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MichaelPafter i remove ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu ..... how do i downgrade plasma 5.6.4 back to 5.5.5 ?02:46
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goddardis there some kind of kdesu?04:05
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krytarikgoddard: Yes, 'kdesu'.. :P04:23
goddardkrytarik: kdesu didn't work for me04:35
goddardkrytarik: i had to do kdesudo04:35
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* hateball dips his toes into backports, hopes it will somehow make multimonitors just a little less painful05:39
linuxuser_19how to increase volume over 100% in kubuntu 16.04. even in alsamixer it is on maximum09:05
yossarianuklinuxuser_19: install kmix09:12
yossarianukthen select overdrive09:12
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yossarianukhi - anyone know how to cancel samba authenication via dolphin ( i.e for access windows shares) - I want to login as another user10:43
hateballyossarianuk: access the share as smb://user@share ?10:44
yossarianukhateball: Yes that is how i'm accessing it - however to access the share I need to input my username/pass10:47
yossarianukand dolphin remember the logn10:47
yossarianukI want dolphin to forget the login so I have to login as a different user10:48
hateballoh so you want to access the same share, but as a different user10:48
yossarianukyes - really I want a way so that the samaba auth is forgotten10:48
hateballyossarianuk: go into your kwallet, it should be under Passwords10:49
hateballshould have an entry for the share, with the login data10:49
yossarianukcheers hateball: but I haven't saved the password10:50
yossarianuki.e when I acess the share  it prompts for a password - and remembers the auth for a time.10:51
yossarianukI want to be able to cancel the auth in order to test another login10:51
hateballI understand10:52
yossarianuki.e the equivalent of sudo -K10:52
hateballI've no idea what process might handle that, hmmm10:52
hateballas I either go with my default set credentials, or I enter what I need and save...10:53
yossarianukcheers anyway !10:53
yossarianukI may ask in #kde ...10:53
shellshockwhat is this stuff?11:04
shellshockwhere am i?11:05
BluesKajHowdy all11:05
linuxuser_19how to get kgpg to work with dolphin??11:25
linuxuser_19so my question is: no dolphin-integration of kgpg?11:29
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.11:29
linuxuser_19sorry :-)11:30
YankDownUnderlinuxuser_19: Have you actually tried to Google on this topic? Just wondering...11:30
linuxuser_19yes... used google-fu11:32
linuxuser_19but not really any good advice11:32
YankDownUnderlinuxuser_19: If I knew, I'd tell...otherwise, someone shall eventually come along...patience is a virtue...11:32
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soul__Hi guys. I just wanted to say here in public that yossarianuk is an amazing dude. Thank you for your help!11:55
yossarianuksoul__: cheers man - np !12:30
yossarianukglad I could help12:31
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abhishekhi guys, I am usign kubuntu 16.04 on hp laptop. The functions keys require me to press Fn, and other functions like brightness change work by default.14:40
abhishekhow can I fix this?14:40
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goddardanyone know why aide requires postfix?16:15
Picigoddard: it depends on bsd-mailx, which needs an mta installed.  Postfix is the default, but you can install another package that provides mail-transport-agent to override this.16:20
Picigoddard: lsb-invalid-mta is out there if you really don't want to use an actual mta: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/mail-transport-agent16:20
Picior nullmailer, I'm not sure what the canonical fake mta to use is16:21
goddardPici: cool thanks for the info16:36
samueleI have a bug in discover, how can I notify it to the kubuntu team so that this can be fixed?16:37
samueleFor "discover" I mean the package manager named "Discover"16:39
goddardsamuele: https://bugs.kde.org/16:46
samueleyes, I've done that but the answer was that in the next stable release this bug is fixed. But is not fixed in kubuntu, from what I see in my pc16:50
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goddardyou can just install the backports ppa which will fix it16:57
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qryAnyone who can assist with some problems i got on Broadcom BCM4322818:09
qry1: phy0: Wireless LAN18:09
qry        Soft blocked: yes18:09
qry        Hard blocked: no18:09
qry2: brcmwl-0: Wireless LAN18:09
qry        Soft blocked: yes18:09
qry        Hard blocked: no18:09
geniisudo rfkill unblock 218:11
qrygenii: i tried but it doesnt help18:13
qryproblem is my wifi card is *Disabled. I used it earlier today18:13
geniiqry: Try the key combination on your laptop which toggles it on and off18:14
BluesKajqry, bcmwl-kernel-source driver installed18:14
qryif i click on the key it disabled my bluetooth and thats it18:14
qryBluesKaj: yes already got the newest18:15
qryI can't even see my device in - Network Interface information18:17
BluesKajqry,the newest isn't necessarily the correct driver , your BCM43228 requires the driver I mentioned.18:19
qrybcmwl-kernel-source is already the newest version (
qryBluesKaj: im open to suggestions18:23
BluesKajqry, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic , then udo apt-get install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source18:29
BluesKajsudo of course , typo18:30
qryneed to reboot or ?18:33
BluesKajyes, disconnect your ethernet cable if it's connected , qry18:34
qryBluesKaj: didnt help18:49
BluesKaj qry which kubuntu OS ?18:58
qry16.04 LTS18:58
BluesKajqry, does sudo modprobe wl give any output? If not thrn the driver is properly loaded19:12
qryBluesKaj: sudo modprobe what more ? -h19:15
abhishekI am stuck at this issue http://askubuntu.com/q/772182/417607 which relates to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/152117319:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1521173 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "AER: Corrected error received: id=00e0" [Medium,Triaged]19:21
BluesKajqry, sudo modprobe wl19:22
qryi get nothing if i do sudo modprobe wl but if i tap i get loads and loads things19:23
abhishekqry, wifi issue?19:24
qryabhishek: yes19:24
qrysoon it will be a computer problem when it fly out of the window ;>19:24
qrythen it become a lego problem19:24
abhishekqry, http://askubuntu.com/questions/772180/wifi-not-working-on-realtek-rtl8723be-wifi-adapter if you have the same config19:24
abhishekI was troubled by it too. :)19:25
BluesKajqry the driver is properly loaded so the wifi problem lies elsewhere for sure19:26
qryabhishek it is a hp laptop i got but it got a broadcom bcm4322819:27
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geekhi all19:51
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qrysup geek19:51
qryor Guest1639919:51
Guest16399mint or ubuntu?19:51
R8431Hello, I tried to use the pager on KDE but I have duplicated set of icons in my panel.19:59
R8431Which means that if I set for 4 desktop, I have 4X2 icons.20:00
R8431How to fix that to just have 4 icons with 4 desktops?20:00
matt1R8431: Remove one of the pager widgets?20:00
R8431Ok, that might do it. In fact, I didn't find it first so I added it but it seems it was already here so the duplicates.20:02
R8431Ok, I found how to do that, thank you matt1 even if it was a dumb question (as always).20:04
matt1R8431: np20:06
R8431Apart from that, how to change the calendar events? I have events from my country but I want to set Japanese events.20:13
R8431It's not calendar system option and Holidays do nothing.20:14
R8431Ok... found it. I don't understand why windows with Linux are not responsive.20:17
R8431A lot of stuff is hidden to the right.20:17
R8431It's not the first time.20:17
R8431And sometimes, you don't even have a scrollbar.20:17
qryhi any Wifi experts that can help me here : https://paste.kde.org/pwpfseifr20:21
qryhi any WIFi experts that can help me out on this little issue: https://paste.kde.org/pwpfseifr - My network card says "DISABLED" and i got no wireless20:38
usuarioplease somebody may help me21:16
usuariopor favor la interfaz grafica de mint 17.321:16
usuariono me abre21:16
daxubottu: mintsupport21:18
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:18
lethuI wanna upgrade my computer (CPU and Mobo), do I need to do anything extra else than upgrading and rebooting?21:47
geniilethu: So long as the CPU is the same kind, should not be an issue. Although if you are using proprietary video drivers, uninstall those before transplanting the drive21:50
lethuokay, thanks genii :)21:51
geniiGlad to assist.21:51
MichaelP16.04.... installed startup disk creator .... open it up... another little window pops up.. says installing... 5 minutes goes by..and it does nothing21:56
valoriehmmm, worked for me last I tried it21:57
valoriesort of to my surprise, since it hasn't worked for over a year21:57
valorieand I didn't think we fixed it21:57
mparillovalorie: I heard similar complaints when unetbootin stopped working for me, people say avoid startup disk creator. So I use dd now.21:59
valorielooks like you have plenty of room, too22:00
valoriethat was an issue I had in the past -- if it thought it didn't have enough room, it would just stop with no error message22:01
valorielike a 2 GB drive with a 1.5 GB image -- not enough extra space, i guess22:02
valorieoops, gotta go22:02
MichaelPohhh ok..... for gui suse imagewriter is good.... i was using that from AUR in arch22:02
bprompt_MichaelP:      try    usb-creator-gtk   <--- it's in the repositories, small, fast and reliable22:05
MichaelPi useing dd22:06
samuele--__-- I use gnome-disk22:07
MichaelPnever new gnome had a disk creator22:07
bprompt_MichaelP:    well, kde used to have one, wasn't as good, they did have a usb-creator-kde.... back in 12.04 though22:08
MichaelPstill is usb creator kde22:10
bprompt_MichaelP:     well, not in 16.04 repositories, but usb-creator-gtk works better either way, and that one is22:11
MichaelPi just wanna put 16.10 on thumb drive play around with it.... i did    sudo dd if=yakkety-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb22:12
bprompt_wait a second, it's there :/, what the dickens... anyhow.. I've used it in the past, I found usb-creator-gtk to be more reliable, even in 12.04 :)22:12
MichaelPthat was the package i installed22:13
MichaelPthats how i new it was there22:13
bprompt_MichaelP:     difference being, with the usb-creator ones, you have an option to create a persistent storage, with "dd" you don't22:13
bprompt_well, depending on the iso of course22:13
MichaelPfrom looking at dd commands in arch wiki.... you can use dd for a 10001 things22:15
MichaelPit seems slower then the gui's22:16
bprompt_I've used it to nip out the MBR, which is just 512bytes, for backups22:16
MichaelPonlything i ever used it for was what i doig now.. usb image22:17
MichaelPGave up on Arch for awhile because of buggy plasma 5.622:19
R8431Are you forced to make your panel not hide automatically to be able to transfer a desktop widget on it?22:21
R8431Even when I transfered it on a vertical panel, there is still the vertical widget bar when you hover on it. But cut.22:22
R8431It seems pretty buggy and that the second time my desktop crash.22:23
MichaelPi could never get panel to hide in 5.622:23
R8431How do you see your version without having to look at your package manager?22:25
R8431I think I have 5.84.22:25
R8431Another thing is in grid desktop, you are supposed to be able to add panel by clicking on green + when hovering a side but that do nothing.22:27
R8431Or is it something else?22:27
R8431Oh my god this desktop is so buggy.22:38
MichaelPR8431: what version 5.5 or 5.622:41
R8431If you are asking my version then I said 5.84, maybe.22:42
MichaelPnever hurd of 5.84... 5.5.5..... then 5.5.95 beta for 5.6.0... current is 5.6.422:44
R8431Hmm... kde-workspace 4:4.11.13-222:46
R8431Ok, I found an About KDE in Dolphin and it's
R8431It seems pretty outdated.22:48
R8431Weird because I just installed it last week...22:48
R8431I hope it's because of that it's all buggy.22:49
R8431Haha, Debian stable is stuck with KDE 4.14.0 and Plasma
R8431It's far from your 5.5, MichaelP!22:58
R8431Testing and unstable have Plasma 5.4.22:59
R8431KDE platform on testing is 4.14.10 but on unstable it's 5.13. What a gap.23:02
bprompt_well, it's unstable, so :)23:05
goddardanyone know how to enable volume to go over 100%23:05
bprompt_goddard:    hmm what for? :)23:06
R8431Yeah but you expect such big application like KDE to be updated on a faster pacing.23:07
R8431And not have testing stuck 1 whole version back.23:08
bprompt_R8431:    well, kde is not an app per se, is a framework, so I'd think maybe some considerations between the versions23:09
goddardbprompt_: because the default settings are wrong23:10
MichaelPChecking out daily build of 16.10... It is 16.04 after dist-upgrade23:11
bprompt_goddard:    come again?23:12
RiotingPacifist Systemd fails to suspend, is there anyway to get kde to run a custom script on lid close/suspend instead or is kde basically a prettier version of gnome?23:16
valorieKDE began before GNOME23:17
valorieRiotingPacifist: suspend is built-in23:18
RiotingPacifistand yet it still follows in gnomes footsteps of loosing customisability so i cant use pm-suspend instead23:18
valoriewhat version of Kubuntu are you running?23:18
valorieof course you can use pm-suspend if you prefer that23:18
goddardbprompt_: the settings are wrong23:19
RiotingPacifistvalorie: 16.0423:19
valorieah, I'm already on 16.1023:19
RiotingPacifistvalorie: how, if i use kde there is no way tell it to use pm-suspend on lid close23:19
bprompt_goddard:    that means next to nothing here :/23:19
valoriehowever, my travel notebook is on 16.04 and suspend works well23:19
valorieclose it, suspend, open it: no problems23:20
valorieRiotingPacifist: I see what you mean23:20
valoriewhy not just set it to suspend on lid close?23:20
RiotingPacifistvalorie: i understand that it is a bug in systemd, but it's annoying that KDE used to be my DE because it let me reconfigure it, yet now it's no better than gnome in that regard23:20
valoriealt+space type suspend23:20
RiotingPacifistvalorie: it wakes up a few seconds after on either of those23:21
valorieoooo, that's a bug for sure23:21
geniivalorie:  My Aspire All-in-one on 16.04 goes to suspend and then never wakes up23:21
valoriegenii: also a bug!23:21
MichaelPvalorie: 16.10 seems pretty smooth23:21
genii( right now I'm just powering it all the way off )23:21
valorieMichaelP: so far, so good here23:21
MichaelPseems like 16.04 after dist-upgrade23:22
valorieMichaelP: well, that's all it is so far23:22
valoriethe toolchain is upgraded, etc.23:22
valoriebut otherwise, pretty much the same this early in the cycle23:22
MichaelPYeah... hope by release date... they don't use plasma 5.6... hope it be 5.723:23
MichaelPvalorie: you use ext4... btrfs or what ?23:26
valorieext4 I think23:26
valorieI never mess with that stuff23:26
valorieI've heard too many friends ooh and ahhh over btrfs then cry when it wrecks their system23:27
MichaelPok... was just wondering how btrfs was in kubuntu23:28
ubottuBtrfs is a filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is not recommended by default, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs23:28
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS23:28
RiotingPacifistbtrfs is good enough for day to day use, been using it for 3-5 years i forget how long, no problems and i do stress my FS23:29
MichaelPi had btrfs running on arch... then kernel 5.6... btrfs screwed up23:29
RiotingPacifistMichaelP: I knew Arch was fast but 5.6 isn't put for atleast 21 months23:30
RiotingPacifistalso even just setting up pre-linking on arch messed everything up, are you sure it was btrfs? I managed to break NILFS but it took a fairly obscure setup and is much less mature than btrfs23:32
MichaelPRiotingPacifist: i ment 4.5.623:32
goddardbprompt_: it means a lot23:35
RiotingPacifistMichaelP: are you sure it was a kernel bug?  I dont mean to rip on Arch but I run the latest released kernel and haven't had any isues (althought I have moved away from using obscure filesystems like nilfs)23:35
bprompt_goddard:     I meant, is not specific enough, anymore than "is broken" or "does not work"23:36
valoriecould y'all move this conversation to #kubuntu-offtopic?23:36
MichaelPRiotingPacifist: i think it was just a btrfs thing23:36
RiotingPacifistsurely the maturity of btrfs on kubuntu is on topic?23:37
goddardbprompt_: it is very specific23:40
RiotingPacifistgoddard: use pulse audio volume controller?23:41
MichaelP16.10 installer crashed at configuring time zones23:41
RiotingPacifistgoddard: or do you want a qt solution, i dont thingk veromix or kmix work23:41
valorieRiotingPacifist: on kubuntu, sure!23:42
MichaelPgoddard: plugin to a home stereo ... then you have more volume23:54
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goddardMichaelTunnell: the default setting that KDE is setting is to low23:56
goddardi can increase it using pavucontrol but that requires GTK libs23:57

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