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stumpedAny ideas why I keep getting LVM not active yet using.....during sysinit...dev mapper...vg root...clean...recovering journal...orphaned inode etc?05:46
stumpedOh, getting this at start up. Goes too fast for me to see everything.05:47
stumpedGoing to ubuntu chat.05:49
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swift110hey all13:00
AriMarttiswift110: good afternoon13:14
swift110how are you AriMartti13:17
AriMarttii'm fine thanks13:17
swift110im good AriMartti13:22
Gnjurachave 1 question  i tick to install property stuff while installing lubunto how to remove now this ugly flash15:46
Gnjuracwhats pacage name for flash15:46
Gnjuracand when will lubuntu swich to  lxqt15:47
swift110I added mate' to lubuntu15:47
krytarikGnjurac: "dpkg -l | grep 'flash'"15:49
Gnjuraclol name waz  flashplugin-installer15:52
Gnjuracok so whats pacage name for chromium pepper falsh15:53
arvieHow long should Lubuntu 16.04 LTS take to boot to blue screen?22:22
tntsp1I'm installing Lubuntu on a Dell D800 and am having trouble with the graphics drivers. Certain pieces of text on the screen look fuzzy and are hard to read. I'm running 14.04.2 and the system is fully updated. I figured that the best way to solve the problem would be by installing the latest version of the nvidia drivers (96) for the particular graphics card in laptop (geforce go 4200). o22:33
tntsp1I'm getting stopped by this error message:22:33
tntsp1the kernel header file /lib/modules/3.16.0-30-generic/build/include/linux/version.h does not exist.22:34
tntsp1Any advice on getting the drivers installed?22:34
geniiHow was it that you installed the nvidia driver22:35
tntsp1Downloaded the package from their website and went into a command line only mode with ctrl+alt+f2, disabled lightdm and x and ran the .run file from the command line.22:38
geniiSo that's the reason.22:38
tntsp1The installer insists that I install it that way, it won't install under just a standard terminal in x.22:39
tntsp1What is the proper way to install the drivers?22:40
geniitntsp1: To enable the "restricted" repository, and then install from the selection available there. The usual one would be nvidia-current22:58
colelNice, a community for Lubuntu. How do I upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04?23:04

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