pavlushka-Hello Kilos!17:57
Kiloshi pavlushka- 17:57
Kilosare you well lad?17:57
Kiloswhen is this channel going to grow17:58
pavlushka-Do you have any experience on linux mint?17:58
KilosEkushey arent you talking to me anymore?17:58
Kilosnope i am an ubuntu fan17:59
Kilosonly use ubuntu and kubuntu17:59
pavlushka-I once used mint but trying to help a mint user with grub with win1018:05
pavlushka-Its just my bad luck!18:06
Kiloswhat is the problem18:06
Kilossudo update-grub should work18:07
Kilosbooting problems?18:07
Kilosyou can install boot-repair on mint and that will fix boot probs18:08
Kilosyou can even download boot-repair iso and use that from cd18:08
Kilospavlushka- ^^18:11
Kilosand teach people to use irc #linuxmint18:12
pavlushka-Limited internet for that guy and i dont know what actually he is doing! And sudo update-grub seems not working for him.18:18
Kiloshow are you connecting to him?18:20
Kilosyou havent told me what the actual problem is yet18:33
pavlushka-Windows10 is out of the menu, he used some gui grub editor, dont what he has done but update-grub does not restore windows entry18:38
Kilosonly boot-repair will do it18:38
pavlushka-He was actually trying to set Windows10 as grub's default boot.18:39
pavlushka-Ok, copy that.18:39
Kilosgrub with always show linux as default18:40
Kilosotherwise he has a job to reinstall windows18:40
pavlushka-I guess bootsect/fixmbr will fix windows boot.18:41
Kilosi havent used that, but boot-repair always worked for me18:42
Kilosall depends what he has actually done to windows18:42
Kiloshe might have destroyed the boot sector18:43
Kilosbut boot-repair could fix it18:44
pavlushka-No his mint boots18:44
Kiloscan he still boot into mint?18:44
Kilosgood then he can get boot-repair18:45
pavlushka-Ok  i'll tell him18:46
pavlushka-And how was the day?18:46
Kilosquiet and yours?18:53
Kilosnearly bedtime for me18:54
pavlushka-So night, sleep tight, see ya18:56

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