wallyworldperrito666: i made some more comments00:03
davecheneyhow's LP, is it still crapped up ?00:05
perrito666wallyworld: ack, re registering in the shim, I just cargoculted that from other use of that pattern, ill change it00:13
perrito666wallyworld: I can do the per series dissallowance, that is free00:16
perrito666wallyworld: I answered00:16
wallyworldperrito666: so we copy whatever init files are relevant to that internal directory? upstart or systemd?00:21
davecheneythumper: when you skip a test you should use t.Skipf00:23
davecheneythumper: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/5496/files#diff-758d572a629db5b9982ba1841b64dda5R1400:26
davecheneythumper: but, two thumbs up for not running the state tests on windows00:31
perrito666wallyworld: yup, its quite a clever thing that eric did, we create the init files there and are linked to the right path00:32
wallyworldperrito666: ok, so long as it all works :-)00:33
perrito666mmpf, trying to bootstrap trusty with --config enable-os-upgrade=false --config enable-os-refresh-update=false never ends :(00:55
thumperdavecheney: ah, ok00:56
thumperwill remember for next time00:57
mupBug #1587689 opened: Can't upgrade controller with --upload-tools (due to rename) <juju-core:New for natefinch> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587689>01:02
davecheneythumper: s'ok, I had to rebase my branch anyway, so I fixed it for you01:02
axwwallyworld anastasiamac: I'm back01:03
axwfree to chat now01:03
anastasiamacaxw: wallyworld: tanzanite?01:03
wallyworldok, one sec01:04
axwanastasiamac wallyworld: I'm there01:04
davecheneythumper: can we do the same thing we did to the windows state tests timing out to here01:09
mupBug #1581157: github.com/juju/juju/cmd/jujud test timeout on windows <blocker> <ci> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <windows> <juju-core:Triaged by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1581157>01:09
davecheneythe underlying cause is the same01:09
thumperstate was different because we don't run apiservers on windows01:10
thumperhowever jujud is needed01:10
thumperI'd be loathed to skip those on windwos01:10
thumperwe could skip it for now until the npipe implementation is fixed01:10
thumperas long as we tag the skip with a bug number01:11
thumperand have the bug targetted to 2.001:11
davecheneythumper: it ain't going to get fixed soon01:13
thumperdavecheney: why? can't the windows npipe impl just use select?01:13
* thumper taps his fingers waiting for tests01:34
perrito666wallyworld: around?01:37
perrito666wallyworld: answer my priv then :p01:37
wallyworldperrito666: was getting coffee01:37
wallyworldperrito666: it's already committed01:37
wallyworldperrito666: but actually01:37
wallyworldit can't be used yet, i'll fix01:37
wallyworldafter you land01:38
wallyworldso ignore me01:38
perrito666lol, ok, because I tried merging master and did not bring the change01:40
* perrito666 ponders getting coffee then remembers the tim01:45
thumpermenn0: got a second?01:55
menn0thumper: yep01:55
thumpermenn0: 1:1 hangout01:55
davecheneythumper: 'cos it's windows and select doesn't exist on windows01:58
thumperwallyworld: are you touching core/description with the Service -> Application rename at all?02:19
wallyworldthumper: yeah02:20
wallyworldif you make changes between now and landing, i'll do the merge work02:20
thumperI'm not02:20
thumperbut I was going to if you weren't02:20
wallyworldall good, i'm covering everything02:21
davecheneythumper: the metrics sender uses a global channel to send metrics ...02:22
davecheneyone channel02:22
davecheneyper process02:22
davecheneyno matter how many workers or manifolds are running02:22
thumperI reader many writers?02:23
davecheneyno, it's just another global that has to be patched everywhere02:28
davecheneythumper: oh, it gets worse02:31
davecheneynow I've extracted that global02:31
davecheneyit is celar nothing is draining that channel02:31
davecheneyso shit is sending into it (it's not buffered of course) and nothing is reading from it02:32
thumperuh... wat?02:32
davecheneyit's only used in tests02:32
mupBug #1587701 opened: worker/metricworker: test timeout under race detector <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587701>02:32
davecheneythumper: up, when not patched by tests, metricsworker.notify is nil02:36
thumperisn't that ok though02:38
thumperif notify is nil is it still sending?02:40
davecheneyits only used as a hook during tests02:41
davecheneya nil channel is never ready to send or receive it is ignored in select02:41
davecheneylooking into this a little further, almost everthing in that package is exported because tests02:43
davecheneynothing is called outside juju02:43
davecheneyerr, calling outside test scope02:43
* thumper sighs02:45
* thumper smacks himself in the face again with the lxd tests02:46
thumperfailed to stop02:46
thumper/home/tim/go/src/github.com/juju/juju/worker/terminationworker/worker_test.go:63 +0x1ee02:46
thumperbah humbug02:46
davecheneythumper:         -n02:57
davecheney                do not execute test binaries, compile only02:57
davecheney^ I call this nope mode02:58
davecheneyi just added to to gb to compile, but not run the tests02:58
anastasiamacaxw: wallyworld:thumper: one less invalid login ... https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/550603:07
axwanastasiamac: reviewed03:19
axwanastasiamac: and I don't know why, but I reviewed on github03:19
anastasiamacaxw: i saw.. thank you :D m  moving logic around based on suggestion...03:20
anastasiamacaxw: revew on github is my mistake - i've sent u github link instead of RB03:20
axwanastasiamac: that explains it :p03:20
davecheneythumper: menn0 https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/550703:35
menn0davecheney, thumper looking03:35
axwwallyworld: in cmd/juju/application/unexpose.go there's still "A application"03:37
thumperdavecheney: how does this fix the timeout?03:37
wallyworldaxw: damn, i must have had the case checkbox ticked, i'll fix in the next one03:38
davecheneythumper: 1, removes the use of the suite03:38
davecheney2, adds buffering to the channel03:38
davecheneythumper: look at metricmanager_test, that has a buffer of 203:39
menn0davecheney: good stuff. ship it.03:39
davecheneybut when testing the sender and the cleanup, they didn't have a buffer03:39
thumperdavecheney: shipit03:41
davecheneyi ways also pleased that I could unexport most of the code in that package03:41
davecheneywhich made passing the notify channel for test less gross03:41
menn0thumper: simply alias help formatting change: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/4953/03:48
davecheneythumper: there's just one blocker left on the race build https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/158771603:52
mupBug #1587716: worker: test timeout during race build <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587716>03:52
davecheneyi'll look a that after lunch03:52
thumperthanks davecheney03:52
davecheneyno worries03:52
menn0thumper: password check now passes for controller workers using HTTP endpoints for a hosted model04:00
menn0thumper: still need to sort out the nonce issue though04:00
menn0thumper: i'll be pulling this out into a separate PR04:00
thumpersounds good04:00
menn0it's reasonably terrible04:00
menn0and problematic if I screw it up04:01
anastasiamacaxw: cleaned and all tests pass. here is RB link :D http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/4951/04:06
anastasiamacaxw: which is to say.. thre is probably nothing that really tests this well.. i'll talk to ppl to get better ci coverage i think04:07
mupBug #1587716 opened: worker: test timeout during race build <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587716>04:08
* thumper sighs04:11
thumperwhere has --upload-tools gone?04:11
axwanastasiamac: couple more small things04:22
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mupBug #1587734 opened: worker/machiner: test failure during race build <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587734>06:09
bradmis there anyway to kill a juju run action?06:30
bradmgot some queued that will never run06:30
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wallyworldaxw: FFS, why is it when you really need to land something, the bot hates you07:31
axwwallyworld: :(07:31
wallyworldstill trying to land branch #207:31
axwwallyworld: I've paused my branch, started a new one to restructure instancecfg. I need to pass more bootstrap params through, and the ball of mud in there was driving me crazy07:32
axwnow finding bugs in providers, woo07:32
dimiterndooferlad: ping08:16
dimiterndooferlad: didn't we port the fix that puts add-juju-bridge.py in /var/tmp vs /tmp from 1.25 to master ? precise is still broken because of this..08:20
wallyworldaxw: yay, branch #2 landed, will propose #308:30
dooferladdimitern: yes, we did. Thought I had. I am on holiday until tomorrow so can you do it / file a bug / drop me an email to remind me?08:30
dimiterndooferlad: ah, ok - sorry then, enjoy your holiday :)08:31
wallyworldaxw: only 235 files this time :-/ https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/550908:37
frobwaredimitern: not sure we have08:48
frobwaredimitern: re: /var/tmp08:48
dimiternfrobware: we haven't08:50
dimiternfrobware: I've verified this earlier, but it only affects precise fortunately08:50
frobwaredimitern: I don't see it in master or 1.25 :(08:51
dimiternfrobware: it's in 1.2508:52
dimiternfrobware: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/1.25/provider/maas/bridgescript.go#L1108:53
frobwaredimitern: right. sorry - my ref juju clone was out of date08:53
frobwaredimitern: the scripts should be identical in 1.25 and master -- at least that's my expectation08:54
frobwaredimitern: so they /var/tmp is missing. the other change I think dooferlad has in fligh, or in review08:56
dimiternfrobware: the script is the same AFAICS, onlt the path is different08:56
frobwaredimitern: I see a difference08:58
frobwaredimitern: let me propose the /var/tmp change08:58
dimiternfwereade, jam: standup?09:03
axwwallyworld: looking now09:13
axw10000 lines fewer than last time I think? :)09:14
frobwarebabbageclunk, dimitern: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/4957/09:14
wallyworldaxw: yeah, on home run now. still lots of vars etc not done. but those can wait09:16
dimiternfrobware: LGTM, testing on precise now09:20
axwmenn0: I wonder if we should split the help text out into separate files, and compile them in afterwards. might make it easier for, say, the docs team to manage them separately?09:21
axwmenn0: also would be a sensible direction if we ever want to i18n09:21
fwereadeaxw, menn0: +1, but, omg, i18n, /shudder09:30
axwfwereade: heh, yeah. but won't somebody please think of the enterprises!09:33
menn0axw: yeah, not a bad idea09:33
menn0fwereade: I meant to say during the call, that a potential idea for the sprint would be to run a workshop where we run through code with issues and review them as a group09:34
menn0I wouldn't use specific code from Juju but come up with code that's heavily inspired by existing code, past or current09:35
menn0it would be helpful to work through a few examples, say a new worker, some apiserver changes, a client API change and a CLI change09:36
menn0and then try to hit as many of the issues you address in your doc as possible09:36
fwereademenn0, I am writing bits of http://paste.ubuntu.com/16886293/ when I need a break from agent tests -- and it STM that, to be useful, it needs to cover juju-specific scenarios and will thus inevitably end up with content a bit like that09:42
dimiternfrobware: your fix works as far as the bridges get created on precise, however it seems lxc is still broken on precise due to: 2016/06/01 09:39:17 http: TLS handshake error from tls: client offered an unsupported, maximum protocol version of 30209:48
axwwallyworld: shipit09:48
wallyworldaxw: you are awesome ty09:48
frobwaredimitern: I'm ignoring LXC until advised not to09:50
dimiternfrobware: yeah, just saying :)09:51
frobwaredimitern: so I do notice on precise that we end up with an additional eth0.cfg (not 50-cloud-init.cfg) :(09:54
dimiternfrobware: that's coming from the cloud image09:54
frobwaredimitern: yep, it's just different from trust, xenial09:55
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mupBug #1587689 changed: Can't upgrade controller with --upload-tools (due to rename) <juju-core:Triaged by natefinch> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587689>12:02
mupBug #1587739 opened: rackspace,vsphere: firewalling in HA setup is broken <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587739>12:02
mupBug #1587788 opened: MAAS bridge script needs to reside in /var/tmp on precise <bootstrap> <network> <juju-core:Fix Committed by frobware> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587788>12:02
fwereadejam, incidentally, a picture of what's happening in an agent: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16889596/12:47
dimiternfwereade: do you have ~15m for a quick chat?13:16
fwereadedimitern, sure13:18
dimiternfwereade: I'm in today's standup HO13:19
alexisbnatefinch-afk, please ping when you are in13:49
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natefinchalexisb: ping14:12
mupBug #1587701 changed: worker/metricworker: test timeout under race detector <blocker> <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1587701>14:15
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babbageclunkdimitern: I'm tempted to have a goroutine sleep in a test. Am I a bad person?15:59
dimiternbabbageclunk: :) you mean os.Sleep?16:00
mupBug #1553292 changed: TestGoroutineProfile dial unix : no such file or directory <go1.5> <go1.6> <intermittent-failure> <juju-core:Fix Released by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1553292>16:00
babbageclunkdimitern: yup16:00
dimiternbabbageclunk: that actually is a known trick to yield back to the scheduler (with os.Sleep(0) for example)16:00
dimiternbabbageclunk: but otherwise it's rarely a good idea16:00
natefinchbabbageclunk: sleeping is really only bad if you wait until the thing wakes up.16:00
dimiternindeed, natefinch16:01
babbageclunkdimitern: Well, it's that or the goroutine goes into a tight spin until its OplogTailer gets stopped (which should happen very shortly after).16:01
natefinchdimitern: you shouldn't ever need to yield to the scheduler manually... every function call is a yield point these days.  Unless you're doing odd math stuff in a tight loop, you probably never need to worry about yielding16:01
babbageclunkdimitern: But yeah, it seemed like it was probably a bad idea.16:02
natefinchbabbageclunk: well, ideally you'd have a channel that gets closed when the tailer stops16:02
dimiternnatefinch: personally, I haven't found a good use for os.Sleep(0) except "let's see what will happen" :)16:02
babbageclunknatefinch: yeah, I do16:02
babbageclunknatefinch: but between it getting running out of canned data and getting stopped by the test, it goes into a spin.16:03
babbageclunknatefinch: When running for real it's querying mongo with a timeout, but that's faked out, essentially.16:04
babbageclunknatefinch: I think I'm worrying about nothing. Or at least, putting a sleep in to mimic the timeout would be actively worse.16:05
* babbageclunk deliberately adds imports out of order for the joy of seeing them pop into place.16:07
natefinchI copy and paste code and intentionally don't even try to make my edited code look nice, because why bother when gofmt will just fix it up?16:07
mupBug #1553292 changed: TestGoroutineProfile dial unix : no such file or directory <go1.5> <go1.6> <intermittent-failure> <juju-core:Fix Released by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1553292>16:19
mupBug #1568179 changed: filestorageSuite.TestRelativePath fails because s390x host /tmp is different <ci> <s390x> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <juju-core:Fix Released by reedobrien> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1568179>16:19
babbageclunkalexisb: ping?16:28
alexisbbabbageclunk, pong16:28
alexisbwhats up?16:29
alexisbo you acan merge you bug16:29
alexisbjust tag it16:29
babbageclunkOk, that was it - thanks!16:29
perrito666bbl lunch16:29
babbageclunkdimitern: I've tagged my bug with blocker and ci - should it be showing up on juju.fail?16:37
babbageclunkdimitern: It isn16:38
mgzbabbageclunk: only if critical16:38
mgzbabbageclunk: you can just run the script locally16:38
babbageclunkmgz: Ah, that'll be it.16:38
babbageclunkmgz: Where do I get it?16:39
babbageclunkmgz: great, thanks16:39
babbageclunkmgz: Welcome back by the way!16:39
mgz./check_blockers.py check master16:40
mgzand wow, big list16:40
mgzwant python-launchpadlib - can install via apt or pip16:41
mgzbabbageclunk: thanks :)16:41
babbageclunkmgz - ok, so as you said, needs to be critical as well.16:45
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alexisbbabbageclunk, you sould be good now16:51
babbageclunkalexisb: Thanks!16:51
natefinchman, just used the 1.25 local provider.. forgot how fast it bootstraps.19:12
perrito666fast to bootstrap, fast to wipe your env19:32
perrito666and your machine19:32
perrito666and your network19:32
mupBug #1588041 opened: juju bootstrap with vsphere provider hangs with xenial <oil> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1588041>19:38
natefinchperrito666: I know I know... I just have a need for speed.19:46
* thumper dashing to Jessie's school to drop off homework20:16
perrito666shame on you, you do your daughter's homework?20:32
thumperhomework delivered20:32
perrito666there was a way to bootstrap (as in bootstrap.Bootstrap) that prevents upgrade after bootstrap, is that still possible?20:35
natefinchperrito666: probably passing config in with bootstrap20:45
alexisbwallyworld, thumper will be a few minutes late21:31
menn0anastasiamac: should bug 1514874 be Fix Committed now? (for 1.25 and master)22:19
mupBug #1514874: "Invalid entity name or password" error with valid credentials. <blocker> <juju-core:In Progress by anastasia-macmood> <juju-core 1.25:In Progress by anastasia-macmood> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1514874>22:19
anastasiamacmenn0: m waiting for stakeholder to verify..22:20
anastasiamacmenn0: i'll have more info soon... m not too keen to "fix commit" atm.. it's a bit of a handful bug \o/22:21
mupBug #1559299 opened: cannot obtain provisioning script <blocker> <bootstrap> <ci> <manual-provider> <regression> <xenial> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core 1.25:Triaged> <juju-core api-call-retry:Fix Released by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1559299>22:21
anastasiamacmenn0: but fwiw i *think* it's fixed ;-P22:21
menn0anastasiamac: ok np... just thought the bug status update had been missed :)22:30
anastasiamacmenn0: no :-D it's intentional. thnx for checking22:32
mupBug #1588084 opened: "upgrade-juju --upload-tools" is hard coded to the model name "admin" <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1588084>22:51
menn0thumper and anastasiamac : trivial change to change command alias formatting: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/4961/23:03
anastasiamacmenn0: u have 3 shipits \o/23:04
menn0anastasiamac: that should do it :)23:05
anastasiamacyes \o/ highly desired, i guess :-P23:05
axwanastasiamac: do we still need to store image metadata in simplestreams format in the blob store?23:09
axwwallyworld: ^^23:09
anastasiamacaxw: for 2,0?23:09
axwanastasiamac: yes23:09
anastasiamacaxw: i don't think so23:10
anastasiamacaxw: i don;t think we need to read from it anymore...23:10
axwanastasiamac: I don't see why it should be there either, so I'll take it out and see what breaks23:10
anastasiamacaxw: nps :D23:11
wallyworldaxw: yeah, simplestream is external to juju, we model the image/tools metadata in the blobstore23:12
axwit's nice when putting things into a good structure shakes out a lot of old and broken things23:12
axwwallyworld: yep, just wasn't sure if anything was still reading it. sounds like not, which is what I expected/hoped23:12
anastasiamacaxw: r u resolving an issue around it or just a cleanup while u r in the area?23:13
axwanastasiamac: I'm changing the way we transfer args to the bootstrap agent, and part of that means changing how we transfer custom image metadata23:14
anastasiamacaxw: awesome \o/23:14
axwanastasiamac: I'm transferring it in the original ImageMetadata struct format, so there's no need to save to disk then read back off23:14
axwanastasiamac: and while I was there I saw that we were still writing to blobstorte23:14
anastasiamacaxw: brilliant - thnx :D23:14
axwit'll be much more straight forward to parameterise the bootstrap agent now23:14
wallyworldredir: standup?23:17
mupBug #1588084 changed: "upgrade-juju --upload-tools" is hard coded to the model name "admin" <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1588084>23:21
thumperdavecheney: ping23:25
thumperdavecheney: unping23:26
cmarsthumper, davecheney see my comments on LP:#158115723:30
mupBug #1581157: github.com/juju/juju/cmd/jujud test timeout on windows <blocker> <ci> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <windows> <juju-core:Triaged by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1581157>23:30
thumperdavecheney: actually if you are around, I'd like to chat quickly23:38
mupBug #1588092 opened: juju-2.0 has no way to cancel an action <canonical-bootstack> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1588092>23:58
mupBug #1588095 opened: help for juju run-action refers to commands that don't exist <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.25:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1588095>23:58
alexisbmenn0, I will be a few minutes late23:59

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