larskssmoser: I think there is a bug in how growpart calls partx, and now partx has better error checking and blows up (see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1327337)15:59
larsksI am going to submit a fix on launchpad.15:59
smoserlarsks, so partx changed interface ?16:02
smoseroh. i see your last comment there.16:02
larsksI don't think so.  I think the previuos command invocation was actually incorrect, based on my reading of the man page (even for earlier versions).16:02
larsksI think it worked because of luck.16:02
smoserwell, not complete luck16:02
smoserdefinitely it would have paid attention to the '1' in that call16:03
larsksThe man page says either "partx disk" or "partx partition [disk]", neither of which is what growpart is doing.16:03
smoserpreviously, or growing growing a partition other than '1' would fail.16:03
larsksThe examples in the man page suggest either "partx --update /dev/vda1" or "partix --update --nr 1 /dev/vda" would be correct16:04
smoserthat is wierd. i agree.16:04
smoserbut it definitely does work.16:04
smoserfor lots of things16:04
larsksOh yeah, totally :)16:04
larsksHeck, now I am extra confused...16:10
larsks...because looking at the sources we appear to be calling $part $dev, which should be fine.  Ugh, maybe I misread some output somewhere?16:10
* larsks puts on his paying-attention glasses and checks again.16:11
larskssmoser: okay, patch submitted in lp.16:28
smoserlink ?16:31
smoserlarsks, i'm *that* lazy16:31
larsksIt's a...(counts)...5 character change.16:32
harlowjasmoser merge that stuff today righththtttttt17:09
harlowja(not joking, ha)17:10
smoserharlowja, bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.fix-networking/17:10
harlowjawhats that17:10
smoserthat is what i'm working on17:10
smoserthat has to et in17:10
harlowjau broke stuff17:10
smoserthat fixes (soon) openstack config drive17:10
harlowjawill look at17:11
harlowjawhats up with the renaming code?17:20
harlowjadoes that run everytime cloud-init is ran?17:21
harlowjathat's the only part that seems to concern me :-/17:23
smoserharlowja, yeah, i know. its scary17:23
harlowjadidn't think that doing `ip set ` was a permeant  change17:23
smoserso yes. it runs every time.17:24
smoserit has to because of 2 things17:24
smosera.) initramfs is out of date with respect to /etc/systemd/network/*.link files17:25
smoser  this is the case in any fresh instance as the initramfs that booted is either pristine or out of date17:25
smoserb.) lxc container17:25
harlowjadoesn't everyone use initramfs, i didn't think say centos did and such17:26
smoser  there are no udev events in a container, so the systemd .link files do not get applied17:26
harlowja*does everyone17:26
smoseri'd suspect most things use an initramfs.17:26
harlowjaah, just the normal initramfs, nothing special to cloudinit17:26
smoserits possible they do nto in cloud images (where you could feasibly have a 'virtual' kernel that had block device drivers built in for all targetted root devices17:27
smoserbut even then, that means you can't boot with UUID=17:27
smoseror LABEL=17:27
smoseras its the initramfs that figures that part out17:27
smoserthe reason that initramfs-out-of-date is a problem17:27
smoseris because systemd .link refuses to rename devices that have been renamed17:28
smoserand the initramfs will not have any rules and rename 'eth0' to 'en1p2' or whatever the default is17:28
smoserits kind of obnoxious really.17:28
harlowjaya, seems like it17:28
smosersmoser: please rename the device 'a' to 'b'17:29
smosersystemd: ok, that sounds great. device 'a' is now 'b'17:29
smosersmoser: please rename the device 'b' to 'c'17:29
harlowjano soup for u17:29
smosersystemd: sorry, smoser, you need to think ahead more or update your initramfs and reboot17:29
harlowjaya, that's stupid17:29
smoserharlowja, it wont run though if networking is disbled in cloud-init though17:30
smoserso if user wants cloud-init out of the picture, they can disable networking (via cloud-config) and get that.17:30
smoseron subsequent boots17:30
harlowjaya, weird stuff, lol17:31
harlowjai wonder if at some point we can just have the underlying system (sysconfig for example) have the right names in the first place17:34
harlowjacause from my understanding sysconfig files have a name 'DEVICE=X'  and `HWADDR` fields17:35
harlowjaso whats the point of renaming stuff if those 2 are right (but maybe i not understand something here, ha)17:35
harlowjaso in sysconfig land, is the renaming needed(?)17:36
smoserso the renaming is to support when the datasource declares the names17:38
smosermgagne pointed out that in openstack currently they dont raelly declare the nic name.  (id actually is the host nic's name :)17:38
harlowjaya, good point, its crap like 'tap-blahblah' or ...17:39
harlowjanot eth0 or ethX17:39
smoserbut on other systems such as smartos and possibly in the future on openstack, the datasource (or even user) would like to declare the names for their nics17:39
smoserto mean obviously useful things.17:39
harlowjais anyone in openstack (nova) land fixing the names of these things?17:40
* harlowja not it17:40
harlowjato not have host nic junk names17:41
smoserits not bad, they're just 'ids'. which is fine. they could be uuids17:42
smoserbut conceivably a user would quite possibly want to attach a nic to a system and provide the name that they'd like that thing to appear as.17:42
harlowjasure, i guess, i like mine called eth0-pink-bunny17:43
mgagneI'm planning on opening a bug/change for that bad behavior17:43
harlowjasmoser  only think i can think of is to add more informational logging about what is about to be renamed (and not just the errors that may have resulted from the act of renaming/figuring out what to rename)17:50
smoserharlowja, yeah, i'm working on that.17:50
smoserit is even more fun now in container17:50
smoserthan i thought17:50
harlowjais smartos going to use cloudinit now?17:50
smoseryou can't rename a nic that is up17:50
harlowjanow there own cloudinit17:50
harlowja*not there own17:50
smoserubuntu on smartos (guests) have cloud-init17:51
smosersince you can't rename a nic that is up17:51
smoserand nics in containers *start* as up17:51
harlowja'why is my network device 'up' when nothing in my init system has configured it so'17:51
harlowjawell that shit be weird17:52
smoserso now i'm re-working that to allow for downing internfaces17:52
smoserso it will be able to down it if it does not have any "real" addresses17:52
smosermgagne, interesting...17:53
harlowjamgagne thx17:53
smoserfrom the guests perspective, it shoudl be physical always17:53
mgagnethat's not what the spec mentions17:53
mgagneeither we respect spec or we propose an amendment and wait for it to merge before changing implementation details17:53
smoserwhere do you see this ?17:54
mgagnein the spec...17:54
smoseri see only a single occurance of the word 'virtual'17:54
smoserat http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/specs/liberty/implemented/metadata-service-network-info.html#rest-api-impact17:54
mgagneExample of VIF17:54
mgagneotherwise I don't know what the purpose of vif would be17:55
harlowjaya, only think i can think of is for ironic, but idk18:15
harlowjaironic though is different18:15
harlowjasmoser  i guess otherwise, now that i understand that renaming stuff that fix looks ok18:38
harlowjai can work it into the refactor i had when u merge it18:38
harlowjasmoser in '    def update_byname(bymac):21:43
harlowja        return {data['name']: data for data in bymac.values()}'21:43
harlowjathat no worky on py2621:43
harlowjajust fyi21:44
harlowjadict comprhension in 2.7+21:44
=== jgrimm is now known as jgrimm-afk
smoserharlowja, oh yeah, i forgot i had to care about py22623:57
smoserer.. even py2623:57

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