ahoneybunclivejo: yofel valorie claydoh_ ovidiuflorin Thanks for reaching out! Could you detail about what you aim to bring to the table with the Kubuntu project, and what Linode(s) would be needed to host the distribution? Could you go into the traffic you receive on your site and podcast?00:17
ahoneybunemail from Linode00:17
valorieahoneybun: nice!00:24
ahoneybunnot sure about stats to give00:24
ahoneybunI'm pretty sure even 1 linode would be super helpful00:24
ahoneybunvalorie: I also added everyone that I could in the thread00:25
ahoneybunI don't think they get that we don't host packages like that00:25
ahoneybunovidiuflorin: there is no plugin to the site that provides stats of traffic and such00:26
ahoneybunneeded to host the distribution00:26
valoriewe're hosted on LP00:27
valoriethat isn't an issue00:27
ahoneybunit's building test packages right?00:27
valoriewe have a server to host the CI don't we?00:28
valorieBlue Systems00:28
valoriewhatever we have on "weegie" which is Jon's server, might be good to move00:29
valoriebecause it seems rather overloaded at times00:30
ahoneybunif we can get 1 for building and the dojo would be awesome00:31
viphi ho07:44
BluesKajHowdy all11:05
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> o/ hoooooot...12:55
yofel(just so you don't feel lonely)12:57
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> :)13:12
clivejoanyone here use krita?18:57
clivejoyofel: PING19:14
acheron_ukI tried the snap or test build the other day20:43
acheron_ukI'm no artist though20:43
acheron_uksorry been absent a few days :/20:44
clivejohi acheron_uk20:44
clivejoit work ok?20:45
acheron_ukseems to. I'm no artist as I say20:48
valorieI've used krita and love it20:48
valorieno time right now though20:48
clivejoacheron_uk: been enjoying the good weather ?20:52
clivejovalorie: Im looking for testers for krita3.0 on YY 20:53
clivejojust rebuilding though and LP is queued up!20:55
valoriegot a busy week ahead; houseguests coming, other stuff before then, etc.20:55
valorietrying not to get too stressed out20:56
clivejodont get stressed over family!20:56
valoriesince my dad's death though, it seems like I get stressed much too easily20:56
valorieworking in the garden seems to help20:57
valorieat the keyboard, not so much20:57
clivejostress on top of more stress20:57
clivejonot good for you !20:57
valorieI hear you20:59
acheron_ukclivejo: damp in the UK is good I suppose21:02
clivejono sun?21:03
acheron_uknot here. lol21:03
clivejobeen lovely here :)21:03
clivejo23-24 today, with a lovely cooling wind21:04
valorie23 here as well21:05
valorieno breeze though21:05
acheron_ukjust damp here21:08
clivejoI need a new humidity sensor for the weather station :/21:08
clivejowow never seen such a long wait for builds on LP21:10
acheron_ukcool. always fancied one of those21:10
clivejobeen waiting 40mins and says have 36mins to wait21:10
acheron_ukpresumably they are not doing a test rebuild or something21:12
acheron_ukOK. back later if people are still awake then :)21:13
* clivejo could fall asleep at any time21:13
=== palasso_ is now known as palasso
clivejogreat LP is playing up again22:30
* clivejo hi fives soee22:30

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