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ePierreHi there03:53
ePierreI'm checking the snappy articles on developer.ubuntu.com and I saw a few mistakes03:54
ePierrehttps://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/snapcraft-advanced-features/ → references a 'examples' directory that is no longer. It has been replaced by a 'demos' directory03:54
ePierrehttps://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/your-first-snap/ → there is a formatting problem down around "Some more suggestions in our docs"03:55
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Farti want a chicken nugger and a french fried04:16
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zygaePierre: can you please open bugs on that and poke dholbah or mhall119 about this07:13
zygasergiusens: looking07:13
ePierrezyga, ok! Do we have a project for the developer portal?07:14
zygaePierre: perhaps, I don't know, target snappy on launchpad and they can get re-assigned07:15
zygaara: o/07:20
arahey zyga!07:20
zygaara: it was worth putting that post up :-) There's already a person interested in contributing07:24
arazyga, cool :)07:24
noizerzyga You know about my problem with the tmpfs dir that isn't large enough. can I resize that so I can develop further?08:01
zyganoizer: tmpfs is using a fraction of your ram, unmount it and use regular storage there08:23
zyganoizer: it's probably setup by /etc/fstabl08:23
zyganoizer: it's probably setup by /etc/fstab08:23
RzRAny artik owners around ?08:46
RzRhow to build artik5-snappy-20160317 ?08:55
zygaRzR: hi, sorry I don't have an artik around08:56
ePierredidrocks, hey! Thanks for your answer on the snapcraft mailing list!08:58
ePierredidrocks, I thought by default, when using "python3", snapcraft would try to go to PyPi and download the latest available release. This is what it seems to do, so I'm not sure what the source would be for... But I'm gonna try anyway08:59
didrocksePierre: no, it doesn't know about the source, you can point it to a tar (and avoid naming the package)08:59
popeyIs it possible to have a part which just pulls data from an external source and puts it in the snap? Like a copy plugin, which does a git clone?08:59
popeyI can't figure an easy way to do this, but maybe I need more coffee09:00
didrocksePierre: so just use source: and point it to your tar, then setup.py will be run09:00
didrockspopey: in copy plugin, you can do it09:00
didrocksand use source:09:00
didrocksthen files: ['*': '.']09:00
didrocks(yeah, I tried to argue that being useless and default should copy everything)09:00
didrocksI tried a long time, but failed09:01
* popey tries this09:01
popeyhm, it doesn't like your format of files09:01
popeyIssue while loading plugin: properties failed to load for fgdata: [{'*': '.'}] is not of type 'object'09:02
didrocksoh sorry, it's rather:09:02
didrocks  - '*': '.'09:02
didrocksmy bad ;)09:02
popeysame error09:03
didrockspopey: mind pastebining it?09:04
popeydidrocks: lp:~popey/+junk/flightgear09:07
didrockssorry no "-"09:10
didrocks  '*': '.'09:10
didrocksit's a dict :/09:10
didrocksmy fault09:10
zygapopey: use make09:11
zygapopey: git + make == bliss ;)09:11
zygaoh, I see didrocks gave a better example :)09:11
popeythanks chaps :)09:12
popey.oO( Wish I had a local cache for github like I have a cache for apt )09:13
vejmarieHi guys, I am closed to have fully debugged Freecad snap09:30
vejmarieI still face some issue with locales09:30
vejmariegot GTK-Warning: locale not supported by C library09:31
vejmarieany idea on how to workaround this ?09:31
vejmarieI have connected the application to locale-control but still the same issue09:31
noizerzyga its not set in the /etc/fstab file09:32
noizerzyga ow excuse me my mistake09:32
ogra_zyga, noizer, fstab is generated by the initrd from /etc/system-image/writable-paths at boot09:43
noizerogra_:  Ok then its not good to change it there.09:44
ogra_you wont be able to09:44
ogra_it is readonly09:44
ogra_(inside the snap)09:44
noizerogra_: I Changed it with a chrooted xenial09:45
noizerogra_: But how can i fix the no space left issue for now (just for development)09:45
ogra_i dont know, you could try to unmount /tmp or some such ... so the disk is used ... but that will likely break everything that currently uses /tmp09:46
ogra_so not sure that can work at all09:46
noizerI'll give it a shot09:48
ogra_i suspect it will just break the world ... so you will have to wait til snapd learns to use a different temp dir to unpack09:49
zyganoizer: or bind mount /var/tmp over /tmp09:49
ogra_bit try it :)09:49
noizerzyga I did that : sudo mount --bind /tmp/ /var/tmp/09:52
noizerzyga but without any succes09:52
zygathat's the other way around :)09:53
noizerzyga ogra_ Does the desktop version got more memory over there?09:53
zyganoizer: it's not desktop vs anything09:53
zyganoizer: it's just that tmpfs is a ram-based filesystem09:53
zyganoizer: so if you have 1GB of ram it will allow a fraction of that to be used to store files09:53
ogra_the desktop version might find more ram :)09:53
ogra_since your desktop is likely to khave mmore than a rpi09:54
noizerogra_: OK i will try that09:54
noizerogra_: where  can I find the desktop image?09:56
ogra_there is no image09:57
ogra_snapd runs on the desktop and installs the core snap09:57
ogra_when you execute a snap app it gets run inside that env09:58
popeyooh, managed to make a 1.2GB snap. Fun :)10:02
zygapopey: what's in it?10:05
ogra_data !10:13
ogra_(and little planes i guess)10:13
zygalt cmd data!?10:14
noizerogra_: huh how? I don't understand10:15
ogra_snaps are executed inside the core snap10:16
ogra_(this is why it gets installed automatically when you install your first snap on a desktop)10:16
noizeroooh okay10:16
ogra_mvo, is there any reason for us to still have snappy_ab= inside uboot.env.in ? (i just noticed thats still there)10:18
popeyzyga: flightgear10:18
thibranzyga, I got a patch for the bite-size snappy bug and a PR, what is left to do? https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/124910:20
mvoogra_: no, that can go10:20
ogra_yeah, thought so10:21
zygathibran: hey10:21
zygathibran: looking :-)10:22
zygathibran: looks good10:22
zygathibran: if you want to go all the way I can show you how to add a simple test for this10:22
thibranyes, why not10:23
thibran(I'm a IRC n00b)10:23
zygathibran: look at this file: https://github.com/thibran/snapd/blob/e3b02f8807934eec904d1dd81e67608f67137c98/cmd/snap/cmd_list_test.go10:24
zygathibran: copy-paste the TestList function, call it TestListEmpty10:24
zygathibran: in the copy-pasted function, change the copy of this line https://github.com/thibran/snapd/blob/e3b02f8807934eec904d1dd81e67608f67137c98/cmd/snap/cmd_list_test.go#L3910:24
zygathibran: to return empty results there...10:24
zygafmt.Fprintln(w, `{"type": "sync", "result": [{"name": "foo", "status": "active", "version": "4.2", "developer": "bar", "revision":17}]}`)10:24
zygachange it to10:24
zygafmt.Fprintln(w, `{"type": "sync", "result": []}`)10:25
zygafinally change the copy pasted version of this line https://github.com/thibran/snapd/blob/e3b02f8807934eec904d1dd81e67608f67137c98/cmd/snap/cmd_list_test.go#L4910:25
zygato read something like c.Check(s.Stdout(), Equals, "")10:25
zygathen run go test10:25
zygaand see what it really says (the test should fail)10:25
zygaand paste that thing in to the "" :-)10:25
zygatry that, if you need anything, just ask10:26
zygathibran: how's it going?10:42
thibranzyge, have truouble running the test in go (dont know right now why)10:43
zygathibran: what happens when you run "go test" from the cmd/snap directory?10:44
thibranworks, but it shouldn't10:44
zygathibran: can you git add the code10:45
zygaand push it10:45
zygaI'll have a look10:45
zygagit add -p10:45
zygathen you see what you are adding, very useful :)10:45
thibranI dont understand, u want me to push the broken test?10:47
zygathibran: yes10:47
zygathibran: I just want to see it10:47
zygathibran: don't worry, it's not a problem10:47
zygathibran: reading10:49
zygalet me try to run it10:49
zygathibran: btw, did you see my 2nd post about how to set up development environment?10:49
zygathibran: if it passes for you it may do so because you are still running the "stock" version of snap source code in reality10:49
thibranI moved the forked repo into the name-space of the official repo10:50
zygaI see what happens10:50
zygazyga@x200t:~/work/src/github.com/snapcore/snapd/cmd/snap$ go test10:50
zygaNo snaps are installed yet. Try 'snap install hello-world'.10:50
zygaNo snaps are installed yet. Try 'snap install hello-world'.10:50
zygaOK: 63 passed10:50
zygaok  github.com/snapcore/snapd/cmd/snap0.944s10:50
zygawe have a small thing in place to let us "redirect" (but not really) stdout for testing10:51
thibranlet me guess, I have to use tabWriter?10:51
zygathibran: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16887305/10:52
zygano, you just have to use Fprintf and print to Stdout :)10:52
zygathen the test fails and you can fix it10:52
* zyga -> lunch10:56
zygathibran: push the code when ready, I think it will land shortly :-)10:56
zygathanks a lot for being here and welcome :-)10:56
thibranthanks for the help and the kind words10:57
thibranI signed the CLA, do I have to do anything to connect my launchpad account with my github account?11:01
kyrofathibran, just make sure the email address you used to commit is on your LP account11:22
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Odd_BlokeSo I'm using snapcraft to create a snap; I'm using the copy plugin, and I need Python installed.11:40
Odd_BlokeI've added `stage-packages: [ python ]`, and when I run `snapcraft snap`, it goes off and does an apt-get update.11:40
Odd_BlokeHowever, it uses my host's sources.list.11:41
Odd_BlokeDoesn't this make the build difficult to reproduce in another location with a different sources.list?11:41
Odd_BlokeAnd, next question: I'm now seeing a "Bad system call" error from the app I'm snapping; is there a good way for me to identify what's causing that (debug logs etc.)?11:53
popeyOdd_Bloke: dmesg | grep <appname>11:54
popeyprobably find something at the bottom of that which indicates which system call is being used/abused11:54
Odd_BlokeAha, it looks like Python is being denied some things.11:57
Odd_BlokeSpecifically: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16888573/11:58
Odd_BlokeOK, so I'm seeing: ... apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" profile="snap.google-cloud-sdk.gcloud" name="/sbin/ldconfig" pid=3420 comm="sh" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=1000 ouid=012:09
Odd_BlokeBut /snap/google-cloud-sdk/current/sbin/ldconfig exists which I would expect to be usable (and the thing that is used).12:09
Odd_BlokeWhat am I missing here?12:09
ogra_/sbin/ldconfig != /snap/google-cloud-sdk/current/sbin/ldconfig12:11
ogra_you are not in a chroot ;)12:11
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ogra_use ./sbin/ldconfig or sbin/ldconfig12:11
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ogra_(or the full path)12:12
Odd_Blokeogra_: Hmm, I _think_ it's Python that's making that call, any ideas how to instruct it to use the correct path?12:14
ogra_well, python doesnt do that in other snaps12:15
ogra_at least i havent heard of it12:15
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Guest40102does anyone know if I can install ubuntu onto my HTC one M8#?12:29
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ogra_Guest40102, not with snappy :) (wrong channel, i guess you want #ubuntu-touch)12:34
zygaogra_: not _yet_ ;-)12:35
ogra_yeah :)12:35
RzRhi any artik5 owners in this channel ?12:42
ogra_i think didrocks has one12:43
vejmarielaunching ubuntu-core-launcher snap.freecad.FreeCAD snap.freecad.FreeCAD /usr/bin/locale -a returns me C, C.UTF-8 and POSIX12:46
vejmarieany idea on why I do not see the other locale ?12:46
vejmarieI have change the app armor configuration to get access to the locale-archive but without any success12:47
zygavejmarie: did you try to add locale to your snap (in snapcraft)?12:49
vejmarieyep it is inside12:49
vejmarieit looks like more an issue regarding access to the locale archive12:49
popeydidrocks: here's an odd one for you. I think I found a bug in the files copy thing. It seems to sometimes erroneously copy directories to the wrong place...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/16889987/12:49
vejmarieon the host I got all my locale through locale -a12:50
vejmariebut it is currently impossible to get access to the locale within the snap12:50
zygamaybe ogra_ remembers our locale conversation, but I don't know how to fix that; I think everyone solves this somehow but details elude me12:50
vejmarieI am trying to find out what we are missing12:50
vejmariei am connected to the locale-control interface12:50
ogra_zyga, well, i guess you would need something that calls locale-gen in the snap before snapping it to get other languages12:51
RzRogra_, thx I'll ping him12:51
ogra_though even that is probably not enough12:51
vejmarieogra_: I tried it but still no way to make it work12:52
ogra_this is what i use to make loacles work in my nethack package12:52
ogra_(currently not buildable, it is still using the old pre-interfaces snapcraft.yaml)12:53
vejmarielet me try that12:53
vejmariethanks will tell you if it works !12:53
ogra_i have libc-bin, console-setup-linux and locales in my stage packages12:54
ogra_line 7-21 in the nethack.sh script then actually set the locale before executing the game12:55
qenghoIf I run a snap that quits with "Bad system call" in normal mode and runs successfully in devmode, I should expect some message in klog about the syscall being refused, right?12:57
vejmarieogra_: yes I have seen that12:58
vejmarieI believe that my I18NPATH was wrong I pointed out to usr/share/il8n/locales instead of the parent dir, I am rebuilding my snap will tell you what it gives !12:59
ogra_good luck :)12:59
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vejmarieogra_: thanks13:01
ysionneausergiusens: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/435 what's happening with  autopkgtest? I can't see the "details"13:02
Guest40102Ok thanks for telling me ill wait to hear something about iut13:03
qenghoelopio: of the edge ppa you mentioned in -tech mailing list, should its version number be behind what is in x?  foo, versus foo~ppa4213:09
Odd_BlokeOh, OK, I actually needed the network-bind plug to make that error go away.13:10
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noizerzyga is it possible to install a lubuntu-desktop in a snap and get so an userinterface13:32
zyganoizer: put all of lubuntu-desktop in a snap?13:32
zyganoizer: maybe but then the integration with othe snaps wouln't be there really13:33
zyganoizer: yes but that's a lot of work and has many prerequisites13:33
noizerzyga maybe you have a other idea. I want to add a screen on my raspberry pi to view some things but for this there is a UI needed for13:35
ogra_you wuold laso need to have a working xserver (or Mir)13:36
ogra_*would also13:36
zyganoizer: yeah, get a mir/x snap in place and stick it there13:37
noizerzyga ok I will look into mir snap13:43
noizerty ogra and zyga13:43
vejmarieogre_: I got a localdef permission denied13:46
* zyga sees ogre13:46
vejmarieogra_: sorry13:46
ogra_vejmarie, hmm, probably use the relative path in your script then13:47
ogra_to make it use the localedef inside the snap13:47
ogra_(as i siad, that nethack package comes from a time where we had diffeent security rules, it can well be that localedef isnt accessible anymore while it was back then)13:48
vejmarieogre_: I believe yes :(13:50
vejmarieI am not sure that the current security rules allows to support locale13:50
vejmariewhich might be an issue for some application and translation13:50
ogra_it surely does ... but you cant run the localedef from the os13:50
ogra_(which my script does)13:50
vejmariewhy don't we allow to read the locale ? Where is the security issue there ?13:55
vejmariebecause presenting an app in english to a chinese person or french is not a good idea13:55
ogra_the issue is that i.e. ubuntu-core doesnt have locales installed13:55
vejmarieogra_: yes I have seen that13:55
vejmarie(this was the first place I looked at ;))13:56
vejmariebut snapy should probably rely on the locale settings of the user who launch the snap13:56
ogra_your snaps run inside ubuntu-core by default ... on classic interfaces can provide you bits from the outside world though13:56
vejmarieyes, I have copied the locales into my snap, but it looks like that ubuntu-core setting is getting rid of this :(13:57
zygajdstrand, tyhicks: any objection for merging https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snap-confine/pull/1413:57
sergiusensysionneau that is behind a vpn, you can as elopio for exact details of what you are hitting14:06
tyhickszyga: hey - just got out of a meeting - let me have a look14:07
zygatyhicks: thanks14:08
sergiusensOdd_Bloke there's `snapcraft cleanbuild` that does an isolated build14:10
sergiusensOdd_Bloke wrt python I suggest looking at the python plugin. That ldconfig is probably run due to missing library paths. Another suggestion (I've been told it was easy to do). Is just grab python from sources.14:12
Odd_Blokesergiusens: The python{2,3} plugins look like they expect a setup.py; I don't have one for this. :(14:13
zygaOdd_Bloke: add one!14:13
zygait's mostly trivial14:13
sergiusensOdd_Bloke oh, launch your app in a snap14:15
sergiusensOdd_Bloke with the env vars as if it "were" created from the python plugin14:16
jdstrandzyga: I don't have an objection to it per se, but the timing isn't great. also, shouldn't it be s/snap-run/snap-confine/ for the binaries?14:16
zygajdstrand: that's piled in another branch14:16
zygajdstrand: can you tell me more about the timing?14:16
noizerzyga can a webbrowser been shown in a mir snap?14:17
jdstrandjust the various branches that are in flight. people have to adjust for stuff (again)14:17
sergiusensOdd_Bloke create the py3-example snap and copy the exported vars that show up in the snap directory (command nd wrapper are in the script names)14:17
jdstrandit isn't the worst thing in the world I just find myself doing a lot of redoing things...14:17
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Trevinhomvo: hey, you here?14:24
vejmarieok I have been able to make work localdef14:25
vejmariebut still have this stupid GTK issue :(14:25
ogra_whats that ?14:26
vejmarieLocale not supportted by C library14:26
vejmarieGtk-WARNING: Locale not supported by C library. Using the fallback 'C' locale14:26
vejmariemight it be coming from the lack of locale in ubuntu-core14:26
vejmariethat is crazy because the localedef is also in ubuntu-core14:27
ogra_call "env" in your wrapper script and make it log somewhere to see what is actually set14:28
zyganoizer: I suspect so though I don't know any details14:29
zygajdstrand: I hope the changes are minimal, only to list new files in Makefile.am14:29
vejmarieI think that LC_ALL is properly set but let's try to see how it works14:31
zygajdstrand: btw, can we land the argument filtering branch14:34
zygajdstrand: I saw you made some changes14:34
zygajdstrand: I didn't do a 2nd review but I can do one quickly and we can have that one ticked off14:34
jdstrandzyga: I'm not done with my changes. turns out tyhicks's point about the stored data affected 32 bit builds, so I'm fixing that14:39
sergiusensvejmarie create an app under `apps` called "shell" and make the command be `bash`. Make sure the `plugs` and others match whatever you want to run14:39
zygajdstrand: ah, I remember that, the hash table thing14:40
vejmariemy LOCPATH is set to /home/vagrant/snap/freecad/10000114:40
jdstrandzyga: like I said, it isn't a huge deal14:40
zygajdstrand: in that case I'd like to merge the autotooling as is and let you rebase / merge and tweak the two affetcted makefiles14:40
vejmariewhere there is the en_US.UTF-814:40
vejmarieproperly setup by localedef14:40
vejmariemy I18NPATH is set tp /snap/freecad/1000001/usr/share/i18n14:41
jdstrandzyga: I'm not blocking the autotools merge14:41
vejmariewhere the i18n data are14:42
ogra_vejmarie, and are there locales in /home/vagrant/snap/freecad/100001 ?14:42
jdstrandso if others agree-- that's fine14:42
zygajdstrand: thanks14:42
vejmarieyes en_US.UTF-814:42
zygajdstrand: did you review it? anything broken? :)14:42
vejmariewhen it does export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-814:44
vejmarieit is complaining that it can't find the file14:44
ogra_vejmarie, well http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/en/man1/locale.1.html  ... see at the bottom14:47
ogra_you might need LANG too14:47
zygaogra_: want to review my autotool branch? I'm really hoping someone more experienced with autoconf/make than I am will say "this looks sane"14:47
jdstrandzyga: I didn't review it-- you asked if I had objections to landing it-- that's a different question :)14:48
ogra_zyga, and you think that one would be me ?!?14:48
jdstrandI mean, I perused it14:48
ogra_zyga, i can look though14:48
zygaogra_: thanks14:48
jdstrandtyhicks: are you looking at the autotools PR? if not yet, do you want me to instead?14:48
jdstrandtyhicks: I'm of course fine if you are doing it-- I just didn't think we both needed to do it14:49
mvoTrevinho: hey, yes14:53
tyhicksjdstrand: I've already left comments14:53
vejmarieexport I18NPATH=$SNAP/usr/share/i18n14:53
vejmarieexport LOCPATH=$SNAP_USER_DATA14:53
Trevinhomvo: hey, about the desktop file support in snappy... for unity7, I'd like to reiterate things a little14:53
vejmarie# generate a locale so we get properly working charsets and graphics14:53
vejmarieif [ ! -e $SNAP_USER_DATA/$LOC ]; then14:53
vejmarie  $SNAP/usr/bin/localedef --prefix=$SNAP_USER_DATA -f $ENC -i $LANG $SNAP_USER_DATA/$LOC14:53
vejmarieexport LC_ALL=$LOC14:53
vejmarieThis is what I put into my wrapper (sorry for the whole code)14:54
tyhicksjdstrand: I'm going to do a before and after build to compare the logs and then my review will be done14:54
vejmariethe export LC_ALL fails :(14:54
Trevinhomvo: I mean, things work ok when we launch an app from dash, since we use some startup notification foo to get better results14:55
mvoTrevinho: ok, what do you need?14:55
Trevinhomvo: however in case of multiple  installed versions or in case we launch something froma  terminal (or from different sources than gio app launcher, using a desktop file) there might be matching issues14:55
ysionneauelopio: can you tell me what's going wrong here please ?
jdstrandtyhicks: sounds good14:56
Trevinhomvo: so, I've prepared a bamf version where if something is launched with BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT env var, pointing to a desktop fiel, then we use it... overriding any mathcing14:57
mvoTrevinho: aha, so we need to put that into the generated desktop file?14:57
mvoTrevinho: or how do you envision this to work?14:57
Trevinhomvo: not the desktop fiel, but in the automatically generated launch script.14:58
Trevinhomvo: is that something possible?14:58
mvoTrevinho: I need to look at it, it will have to point to the /var/lib/snapd/application/desktop/foo_bar.desktop file (the envvar)?14:58
Trevinhomvo: yes14:59
Trevinhomvo: I mean actually all the desktop files will point to a script that initializes some SNAP_* env var... Would be possible to make sure that if a .desktop file launches that, then you also add the env var on it?15:00
Trevinhoerr, all the launch scripts actually15:00
mvoTrevinho: ok, doable but a bit of work, when we generate the env vars we will need need to iterate over the dekstop files and match there. so yes15:00
mvoTrevinho: I add a trello card for this15:02
Trevinhomvo: thanks, I wanted to know whether a bug or a card was better, but... well, what's work best for you15:02
mvojamiebennett: how would you like to track additional requirements like the one above? trello? bugs? if trello, which board?15:03
mvoTrevinho: I have no strong preference, but I want to double check with jamie first :)15:03
Trevinhomvo: I could even try to help in doing this, but my go or snappy knowledge isn't the best yet... So I could do with training :-)15:03
mvoTrevinho: ha! deal! happy to train you - go is really fun and the codebase is quite nice15:04
jamiebennettmvo: Trello is best as that is what most people are tracking on a daily basis15:04
jamiebennettThe Vancouver board is getting new requirements so add them there15:04
mvojamiebennett: thank you!15:05
mvoTrevinho: https://trello.com/c/aEB6d6r015:06
mvoTrevinho: feel free to hack away!15:06
vejmarieYeees it works !15:16
didrockspopey: yeah, I guess this happens when you don't clean up first15:16
didrockspopey: I guess bug report for kyrofa, he loves the copy plugin :)15:17
ogra_dont we all ?15:17
ogra_vejmarie, what was missing ?15:18
vejmarieI had a redefine in my script of LOCPATH which was not pointing anywhere15:18
vejmariegood to see FreeCAD fully working into a snap15:18
sergiusensvejmarie \o/15:19
ogra_also good to know that shipping your own loacales still works :)15:19
kyrofapopey, can I see the YAML you're using?15:19
popeykyrofa: lemme try and re-produce it first with a clean config15:20
kyrofavejmarie, nice job! Still in devmode?15:21
kyrofapopey, alright, let me know15:21
popeywill do15:23
vejmarieno longer15:24
vejmarieI focused on fixing that normally15:24
ogra_noce one :)15:24
ogra_*nice even15:24
vejmarielet me validate that and push it on the store if it works15:28
popeykyrofa: ok, reproduced it, http://paste.ubuntu.com/16889987/ https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/+junk/flightgear is the yaml etc15:45
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kyrofapopey, alright, let me play with it for a sec15:49
kyrofaOh. More than a sec. It's not small15:49
ogra_only 1.5G15:49
* kyrofa grabs some more coffee15:49
kyrofaYou know it's going to be a long day when the coffee is gone before noon15:50
popeysorry, i should have warned you :)15:51
kyrofapopey, haha, it's not a problem15:54
vejmariedone published if some of you want test15:56
kyrofapopey, can you confirm that parts/fgdata/build looks okay?15:56
sborovkovHello. I have created snap with confinement: devmode in snapcraft.yaml. After doing snap install though I get apparmor "denied" messages. What am I doing wrong?15:56
vejmarie(it is still not passing automatic test due to the need to attach home and locale !15:57
vejmarieI don't know who is doing the manual review but the process seems long ?15:57
kyrofasborovkov, you still need to install with --devmode15:57
kyrofasborovkov, eventually snapd will catch that and simply say "hey, you need to install with devmode"15:57
sborovkovAh, ok. Thanks.15:58
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popeykyrofa: parts/fgdata/build looks okay, same as ../src15:58
kyrofasborovkov, there are no plans to automatically put it into devmode (a social security issue, if you will)15:58
kyrofapopey, yeah, this looks like a bug. An odd one15:59
sborovkovkyrofa: understood. I was just surprised by what's happening15:59
ogra_vejmarie, yeah, manual reviews can take very  long15:59
kyrofasborovkov, once the snapd side of things is done I hope it'll be more clear :)16:00
jdstrandkyrofa: is snapd going to complain/inform in some manner in that case?16:00
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* jdstrand is curious what it is going to say16:00
kyrofajdstrand, the plan as I understand it is to disallow installation of snaps that say they require devmode unless --devmode is provided16:01
kyrofajdstrand, no idea what the message will actually say. Chipaca is working on it16:02
kyrofajdstrand, and that's assuming of course that I understand correctly16:02
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jdstrandinteresting. I figured complaining/informing that --devmode wasn't specified and installing as strict made sense. refusing to install as strict... not sure what that is intended to address, but I guess we'll see :)16:04
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kyrofajdstrand, I think the idea is that if the developer knows the snap doesn't work under strict confinement, the only experience that can happen is a bad one16:05
popeykyrofa: yay!16:05
kyrofapopey, I'm not even sure what you'd say in that bug... but do you mind logging one?16:05
popeysure thang, against what kyrofa ?16:06
kyrofapopey, against snapcraft: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+filebug16:06
popeykyrofa: i will try and create a smaller test case :)16:06
ogra_one that is only 1.4GB ?16:08
kyrofaSo helpful ogra_ :P16:11
* ogra_ grins16:11
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kyrofapopey, ah, I figured it out16:14
kyrofapopey, make `files` be `'*': 'fgdata/'`16:14
kyrofa(note the ending slash)16:14
kyrofapopey, still a bug obviously, but now I think I know what's happening16:15
popeywill do!16:15
popeythanks kyrofa16:15
tyhickszyga: can you build the autotools branch as a debian package? dpkg-buildpackage fails for me16:25
ogra_tyhicks, how16:25
tyhicksogra_, zyga: https://paste.ubuntu.com/16897029/16:26
tyhicksdh_install is what fails16:27
ogra_looks like it doesnt build anything at all16:27
tyhicksit doesn't16:27
tyhicksthere isn't any compiler output on stdout16:27
tyhicksI'll leave a comment in the PR16:28
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mvojdstrand: do you think you could have a look at https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1251 ? it looks like python socket using apps on i386 needs this change16:44
jdstrandmvo: that is bug 157606616:47
ubottubug 1576066 in libseccomp (Ubuntu) "32bit glibc calls old socketcall() syscall, causing seccomp problems" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157606616:47
* jdstrand steps away for a few minutes16:47
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elopioysionneau: sorry, I missed your ping. Note: Bypassing https://pypi.python.org/simple/file-magic/ (disallowed host; see http://bit.ly/1dg9ijs for details).16:58
elopiothat's likely our firewall blocking the outside world. I'll make a note to request the firewall exception.16:59
elopiosergiusens: kyrofa: all green here: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/532 What else? Get a review from somebody who knows more macaroons than me?17:00
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sergiusenselopio I believe that is good already, let me have a look again17:07
sergiusensor maybe nessita wants to look :-P ^17:07
elopioqengho: hello (looking for old pings). Maybe we can now change that version, but the PPA was not made for people in x, it is for our image generators.17:08
elopiowe might actually need a ppa for people who want to follow what will come to proposed.17:08
qenghoI like PPA over Proposed because armhf is first class in PPAs. :P17:12
nessitasergiusens, is python? if yes I can certainly take a look17:18
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nessitasergiusens, so facundo will take a look at the PR, he implemented the APIs and the macaroon work17:23
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zygatyhicks: thanks for really trying my autotools branch, I fixed the thing you found17:32
zygatyhicks: now running comparative builds17:32
sergiusensnessita yes, python17:33
zygatyhicks: I'd say now the flags are stronger?17:34
nessitasergiusens, colin already left some comments that I think should be addressed17:35
zygatyhicks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16899272/ the - is the old packaging, + is the new packaging17:35
zyga+gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..   -Wdate-time -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2     -g -O2 -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security -c -o snap_run-main.o `test -f 'main.c' || echo './'`main.c17:36
zyga-cc -c -D_GNU_SOURCE -O2 -Wall -Werror -g -O2 -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security main.c -o main.o17:36
zygajdstrand, tyhicks ^^17:36
zygatyhicks: is this sufficient?17:37
tyhickszzarr: looks like we lost -Wall and -Werror17:38
tyhickszyga: ^17:38
zygatyhicks: indeed, I can add those17:42
zygagcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..   -Wdate-time -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wall -Werror     -g -O2 -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security -c -o snap_run-main.o `test -f 'main.c' || echo './'`main.c17:46
zygatyhicks: fixed17:46
zygatyhicks: note that lintian complains about some hardening things17:46
zygaslangasek: around?17:46
zygaslangasek: did you fix some of those in ubuntu-core-launcher +1 in debian?17:47
zygahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/16899643/ (the list I see)17:47
zygatyhicks: merged! thanks for looking :)17:49
jdstrandmvo: I commented in the PR but want tyhicks' input since this has been an ongoing prioritization discussion17:51
zygajdstrand, tyhicks: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snap-confine/pull/18/files17:58
zygaideas welcome, should that cover more than apparmor?17:58
jdstrandtyhicks: I'll take that ^18:01
jdstrandzyga: commenting18:01
tyhicksperfect timing18:01
nessitasergiusens, hi! who can add facundo to the proper organization so he can comment in the PR?18:02
sergiusensnessita you shouldn't need access for comment afaik18:07
nessitasergiusens, ack, thanks, I blindly trusted facundo's comment18:10
sergiusenswell, thanks for the comments whatever they will be18:11
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mhall119jdstrand: The "home" interface flags snaps for manual review in the store, what's the plans for that? Is it always going to require manual review, even though it doesn't get connected automatically?19:12
mhall119beuno: how long after a snap is published in the store before it's availble in the Software app or in "snap find"?19:17
mhall119beuno: ignore me19:20
jdstrandmhall119: there are changes coming in that area. home will be autoconnected and under certain circumstances it will be autoapproved19:24
jdstrandzyga: so, I can't figure out how to get to a clean state for commiting after the autotools update (without manually removing files)19:25
jdstrandzyga: I used to be able to do 'make clean' and then the tree would be clean for committing19:26
mhall119jdstrand: can we share the timeline for those changes and the circumstances where it would apply? The krita snap is hitting this issue19:26
jdstrandzyga: now I need to run 'debian/rules build' (for autoreconf), do things, etc and when ready to commit, I don't see how to get back to a clean state. I've tried 'clean', 'dist-clean', 'maintainer-clean', 'debian/rules clean', etc. there are files left over19:27
jdstrandmhall119: use 'confinement: devmode' and it shouldn't block approval19:28
beunomhall119, ignore you more than usual?  that'll be hard!19:28
mhall119beuno: not in a few weeks it won't be :-P19:28
mhall119jdstrand: um...that won't block it for approval?19:28
jdstrandmhall119: it will autoapprove when specified with unity7 and/or x1119:28
mhall119jdstrand: ah, good, krita uses both, so the issue should eventually go away on it's own19:29
jdstrandmhall119: no. confinement: devmode and uploading to edge is precisely to not block it for approval19:29
jdstrand(for these confinement things)19:29
mhall119edge is a channel?19:29
jdstrandwhen you upload, you specify the series (ie, 16) and the channel (stable, ..., edge)19:30
jdstrandzyga: I could git ignore them, but I'm thinking this isn't intentional19:31
jdstrandmhall119: the review tools changes should be committed to trunk in the next few days and land in the store hopefully end of next week19:32
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zygajdstrand: you can try make distclean21:06
zygajdstrand: which files are the problem?21:06
zygajdstrand: I'll get git ignore to behave better for all that autotool cruft21:07
zygajdstrand: I think some of those are intentional but I was expecting dist-clean to remove all of them really21:07
zygajdstrand: anyway, point taken, I'll make it  nicer21:07
jdstrandI tried distclean21:08
jdstranddebian/rules clean ; make distclean is close, but a few things remain21:09
ysionneauelopio: if pypi is not allowed, then how are the "tests" passing then with the other dependencies?22:11

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