pavlushka-hello everyone!10:05
Kilospavlushka your help was needed with sakis3g17:59
Kilossaiful has the same hassle17:59
pavlushkaKilos: I know, checked the logs and I have posted all the details in Ubuntu-FB.18:02
Kilosgood lad18:02
Kilosso pavlushka have you settled down now again18:08
Kilosim very busy with farm work during the day18:09
pavlushkaKilos: forwarded a mail with my cv to "theblazehen"18:09
Kiloswhat for?18:11
pavlushkaKilos: If he can make use of me for anything.18:12
Kilosah ok18:12
Kiloshave you pk guys got your site working again18:13
Kilosi mean bd guys18:13
pavlushkaKilos: nope, its down. ask Ekushey, he can tell you more I think.18:13
Kilosi dont know where he is but Researcher- says he is his friend18:14
KilosResearcher- can you follow up on that for us please18:14
pavlushkaKilos: that's good, so my guess' are right!18:15
NaSbHello Kilos18:30
NaSbHello pavlushka ;)18:30
Kiloshi NaSb 18:30
pavlushkaHello NaSb !18:30
NaSbI'm facing too much problem in my area18:30
pavlushkaSeen you in the Mozilla Bug fest, :p18:30
pavlushkaNaSb: 18:30
NaSbso i'm getting irregular in IRC -_-18:31
pavlushkaNaSb: what kind of?18:31
NaSbI'm working on that pavlushka 18:31
pavlushkaNaSb: I know, :p18:32
pavlushkaNaSb: What kind of problems you are facing?18:32
NaSbi'm using broadband18:32
NaSbit's may be electricity problem on my ISP18:34
pavlushkaNaSb: hmm... and You know mak vy well?18:35
NaSbof course :)18:36
pavlushkaNaSb: Please tell me then the FB group of Mozilla-bd, I wanna join.18:37

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