cjcjwatson: were you the one behind grub2?03:23
cjlooks like you're on the pkg-grub-devel probably03:26
cjweren't you the sole maintainer at one point?  I recall seeing my name on grub at one point :-)03:26
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cjso...  why does I gets prompted to enter the mirror country if I specify ubuntu.osuosl.org instead of us.archive.ubuntu.com ?19:05
cjit doesn't look like make -j works for the rebuild_netboot target, eh?20:09
cjIt takes 1:30 to rebuild the initrd with that target.  it's seriously putting a crimp in my development lifecycle20:10
cjanyone have an example of using the classes selector?20:22
cjwatsoncj: don't think there's any tftp preseed support, no20:28
cjlooks like url=tftp://... works fine20:29
cjwatsoncj: I'm a bit inactive at the moment, but I used to be active upstream and I maintain the Debian package.  I don't think it would be fair to describe me as the one behind grub2 though; yes I have a fair bit of code in there, but I was late to the party20:29
cjand the busybox has a tftp client20:30
cjwatsonoh gosh, so it does20:30
cjbut I'm baking the files in to the initrd now20:30
cjwatsonentirely hadn't noticed that fetch-url had a tftp method20:30
cjI thought you added that patch20:30
cjwatsonno, git blame says it was Ryan Niebur20:31
cjwatsonoh, I uploaded that particular version to Debian but there was lots of stuff in there :)20:31
cjyour name was all over the debbug I think.20:31
cjso... classes... I can't find any examples.20:32
cjwhat does it do?  just export some value for the early- and late- scripts to use?20:32
cjwatsonis it still a thing?20:43
cjwatsonI thought it was from the old auto-install, which I think was integrated in a somewhat different way20:43
cjokay.  Maybe so.  I guess that would explain why I can't find any examples.20:58
cjI am automating the process of preseeding a set of openstack nodes20:58
cjI figured I could use controller, compute, block and object as classes with slightly different preseed files for each20:59
cjbut what I'm doing now is specifying file=.../${CLASS}.preseed on the kernel args list and having the first line of ${CLASS}.preseed be d-i preseed/include string preseed21:00
cjwhere ./preseed contains general values and ./${CLASS}.preseed contains specific values21:00
cjif I just wanted to build tmp/netboot/dir_tree/ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz is there a better target to use than qemu_netinst / rebuild_netinst ?23:15

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