hope they are working on it13:10
mazalSomething is very wrong the last 3 days13:10
mazalThis 40 minutes is the longest now that it actually worked since Thursday13:11
theblazehenmazal: Cell C is running a promotion, 100 mb data per month for 6 months free. Maybe try get one of those?13:12
theblazehenNot much, but better than nothing13:12
mazaltheblazehen, I have an afrihost little backup account , but for some reason this 16.04 thing didn't even want to detect my dongle today when I tried. And it worked fine before :(13:16
theblazehenmazal: Using a different dongle now?13:16
mazalThe issues on this release just doesn't end13:16
theblazehenHave you tried using wvdial?13:16
theblazehenHonsetly, *buntu gives me so many issues.. I even prefer fedora13:17
mazaltheblazehen, no I am back on my main lan now that has the router13:17
theblazehenah okay13:18
theblazehenCan't use the afrihost with it?13:18
mazalIf it comes to that I will yes13:18
mazalJust so gatvol of struggling that I just left it13:18
mazalDon't really want to struggle on a Saturday after a whole week of struggling with pc's at work13:20
mazalHi Cryterion13:27
mazalHow goes13:27
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Kiloshi gremble 14:52
Kilosyou ok?14:52
Kilosim having connection issues so not seeing when peeps join14:53
Kilosim fine ty how are you?14:53
grembleI am alright thanks. Feeling better. Although I am developing quite a painful sinus headache14:53
grembleIt is pressing into my right eye hard enough to make it tear up haha14:54
Kilosim looking for the name of the stuff14:55
KilosBactroban ointment14:56
Kilosits for sinus but weirdly you rub some on your upper eyelids14:56
Kilosbest thing for sinus probs14:56
grembleYes, that is an antibiotic ointment. I think we have the generic version of it in the house somewhere.14:56
grembleI am going to do that right now14:56
Kilosget from chemist without script14:57
Kilosonly by rubbing on eyelids can you clear sinusses, sinusprays and things dont work14:59
Kilosshould take 30 mins to an hour then youll start blowing nos lots and it will clear then and headache should go as well15:00
Kilos nasal sprays clear only the nose area not into the sinus15:01
Kilosanother thing you can do is find an empty nasal spray bottle and put sea water in it and sniff that15:17
Kiloswhen ever friends go to the coast for holidays we get them to bring back a large container with sea water and some sea sand in15:19
Kilosseasand keeps the water fresh15:19
Kilos-time to complain to telkom again16:09
Kilos-just lose connection even though nm shows connected16:09
Kiloshi Cryterion 17:12
inetprogoeie mirrag17:46
inetprotheblazehen: please explain how you get startups with no shutdowns17:47
Kiloshi inetpro 17:47
inetproohi Kilos as well17:47
theblazeheninetpro: Notice the "bad" shutdowns. It would always freeze right before shutting down, needed a hard reset17:48
inetproahh... that explains it17:48
theblazehenYeah. I should maybe find out why17:49
inetprothat's horrible17:49
inetprocheck the logs17:49
theblazehenindeed. Especially because I can't reboot over ssh17:49
inetproor check the console as it shuts down17:49
paddatrappergremble: I've got the same headache. Started today. Change of season here we come 17:50
theblazehenI think I have systemd only logging to ram17:50
Kiloseish paddatrapper 17:50
theblazehenEverything seems normal, then display goes blank, not sure, but it might have that blank cursor around the size you'd expect with a 80x25 display17:50
Kilosyou also suffer from sinus17:50
paddatrapperAnd I'm supposed to go diving on Tuesday!  Doesn't look like that is going to happen17:50
theblazehenpaddatrapper: That sucks17:51
inetprotheblazehen: your desktop?17:51
theblazeheninetpro: Yeah17:51
paddatrapperKilos: Yeah. Inherited it from my father 17:51
theblazehenReminds me, need to rebuild vm host17:51
Kilosget bactronban and sea water17:51
inetpropress Esc during shutdown17:51
theblazehenLet me charge laptops, then get started on that..17:51
paddatrapperKilos: I will. Plenty of both around here! 17:52
theblazeheninetpro: Not sure if that would help. Happens after keyboard powers down (usb), think I should try ps2? It happens after disks get synced etc though17:52
Kilossniffing sea water gets minerals to the sinusses that heal them17:52
Kilosand bactroban on upper eye lids17:53
Kilosnot up your nose17:53
inetprotheblazehen: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6122/how-to-see-whats-going-on-during-shutdown17:54
inetproam not sure whether that is still valid17:54
inetprothings change way too often these days17:54
Kilosand way too fast17:54
theblazeheninetpro: I'm on arch. Don't have quiet set, and no splash screen either17:54
theblazehenI see normal shutdown messages, all seems good, then blank screen17:54
inetprogood, I always try to disable splash as well17:55
* inetpro prefers to see startup and shutdown processes17:55
theblazeheninetpro: You run ubuntu?17:55
inetprowhich reminds me, I haven't changed it here yet since installing 16.0417:55
Kiloshe runs kubuntu17:56
inetproam on kubuntu 16.0417:56
Kilossjoe you forgot that17:56
inetprobut I don't have a multi-screen environment17:56
inetprothink that is still the buggiest part of it if I read complains online17:57
theblazehenAh, yes17:57
inetproKilos: what happens if you add salt to a cup full of ice?18:01
Kiloswhat happens inetpro 18:02
inetprohave you ever seen how they put salt to let snow melt away?18:02
theblazeheninetpro: Not a good idea..18:02
inetproit's actually fascinating 18:03
theblazehenWell, dunno about in a cup18:03
Kilosi dont know why anyone would add salt to ice18:03
inetprosalt lowers the freezing point of water18:03
inetproso it starts melting18:03
theblazehenKilos: salt and ice challenge is a thing.. :/18:03
inetprobut even more fascinating is what actually happens to the temperature of the water18:03
Kilosdont procrastinate18:04
inetpromy son has meassured it going down till -11.618:04
inetprothe more salty it becomes the lower the freezing point 18:05
inetpro"a mixture of rock salt, ice, and water packed in the bucket around the ice cream mix can bring the temperature down as low as -21°C"18:07
Kiloslike making your own freezer18:07
inetprounfortunately it doesn't last for a very long time18:08
inetprowhen all the ice has melted it will warm up again18:09
paddatrapperEish 18:09
inetproI guess if you keep adding ice and salt you could keep it cold for quite some time18:10
paddatrapperAt some point you may as well use a fridge 18:12
inetproand the opposite question to the schoolproject is, how do you use chemicals for heating up food safely18:12
inetproreminded me of the days in the army18:13
inetprointeresting science in real life with the heat packs that we got in those days18:14
paddatrapperGot to be chemicals that leave no poisonous residue when they react I guess18:14
paddatrapperOr fine a way to contain them 18:15
inetprothe answer to that lies in Aluminium and Calcium Carbonate18:15
inetprouh oh!18:16
paddatrapperPower cut perhaps? 18:17
inetprowb Kilos18:18
Kilosty inetpro so many disconnections today18:18
Kilosi dont know if the prob is here or if its telkoms data connection falling away18:20
Kilosnm shows still connected but everything loses online connection18:20
Kilosinetpro fix it18:20
Kilosmust i rev telkom?18:20
KilosMaaz hi18:25
* Maaz waves to Kilos18:25
magespawngood evening18:30
Kiloshi magespawn 18:30
magespawnhi Kilos, how's it going?18:34
Kilosok ty magespawn and you18:35
mazalhi magespawn18:35
magespawnyup all good18:35
magespawnhey mazal 18:35
paddatrapperHey magespawn18:36
Kilosohi superfly 18:36
mazalAnd finally the archiving is finished18:37
mazalThat took a while :P18:37
mazal1.7tb usb to usb18:38
superflymazal: the Kubuntu backports is the worst thing ever18:38
superflymazal: do not install. I repeat, do not install.18:38
mazalsuperfly, copy that18:39
* mazal bekyk die dak18:39
inetprowat is fount met die dak?18:40
mazalWell if I can drill a hole through the ceiling , get cable through there , move 2 consoles to the upstairs , then I can add my little server downstairs18:40
superflymazal: when my new hard drive for my netbook arrives, I'm getting rid of Kubuntu and installing Debian unstable with KDE18:40
superflyDebian unstable is more stable than Kubuntu18:41
mazalI dunno Debian , but have to agree on Kubuntu.18:41
* mazal scared of Debian18:41
superflymazal: Debian is what Ubuntu *should* be18:41
superflythere's nothing to be scared of18:41
mazalIsn't it very difficult ?18:42
superflydifficult se voet18:42
inetprosuperfly: what is your initial installation procedure, you download the dvd to start with?18:42
mazalI wanted to try it few times , but some online comments suggested it is a difficult OS.18:43
inetproor you start with debian-8.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso ?18:43
superflyI started with the netinst ISO I think. I have uncapped, so bandwidth is not an issue for me18:46
inetproI guess if Ubuntu is based on Debian unstable it will always be a bit behind Debian18:48
inetprothe terms stable and unstable are very relative 18:48
superflyinetpro: Kubuntu is a little ahead of Debian for the first few months, because they pull the latest from KDE (bugs and all)18:49
superflyand then it lags behind when unstable gets the latest KDE (minus afforementioned bugs)18:49
superflyunstable is a rolling distro, there are no releases like Kubuntu or Ubuntu18:49
superflysmall, incremental upgrades = less things to go wrong18:50
inetprobut unstable is not Jessie, or is it?18:51
* inetpro answering his self18:52
inetpro"Debian Unstable (also known by its codename "Sid") is not strictly a release,..." https://wiki.debian.org/DebianUnstable18:52
mazalSo if I read that right , unstable is always the latest18:56
Kilos ill stay on 14.04 till 16.04 is stable18:57
* mazal beplan verder18:58
magespawnmazal i have debian jessie on an old laptop, no problems so far18:59
mazalThink I must try it one day19:00
magespawnalso have kali linux on two machines, which now skips ubuntu and goes striaght to debian19:00
Kilosid feel guilty going to ubuntu meetings from debian19:00
mazalKilos hehehehe , not as dirty as I felt being here while I was still on Win lol19:01
mazalThat just felt wrooooooong19:01
mazalThankfully pc gaming days are behind now19:01
Kilosthats good, shows you have a conscience19:02
Kilosgood lad19:02
mazalI wonder how good this B315 wi-fi is....19:03
mazalMaybe I don't need to drill a hole19:03
Kilostest it and stop wondering19:03
* mazal bekyk big blue en haar tjommie19:03
Kiloswifi battles through concrete 19:04
magespawnmazal maybe ethernet over power is and idea19:04
mazalThis is a really thick concrete ceiling/floor19:04
mazalKilos, why didn't you stop me from buying so much stuff man19:06
mazalmagespawn, that is indeed19:06
Kilossorry man19:06
Kiloseth over power is dicey imo19:06
Kilossurges can cook you pc19:07
mazalI have only heard of it , don't know it at all19:07
paddatrapperKilos: How do you think I feel, helping organise a Debian conference, while only having run Ubuntu for about 2/3 weeks...19:08
magespawnsurge arrest the power on both ends and the lan, and you be fairly safe19:08
paddatrapperI've had surges blow so many different things - from power supplies to on-board audio cards19:09
Kiloshahahaha @ paddatrapper 19:09
Kilosjust buy a proper eth cable the right length mazal 19:10
paddatrapperThe closest I've come to debian is running something loosely based on it as an app on my tablet so that I can ssh into an Arch box19:10
Kilosthey not expensive and now you so rich with all the savings you wont feel it19:11
paddatrappermazal: Where are you based again? I've got some excess CAT5 you can have19:11
Kiloshe is here paddatrapper 19:12
paddatrapperwhere is here Kilos? I'm assuming Gauteng19:13
Kilosmazal ask langjan he supplies eth to the lady over the road from him19:13
paddatrapperAh, yeah sorry a little far then19:14
mazalCullinan aka gat-gat19:14
mazalKilos, cable is not a problem , it's getting it there. This place was built to last19:15
Kilosi think langjan paid 150 for 50 meters19:15
Kilosdrill a hole man19:15
Kilosor run out a window and up the wall19:16
mazalGonna test these girls's wi-fi with the B315 first and see19:16
Kilosdont find problems, find solutions19:16
mazalWat nou ai ?19:17
Kilosfly should be skaam19:17
paddatrappermazal: If it is through a slab, then going out and around is probably easier. Just cut a grove into the outside and re-plaster when you're done (probably encase it in a PVC pipe so you can run more/remove it later)19:18
Kilos@ubuntu/member on debian19:19
mazalMaking me lus to try stuff19:21
Kilosi wouldnt be able to look anyone in the eyes19:21
mazalAnd that's usually when I break stuff19:21
Kilosmake your plans mazal then ask first before you go ahead19:21
paddatrapperI need to do the same thing eventually to run a connection or two downstairs. Just need to get round to doing it19:22
mazalI should have done it when we installed my cable for the downstairs lan , but didn't think I would need it one day19:22
mazalAll Kilos's fault19:24
mazalHe knows I must be supervised19:24
Kilosyou getting like inetpro now19:25
inetprouh, wat het ek gedoen?19:27
Kilosnothing, you are totally innocent19:27
Kiloswow kde even has a twitter widget19:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:40
mazalNag oom , lekker slaap19:40
paddatrapperNight Kilos 19:40
Kilosselle daar dankie19:40
Kilossee you all tomorrow19:40
Kilosbe good and get enough sleep19:40
magespawngood night20:11
mazalNight all20:18

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